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  1. Been playing this loads and it really is an excellent conversion of an excellent board game.

    Computer controlled characters seem to have pretty decent AI although the good ones have a tendancy to go the grave yard and lose a life from time to time.

    Everything else works really well and it has only crashed once.

  2. Those of us whose main selling point of the 360 is the fact that Capcom are doing Talisman for Live have a little treat in the form of a homebrew GBA version of the 3rd edition, just revealed: http://www.mywiferocksproductions.com/

    I've been playing it for a large chunk of tonight on VisualBoy Advance and well, I've had an absolute blast! Everything is crammed in here, with functional visuals and an excellent interface. It's probably advantageous to know a bit about how Talisman works, but there's a simple rules introduction included. Like I say, it's the 3rd edition which I'm not terribly familiar with (2nd edition ftw), but I assume it's as faithful as possible and it includes expansions by default. Superb piece of work for the limitations of the GBA display. Very well thought out. It's a first-release beta but it's essentially done bar some minor bugfixes.

    Heck, it's even got unlockable art and characters 8)

    Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having failed to find my copy of the boardgame while cleaning out my parent's garage before they moved (my brother later revealed he thought his mate had it as they had turned it into a DC version 8)) this is great news.

    Sod going to work - I'm grabbing this now.

    No idea it was coming to Live either - I always thought GTA IV or Resi 5 would push me over the edge inot having to buy one.

  3. it *should* sell by the bucketload - it deserves to... but I'm not sure.

    If it does, then my faith in gamers is restored.

    Edge 6/10... RAWLF

    Not sure how it'll sell in the States but the Wright/Wright-Phillips advert for over here was genius.

    But Dad.....Sean Wright-Phillip's Dad brought the game for him......

    As for Edge - why review it without trying the online first. Are there any games they do actually like maybe with the new editior they can go three pages without having some crack about the Wii only having minigames or tacked on controls or selling well but to a different demographic to the PS3.

  4. ah

    all the stats seem to have been reset

    Which is more anoying? People who always watch the replays or people who NEVER watch a second of the replays?

    I vote the latter.

    Don't mind the stats being reset if they've fixed the problem with the wins being lost at the end of a series. Not quite sure how 'marth' has got 1089 points since the reset mind.

    I think the former on the replays if you're getting hammered.

    Just lost 5-4 in sudden death despite a last second megastrike that got me from 4-2 to 4-4. Great game - this will sell by the bucketload.

  5. I get that a lot. You lose the result of the final game of the series.

    Is it something to do with the other player disconnecting as soon as the game ends to avoid a loss. Four times its happened now and 3 of those have been wins for me.

    I'm not really fussed about the leaderboards but would like to have an accurate record of my own stats.

  6. Spoke to my mate last night to tell him to make sure he watched on Sky tomorrow night before he stumbled across any spoilers.

    He had already been told by somebody in work that there was some sort of flash forward at the end of the episode with jack and Kate talking about going back to the Island!!!. I denied it but as soon as the episode starts he's probably going to suss it out.

    Why do people and the bloody media think it is okay to spoil TV shows. The Mirror had a page full of end of spoilers for all the U.S shows coming to an end the other week written by some soap opera columnist who had previously printed a story that Ecko died two weeks before the episode aired on Sky.

    Would somebody please explain to them that spoiling Lost, Heroes, etc is not the same as showing pictures of Phil saving Ian's kids from a car in Eastenders and publishing magazines that give away all the plot lines for every soap.

    People want to know who shags who in Eastenders then fine but spoiling Lost isn't much different to printing an article about the great new film coming out soon where a little boy can see dead people and Bruce Willis is a ghost. :ph34r:

  7. At first I was underwhelmed:

    Another Jack flashback to flesh out his character (oh - he's grown a beard and is upset about something) which continued to bug me throughout as I didn't see where in his timeline this would fit in.

    Charlie giving Juliette up seemed stupid.

    The very annoying Mancunian pilot was annoying me.

    The promised action scenes of the trio of shooters and the tents wasn't that great (and a pretty stupid plan as well) especially after the disapointing lack of action in the last Heroes.

    And where was bloody Locke

    Then Locke appeared,

    Walt appeared,

    I realised Charlie completely believed Demonds prophecy,

    The second action scene on the beach was fantastic (Hurley fucks someone up with his van, Sayed neck snapping and Sawyer shooting Tom),

    The underwater station stuff was great as well,

    The pilot got 'stabbed in the back' by Locke (is this a clue)

    They totally got me with the flash forward to the extent that my first fault when Kate appeared was "this is stupid are they trying to say that Kate knew Jack when he had a beard and doesn't recognise him on the Island without one"

    All in all - brilliant - one of the best season finales I've ever seen.

    Can't wait for Season Four now - I think flash forwards might be the way they go from now on. Locke and Sawyers flashback arcs have pretty much been resolved, there can't be a lot more to say about Jack, Kate, Jin and Sun, Charlies dead and the rest of the characters such as Hurley, Rose/Bernard, Clare, etc don't really warrant more flashbacks unless they cram something new in to make them relevant.

