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  1. Once Dark Waters hits then streaming has caught up with my last visit to the cinema. Boo-urns.
  2. Is that against new BBC guideline though? And anyone in the crowd who works for the BBC could be sacked if they clap as him winning might upset racists, fans of clubs who don't like Man U, Tory MPs, rugby fans, etc.
  3. Late to the party, but The Last Dance is brilliant. I've got only a very passing knowledge of Basketball and Jordan, but I'm gutted I've only got two episodes left as it is so good.
  4. Now Leto has been announced, I’m really really, really, really hoping for a finale of the Justice League (and Lois picking up and putting down and picking up kryptonite weapons with help from ghost Russell Crowe) vs Joker, Stepenwolf, CGI David Thewlis, Jessie Eisenberg Luthor, The Enchantress And the Doomsday thing from Batman vs Supes (with General Zod’s corpse strapped to the back). That would be amazing. Maybe they could start the Flashpoint stuff early and bring back another version of Lex Luthor. A Kevin Spacey come back to really put the cherry on the cake!!!!
  5. This European Permier League actually sounds shit even for the clubs involved to some degree. 18 Teams in some sort of League then knock-out games so it can't be traditional groups of 4 like the Champions League. So 3 Groups of 6? - top 2 go through and 2 best 3rd place teams? Whatever the format there is the possibility that teams will effectivly be out of it by losing the first few games and then thats a much earlier end to their European adventures than normal plus you'll get English teams having to play each other which isn't that interesting for global viewers if i
  6. The death of cinema will mean the death of film to a certain degree. The studios won't make all the films they were making now in the hope that people either PPV or carry on paying on for their streaming service in what is going to be an increasingly over crowded market. And maybe that means less Superhero films which people might be glad about or maybe it means less independent films or maybe it just means less of everything. The reality is that the only films people are likely to pay to watch at home (or the studios will bank on) will be the big franchise stuff and ev
  7. And with FA cup going midweek for some rounds and them scraping replays the opportunity for money spinning ties is reduced further. But who gives a fuck about Shrewsbury vs Liverpool or Wrexham vs Arsenal when we all really want to see Liverpool vs RB Salzburg in a dead rubber in the first Champions League group stage.
  8. If European games were moved to the weekend then what are all the other teams notnin Europe supposed to do on those weekends?
  9. From that Athletic Article Which would mean next season would be that campaign. Would be interesting as teams desperatly try to stay up before the drawbridge partially goes up and Championship decide whether to gamble on promotion which would be a play-off gamble except for one team that went up automatically. Also - the first season of the all new, all shit small Premier League would have the Qatar World Cup clusterfuck in the middle of it so really World Cup 18 to the end of the 18/19 domestic season can be considered the last 12 months of football as
  10. 5 Ireland players withdraw from squad this morning due to Covid (1 infected/4 close contacts). I reckon two weeks time the domestic league games are going to be a right mess
  11. Lots of Saturday 3PM kick off now PPV. I wonder if that will go back in the box once fans can attend again?? Also where does that £14.95 go - how much does the club get and how much goes to Sky? Is there a scenario where the big, big clubs getting a sizeable cut of that £14.95 are actually better off if they can move all their games to PPV than if fans were back in especially if the pubs end up closing. Lots of Man U/Liverpool fans etc around the country?
  12. I think Frasier suffered less from Niles and Daphne getting together and more from her bloody mother becoming a recurring character.
  13. Soul, the latest Pixar movie, going straight to Disney Plus in Christmas Day. Missing out on taking the kids to to the cinema since early March to see anything at all is bad but no trip to see a Pixar movie is very <sad face>.
  14. And if any group of people can be considered erratic and potentially hard to control then its football fans. It only needs a couple of fans to start playing up or something mad to happen on the pitch that riles people up, etc and you’ve to the pubs nearby suddenly packed before and after.
  15. 3 Scotland players out of Euro play off due to Covid. I reckon this insane 3 game international window is going to be ruinous to the season in at least the short term with Covid spread, injuries and fatigue.
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