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  1. I found F355 very boring as well.
  2. All your Arnie kills are here: http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/t...h.html&lp=it_en translated the best I could True Lies is probably of note.
  3. Love the Jedi skillz on display PC or Xbox though.. tough choices.
  4. http://www.ps2.digitalfan.com/reviews/review31/j&d1.jpg
  5. I thought the original one was shit, because of the blurry graphics and S-L-O-W movement. then I sat down and played it.
  6. Who are the commentators on Fifa 2005?
  7. Toms

    Tribes 2

    is this old game any cop? it's in Poundland at the moment..
  8. In Lord of the rings, have you noticed the orks! YES they have cockney voices, lol.... Even Peter Jackson recognised that Londoners have a low life attitude to things and each other and portrayed them as the people they really are; “Filthy low life plague spreading rats” "Stone The Crows"
  9. Shenmue Online? I SEE. might work!
  10. it's because of the Drugs matey. Seriously, Axelay is brilliant. you probably can't play it, because you have forgotten how!
  11. Toms


    Robbie Williams : Freedom Wanktastic
  12. Simply AMAZING ( took me nearly a bloody hour to get it mind )
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