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  1. England need to bring on Kieffer Moore.
  2. So USA battered Wales in 1st half of 1st game, but Wales were the better team in the second half. England battered Iran who then battered Wales, but without scoring until the very end. Now the USA look the slightly better team against England at the moment which means.?????
  3. She’s having the best year of any England child fan since some kid in 1966.
  4. 0-0 then England draw with Wales and Iran win the group beating USA.
  5. I can’t engage with this game - I think I’m complete infected with the Welsh sadness. And England look a bit laboured.
  6. Tuesday shaping up to be good. Iran vs USA and Ecuador vs Senegal are both hard to call with the winner qualifying and then a small small chance of some sort of upset/extra drama in both groups if England slip up tonight or Wales travel back to 2016 and replace Bale and Ramsey with their younger versions and Qatar have all the Netherlands players arrested and imprisoned before their game?
  7. It is a derby, but England's second string is going to be young and hungry where as Wales' first string is nackered or finished and their second string is league 2 players and Cardiff City kids.
  8. Watching Wales at home the last few years and the younger players often stop and look for Bale to pass to rather than doing stuff themselves. Its going to be a hard transition now as they don't really have any players that are very good in the middle of their careers - it is passed it heroes and youngsters who don't all play a lot domestically.
  9. Very interested Bale and Rambo were so useless and it was boiling so the other 8 outfield players felt like they'd played 90 minutes by the 1/4 hour mark. Its a real shame that those two player's magic basically ran out. They shouldn't have started, but its hard to drop the two architects of years and years of Wales doing well in the tournament they've waited 60+ years to qualify for, but they both look like they should now be playing in Soccer Aid not the World Cup.
  10. Problem for Wales is even if Southgate rests everyone for the third game then they have to deal with Foden, Grealish, Rashford, Wilson, etc, etc and they'll have a field day.
  11. Assuming England win tonight, I'll be in the strange position of fully supporting a team against England. I hate England vs Wales as I have to support England, but don't want Wales to lose and it gets very confusing with Cardiff players. Tuesday, if England are through then I'm getting a temporary dragon tattoo on my face and a bucket hat.
  12. My son is gutted - this was supposed to be a nice break for him from watching Cardiff play like shit and lose.
  13. If this is a draw and U.S vs Iran is a draw and U.S and Wales lose to England then 2nd place goes to whoever concedes the least against England and then goals scored if same GD? So Wales could go through by just avoiding a battering Tuesday?
  14. If Wales somehow win this it will be one of the biggest Smash and Grabs in tournament history.
  15. Bring on the Cardiff youngsters!!!!! not the old Jack
  16. And they can't take them off unless the game is won. Bale has to stay on now until the end unless they go 3-0 up.
  17. Bale free kick - Wales hang on. Iran beat USA and Wales go through to get battered by the Dutch?
  18. F*cking hell First goal is going to decide this. Wales have used up all their luck and maybe Iran have used up all their best changes?
  19. This has been a proper battle. The narrative that its Wales or USA going through based on who beats Iran by the most goals vs how many they concede to England is not looking the story here at all. Iran should be going into half time in front I think.
  20. 100% off, but Iran should have stayed on and scored that
  21. Early days but clearly Iran aren’t Costa Rica and Wales have got to work very hard here. I think Iran will score at least one. I’m surprised he hasn’t got James or Johnson on for pace and Rambo and Bale are starting.
  22. They should have waited a week to see if Portugal went out in the group stage and then done it.
  23. Yeah - Cardiff Cineworld must have kept hold of them as normally nothing is in 3D bar the 4DX screenings. This is opening day - I make it 10 or 11 screens out of 15 showing it in the middle of the day.
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