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  1. Shazam is like the full template of a Marvel film though.
  2. I'm pretty astounded by some of these figures! I can't generally put more than 50 hours into a multiplayer game without becoming bored, so my most played tend to be big RPGs that I've played singleplayer, sometimes more than once. Elder Scrolls, Witcher 3, etc are at over 200 hours, there's probably a straight line you can trace back to the Pokemon games and FFTA when I was a kid, there, with similar playtimes.
  3. The original had great reviews, that doesn't mean a re-release will. Sonic Adventure had 9's on release, and then 6's a year later when the GC version released for instance. I think it'll do more than the original, but still sub-10 mil. No testicles up for grabs, but I'll bet ya £10.
  4. Skyward Sword is no way going to do 10 million on Switch, the original was already on a console with comparative userbase and did poorly.
  5. Eh? I thought the rumour was Game Pass on Switch, not Nintendo on Game Pass.
  6. The worst bit about it is that they clearly had something in their design document about every boss fight needing a mandatory vehicle section in the middle, it's baffling.
  7. Those prices are honestly a lot lower than I expected, 9 months of free games for less than half of the cost of making an AA game like the Outer Worlds?
  8. The big problem with the "they need to raise the price to offset inflation" argument is that there's literally this big market that's come out of nowhere in recent years and expanded to literally the size of the console industry based around reaching a much wider audience at a lower pricepoint, having basically massive growth year on year and reaching hundreds of millions of players. Meanwhile, a hit AAA videogame might hit the same sales numbers it did 15 years ago, it's at best stagnant. Like I'm playing Genshin Impact, love that game, it's a singleplayer story-driven epic RPG, i
  9. Yeah, but I'd say that digital AA has basically solved that issue, there's plenty of good games released at a £30 pricepoint or whatever, Mutant Road Zero, Ghostrunner, the Witness, the upcoming Kena, etc. All look great because everything looks great these days. I just think there's an over-representation on here of people militant about physical copies who never buy digital and don't know they exist.
  10. You should pay £70 for your games, says a guy who didn't pay £70 for his games.
  11. Sony gaining ownership of the IP is a bit ironic given Insomniac went with Microsoft for the full game because they didn't want to give Sony ownership of the IP and wanted to keep it themselves. "It's like raa~aain, on your wedding day..."
  12. Nintendo emphasised that it sold 400% the original Pokemon Snap in the UK, but considering there's about 4 times the number of Switches in the UK than there were N64's it's pretty flat, really. That said the original was like the 6th biggest seller of 1999 over in the USA, which is pretty mental. The UK in comparison didn't seem to care for it.
  13. Sub 26k for Returnal in the UK is pretty shocking, that’s Balan Wonderworld territory. Obviously you can't read too much into that because it's only one datapoint, but considering it's the only datapoint available on how £70 games will do, oof. (I wasn't expecting any impact, just a dent in future growth, but I guess the UK had a much bigger and faster increase than the US, I''d expect their figures to be a bit more rosy)
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