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  1. I thought it was really lovely. Gorgeous animation, chucklesome AND full of heart.
  2. Probably a silly nooby question but just started playing this and wondering if I'm missing something.... Now earning nook miles+ and can see the 5 x2 multipliers at the top of the screen but can't seem to click on them to claim them? Should I be able to? I can scroll through all the different objectives and click on them below them and get those nook miles. Thank you!
  3. I haven't read the book but I loved this. It just felt very real and it looked gorgeous. The lead actors were excellent.
  4. Oh man... Definitely Once More With Feeling0(Buffy musical episode) - can't believe I forgot that! Weirdly, I quite like the 2 Pints of Lager musical episode too - thought it was done really well. And definitely the original Beauty and The Beast, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. Gorgeous music.
  5. Little Shop of Horrors. I just love it.
  6. I LOVE the original Heather's but this new one just made me sad. And I normally like lots of shit stuff! I know there's been a Heathers musical. Does anyone know about that?
  7. I love it! Eagerly waiting for next series to appear on Netflix.
  8. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/290859-your-blog/ Delay posted this the other day; seems quite a few people on here have blogs....they might be able to help if you draw their attention to this thread.
  9. They're all insane. Some very odd reactions to things in the house. The David Best dead thing made me cry with laughter.
  10. Ignite to look forward to in Jan in London. Millecolinin Feb, who while they aren't necessarily a favourite band, soundtracked a lot of good moments and will be awesome!
  11. I laughed hard over the crappy 'Moroccan' dinner and drinks with lettuce. I nearly cried over the cheese.
  12. Just finished it. Thought it was good....but oh my god, so mentally draining at points.
  13. The beginning of the episode frustrated me but as it went on....oh man, it was so tense. I was about to wet myself. The ending. I'm not ashamed to say I didn't see it coming but am now desperate for the final one!
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