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  1. Your visit to us will be interesting next Friday. Assume Reid can’t play. Two years ago you battered us 4-2, last year we battered you 4-2. So 0-0
  2. Of course Fulham are losing 2-0 at home to Forest after destroying Milwall a couple of days ago.
  3. I'm going to make a fortune betting on Cardiff this season. Away games - bet on opposition to score 3 and miss a penalty. Home games - bet on 2-1 and also an in-play bet to win when its 1-1 with 5 minutes to go. Deserved to win last night with Huddersfield at times looking clueless and low on confidence, but at other times we let them play or gave them the ball or failed to deal with them as we have no real pace. Lee Tomlin returned after not playing for us for 18 months and had half the crowd swooning over his obvious vision and talent while the other half (like me) appreciated he has got skill and talent, but he still apears to be the fat, bottling poser who is unfit and while the odd non look pass is nice to see - he shouldn't keep doing them over and over again.
  4. Took my 9 year old to Reading yesterday for his first away game so a 3-0 hammering was the perfect start to what looks like a downward turn for Cardiff. Early days, but we look in a bit of trouble, as Warnock appears to have gone full Warnock and our entire team seems to mainly consist of lumbering giants with no pace. I'll defend us in our promotion season two years ago as we were capable of playing some good stuff amongst our brute forcing our way through games, but yesterday we were useless against Reading's impressive skillful new signings. Should have been 5-0, but then if one of our long throws into the box had gone in then who knows. Dunno what will happen on Wednesday against a wounded Huddersfield, but I'm not thinking Warnock will be getting a final promotion in his final year at the moment.
  5. It is interesting as it feels like the film assumes you have a level of knowedege about Tate and Manson. Film spoilers ahoy
  6. I loved every minute of this. While I can appreciate where anyone saying it needed cutting down are coming from, I’d have happily sat through another hour of flashbacks, tv and movie scenes and sets and characters driving around listening to tunes. and then
  7. Sorry - bit late to reply to this - he was okay for us, but didn't get much of a look in at times.
  8. Why we’ve loaned Bobby Reid to Fulham is anyone’s guess. Also haven’t shipped out a lot of players frozen out last year/out of favour, but signed loads more so not sure what is going on.
  9. I wonder who Gerard will blame for that.
  10. Just saw this - it’s what you’d expect. As that was The Rock and Statham cracking wise and having a go at each other while fighting Idris Elba and blowing stuff up it was all good. I’ll have mainly forgotten it tomorrow, but enjoyed it. Rattles along at a great pace until it slows down a bit for the third act. Vanessa Kirby was good as well and for you wrestling fans (very slight plot spoilers)
  11. Seconded - Took me a little bit to get into it as I vaguely knew what it was and assumed it would be a comedy horror, but it’s played completely straight (bar a few one liners), but it’s well put together and very tense. I won’t be going into any basements in Florida when it’s raining anytime soon.
  12. Is this the whole series up at once
  13. If any old characters are fair game then I want some space time continuum ultimate headfuck with Shatner, Brooks, Mulgrew, Bakula and lets have Chris Pine as well. .
  14. Listened to an interview with Smith and he said this is going to be a tight 90 minutes. Which is pretty much always the right length for comedies.
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