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  1. ITV probably had accidental ad breaks for at least 2 of the goals.
  2. You couldn’t have wrote the script any better before the game. One of Mbappe and Messi will score a hatrick. The other one will score two. One team will look like they are certain to win it then the other team will come back out of nowhere. High drama in Extra Time and then a penalty shootout.
  3. This final was so epic that Giroud getting subbed before half time feels like it happened a month ago - Saudi’s win feels like it happened in Brazil 2014.
  4. Poor Ronaldo - footballers in November/December. Messi wins the World Cup and scores 2 and a pen. Mbappe scores hatrick in the final. Loads of other players have great performances or score memorable goals including a Portuguese youngster who replaced him Ronaldo’s highlight was a Piers Morgan interview.
  5. He is going to love going up to get the boot isn’t he?
  6. If this goes to sudden death it’s the best game ever
  7. I feel terrible for him. Bit who knows if it’s over.
  8. Nothing more Messi and Mbappe can do now.
  9. I think they should just share it.
  10. I can’t imagine the stress of the penalty shootout for the fans in the stadium - bad enough if it was 0-0.
  11. The losing teams players are going to be write offs for their clubs for the rest of the season and the winning teams are going to be hungover until March.
  12. Still needs a red card and a dog on the pitch.
  13. Will Mbappe and Messi score their goals in the shootout? If it gets to a shootout?
  14. I’ve been posting in the Avatar thread wondering why no-one else is commenting on the 5th goal.
  15. No clue what the outcome of this will be. Wouldn’t bet against multiple goals in the second half of Extra Time.
  16. Fucking hell - imagine that had gone in
  17. The BBCs World Cup review that comes out next week which distillation all the games into highlights and drama is going to be a must watch.
  18. I guess it’s either Mbappe hatrick or Messi channeling Maradona in 86 or both or nothing and pens.
  19. Potentially gone from boring one sided World Cup final to one of the best ever as who knows what could happen now. Any scenario - score seems possible.
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