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  1. A Short History of Nearly Everything- Reuben The Art of the High Five- The All New Adventures of Us The Unravelling- Aereogramme Fight ‘Til You Die- Pennywise The Day The World Went Away (the Still version)- Nine Inch Nails Transatlanticism- Death Cab For Cutie Afghamistam- Botch California Uber Alles- Dead Kennedys Here's how I'm feeling right now. Most of those are probably "permanent" choices.
  2. Bleurgh. What a shit list. But still....these lists are always shit. Were there explanations as to why the selected were so influential?
  3. I liked the New Years one where he serves up marmite-coated twigs as nibbles. He obviously gets the real twiglet to eat.
  4. Not really a picture book as such....but I've been using this with my class as an introduction to Macbeth before we tackle the more in-depth versions with the Shakespearian language etc. The story has been rewritten in easy to understand language and the book is illustrated by children. A lot of the illustrations looks very similar so I'm not sure how original the designs are, maybe the children had some help! But still, good fun to look through. There are more of Shakespeare's plays in this series.
  5. Oh is it not? I saw a notification on facebook about it...but didn't read it properly so maybe it isn't...
  6. Not around for Brum....but seeing them Sunday in London. Whooo! haven't listened to ET9's new EP, must check that out.
  7. Their audition videos Cringe. All the usual soundbites are there! Can't really decide who I like/dislike right now though.
  8. Pudding....cheesecake! Appears to be easy to make...but everyone likes it.
  9. No, that is true actually...I didn't really mean fantasy, I just couldn't think of the right way to describe it! Was pleased to see it was very readable (although I suppose watching the show helped a bit in terms of having an idea about the characters and their relationships), not at all heavy-going and I would have read a whole lot more last night if I could actually stay awake longer than 10 mins. Off to bed in a moment to catch up with some more.
  10. I can't wait! BRING ON THE MORONS.
  11. About to start reading A Game of Thrones which I got on the strength of the first episode of the show...plus I saw all the love for it (the book and the rest of the series) on here. Feeling excited...but hoping it will be an enjoyable read. I'm not a massive fan of the fantasy genre to be honest...but I'm gonna be open-minded!
  12. Milo's voice fucked up didn't it? Did anything else spoil the show?
  13. It's too late....the book has arrived! I will be back.
  14. I've just ordered the first book on the strength of all the enthusiasm for the series I've seen on here! DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME FORUMITES.
  15. I was actually under the impression he didn't win! I had asked him if he was happy with the result and he said "no, not really" and I believed him! The little fibber. Very pleased with the result though!
  16. Hah, that's pretty much the location!
  17. Oooooh yes. I think Fucked Up are great too. Which reminds me....were they meant to be touring or something? Or have a I just missed a tour? I could have sworn I had thought about seeing them a while back...and then forgot.
  18. Earthtone9 are playing London 22nd May. looking forward to that as I never saw them first time round. The Ocean are supporting...I have a feeling I liked one of their albums a few years ago...will need to find it and listen to it again as I can't actually remember much about them!
  19. The format really hasn't bothered me too much, the "audition" bit was a bit shit but otherwise it's been business as usual! I do miss having a few episodes a week though. Looking forward to the 3 episodes this week. But already thinking "oh no!"- it's all going to be over. The molecular gastronomy stuff was quite amusing in that it was so lame. I particularly liked the caviar peas; extremely pointless. Last night I met Tim. I was very excited about this!
  20. No idea what that book could be mediadave....it does sounds almost vaguely familiar though. How annoying! I want this book: Looks so simple but at the same time it rather appeals to me. Possibly because pigeons amuse me.
  21. I think they've made lots of money from court cases/suing various people. Lots of the family appear to be lawyers and have in the past done rather nicely for themselves.
  22. Lovely stuff dng. Made me smile. Also...well done Chosty! Nice one.
  23. It's alright I guess. I think it sort of follows on from the kind of thing that was on the last album. Which is ok as I did like it. I wouldn't say it's a return to form though. Just when it really "gets going" I started expecting it to get really exciting and do something different...and then it ended. It was all a bit samey.
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