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  1. Gears 5 - This is much better than Gears 4, better refined, more variety (both enemy and environmental), and with some actual new gameplay additions that expand where the franchise could go and stop it feeling purely like a throwback. There are some massive and incredible in scale setpieces here, and it looks tremendous, even though I had to drop it to 30fps to stop it from thrashing my GTX970 so hard. If there's a criticism I'd make of both though, it's that each feels like the first two Acts of a three act story, this jettisons one of its interesting subplots half way through, and I think even swapping the order of the chapters could improve it. The standout here is Game Pass though, a brand new AAA game for free* (*whatever my £4 divided by all these games works out at) at launch? This feels like the future.
  2. I think the actual argument was we've replaced something bad and not working with something bad and not working, just in the other direction. The actual conclusion the post you're responding to is suggesting the work that needs to be done in industries, in companies, to the legal system, in society as a whole, etc. You're agreeing with the post while phrasing it as disagreement.
  3. I didn't have any trouble with those bits, I did the phosphorous bit at 75% (I didn't even realise I was escorting something until half way through) and the Matriarch fight is basically impossible to lose, all it does is walk at you, all you have to do is position the ice between you and it and make sure it's broken.
  4. EDIT: Whoops, meant this to go in the loot box thread
  5. Holy moly that rocket hangar reveal in Act 3 EDIT: This is not remotely a spoiler guys
  6. None of that is true though, like I literally played FFIX this year, and completed the whole game in 30 hours. In the first 20 hours I traipsed across continents, gained Chocobos that could swim and climb mountains and and airship that could fly. You're being just as historically revisionist as you're accusing people of being.
  7. The explorable world was my favourite bit. There's plenty of modern games that do the linear, but open with side stuff thing.
  8. On Act 2 now and this is lovely, I do love games where there's a strong linear path, but also side stuff to go and mess around with, I think it's my favourite structure. And the videogame thing of exploring abandoned/post apoc locations and finding what went down never gets old.
  9. The first Act of this is one of the most impressive openers I've seen, chucking every boss from the previous game at you in quick succession, throwing you into battles with much larger numbers of enemies, and introducing a new faction/set of enemies with some interesting first encounters, as well as spoonfeeding you the new mechanics. The stealth stuff is incredibly basic though, love that chainsawing a robot until they explode counts as "silent". And I don't know what difficulty it set me on by default, but I completed most of it out of cover.
  10. Gears 4 - I also played through this recently, one of the benefits of Game Pass, because only having played the first at launch in 2006 and thinking it was mediocre it's not a title I'd have ordinarily picked up at full price. The graphics are incredible, and some of the locations like the ruined Italian mountain town are fantastic, being the byword for dudebro shooters at the time, it's weird to see the series doubling down on its retrofuturistic fantasy worldbuilding. I guess with all the grounded military games that followed, that was always a bit of a category error. That said the gameplay feels like it's barely moved on from 2006, I think this is more out of nostalgia-pandering than actual lack of progress in that space as there's like auto-cover or auto-bounding in other games. There's a bit of an attempt to round the edges off the combat system, with the vaulting and grabbing, but still a lot of time I ended up 2ft from someone with us both meleeing wildly and knocking each other out of the chainsaw rev, a bit messy. And the plot seemed a bit half-baked, with everything happening in the first half and the latter half largely being going from A to B. There's some great spectacle throughout, but the finale is a bit stock.
  11. This is the what, third, fourth co-opy spinoff thing they've made in the RE universe? Why? Who's buying them? Have any of them even reviewed well?
  12. Celeste - When I finished the second world, the hotel, and the game totted up 835 deaths, I had to admit that it would probably be impossible for me to finish. There's nothing wrong with the game, I'm just shit. Wonder Boy in Monster Land - I don't know if this is the remake or the new one, but it's too much of throwback for me. The art is lovely, but its fidelity to the past seemingly extends to replicating off-feeling controls and combat that's mostly about stunlock.
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