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  1. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    White Hart Lane won't be ready for a while which means by second attempt to watch Cardiff away (after not getting a ticket for Bournemouth) is abandoned as I'm not going to <shudder> Wembley.
  2. Ork1927

    Better Call Saul!

    Its always going to be a slower burn than BB as we know where most of the key characters are going to end up and loads of big WTF moments would probably require some horrible ret-conning of BB. Gus gave Walt cancer! Mike made Jane a drug addict! Although, there are still characters in BCS whose fates we don't know, plus whatever finally turns Jimmy into Saul and then his fate in the future.
  3. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Two new midfielders on loan for Cardiff, but sadly no striker. Still, why we've not spent loads, we've brought in 6 decent players although I assume Arter won't be able to play Saturday.
  4. Ork1927

    teen titans go - the movie

    Saw this today with the kids - doesn't quite hang together as a feature length film, but it's full of good comic references, funny songs and lots of laughs. Couple of bits had me proper chuckling out loud.
  5. Ork1927

    Premier League 2018/19 season final table predictions

    1. Liverpool 2. Manchester City 3. Manchester Utd 4. Tottenham 5. Arsenal 6. Chelsea 7. Leicester 8. Everton 9. West Ham 10. Burnley 11. Wolves 12. Crystal Palace 13. Bournemouth 14. Newcastle 15. Fulham 16. Watford 17. Brighton 18. Huddersfield 19. Cardiff 20. Southampton League Cup: Everton FA Cup: Chelsea Champions League: Man City Europa League: Arsenal I think we will actually finish bottom, but I'm going to put us second from bottom instead.
  6. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Not that I like getting games moved all over the place, but I was expecting to be able to watch couple of away games on Sky. I'd have thought teams at home playing the favourites for relegation might have been an attractive prospect with the added drama that one of Warnock's thugs will cynically try and maim a world class superstar within minutes of the game starting. Are clubs able to beam back non-televised games to their own grounds anymore. Suspect we would have got a lot of take-up Saturday if we could televise the game back at home.
  7. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    They are increasing broadband by £2.50 across the board as well regardless of if you've got BT Sport. October/November Sky games out and Cardiff are on once - at home again so thats 4 televised games in the first 4 months of the season and none of them away. Was looking forward to watching us in the pub at least once before Christmas especially as I can't get a ticket for Saturday at Bournemouth.
  8. Ork1927

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Is Avengers 4 all done now as I remember reading that Gunn had been involved in the Guardian's stuff in 3. As Liamness said - Disney should have at least said they were looking into it firstrather than a kneew jerk reaction becuase some horrible right wing rapist tweeted about it.
  9. Ork1927

    Star Trek - Jean-Luc Picard returns

    Not sure this scenario works for aging Picard. Worf hitchhicking around the federation sounds more like it. Getting arrested for murder's he didn't commit, saying nothing, headbutting people and knowing what time it is on any planet in the galaxy.
  10. Ork1927

    Ant-Man and The Wasp - July 2018

    Really enjoyed this - it's very small scale (pun intended), good fun, some great effects and very amusing. Whole audience was chuckling throughout. An enjoyable funny caper film that acts as a nice contrast to the big events of Infinity War.
  11. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I think we got a bad rap last year as we were between Wolves and Fulham playing their lovely football and we got overly criticised in the Man City FA CUP game. We weren't a dirty team and it wasn't all kicking it up to the strikers and hoping they scored (and if it was we'd have been screwed as our strikers barely scored anyway). I'd liken us a bit to England - solid at the back, some good wide men and then good at making the most out of set pieces/non strikers who can out the ball in the net and a team light of tossers and prima donnas. Plus occasionally letting Sol Bamba stomp around in midfield while the opposition tried to figure out what the hell to do about him. I suspect we will go down this year - we've made what looks like 4 good signings, but they are all unproven in the top flight. We are short at least one striker and worringly our central midfield is weaker than it was last season with Grujic maybe or maybe not coming back from Liverpool and Bryson gone back to Derby and not been replaced. Even with some more strenthening, its hard to pick 3 teams we will finish above at the moment, because some of the teams that have flirted with relegation for a few seasons have gone and Fulham and Wolves have spent big on the bag of already having some very good players. But, I'm not that bothered - last season was great and we are doing the Premier League properly this time - in our right colours, with our lunatic chairman keeping out the way and a manager who gives a shit/isn't a massive racist/totally out of his depth.
  12. Be interesting to see how the Jacks do. The msart money is probably on a return of the South Wales Derby next year, but in the Championship rather then the Prem.
  13. Ork1927

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    If you abandoned that Tony Young article half way though you'll be glad it all worked out in the end as he turned to Jordan Peterson and some shit about Lobsters.
  14. Ork1927

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Any chance of some blow back/internal division on this as I assume some angry gamer gater nerds like their MCU films and Rick and Morty so may be conflicted in their fucked up harrasments plans.
  15. Ork1927

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    And me. Had some nicely balanced games lately as for a while one team was getting wiped out too quickly. Played yesterday and both teams met in the first circle with about 40 each on a pretty much entirely flat and terrain free area. Absolute mayhem, but I found myself on a great run killing 6 and 5 assists without taking any damage. Best was stumbling across someone who had flanked my team and was prepping a barrage of grenades from a launcher until I shot him in the back and stole it. Managed to get down to final 2 on Solo as well, came close to winning, but didn't have anything decent weapons wise and my opponent was in a portable fort and well prepped for me.

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