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  1. Masters of Doom - I don't think this was a great read, the story doesn't go anywhere (two people work together and do well, then work separately and don't do well, but never work together again), and I thought it was pretty poor at giving a sense of the industry context around them (which I think was responsible for their collapse more than the personal falling out - the industry developed rapidly to be more ambitious while they were still churning out the same format). The thing that sticks in the memory is all the anecdotes of just how adolescent and unprofessional everyone was, which judging by the Blizzard stories, never really went away. Abandoned: Benjamin Franklin (Walter Isaacson) - Choosing to read multiple biographies was a bad idea, but after 100 pages with Ben Franklin you think he's charming, erudite and reasonable, after 500 pages you think he's a hypocritical, sanctimonious prick. Da Vinci (Walter Isaacson) - This is the better of the two books, Isaacson collapses a lot of the myth-building around Da Vinci, talking about how all his gadget designs were mad impracticable, but the ahead-of-his-time stuff was his studies of anatomy and light.
  2. Nice they didn't make this exclusive like they did with the games' cloud tech that PC could easily run. I'm very much enjoying the new expansion, btw.
  3. About 1GB an hour, the whole world is something like 2,000 TB, so they had to do it this way.
  4. Yes, platform holders doing acquisitions has always been the better option than Tencent buying them, but you'll often hear the opposite from gamers because console fanboyism is considered more important.
  5. I'm really surprised there's so much enthusiasm for this.
  6. Yes, the goal was to stop the multiverses from fighting, so they were all ushered along to follow one timeline. It's shown visually a few times:
  7. If you want a game that's all about shaving milliseconds off a set number of tracks try the Dirt Rally series, I don't think the Forza Horizon series has ever aimed to be that, it's much more about having fun in cars.
  8. But isn't the blueprint system setting up your own custom race though? Like, of course you can use cars you want in every race if you're ignoring what the game is giving you and overwriting it with your own event where you use that car, but er... just don't do that. The game doesn't need to forbid anything when it's something you're choosing to do, and could just as easily choose to stop doing.
  9. You can't use any car in every event in FH4 - events were limited to specific classes like Offroad, Retro Cars, Supercars, etc or manufacturers like Lamborghini vs Ferrar. There was an 'Anything Goes' mode, but I didn't see too many of those as races, they seemed to be there for online customs.
  10. They described the campaign as "an adventure" (over footage of them driving a 4x4 up a river through the jungle to some ancient ruins), so I think those wanting it set around a big ladder competition are going to be disappointed, it's going to be much more of a Top Gear Special kind of thing - a big tour around the country tied in with races, challenges and the big spectacular setpieces.
  11. e-Girls were using Twitch's audience of horny pubescent teens to push their onlyfans by streaming themself in a hot tub and jiggling about. One went from nowhere to 13 million subs, becoming the most-watched female streamer worldwide doing it, before Twitch quarantined it out into it's own category that couldn't get on the front page.
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