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  1. Current Orient boss and former Spurs player, Justin Edinburgh has died. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/48568007 What a dreadful season for people active in the game dying.
  2. Couple of spoilery thoughts
  3. Just seen this - it isn’t a disaster, just average. Damning by faint praise - Better than Apocolypse, miles better than Last Stand. Went in with little to no expectation. There are some decent enough set pieces and action scenes, but the dialogue is poor, Sophie Turner tries hard, but isn’t really up to the task and Ty Sheridan looks gormless throughout. A generous 2.5/5
  4. I’m still pissed that Cardiff didn’t get any games at all first time around then lost out to Wembley who already had the semis and finals. I’m guessing the FAW couldn’t afford to bribe UEFA and pay the WRU to host the games.
  5. No-one can get to the Europa League final. Chelsea and Arsenal only sold about 3,000 tickets each. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48403312 Why play it somewhere no-one can get to/infastructure can’t support flights and the clubs can’t be bothered to help fans. I think if I was a season ticket holder of either club I’d be deciding not to bother attending home European games in the future.
  6. History in Westoros might be slightly skewed to show
  7. My prediction - start of the episode is young Bran waking up - he recovered much quicker when he fell from the tower. He has seen the future (the entire show). He tells Ned what happens: Robert has Jamie, Cersei and Joffrey killed Robert makes a much bigger effort to have Dany killed and she dies long before she gets any dragons. Robert visits his brother and has the red witch killed. The Freys are all killed as is LittleFinger. The Nights Watch/Robert do a deal with a chunk of the Wildlings and let them through the wall to settle. Night King eventually turns up at the wall with a depleted army of the dead (as most of the Wildlings 'escaped') to find every archer in Westeros on the wall with unlimited dragonglass arrows and plenty of fire to drop down the wal. All his undead army are picked off as he has no way to get through the wall and he stomps off never to be seen again. The Starks stay in Winterfell; Gendry evertually inherits the Throne. Nothing really happens ever again.
  8. Aren't all the Wildlings either dead (and then re-animated and then dead again when Night King died) or survivours who Jon brought through the wall and may have now gone back up North with Tormund?
  9. Its going to be King Gendry and wife Ayra with Sansa and her husband Tyrion in Winterfell isn't it. I can't really see what the satisfactory ending will be now?
  10. Here is an idea. Varys was trying to get one his little birds to put something in Dany’s food. What if he was successful and it wasn’t poison but some sort of hallucinogenic. Opening of next episode shows the burning of Kings Landing from her POV as she is have a bad trip burning the undead that have got to a snow covered Kings Landing. Even have Night King in the window of the Red Keep with a glass of white wine doing this...
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