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  1. This is kind of an out of touch thread tbh. The origin of Early Access was literally Minecraft, which went on to become the biggest title in gaming history, being one of the top selling titles every year for the last 10 years, but Early Access games are "only fleeting entertainment", or summat. Early Access isn't responsible for AAA games being buggy nowadays, that's the global pandemic (which everyone seemed to acknowledge would have an effect in its first months, and then deny would have one by the end of the year, dunno what that was all about).
  2. Superhot: Mind-Control-Delete - The third superhot game goes a bit roguelike, and this actually matters less than you'd expect considering the original was already a bunch of disconnected levels with a 'one-more-go' structure. At first I thought this was decent enough, but nothing more, but the more I continued to play it, the more I loved it, as it continues to layer in new twists. The best of these is The Hound, an invincible melee only enemy capable of dashes, who doesn't appear in every level but when they do spawn they make their appearance known with a shit-yourself noise tha
  3. I've no idea why people are still trying to justify ways for this to introduce mutants, it's not happening, it's just bizarre reaching for ways to shoehorn in fanservice at this point.
  4. Sword and Shield looked worse graphically. This franchise has really stopped putting any effort in, because they know they'll get all the money anyway.
  5. Let's be honest though, if you were really interested in a title, you'd pick it up, and if you weren't at all interested you wouldn't bother to play it. The stuff we're discussing is in this sort of middleground where you'd like to see what it's like because you might like it, but you're not really in a rush either and it'll come after whatever your priority is. I've definitely held off on a few titles like that expecting them to be on a service, but this is only different from before in that I never bought them or got around to them with the excuse that I had too many games on the
  6. RubberJohnny


    I'd love for a game to get to the level of contextual interactions to enable you to do the whole Jackie Chan 'use everyday objects as setpieces' thing.
  7. Dune (1991) - Holy shit this is one of the worst films I've ever seen, just atrocious on every level. Even technical stuff like the pacing is a mess, it starts with 30 minutes of endless exposition scenes, most of which you don't need to know, and then fast-forwards through most of the heroes journey in a montage. Bizarre. 0/5 Falling Down (1993) - Never seen this before, but it's really good, the themes of 90s society shifting away from the WASPy nuclear family might not be particularly relevant these days, but honestly you could file the serial numbers off and say it's about toxi
  8. It looks a little better, but not dramatically. The distant terrain in that banshee image still looks awful, a lot worse than even last-gen games, with those really bad imposter trees from the infamous image before. Even the close range terrain doesn't look great in terms of geometry detail or textures. And it's still concerning that this is now 3 months past it's original launch date and there's no screenshots or footage of it actually running on its target console. They have at least fixed everything looking like plastic.
  9. Former Bioware staff not holding back
  10. Lol, nah. It was just "mash A and see three animations, throughout the entire game", it was so repetitive. The different combo animations were purely visual, there was no strategy to using one over the other. You couldn't even fight with regular attacks, if you deliberately added a wait after every input so it wouldn't auto-combo it would take 33 hits to take down a basic enemy a basic enemy compared to 2-3 combos. And you couldn't even use most of the gadgets in the game in combat, like you could with Zelda. You could see everything it had to offer on the very first en
  11. SFA was rubbish, a Zelda clone with the worst combat system, only 2 dungeons and endless collectable gating. And it was the big Gamecube Xmas release in Europe, whereas everyone else had the much better Metroid Prime, which took a year to release here.
  12. Just bumping for the absurdity that their latest character is the Prime Minister of Poland. Videogames!
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