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  1. Super spoiler heavy - bits I loved



    Double spoiled



    I think that was JK Simmons doing JJ in two universes.


    Donald Glover




    Didn’t spot it at the time - but women in convenience store was from venom-verse


    Spider cat and his web furball and then attacking random Peter on the bridge.


    Spider horse


    Brief appearances of Maguire and Garfield Spider-Man.

    Punk and Indian Spidey’s were both amazing.


    Two really good villains in Spot and Miguel (sort of)


    Original Peter being great again and baby May.


    The whole multiverse/canon stuff showing comic covers and scenes and stuff.


    And then the insane Miles escapes all the Spideys.


    And then you think it’s wrapping up and instead we get Miles reveals his identity to his Mum, but....... Evil Miles.


    And his Mum was just great in general.







  2. 1 minute ago, Fry Crayola said:


    You're not comparing like for like there. If Grealish was lunging to defend a six-yard header and it hit his fingers and up over the bar, it'd still be a stupid decision to award a penalty. When it's a headed cross, it's even more stupid.

    Yeah I know, but equally it’s not a handball where it’s bounced off a body part or a nearby player and hit his hand by his side.


    Doesn’t feel like one of the worst/most controversial handball penalties VAR has picked up.


    This has now turned into a proper FA CUP derby final.

  3. Just got out.


    Now the first one is a masterpiece and  I love myself some Spiderman in comic  form and on the big screen and my anticipation of this was through the roof anyway and then the reviews and comments on here pushed it up even further.


    So there was no way it could live up to the ridiculous expectations I had for it and they couldn’t possibly top the incredible animation and visuals of the first one.


    Except, the first hour was a jaw dropping, eyes pop out your head at how can this look so good that it makes the first one look like they were just playing around and it was funny and had a couple of great Easter eggs and great characterisation and heart and stuff and it’s the equal of the first one.


    And then it just got even better and better in terms of action and tension and spider lore and Easter eggs and build up and keeps surprising and delighting on every level.  


    5/5 and I need and want to watch it again ASAP before throwing statements like best superhero film, best animation film, best Spiderman film and top something sequel, but it’s top top top tier in all those categories.


    Last year - my top two films were a multiverse film and a sequel (Maverick). This year a multiverse film that’s a sequel is probably going to take top spot. 



  4. A fun Chelsea stat is despite not taking over until April - Lampard has doubled the league games they’ve lost this season and still has a game to

    go to to make it 9 losses out of 11 since he took over (plus 2 losses to Real).

  5. Big drama now for Sunday - can Chelsea avoid being bottom London club.


    If they lose 2-0 to Newcastle and West Ham win 2-0 against Leicester then they are the bottom London club in a season with 7 London clubs in the league.

  6. Just now, Timmo said:


    That was just regarding him taking him being killed off by the writers personally(!?)


    He said this separately: "He [Armstrong] decided to make Logan die, I think ultimately too early."


    But all actors are going to be more insular aren't they?


    Not wanting to get killed off/have less work/stop having to play the character and then they are probably going to be focused on their role/scenes only.

  7. 20th anniversary for Cardiff's last game in League One as we beat QPR in the play-off final on this day in 2003.


    The semi final second leg against Bristol City away was easily the most stressful game I've ever been to.  A torturous 0-0 as we tried to hold on to a 1-0 lead from the first leg with the previous years heartache against Stoke firmly in everyone's mind.  I honestly thought my Dad was going to have a heart attack on the terrace,


    Our only play-off victory and we got to play at 'home' as Wembley was being redeveloped.  A poor game, until Andy Campbell scored a screamer in extra time and being on the front row of the top tier of the Millennium stadium directly behind the goal was a bit dicey when the goal went in especially as we'd all had a fair bit to drink before the game and then my mate had brought a significant number of spliffs with him which we smoked throughout the second half/extra time!


    20 years on and we just managed to avoid the start of next season being back in League One.

  8. God forbid they play at 3pm for play-off finals - what on earth would it clash with or need to accommodate some other time zone (not that they should do that anyway).


    Its not just 3pm is traditional, but as a pretty general rule, everyone should be able to get to and from any ground with that kick off time in the UK unless its very extreme ends of the country.

  9. I'm predicting Everton are going to go 2-0 up quickly and the other two will go behind early as well and they'll be no actual drama.


    Or Everton will implode - Pickford will get sent off after 5 minutes and they'll somehow end up with a player in goal after the backup gets injured and they lose 8-0, but it doesn't matter as the other two lose as well.

  10. I'm up to the night before Shiv's wedding in Series 1 now on this latest re-watch and you forget quite how awful their Mum is.


    Its got to be the peak episode for the amount of different characters being shitty to each other and/or having very awkward conversations. 

  11. The big question for me - do we get some sort of flash forward at the end to show what happened to them all or does it just conclude with the buy-out (or not) and who comes out on top (if anyone) and its open-ended.


    I'm not sure what I want out of those two or who I want to 'win' or 'lose'.



  12. Apologies a I’m sure this has been asked a zillion times - is there a cheaper way to get online with expansion pack.


    If I want it for mine and my son’s profile on the same switch it still needs the family pack - yeah? And not even cloud saves enable on other profiles without the family pack on the same switch?

  13. 20 minutes ago, Ry said:

    My favourite scene from the recent episode was 


      Hide contents

    Logans aide sitting with the wife/ex wives and shes clearly the most upset and heartbroken person at the entire funeral and the wife giving her a look of "its ok kid"



    Yeah - that whole bit was great starting with



    their Mum rounding up all the exes and grabbing the front row. 


