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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/jul/22/video-game-firms-face-prosecution-over-gambling-by-children Valve suck
  2. Sam Raimi Spiderman fans seem to be the second most annoying nostalgia-based fan community, second to only the Zoomers who grew up with the Star Wars Prequels and so think they're brilliant films.
  3. It sounds like they actually handled it professionally, immediately getting an external HR group in to investigate, but yeah, bit grim.
  4. I want to believe their theory is wrong, but after Solo I think they’ve really got their finger on the Hollywood hack writer pulse.
  5. Borderlands 2 - They did like a mega pack of everything for £5 in the Steam Sale, and gave me £5 credit. I guess I can say it feels like a product of its' time? Every weapon is inaccurate as shit beyond like 20 feet, and the character classes and upgrades feel positively meagre after so many modern games doing "powers" and "ultimates". And at some point I checked the max level and just noped out. Darkest Dungeon - This is a game where they placated backers in Early Access who had mastered everything over new potential players by making it significantly more difficult midway through development, and it's hurt as a result. And like, I knew all that going in, it's why I held off buying it for so long until it got dead cheap, but still. I'm a pretty old hand at roguelikes, and just seeing the deaths and consequences and the need to abandon missions before I'm even out of the tutorial just decided it wasn't really worth my time.
  6. Yeah the originals are good, but Terminator, Aliens and Predator are the franchises that have been so endlessly rebooted and churned out to sate some nerd nostalgia that at this point I'd be happy never hearing about any of them ever again.
  7. https://kotaku.com/mordhau-developers-address-controversy-saying-they-won-1836079063 Gamers and harassing women and minorities, name a more iconic duo.
  8. The first Californian Hot Hunk looked like one of Trumps sons
  9. Worth noting there's plenty of people online warning against using weighted gloves, including a few who got some pretty serious sporting injuries like tennis elbow It turns out the human body is not really designed for jerking weights back and forth really quickly
  10. I don't understand this weird thing where gamers seem to pretend singleplayer games are under threat, based on nothing.
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