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  1. It’s weird and predictable that everyone immediately went to daft fanboy lines about how this proves company-I-dislike-were-a-baddy-all-along rather than just acknowledging that we’ve had 10% inflation this year and probably next year too and it was entirely predictable that the battle for £60 was lost a while ago because 20% of that was just wiped out. You’re lucky they’re not going up more.
  2. I am confused what they get out of it for making it multiplatform for a decade, I know the answer, like Minecraft, is “money”, but it still beggars belief to spend eleventy billion on a publisher that effectively just makes one game and then not actually get that game as an exclusive for multiple generations.
  3. This games most annoying problem for me is the camera doesn't even attempt to frame the critters in the fights so they're both onscreen, the camera will just pan until one is offscreen, or turn invisible as they're too close to the camera, or it'll just slide into the ground, unless you're manually shepherding it about. Combined with the way you can't even see their health bars when attacks are playing out (why?), the actual status of a battle is really unreadable a lot of the time.
  4. What sort of level do you need to be to take on the Titans? I tried the desert one at level 25 and got my arse handed to me. Have kind of explored too much, my creatures aren’t obeying because I’m five levels beyond the one badge I have.
  5. Ah but Balan was made by the guy who made Bumblo Scrimblo, a formative experience I played as a kid and look back on fondly, that it is a total turd is secondary. The quality of games is directly equivalent to how much they pander to me, a 90s kid.
  6. Sonic Frontiers did get an awful lot of reactionary "gaming gammon" takes, like Stephenie Sterling giving it 3/10 because the overworld isn't green hill zone, like anyone was begging for a done-to-death level theme that's been copy-pasted in the last six fucking games. Or someone kicking off in the rllmuk thread that the title screen is a cloudy sky, not a blue one, like they're not even prepared to start the game they've bought up and let it make its case for itself before rejecting it for not being nostalgic enough, better to literally judge the book by its cover. Nevermind the series was always about going to new places and doing new things, we've just got to have it shout "remember 1991!" forever for the boomers. Frontiers tried something new and it worked out, it's not perfect, but it's a better template to build on than the samey crap they've been churning out for the last decade. But if you listened to the online sentiment in certain places they'd have genuinely preferred a shit title where the cliffs have that sodding checkerboard pattern!
  7. Despite the technical issues, this is pretty good, but it's annoying how many things feel like a step back from Arceus. That game had super fast and fluid traversal, here your Miraidon is slow and just has the worst jankiest floatiest sluggiest jump to crawl about. And the town in that game was barebones as fuck, but it had all the critical stuff in a little compact area so you could go back and knock out everything super quick, here it's way too big, it's like an MMO town when the servers are down. There's loads of massive empty areas where there's no reason to ever go and there's like 10 identikit cafes because they've had to stretch everything out too much. Same goes for the regions, they're massive, but really lacking in points of interest and so you just end up seeing the same creatures everywhere, Arceus actually did more with less, there were a lot more unique areas in a more compact space like a little lake with an island that has a unique creature that rewarded exploration.
  8. Bayonetta 3 - Oof! I went through Bayo 2 recently and loved the combat and hated everything around it, and this is like they've made the combat worse and less varied while quadrupling down on the bullshit. If you drank every time there was just a regular bossfight with no gimmicks, I swear you'd still be able to walk in a straight line come the end of the game. Despite them marketing how happy they were to get the chance to make a third, the impression you get is they resent the series and really don't want to keep it going, they keep assassinating Bayonetta (both literally, and character-wise) and instead what we have here is a mash up of leftovers from Scalebound and Rising 2. Unfortunately the kaiju stuff is a proper stinker that drags the game down, and the new character is not particularly compelling, being a butt-monkey comic relief with no gameplay variety. The less said about the 'plot' the better. I want to like Platinum, but genuinely think the knockoff Chinese gachas are the better games at the moment, at least they focus on mechanical thoroughness rather than empty spectacle. Mihoyo went from never having made a 3D model before to popularising the character action template and making it accessible to millions to making one of the most popular games of all time in a mere 4 years, half the time since the last Bayonetta that it took Platinum to curl out this turd.
  9. There was one I managed to get up that had a fully explorable penthouse on top with some notes about a Soviet diplomat, which I don’t remember being used in any quests I did.
  10. They already did that with Sw/Sh and Dexit though, it was only a couple of years ago. They've been reusing future proof assets and models since the 3DS.
  11. I liked what this was doing for most of this, the big problem is that really:
  12. They didn't a previewer did, and it was super spurious (they just said it had multiple kingdoms, like FFXII, or y'know, any of em). You shouldn't need a nostalgia reference to get excited anyway, the game looks great!
  13. Actually around 2001 there were still paid online services on PC, you still had stuff like Gamespy Arcade for £5/£10 per month that offered servers for a bunch of games and voice chat, basically the XBL service. They were kind of on their way out though, a holdover from the late 90s AOL era where everything was these little gated communities, you had Heat.net (bought by Sega for the DC, and killed by it) which was another and TEN.net, which was £30(!) a month that eventually just became a site for flash games. A big selling point of Blizzards games at the time was that their online service, Battle.net, was free - but they never really capitalised on that and expanded it to third parties like Valve did with Steam, which is ultimately what did the paid ones in.
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