    Flash forwards would be cool - it would allow us to see what happens after the series ends (or when certain people get off the island) while still giving us Island stuff with whoevers on the phone, smokey, Ben, Jacob etc. In theory, all the flash forward should be interesting if they pepper them with little clues as to what happens on the Island.

    Unlucky lottery winner, Hurley returns home; Kate the fugitive is found; what happened to Michael and Walt, etc, etc;

    I'm sure it wasn't but if the plan all along was to have flashbacks and then switch to flashforwards half way through then thats genius.

    Of course, it could have been a one-off and next season we will get another 5 hours of Jin and Suns relationship, Jack gets another Tattoo and some other non-relevant flashbacks.

  8. So, out of this OFCOM ruling thing, it seems there was some more unequivically racist talk on CBB that was cut:

    That's from the BBC. Anyway, remember the furore about that beeped out chat Jade and Jack had in bed that everyone suspected was "Paki"? Just imagine what would have happened if they'd actually shown this bit. It would have been the apocalypse for sure.

    Whole transcript of the poem was in the Mirror today - pretty unpleasant stuff and all four of them were joining in. Pretty much blows the whole 'not racist' defence out of the water and I'm not surprised Channel 4 didn't air it. Danielle's "I'm just a thick tart and I'm sorry" defence may not work now. Still surprised how she has pretty much walked away with her ""career"" still intact.

  9. Just watched the final two episodes.

    Disapointed by the finale and felt the previous episode was better. I guess as they set up what was going to take place throughout the series it was always going to be potentially a let down although I'd have felt less let down if it hadn't been so lovey dovey with poor dialogue.

    I can live with Sylar not dying but I hope the Petrelli's are gone (although I bet they aren't)

    Still, great series overall and look forward to next season.

  10. Arrived this morning.

    Just done the tutorials and played one online series (won a best of three series with my slick, solid possession game :)), but it's tremendous fun so far.

    Online was a bit juddery, but the nothing game ruining - the button presses aren't delayed at all, and I felt completely in control at all times. Fears about goals only coming from 'mega strikes' are unfounded, as my last match was won by a fine shot from just outside the area by Toad. Just pass it around and carve openings.

    It's early days yet, but unless some terrible game breaking flaw emerges, this is going to be an absolute multi-player classic on Wii.

    Nooooo - must resist buying more Wii games. I haven't started Twilight Princess yet!!!!

    Anyone now what the likely high street price will be for this?

  11. Oceans Twelve - big fan of the first one, disapointed that Catherine Zeta Jones was in it as I hate her but still looked forward to it.

    First half was mediocre but I stayed with it assuming their would be a good end heist then they decided Julia Roberts looked like Julia Roberts and I was close to walking out.

    The Bruce Willis turned up and after that I was out of there - leaving my girlfriend alone in the cinema while I sat in the foyer. And from what I heard the ending was crap as well.

    Nearly walked out (and should of)

    Conspiracy Theory but didn't because Patrick Stewart was in it

    The Mexican but didn't because James Gandofini was in it

    Planet of the Apes remake but didn't because I was stunned that Burton had made such a shit film

    Hulk - As above replace Burton with Ang Lee

    Godzilla - Don't know why I didn't

    Alien 4 - Because the worst bit didn't happen until the very end

  12. FUCK OFF Horse Face.

    Surely it must be happening soon unless her team starts winning. Be no good her getting to the final four and going out on the interview episode or (whisper it) the final.

    I demand her messing up the next task totally and another hour added to the show so Alan can destroy her in the boardroom until she takes a header out the window.

  13. While I didn't think that her Zoe Slater voice was her real one but has anyone ever heard her speak before she went to the States.

    Her accent in that clip seems to come from the "this is what the Americans think every British person sounds like" camp.

  14. 1. Goodfellas

    2. The Godfather

    3. City of God

    4. Battle Royale

    5. Last Boy Scout

    6. Ferris Buellers Day Off

    7. Catch me if you Can

    8. Finding Nemo

    9. Shawshank Redemption

    10. Slapshot

    11. Raiders of the Lost Ark

    12. Trains, Planes and Automobiles

    13. LA Confidential

    14. Face Off

    15. LOTR Trilogy

    In no particular order bar the top two and it will be edited. Currently bubbling under - Die Hard, T2, Sean of the Dead, Empire, High Fidelity, Princess Bride, Fight Club, and probably loads more I'll think of later - Seven, Robocop, Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

  15. And can I ask if anyone was surprised by the reveal of Lockes dad as Sawyer? Hasn't that been obvious for a long time now?

    I didn't spot it until the start of this episode when Locke came out of the jungle and said he had come looking for Sawyer then it clicked and I kicked myself for not thinking of it sooner.

    Excellent episode btw

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