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  1. I can understand it, I don't think we've seen a single next-gen launch exclusive, have we? I can't think of many generations we can say that from.
  2. It's a shame because it was a Private Division game, i.e instead of publishers owning the IP in return for funding, this was private funders who are all figures in the game industry putting up their own money for developers to do creator-owned work. That said, The Outer Worlds did pretty well, so hopefully the benefactors aren't taking too much of a hit here.
  3. RubberJohnny


    GGPO, an open source networking stack that was designed explicitly for fighting games.
  4. Someone pointed out that it says "Playstation consoles" rather than PS5, so it could be cross-gen and coming sometime next year, which would explain the graphics being current-gen+
  5. Didn't expect it to be that cheap. Imagine buying the lump edition for nearly £100 more.
  6. Good showing though, quite a few games announced there after everyone saying it was looking thin based on the previous one.
  7. I knew I'd save all that money by er.. not buying a PS4 at all and then buying a PS5?
  8. A lot there very reminiscent of FF14, the medieval artstyle, mentions of the Mothercrystal, calling summons Eikons, and so on that I thought it was related or another MMO for a minute. No release date though, there's typically been a really long time between reveal and release for FF, with none coming in at under uh, four years, so let's hope this thread isn't still going in 2024.
  9. Given we've had a minimum of four E3's between reveal and release for FF, when do we reckon that one is coming out?
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