  14. There isn't any point watching anything else at the moment before the last episode (except Ted Lasso) so I'm watching series 1 for what I think is the 4th time.


    And hot take 😜, its really really good from episode 1.


    Quite interesting to jump from the end of the last episode few episodes of Series 4 to the baseball game in series 1. (last couple of episodes of series 4 spoilers)



    from Roman deciding the election and the possible end of democracy in America to breaking down at Logan's coffin and then all the way back to him being an absolute shit to the kid in the baseball game.


    And also Frank's just been told his being put on light duties as if he might not be hanging around much past the first few episodes of Series 1.


  15. Just watched series 4 over the last few nights and top top stuff yet again, but episode 3,and parts of the last two week’s episodes were something else entirely.


    Just very top top tier acting and writing.  It’s always been a hard show to classify and I get why some people don’t like it as the characters are all ‘bad’, but some of the stuff this season  has really got to me.



    Logan’s death episode shook me up a bit and brought back some feelings about my Dad’s death as well as just being an amazing unsettling piece of drama.


    The evil Republican doing his terrifying speech as a sort of real world example of what Trump without the crazy might look like and then really disliking Roman for what he’d done in that episode despite him being probably my favourite of the 3 of them.


    But, then Roman completely breaking down as he tried to do his speech at the funeral did upset me and I felt awful for him.


    Just terrific stuff and it’s will be a shame when it finishes and I don’t know how it finishes, but it’s incredibly rewatchable so I’m planning a full rerun ASAP.


  16. Still in Everton’s hands, but a draw for them won’t be enough of Leicester can beat West Ham and/or Leeds can put 4 past Spurs. Possibility that a Leeds win and an Everton draw would see Leeds go down by a couple of goals difference.

  17. 1 hour ago, Gambit said:

    Just got back. The ending made me genuinely angry. Massive spoilers below:


      Hide contents

    And not because it ends on a cliffhanger. I always knew this was the first part of a two (now three) part story. It's the fact that oh look, Gal Gadot is alive. Made all the more ridiculous that we were still supposed to feel sad that about twenty minutes ago John Cena sacrifices himself in a fiery explosion to save Dom. Did he though? When people keep rising like Jesus Christ how are we supposed to feel anything in that moment?


    The only story feels AI generated in places. Like the story needs them to get one from one location to the other so, in one instance:


      Hide contents

    They get all their money hacked and stolen. Except that's when Tyrese opens up his jacket to reveal he has a bunch of money taped around his waist? Why? How? Does he always walk around like that just in case? The story obviously couldn't have them trapped in London so they needed a way for them to move about some more.


    I'll no doubt go see the next one to see how awful it gets.


    On the plus side, it did remind me how great Fast Five is. And Jason Mamoa is the only one who understands the absolute hokum he's in. Proper Raul Julia in Street Fighter energy.


    On the first spoiler



    Even if you believe Cena is dead, then they immediately undercut it by Momoa taking the piss out it - which suggest he almost certainly isn't dead.


     On the stupid things front - massive bomb get sets off in Rome, everyone is missing.  Even if Dom doesn't know he is the most wanted man in the world - he has just been chased by the police for ages and they have no clue he was trying to stop the bomb - so maybe don't just stand around overlooking the bomb site especially as it must be some time later unless Helen Mirren just happened to be in Rome at the time or she's a ghost.


    Also - the whole bit in the internet cafe was one of the worst scenes I've seen in anything for years.


    If there has to be two more then the next one should just purely be Hobbs and Shaw 2 with even more Momoa with Don and the family all missing then you do the final one which is just everyone not dead and Momoa is now their friend and they all team up to fight new villains played by, I dunno, Robert Downey Jnr and Florence Pugh, but with a big fight scene between Dom and the Rock.  And have Roman Reigns and Batista in it as well and Chris Pine and Chis Evans.



  18. I’ve just seen this and it’s not very good.


    Had no real expectation as I’m not a big fan of the franchise, but was up for some over the top action and a bit of eye rolling at the family stuff, but this is 2hrs 20 mins and could/should have at least an hour or more cut out of it.


    The big set pieces vary from decent bits to some very poor CGI, there is a crazy amount of earnest family stuff and references to previous films and a few scenes that are just bad.


    What saves it a bit is Momoa is having a ball as a super over the top camp villain and he is easily the best thing in it.  


    Not a spoiler if you’ve read the tweet further up the thread, but I’ll spoiler it anyway in terms of if this is the last film in the franchise (no plot spoilers)



    This is very very much part 1 and really should of been marketed as such. If there are going to be another 2 then that’s crazy if they are part of this story.


    Another 1 would make sense as there is just about half of a 2 hour movie in this one that they padded out with an additional 80 minutes.


    I would quite like to watch the sequel, but not part 2 of 3.  This feels like a very very cynical padding out exercise.



  19. 4/5 in Empire.


    Closing comment of the review may account for differing scores



    Indy’s final date with destiny has a barmy finale that might divide audiences — but if you join him for the ride, it feels like a fitting goodbye to cinema’s favourite grave-robber.


    I remain cautiously optimistic.


    However, I'm a bit pissed off this has been shown and reviewed and it isn't coming out for 6 more weeks so its going to be very hard to avoid it being spoiled in some form.


    It should be out today now the reviews are all out there. 

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