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  1. Every advantage of consoles could disappear and people would still cling to them out of nostalgia. I don’t think people realise how significant the “I don’t want anything to change” mentality is.
  2. Great for us PC types, but I don't see what Sony have to gain here, the PC is Microsofts ecosystem so it makes sense for Xbox.
  3. They also let the first wave of people into a tech alpha, so there's some nice screenshots on the page https://www.flightsimulator.com/
  4. You could literally do all of those things in GTAIV, there's a mission where you snipe someone from through the glass into his apartment from a rooftop, you could seamlessly go into buildings and have firefights, there's even the big project towers you chase someone up from the bottom floor to the top, and then shoot him off the roof. And even if you don't think it was there fully last gen, it definitely has been solved this gen, I played Batman and you do a seamless interior and then they rip half of the interior off and you go gliding across the city, or the Witcher 3 or the latest Assassins Creed where there's full seamless interiors fully modelled in the massive open world. Again, there's lots of "I don't think games are doing this enough" conflated with "games can't do this".
  5. I'm also late to the party. Only played 2 runs, got to the City as Ironclad, and then to Act 3 as Silent. Thought that was pretty good, didn't realise there were 20 Ascension levels after that. Silent was pretty advantageous, went deep on relics, got one that gave 7 extra HP for each curse, got 5 curses, then an event that removed them for free 50% max health. Had some others that offered starting poison, free block, extra cards, etc, went poison heavy on cards. Only bad synergy was I got was taking a relic that offered a 4th energy but stopped you from getting potions, as I then had relics for five potions and guaranteed potions later, and cards and relics that offered extra energy after that. Hard to plan ahead when you don't know what's out there.
  6. Both of those like, already exist though. You could destroy almost everything in Crysis in 2009, which ran on the 360, or Red Faction Guerilla, and every generation has increased playable area, the latest Assassins Creeds are massive, but show it's more about budget than tech. Your list of stuff that will only be massively improved due to CPU is stuff we've had every generation without it. I'd rather people just said they want a new generation because everything will have amazing graphics than keep pretending new power will result in a massive load of innovation, especially when they're unable to back up their own narrative.
  7. That would be a GPU power thing or SSD thing though, rather than CPU.
  8. I really don't expect these mythical changes to game design due to CPU that everyone expects. We've been through multiple generations where people insisted more power would be used to change everything, and it didn't. And now we've got this narrative that it only didn't happen due to the CPUs, and everything is going to change, but it's not hard to see it as just a rebrand of "well it didn't happen last time, but this time..." The unpopular truth is AAA games are pretty popular the way they are, they need to be accessible for a wide audience, and most are power fantasies, so enemies are going to be blind mooks to enable stealth and you'll be able to cut through them like a hot knife through butter in combat because people wouldn't enjoy it if they would instantly spot you from a mile away, fight at realistic combat ranges where you're getting hit by a dot in the distance and push your shit in. That's kind of detrimental when you want them to just drop loot. I mean like, that's the real limitation, even if you have the power and solve all the project management stuff, the truth is gamers are probably not actually going to want it much, it's like those 90s visions of the future where everything would be arty experiences - sort of failing to realise that gamers actually quite like the ultraviolence and looting and didn't actually want it to go away. I mean, devs will still keep up the pretense, tying some feature they're supposed to emphasize in previews in and say it's only possible due to extra power (remember Call of Duty's next-gen fish AI last seen in Mario 64?), but I think we'll be here five years later saying "well it didn't happen last time, but this time..." and laying the blame at something else.
  9. Looks atrocious. That CG! I'm glad it's shit because Leto is a paedo
  10. It has free and paid DLC, that's not the same thing as microtransactions.
  11. Forza doesn't have any microtransactions. And I mean, Uncharted and Last Of Us have microtransactions in their multiplayer economies too (the latter's multiplayer might literally be cleft off into an F2P game). Are these examples with which we can paint an entire first party slate, or is it just that the industry has settled on selling cosmetics in multiplayer as the least worst solution to fund development of stuff like new maps without splitting the userbase, regardless of first party, third party or whatever?
  12. Yeah there's loads of singleplayer games on Gamepass without microtransactions, so I don't understand that argument other than a cynical attempt to tie it in with snarl words. I've got Hellblade, MCC, Age of Wonders, Slay the Spire, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance installed at the moment, all singleplayer, not a microtransaction in sight.
  13. Mate most PCs have 1GB of VRAM. Less than 1% of PC's support 4k, while 25% of consoles do, which'll be 100% next gen. Average PC's are far closer in hardware to something like the Switch than even current-gen consoles. It's the poverty platform at this point, doesn't require much to upgrade if you've got a cheap work PC already, cheap games, loads of F2P stuff, etc.
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