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  1. Watched this today - haven’t read the book/haven’t seen the Lynch film. Did play a lot of Dune 2. I thought this was excellent - loved it and echoing thoughts above it needs to be seen on biggest screen possible and I’d happily have sat through part 2 straight afterwards. Im up to preemptively crowd funding dump trucks of sand to be emptied out in front of Warner Brothers to ensure part 2 goes into production right now. Ideally it would be coming out a year from now as I now want to read t books, but also don’t.
  2. Just got out of this and it was great - Wes Anderson x more Wes Anderson and then some more Wes Anderson with a cast that is ridiculously stacked even by his standards. Worked as a double bill with Dune which was fantastic. Two talented directors delivering two visually brilliant films but tonally very different.
  3. I’m bunking off work tomorrow at 11 and watching Dune then this straight afterwards. Expecting/hoping for two 4 star films minimum double header.
  4. Yeah - I thought we exceeded expectations last night, but that’s because old Mick didn’t play 4 or 5 centre halves at the back. And I’m not joking - that’s what he keeps doing. The games where we’ve played a normal back 4 are the ones we’ve looked partly competent (last night and Reading). Although saying that, you looked like you could have gone up 2 or 3 gears and have scored more and it’s depressing watching Wilson and Bobby Reid do stuff like passing and running and shooting against us.
  5. Managed to equal a club record created on Christmas Day 1933 last night. 7 League losses on the trot. In 1933 we let in 25 goals in those games - this time only 17, but we scored 6 back then as opposed to 1 this time. We also haven't scored in the first half of any league game this season - our two top scorers are centre halves and our third top scorer played one League cup game as a trialist and was released.
  6. I hope Bruce doesn't like South Wales although maybe his pay off will be retirement money or he gets to manage some Saudi team for a fortune.
  7. Saw this last night and damning it be faint praise, it was better than the first one, but only because I found the Eddie/Venom interaction amusing at times. As a film it is barely there - far too much villian origin/set up for such a short film amongst the Eddie/Venom stuff and then suddenly we are at the third act which isn't very good and then it ends. Mid Credits is the only thing that really justifies it even existing.
  8. Always enjoyed Cardiff vs Plymouth - hopefully we will stay up so it can take place next season if you carry on winning in all conditions.
  9. Greg checking social media in the car was gold.
  10. If we do lose Wednesday to Fulham then we’d play next Saturday with the threat of worst ever losing run in the club’s history being inflicted by one N.Warnock. Im not even worrying about possible relegation - the rest of the bloody season now solely consists of stressfully counting down until the start of April then praying we stop you doing the double.
  11. Ron’s Gone Wrong (2001). Saw this with my kids this morning and we all loved it. It’s sort of Mitchell’s vs The Machines (without the end of the world scenario) meets Big Hero Six as a Big Tech firm launches robots social media bots to all the kids except one can’t afford one and has no friends. He ends up with a broken one that’s like a mini broken Baymax called Ron that permanently acts like Baymax does when he had low battery. And then its all about friendship and that social media is pretty shit. It’s very warm and really really funny and has a mad goat. Your enjoyment may vary on how funny you find Ron and his antics, but I was laughing throughout and even properly cracked up with tears of laughter at one point. 4.5/5
  12. Big dilemma or the Bluebirds - sack McCarthy today after 6 straight losses including today’s embarrassment or wait until after we lose our 7th to Fulham away on Wednesday. Mitrovic hat-trick if they sack him now or double hat-trick if they don’t.
  13. The younger generation wanting more big games is similar to Perez/Real Madrid's arguement for the Super League as the yoof want to see multi ball and El Classico 19 times a season. And even if that was true that the younger generation don't care about tradition and only want to watch big games between the big teams - I don't believe for a second that would translate to Internationals as why would they be clamoring for Brazil vs Germany all the time or Argentina vs France they will have rarely experienced them in the first place and they can see 99% of the best players in the world playing against each other in the big European Leagues and/or the Champions League. Do the younger generation even give a shit about internationals compared to us old farts let alone be damdning more and more of them.
  14. No, Fillion was going to be Simon Williams/WonderMan. I think he was going to appear on some posters in 2, but it got cut.
  15. David Brooks has Stage 2 Hodgkin Lymphoma
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