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  1. Looks like the players decided we were out of it already. 3-0 down in 24 minutes!!
  2. After the results today, anything less than a win in Sheffield means season over for Cardiff (although I think the play-offs are gone anyway). Be left with seeing if the Jacks can somehow throw away what looked like a nailed on play-off place this year in contrast to their last day heroics last year.
  3. Quite why they needed to bring back Chris Pine the way the did is anyone's guess given the magical dream stone could do anything.
  4. You can see the headlines about tickets being for sale online for £twelfty bucks coming soon and the Southampton and Leicester fans are going to be very tempted to buy them. Fuck knows what they will do for the final if it isn't restrcited to 'locals' and the two finalists get 3/4,000 tickets each. Chelsea/Man City fans wont be too upset to miss out as they've had plenty of cup finals they could have attended. But I think its worse for the Leicester/Southampston fans that can't go when some will than if the whole thing was behind closed doors.
  5. The big problem with opening up grounds, especially Wembley where there are no local fans, is going to be the travel/pubs rather than accomodating limited capacity in the actual ground. I still don't know how the Euro's are going to work with UEFA insisting a certain number of fans must be allowed into every game as even if you can block fans from other countries - the people from the country hosting the game with tickets will be dotted around the entire country.
  6. He had A Time To Kill come out the same year as Lone Star as well. Lead role in a film with Kevin Spacey, Donald and Keifer Sutherland, Sandra Bullock, Sam Jackson and Oliver Platt seems like quite a coup for him at that time.
  7. Great goal for Wales against Belgium - Cardiff boys (one thats from there setting up one that plays there) doing well.
  8. And also #ReleasetheAyercut of Suicide Squad WB have thankfully said NOPE.
  9. I’m enjoying the 12 part ‘The Movies’ series on NOW TV. Covers every decade, plenty of great clips, some trivia I didn’t know and really good talking heads (Hanks, De Niro, Edgar Wright, Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Reiner, Mann amongst many, many, more, etc)
  10. Yes!!!!- although I have no clue how Swansea didn't equalise in the second half.
  11. We should have gone 2-0 up, but to are having far more chances.
  12. Both teams look tired so I think they should blow up for full time now.
  13. Arghhhhh - we don’t seem to have any defenders, the Swansea players have training tops supporting Bamba, results have gone our way earlier and my stupid Sky stream is rubbish. I almost don’t want to watch!!!
  14. Finished it and the final chapters were much much better than the Wheddon version and I enjoyed the epilogues as well so I’m glad I slogged through the first 2.5 hours (although I was o my half watching). To be fair to Snyder, a very well edited, theatrical version of that (2.5 hours max) would have been far superior to the Wheddon version. Potentially the best of the DCU films (discounting Shazam as a more comedy film that sits outside the rest) although that isn’t high praise. Its hard to rate it its 4 hour form though as it’s far too long, a lot of the flaws of the o
  15. I'm an hour in, and I'm not seeing much difference to the original, bar so much slo-mo that this first hour could have been done in 20 minutes and shiny Steppenwolf. Admitedly I've not watched the original version since I saw it in the cinema. Actually
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