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  1. Maybe it will be this game, but at some point the Premier League are going to decline a request to cancel (and then maybe all future requests or not) and it's going to kick off with the team declined pointing to Arsenal's request being approved and others. Of course, if it's Burnley denied that will cause less noise then one of the big clubs unless they are going to let clubs postpone until they announce a future date where it isn't allowed anymore?
  2. We’ve managed to circumvent not being allowed the 3,000 odd fans (wouldn’t have been much more as we draw crap crowds usually at home for no big games) into watching us play Preston today by potentially taking 6-8,000 to Anfield in a month while we might still be banned from having no home crowds.
  3. The Cambridge goal against Newcastle is brilliantly shit defending by Newcastle. Ex Cardiff player is charge of Cambridge as well! The FA Cup is the best and fuck anyone trying to diminish it further and further. 20 years ago - can’t see anything ever topping this for best game and atmosphere that I’ll ever attend
  4. I did go again last Friday and it was still tremendous on a second viewing. First half was better as no longer slightly annoyed about seeing the trailers and got to notice lots of little details. Second half was excellent again even with knowing what was coming. One great thing I noticed on second viewing was
  5. I think this show deserves its own thread The blurb is creator, Scott Ryan plays "Ray Shoesmith," a father, ex-husband, boyfriend and best friend: tough roles to juggle in the modern age. Even harder when you're a criminal for hire. Its a very black comedy/drama. Episodes are only around the 30 minute mark and its 3 seasons and done so no daunting commitment. It is excellent - watch it. Great performances, funny, violent, occasionally very tense and very dark. Can't fault it.
  6. The big clubs will be jumping at the chance to get rid of replays. The erosion of the FA Cup so the top 6/8 can play extra games in Europe (new Champions league format or the European Conference) has been going on for years. It will all be mid week soon enough and maybe the European teams will get a bye for the he third round and on it goes.
  7. Talking about scrapping Fa Cup replays because God forbid the smaller teams make a bit of money (if crowds are still allowed or even if not with TV money).
  8. I think our game in Cardiff against Coventry is the first to be called off for Covid in England for Boxing Day!
  9. Its bitter sweet, thanks to Omicron, but hopefully this firmly tells all the studios that lockdowns didn't kill off a love for cinema and it is far from dead.
  10. Boxing Day is screwed as well as best case all the clubs don’t have any more positive cases, but all the players who are currently positive potentially won’t get out of isolation until Christmas Day at the earliest.
  11. Empty screening at 9.45 - I've got a lot of job work to do/last day of peace in house before kids are home for weeks (or maybe months), promised Wife I'd do some DIY/need to wrap kids Christmas presents while they aren't here. I watched it less than 48 hours ago. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. If it was a pure Disney film then I imagine it wouldn't be too long into the New Year that it would drop on Disney Plus - especially if Omicron starts closing cineams across the globe/and its going to do the bulk of its money now/over Christmas. But as its part Sony then at some point its going to pop up on something to watch at a premium and then eventually free on a streaming service, but that could be a few months? Sorry - not very helpful. I reckon there is money to be made if they put it on something mid Jan and charge £20, but depends what deals they've made with cinemas and if its got long box office legs. I reckon without Covid, this would be a massive, massive hit and easily one of the biggest grossing MCU films with people going for repeat viewings.
  13. Rumours abound that Wales might ban attending football matches (and other big events) from Friday night doesn't matter for Cardiff vs Derby on Saturday as called off just now due to Covid cases in both camps. Which I assume means Boxing Day games probably off as well as even if they come out of isolation on Christmas Day at midnight they won't be ready to play.
  14. They should cancel this weekend. Stops people travelling and mixing and. Chances are they will have to postpone a fair few games anyway.
  15. Worry about over-hyping it and potentially it gets a boost from seeing it with a audience of fans rather than a room full of critics, but yeah. Not that there reviews can't be all over the place - but Empire gave this the full 5 stars and I'm not sure I would have gone that far last night, but on reflection I probaby would, but would need to see it again I think.
  16. I'm tempted to just bunk off work and go and see it again right now.
  17. Thinking last night how well executed this is and how much it mamages to do/juggle. Almost take it for granted, but MEGA SPOILERS
  18. Saw it with the kids earlier and cost me a fortune as my plan to avoid a busy screening went down in flames as we got stuck in traffic so ended up paying for a second screening at another cinema on their biggest screen (which worked out okay as we were well spaced out). Was it worth £40? Well first half was really good, but I wish they'd shown a bit less in the trailer then it went up a few gears. I dunno how it will hold up on a second viewing - I'm not sure if overall it was very good instead of great, but, but, but there are parts of it that I LOVED that I'd put up against anything in the MCU and maybe anything else in any of my favourite films and cinema experiences. SPOILERS Actually typing the spoilers - It was great and I think the perfect film for what could be a shitty couple of months. An added thought
  19. Today's episode was great - best of the series I think. Plenty of Leon and
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