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  1. 3 hours ago, Protocol Penguin said:


    OK, that's definitely a big positive given the state of the post-Endgame MCU. Tickets booked! 

    To fully understand this one you only need to watch GOTG 1 and 2 then Infinity War/Endgame and then the Holiday Special. 

  2. Feels like this is going to do well if the amount of us on here seeing it on midweek opening day is any indication.


    Not that I'm saying RLLMUK is an accurate way to monitor potential box office, but seems to be a lot more opening day posts than over recent big releases.



  3. 9 minutes ago, krenzler said:

    Is this inspired by We3 then?


    Does this have a WTF after-credit that gets one excited for the MCU future or is it just the usual fluff?


    I'll spoiler, but very vague info about the end credits sequences



    They are both entirely GOTG related and just show what some of the characters are upto.  


  4. I think your bigger issue is if you l/your kids haven’t seen the other Guardians films it will probably be a little bit hard to follow and lose a lot of its impact.


    Although if they’ve seen Infinity War/End Game that would be enough.


    On the scary front



    What Rocket did to the High Evolutionary‘S face has to be the most gruesome thing seen in the MCU?


  5. 38 minutes ago, monkeydog said:


    What we're you thinking of as CGI messy?  Can't say there was anything bothered me on that front.

    Just the 


    Battle between Nowhere and the High Evolutionary’s ship was a bit hard to follow at times. Not bad CGI as such but just hay it wasn’t entirely clear what was attacking who for a bit.  But nothing major and then the corridor fight was excellent and clear.


  6. Just out of this - really really enjoyed it.


    Best MCU film (without Spiderman in it) since Ragnarok*

    *Far From Home is not on the list of better films.

    Your mileage may vary a bit depending on what you think/feel of the flashback storyline and the third act was a bit CGI messy at times (but did have one really excellent action sequence).


    Overall it’s a great, heart warming, weird, chaotic, funny tale with a bit of body horror thrown in and despite being 150 minutes, it didn’t outstay its welcome and packs loads of stuff in.

  7. West Ham need to get their shit together - beat Man City at the Ethiad to reopen the title race and get the points so they can overtake Chelsea and make them the bottom London club in the Premier League. 

  8. Anyone else going to see this on opening day (tomorrow).


    Seems to be getting decent reviews - be very interesting to see how well it does as arguably this is the most popular/strongest franchise they have now (bar Spidey) and except for the Christmas special and a few minutes at the start of Thor 4 - the characters haven't been seen since Endgame.


    Antman hasn't managed to get above half a billion at the box office and Dr Strange 2 and Black Panther 2 failed to get to a billion worldwide.  You'd think this should do similar numbers to the latter 2?


  9. Remaining Fixtures for teams at the bottom


    West Ham: Man City (a), Man U (h), Brentford (a), Leeds (h), Leicester (a)

    Leeds: Man City (a), Newcastle (h), West Ham (a), Spurs (h)

    Forest: Southampton (h), Chelsea (a), Arsenal (h) Palace (a)

    Leicester: Fulham (a), Liverpool (h), Newcastle (a), West Ham (h)

    Everton: Brighton (a), Man City (h), Wolves (a), Bournemouth (h)

    Southampton: Forest (a), Fulham (h), Brighton (a), Liverpool (h)


    Southampton need 7 points out of 12 just to get themselves out the relegation zone if nobody else picks up any points.


    All the run ins are pretty grim.  What could get interesting is West Ham are 4 points clear of the drop, but they could get dragged back in and then their final two games could be very interesting.


    Forest have the 'best' two first games and Everton the best final two games (discounting West Ham's).


    Forest's goal difference is a fair it worse than Everton and Leeds, but they both have to play Man City.


    Really tough to call.  If Forest beat Southampton then I reckon they'll find at least another point and that may well be enough. Everton could get wins in the last two games and that might be enough for them. Leeds look doomed as can't see how they don't get hammered in the next two.  Leicester's games aren't great.

  10. Potentially a pretty interesting last day in the Championship next Monday if Huddersfield lose to Sheffield United.


    I didn't go Sunday, but from what I've heard a 2-1 loss flattered us and Huddersfield and Reading's goals differences are very close with Reading scoring more goals so if Reading are still alive on Monday then if they win at Huddersfield they'll stay up on goal difference or goals scored.


    Blackburn's point last night keeps them just about in the play-off hunt, but a win would have been a lot better for them given they have the worse goal difference of the chasing pack.  Really they had to win at Milwall anyway next Monday, but potentially one of Milwall or Coventry could miss out.


    A point is enough for Coventry, but lose and they could be pipped by Sunderland on goal difference if Sunderland win by a couple of goals at Preston or West Brom hammer Swansea in South Wales (and/or Coventry lose by a few).  A win send Milwall into the play-offs, but only draw and they are more vulnerable to being overtaken by Sunderland or West Brom on goal difference if either team wins.


    Blackburn can only do it if they beat Milwall and Sunderland and West Brom fail to win.


    Could be some twists and turns throughout the afternoon.





