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  1. Oh well. Congrats to Fulham. Fair play to us and the Jacks - we certainly gave two teams who got very close to automatic promotion a hell of a fight. Thats 6 play off loses from 7 now for us. No depressing trip down the M4 though on a coach tonight.
  2. Shit - lost Tomlin and all subs used
  3. I wasn’t expecting super stress tonight. We could do this or Camara will not hit the post on his third super strike
  4. I had £1 on 10/1 on us being in the lead at ten minutes We are no worse off I guess - less time, but snatch another one and not immediately concede then who knows.
  5. This is one of my favourite goals/moments I’ve ever been at. Was just to the right of the goal for this. The whole thing is just great after an awful 90 minutes of dross where it looked like we would squander a must win against ten men. Injury time: The overhead kick hitting the post, chaos, goal and the celebration. Capped off by the post match interview where we find out the referee asked him if he took his shirt off and he told him No. He has been brilliant for Cardiff from the very first game when Warnock brought him and Hoilet in as free agents outside the transfer window before his first game in charge.
  6. I’m slightly more confident this morning than I was Monday night. But, Fulham will really need to mess it up and then we’d just get taken apart by Brentford anyway!
  7. Griffin Park's always been one of my favourite ever away days. Gutted I didn't get to go the last couple of seasons for various reasons. Nice to see them give it a great final send-off (and against my friends in the West). Much better than our last game at Ninian http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_1/8001889.stm And looking at that has just blown my mind as I had no clue that it was Keane's first game in charge for them - I have no recollection of that at all.
  8. It’s the play-offs so who knows, but I just can’t see us coming back Thursday without you completely messing up your tactics, a lot of complacency from your players and us converting every chance we get. I can’t see us shutting you out and 3 goals just to get to extra time isn’t happening.
  9. I think so although based on our second half performance maybe they rightly just gave him the night off as they didn’t think they’d him
  10. That’s one London club going to Wembley for certain then. Second half they’ve taken us apart.
  11. Fuck sake. I’ll concede it was great footwork for the goal.
  12. 5 minutes gone - we are all over them, they’ve already messed about at the back and Harrison Reed might be injured.
  13. No Mitrovic for Fulham!
  14. Best of luck to you to @BitterToad I've got no clue how it will play out. If you get and take your chances against us then we may be in trouble. But if you don't, then we will take ours be it late on or due to a mistake. If Parker has done his homework then the first thing he should be drilling into your boys is don't mess about at the back ever. We've certainly benefited from lockdown as while we were slowly moving towards the play-offs. Tomlin and Mendez Laing were 'out for the season' and Hoilett was nackered. Now they've all effectivly been reset and Murphy also came to life last week against Boro so we have attacking threat even if we don't have Mitrovic banging them in. But - its the play-offs so anything could happen - could be 1-0 on aggregrate or some insane 8-8 on aggregate with someone winning 8-7 on penalties.
  15. My heads all over the place today - I've got play-off anxiety/distraction, but then I remember I can't go to the actual game and the club aren't allowed to let us stream it (as we did with every league game home and away post lockdown for free) becuase Sky have made it exclusive and I dont' want to lay out for a Sky Sports pass for a month, but would for a week pass, but that isn't enough IF we get to the final and its weird watching on telly and what if we get the Jacks in the final and ....................... Interesting triva fact - this is the third time both us and Swansea have been into the play-offs together. Swansea made the final both times (won 1/lost 1). We lost both times in the semis after getting hammered in the second leg. Overall - we've made the play-offs 6 times before this one in all leagues. 1 Win (Yay) 1 Final Loss (sob ,sob) 4 Semi Final losses (2 expected as we scraped into 6th/2 were a nightmare as 1 we were minutes away and blew it against Stoke and 1 were we had dreams of automatic and then messed it all up in the last couple of games). Plus - our insane mess up at the last year of Ninian where we needed 2 points from 4 games (and really 1 would have been enough a we had a better goal difference than the chasing pack) and managed to mess it up and finish 7th.
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