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  1. They sound like they're being recorded in a cupboard, in my mind it's a rogue staffer at Bethesda and no-ones checking the Youtube channel.
  2. Sony do have a weird sideline in dystopian patents, anyone remember the "drink verification can" stuff?
  3. I mean we didn't get into it, but you did seem to be angling that buying into bitcoin early will let you be the god-kings once the hyperinflationary apocalypse destroys all the fiat currencies and then all the doubters will see, with your big post in the other thread. And that's exactly the kind of thing I mean, these movements that all are about promising people dissatisfied with their life a better alternate life where suddenly they're rich, powerful and/or high-status. Bitcoin, Star Citizen Zombie Apocalypse scenarios, Prepping in general really, even stuff like ye olde cyberpunk Metaverses are all based on the idea of "well I'm a loser now, but in this alternate world I'll get a fresh start and my wealth and status will be based on *this skill or preparation I have*, and then they'll see!" Sad shit that's ripe for grift because the people buying in are doing so for a dream rather than a product. Star Citizen is all about buying expensive space yachts and joining the "one million mile high club", lots of stuff emphasising luxury in videogames where luxury - craftmanship, better materials or comfort - just doesn't exist as a concept. Like that episode of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace where he says he doesn't use subtext and then the episode is clearly about his anxieties over how his own life has gone, the people buying $600 digital superyachts insecurities are on display for everyone to see, and they're the only ones who don't seem to realise that.
  4. It's because they wrote out all these massive posts about how deep their careers would be and how they'd be games unto themselves. This is what they promised for health and healing, for instance: And for the last 10 years they've had absolutely no interest in fleshing out any of these game systems, instead just focusing on shinies and redoing the graphics over and over. But now they've got this outside investment that's holding them to deliver, and what they promised is massively ambitious and probably impossible given they've already spunked a decade and hundreds of millions of dollars up the wall, so they're all being replaced with "gameplay beams", you fire a beam to shoot, to mine, to heal, to repair, etc. Shooting a beam is the easiest development for your FPS engine. But because the backers would revolt, they have to add a bunch of caveats and some counterplay to give the illusion of depth.
  5. It's because a lot of the things that you can buy protect you from the harshness of the mechanics - get a ship blown up? If you're a new player you'll lose it forever, but if you bought it with real money before the game launched you'll always be able to get it back for an insurance cost. Every conception of mechanics is like this, they sell people housing plots and then sell a $400 big cluster bomber designed to destroy bases and then sell a big anti-air gun platform to take them out (none of which is in game). They create a problem and then sell players the solution. The backers never complain (except in a situation like this where they can lose their paid for subscriber gear) because like Bitcoin, a big-but-never-admitted-openly appeal of the ponzi scheme is "get in early and you can be the boot stamping on the human face". You'll have more advanced ships and more powerful instant-kill weapons to destroy the plebs, and the prices will only go up so you can wallet warrior but they can't.
  6. You've got a right to your opinion, but I don't think you can ever moan about Kojima's games being unsubtle again if you missed all of the following and still blame the game:
  7. Pathfinder: Kingmaker - The actual gameplay seemed enjoyable enough, but it was a bit of a chore to play between the fiddly UI and the difficulty curve being all over the place. Given it's supposedly 170 hours long I decided it wasn't worth persevering with. It also kind of got a bit more boring after the intro - that actually had some clever ideas and a cool twist, but then everything after that is as played straight as can be and will never surprise you.
  8. How have you been subscribed to it for years? It literally hasn't been on PC for years, and I remembered you first subscribed to it a few months ago, before that you were going around the forum deliberately lying about it in any thread people mentioned it for a year. (I mention deliberately because you kept pretending it only Microsoft first party games, and when corrected would just go to another thread and do the same thing again)
  9. Not if you own it, you can still redownload, you just can't purchase.
  10. The Edge forums revived at some point, right? I think I was there but it was a pretty small community, and people mentioned here a lot so I signed up.
  11. The Off Topic bit over there is a nightmare, they've got a rule where you get banned for disagreeing with the topics viewpoint, so the only thing you can add to the topics is even more strident agreement, resulting in everything quickly becoming absurdly angry. Even a simple topic on a parking infraction just devolves into ridiculous hot takes because no one can ever go "aren't you being a bit daft about this?" or "I think you might be in the wrong here".
  12. I'd be fucking overjoyed at all of these posts that suggest rllmuk has finally cottoned onto remakes and remasters being absolutely cynical pandering projects that just represent the easiest money ever. But you just know it's the usual anti-Rockstar thing that this place has had going on since GTAV and they'll be back to going like this the next time someone announces a 90s game or something "arcade-style":
  13. Ghostrunner - Very much enjoyed this, it knows exactly what it wants to be and executes on that very well. Hotline Miami instant-restart combat plus Titanfall 2 movement is fantastic, and the game looks the part and doesn't outstay it's welcome. There are a few niggles, the oldschool difficulty might be a bit too oldschool in parts (the final level took me an hour, it takes three minutes for a flawless run) the controller support isn't great and the cybervoid sections are a bit hit and miss, but overall it's well worth a recommend. I recall the devs got snapped up by someone after it came out, so I'll look forwards to whatever they do in future.
  14. Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001) - I remember my parents watching this and recommending it, but forgot the name of the movie until a bit of internet serendipity. So twenty years later I watched it and it's pretty good! Some early 00s bad CGI and over-the-top fight choreography, but it's all a part of the charm. 4/5 Near Dark (1987) - Sticking with the Halloweeen theme, this is the vampire movie with half the cast of Aliens in it. Bill Paxton has great fun as a villain, and the movie is actually really good and comes across as way more mature than most vampire movies by dint of being about regaining your humanity rather than loving the edgy power fantasy. 5/5
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