  11. Wondering if Haaland can break Dixie Dean’s record?


    Man City’s next 4 league games are West Ham and Leeds at Home, Everton away and Chelsea at home so If Pep let’s him get the minutes he may do it with a few games to spare(plus he’s bound to get at least one against Real)

  12. 1 hour ago, neoELITE said:

    I'm really nervous. Home to Burton. If we win, we're up. If Wednesday fail to win, we're up. My dream scenario is 2-0 up at half time and Wednesday 1-0 down at Shrewsbury. 

    I actually feel a bit sick. 

    The last time we were in a must win and rely on someone losing was a home win against Scunthorpe and Sunderland to draw or win at Southend away. We did win but Sunderland lost at Southend. The atmosphere in the ground was horrible. 

    I hope it's a party time, pitch invasion at 5pm today.

    Good luck - nothing like a promotion game especially at home if it all goes well!

  13. Loved this week’s episode.


    Shots fired at the Tories, Sam’s Dad, Roy, Jamie becoming more and more likeable and stepping up as a leader and just the whole team togetherness thing.


    Its reaching Series 1 heights, bar maybe the Keeley story which is dragging a bit.


    I really don’t want to say goodbye to these characters although just checked and there are 4 episodes left when I assumed it finished on 10.

  14. 5 hours ago, AK Bell said:

    It's a good trailer that nearly sold me.


    But it's three and a half hours long. I feel they've learned nothing from Bumblebee. And just reading that makes me need to take a piss. 


    Its 2 hours - that IMDB runtime is wrong. 

  15. Bournemouth win against Leeds at the weekend and they are safe, but even a draw is probably enough especially if Leicester and Everton draw.


    Fair play to Gary O’Neil - would be quite an achievement for an internal appointment and, very briefly, a Cardiff player so pleased for him.

  16. I’m probably going to skip going Sunday now as a weekend away beats watching what will now likely be another rubbish home game and I quite like Huddersfield (and obviously Warnock) so would take no pleasure in watching us put them in further danger.


    My son isn’t happy, but I’m sure he’ll get over it.


    I’m more inclined to think we will win now with no pressure, 

  17. A great result and we’ve won 3 out of our last 4 aways which will keep us up.


    Still not mathematically safe, but the following ALL need to happen for us to go down.


    QPR win one of their two remaining games


    Rotherham win one of their two remaining games

    Huddersfield beat us on Sunday and beat Sheffield United next week.


    Reading win their two remaining games.


    And even then we only go down if Reading with those games with a +4 goal difference and we lose our two games with a -3 goal difference (or visa versa or a different combination to create a 7 goal swing).

    A Blackpool win tomorrow would make things very murky for Reading and Huddersfield.

    Wigan couldn’t realistically catch Rotherham or Cardiff so tonight’s result doesn’t matter so much to them, but as Rotherham had a better goal difference than Cardiff then it’s probably the less favourable result for Reading given Cardiff may be (even) easier to beat at home by Huddersfield and then Reading are less likely to overturn Rotherham’s slightly better goal difference if they finish level.


    It could all be over Sunday if Blackpool don’t win, Wigan beat Reading and Huddersfield beat Cardiff - the current bottom 3 would be doomed.





  18. Really hope we win tonight, primarily as we will be very unlikely to go down, but also other plans at weekend have been cancelled so the Huddersfield game bang in the middle of the bank holiday weekend is only thing stopping us going away for a couple of nights.


    Happy to skip the game if we are safe, but not if we aren’t (although I wish I could as it’s going to be horrible).

  19. What is everyone’s thoughts on who is going down?


    Southampton are too far adrift, but hard to call the other two. I thought Forest were in big trouble, but not so sure after last night’s result and Bournemouth look less safe after being battered by West Ham.


    Leeds look a mess, West Ham should be okay, If Vardy has come to life then he might keep Leicester up?  

    Can Everton intimidate the opposition at Goodison in their past couple of home games like last year?


    Bournemouths next 4 are Southampton away, Leeds and Chelsea at home and Palace away. Pretty favourable.

    Monday is Leicester vs Everton!


  20. I've figured out what is going to happen going into the last day.


    We lose to Rotherham, Reading beat Wigan and then we lose to Huddersfield.  Rotherham and QPR both win next week-end as well and Huddersfield beat Sheffield United.


    Final day is Cardiff and Reading on 46 points with the same goal difference (but Reading are ahead having scored far more goals).  Which means we have to better Reading's result or if  both teams win then we have to win by a bigger margin than Reading and if we both lose then we need to lose by a smaller margin.


    And we will be safe with 20 minutes to go so choose to do nothing else to ensure it and then Reading or Burnley (or both) will score in the 95th minute and send us down.


    Should be a nice earner if I bet and all that now.

  21. I fell like we could have won Arsenal winning league, Brighton winning FA Cup and Everton/West Ham getting relegated and Napoli winning Champions League and instead we are getting Man City treble and Southampton/Forest/Bournemouth or Leeds going down.



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