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  1. Ork1927

    Incredibles 2

    This has taken $180,000,000 in its opening weeks on the U.S. Biggest animated film opening of all time beating Dory by $45 million! And the 8th biggest opening of all time for anything in the states. I know the original is beloved, but I doubt they were expecting that. It's only $12 million away from overtaking Solo already.
  2. Ork1927

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    Had a very silly game last night. Drop into a town with a couple of other players close by and run into a big house that only has a pistol in it. Look through a window to see the other two players fighting it out with better weapons so decide to stay put until they move off. Prat around in the house knocking down internal walls for resources and waiting to see where the storm wil lbe hitting. Turns out I'm going to be safe so eventually decide to venture out where I immediatlyspot another player coming towards me - pathetically fire all my pistol bullets while retreating back into the house awaiting death, but he gets sniped from somewhere then someone else is throwing grenades so I stay away from the windows and wait for them to move on. Except the reducing safe zone from the storm is where I'm at and as I now I have no weapons except my axe I stay indoors until I'm forced to move on. Except the smallest safe xone from the storm is exactly where I've landed so I find myself hiding in a room with no windows and the door closed where I can here everything kicking off around me and constant footprints. Eventually the player count gets down to 2 and I stand at the door, axe in hand until the other player opnes the door, shrugs off my axe blow and blows my to pieces. If I'd had some sort of decent weapon I might have won the most pathetic win ever.
  3. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Not the worst start for us with Bournemouth away then Newcastle at home then Huddersfield away. Not that I'm saying they won't all be difficult, but its a nice summer away trip to start then a team with big travelling support to kick it off at home. It gets much scarier then - Arsenal home then Chelsea and Man City away! and then after Burnley at home we have Spurs away. I'm sure Warnock is already figuring out tactics, schemes and plans for all of these games ;-)
  4. Ork1927


    Ive been playing 50 vs 50 a lot so far. You get plenty of time to mess about, build stuff, etc as you make you way to the middle before it all kicks off. Although playing this morning and an opposition guy must have sprinted across the map as I found him wandering around in a house surrounded by my team early I .Poor sod only had a pistol on him.
  5. Ork1927


    Well this has got its teeth into me big time. Played until 2am this morning then kids late for school as I promised to let them have a quick go this morning and despite us running around throwing grenades and firing randomly - we ended up in the last 5 as we didn't encounter anyone.Nearly took out the guy that got us as well. Only thing I noticed this morning was it was glitching a lot while all last night it was rock solid.
  6. Ork1927

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    Now on UK shop
  7. Ork1927


    Just appeared on UK shop!! Edit - 20 minutes to download!!
  8. Ork1927

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Watched this again on Saturday with my kids and enjoyed it a lot more than first time around. Its quite mad who badly its doing at the box office really. JW2 has already overtaken its non U.S take. At the moment it looks like it will struggle to get anywhere near Rampage's worldwide box office.
  9. Ork1927


    And me - although I'm assuming they'll be little chance of playing tonight when everyone in America downloads its.
  10. Don't worry the Autumn Direct will fix everything. or It will be 100% Smash and then they'll announce its delayed until July 2019.
  11. Without looking at anything - try and remember and write down every single character they showed in Smash and their special moves and trophies and the names of all the levels and all the names of everyone who worked on the game and what game the characters come from and all the games in those series of the games they come from and do it while hiding in a box in the middle of a secure facility.
  12. Not on the bloody switch though!!!!!
  13. What - nothing else at all!!!!!
  14. And now twenty minutes on how we manufacture the controller and an interview with Doris who makes the tea in the factory.

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