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  1. Wales slight favourites to get through as runners up over the U.S now I think. Assuming both teams can beat Iran and England will beat both of them then its who has the best goal difference from those two games and England will take their foot of the gas against Wales as they would already be through (plus it is a derby) and Iran will be more up for it against the U.S even just to try and stop them going through. Of course - maybe Iran aren't as bad as they looked today or England aren't as good as they looked today and it isn't England with 6 points and Wales with 4 after Friday.
  2. Bale got tackled in the box and scored a penalty and that’s all he did, but if you could pick a player in this World Cup who would have the focus, confidence and desire to 100% score that penalty then it’s him and his former Real Madrid teammate who may or may not be at Man U isn’t it.
  3. Come on Wales yellow card so I can win my bet but it’s for Moore taking his shirt off after scoring the winner so I win a different bet as well
  4. Based on the other games today - 10 minutes of stoppage time. Wales have to go for it - USA trying to run down the clock feels like they are worried rather than great gamesmanship.
  5. No - next to nothing in most Wales games. But, those 1 or 2 things he does can be pretty crucial. He will have at least one super shot.
  6. 3 corners and cards for each team and a goal each was the bet.
  7. I need a Wales corner, goal and card to win £29 off a £1 bet
  8. Take the ex-Jack off and bring the ex-Cardiff boy on and it looks better already 😉
  9. Hopefully Wales were a bit overawed by the occasion and fearful of losing and now they can come out and go for it as they’ve got nothing to lose. Need Moore and Johnson on quickly. It looks very clear that a loss today will be fatal. The USA will beat Iran and even an England resting some players (assuming they beat the USA) will be too much for the Welsh defence.
  10. It will come. I’d get James off as he isn’t getting to do his runs that usually go nowhere so he serves no purpose. If Bales wasn’t Bale then he should go off, but they are going to have to use up all his energy bar now and hope they can rest him for Friday?
  11. Wales will get chances and I’ll still back them to come back, but they must keep in at 1-0.
  12. Nah - I’ve watched a lot of Wales home games and they are often like this. Messing up the crucial pass or losing possession why they waste time looking for Bale. Then Bale will pop up with a free kick screamer then Moore will head one in later once James runs himself into the ground. Although usually they’ll a bit more explosive at times.
  13. Early warning shot(s) for Wales there that USA are dangerous
  14. My 12 year olds head is ready to explode at Wales about to play in the World Cup so fuck knows what my 40 old something Welsh mates are thinking. Bar, why didn’t we go out there. Ive got two mates out there, but they don’t travel normally. By two mates who follow Wales away 2/3 times a year haven’t gone.
  15. Laying the ground work for Qatar’s 6 penalties in their next game? This must be the longest World Cup game ever by quite some margin.
  16. And it will be a shit show with England basically already qualifying after this game if only 3 teams. That won't be the worst bit of it - that will be some teams sitting in their hotel watching the 3rd game in the group to see if they go through or go home rather than being on the pitch.
  17. England really do have an embarrassment of attacking players. This game better finish soon as I need to do the school run.
  18. Bellingham, Saka and a rolling back the years Sterling are going to be a nightmare for whoever we play.
  19. A point would be okay for Wales, but they can’t really afford to lose I don’t think. Wales big issue is that Bale and Ramsey are only going to have so much in the tank and it’s when they use them and/or risk losing them for the later games.
  20. England looking lethal - hard to know how poor Iran are overall yet. Neither team can afford to lose in tonight’s Wales vs USA game on initial assumption that England won’t be dropping points. Obviously, anything can happen, but whoever wins tonight will fancy beating Iran which would pretty much guarantee qualification however they do against England.
  21. Lol - just spoiled the goal on Teams for my Welsh colleagues who are all watching on iPlayer at home for some reason
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