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  1. Football Thread 2017/18

    I'm going to gatecrash the main footie thread here from the Championship as you might all enjoy the reliving of Cardiff's complete balls up of an end of season in 2008/09 inspired by us having a game in hand to play before the last round of fixtures this year. Was just looking at the tables and forgot quite how bad it was. 2008/09 It was our final year at Ninian Park and we were having a decent season - at times automatic promotion looked a possibility, but a top 6 place looked certain. For reasons that escape me - we had a bit of a fixture pile up at the end of the season, lots of mid week games at home and then 1 final one away at Charlton before the final two week-ends of the season. As it was our last year in our old home, the final few weeks took on extra significance as we played our last game under floodlights, our last game against the Jacks (who were also chasing promotion) which was a epic 2-2 draw where they scored in the last minute and then we equalised with a suspect penalty just after that. Automatic promotion looked unlikely. but was still possible and we went into the final three week-ends of the season with the table looking like this: 4 Points off of Automatic Promotion with a game in hand, a decent goal difference and 8 points clear of Swansea and Preston in 7th & 8th. All we needed was 2 points to guarantee a top 6 finish and maybe 4 (or even 3 wins) could get us an automatic spot. Game 1: Preston (a). A tricky tie with Preston still in the play-off hunt. Rumours abound that something kicked off between the players in the hotel the night before, or on the day of the game, but something somewhere certainly went wrong to deliver this score: Preston 6 Cardiff 0 This effectivly scuppered our slim automatic promotion chancges as Birmingham won leaving us 7 points adrfit with 3 games to play. Our goal difference also took a knock, but we still had our game in hand. Play-offs here we come. Game 2: Charlton (a) Bottom of the table Charlton, already releagated and no match for the mighty Bluebirds. We went two nil down and managed to claw it back for a draw. Charlton 2 Cardiff 2 Now I went to this game and at 2-0 down me and my mates did discuss the possibility of us somehow screwing everything up, but then we got a point and all seemed okay. The table looked like this as we went into the final two weeks of the season. Burnley GD is wrong - should be 8 Down to 5th, goal difference still okay and 6 points clear of 7th and 8th. 1 Point to gaurantee play-offs or Preston and Swansea dropping a single point each. But we wouldn't need a draw and it wouldn't matter what Swnasea and Preston did as Game 3: Ipswich (h) Our final ever league game at Ninian Park. Our last ever 3pm Saturday kick off at Ninian Park. An emotional day, a few tears were shed, a lot of reminisicing as we stood at the back of the Bob Bank sharing stories and a few pints. It wasn't the last ever game, as we would obviously be in a play-off semi-final a few weeks later, but it was still significant. Ipswich were the opposition with nothing to play for and they wouldn't spoil the party and manager, Dave Jonbes would have the team well up for such a massive occasion and important game. Cardiff 0 Ipswich 3. Shit! Now the reality was dawning that we could actually mess this all up. I stormed out of Ninian Park furious as the club started a pathetic end of Ninian Park celebration consisting of a few balloons. In his post match talk, Dave Jones played down the significance of the game and pretty much declared he had done nothing to motivate the players as he didn't personally give a shit that it was Cardiff's last game at Ninian Park (he had form for this as he often dismissed the Cardiff/Swansea games as not important as they weren't Everton/Liverpool) Fortunalty, Swansea had lost and couldn't catch us while Preston travelled to 2nd place Birmingham in the late game which they were unlikely to win. Except they did. Still in 5th, goal difference now not far off of Preston (but better than Burnley). Needed a point in the last game OR Burnley to lose OR Burnley to draw and us not get hammered OR Preston to not win OR if Preston did win and we lost we still had a chance if both games were won/lost by a single goal as long as we scored more than them while losing Game 4: Sheff Wed (h). Burnley Won Preston Won (1-0) Sheffield Wednesday 1 Cardiff 0 Final table Missed out on play-offs on goals scored. Gained 1 point out of 12. Scored 2 Let in 12 while Preston gained 9 points out of 9 and went from a GD of 4 to a GD of 12. And what did both teams Goals For and Against look like for the entire season? And after all that Preson lost in the semi finals to Sheff United who in turn lost to Burnley and my final memories of Ninian Park was storming out at the end of the Ipswich game furious and never to return (which seemed quite fitting) refusing to go to any of the end of season charity games as I was still sulking.
  2. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    No it didn't. Although it looks like they've let us pick the date for Derby as it should have been the 17th (rules are earliest available date), but we asked for the 24th - assume it was granted due to the dodgy nature of the postponment. Although I'm scared as the last time we had a game in hand played before the final two rounds of fixtures it all went a bit wrong - whacked this in the main Football thread
  3. Nintendo Switch

  4. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    The snow (or injuries) in Derby meant all games didn't get played, but it ended up (so far) Wolves - 9 Points Cardiff - 9 Points (with 1 game left to play) Villa - 6 Points Derby - 2 Points (with 1 game left to play) Fulham - 10 Points So overachievement (based on my predictions) by Wolves, Cardiff and Fulham. While Villa and Derby underachieve. Derby effectivly out of the race for Top 2 now so Easter Fixtures for the top 4 are: Wolves - 82 Points M'Boro (a) Hull (h) Cardiff - 76 Points Burton (h) Sheff U (a) Fulham - 69 Points Norwich (a) Leeds (h) Villa - 69 Points Hull (a) Reading (h) All of which can be classified as potentially tricky away game and winnable home game - so 3 or 4 points each seems most likely with not much change in the respective gaps between each team going into the final 6 or 7 games of the season. If Wolves win them both then I suspect beating us in South Wales the following Friday would be more than enough (even a draw).
  5. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Lots of Cardiff fans who travelled are saying the pub and shop at the ground are open, Car parks and roads are clear and arguing if they can get here from South Wales then why can't Derby staff... Suggestion that the club may not have tried that hard to play the game. Edit - one of our players at the ground!
  6. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Game is off due to snow. Not great for us as realistically the next available date is mid April giving us 3 aways in the trot in 8 days - Villa, Norwich and then Derby unless they can play it this Tuesday?
  7. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    No idea what will happen tomnorow now. Pressure is off us after today and we've won 8 on the trot so that has to finish sometime. Derby are on a bad run of form and need to win as there are a lot of teams closing them down for a play-off spot. I'd happily take a point right now.
  8. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Bloody Sky. Our only Saturday home game against Forest has been moved to 7.45. The amount of games we've had moved and/or televised this season has been insane. Luckily I can still go (if it has been moved to Friday I'd have had to miss it), but its a shit time to play football especially what will be a very big week-end at the top (44th game). Wolves two weeks before has already been moved to a Friday night. I expect promotion to go right to the final game, but if Sky are going to mess with all the fixtures this late in the season then potentially someone is going to be disadvantaged and God forbid anyone gets to just go and watch a game on a Saturday afternoon anymore. Unfair on anyone with kids as well, but who cares as long as Sky get to show football at every bloody timeslot over the week-end.
  9. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    I'm starting to believe now - if Wolves were going up with 76 points and ten games to go then really Cardiff with 76 with 9 isn't much different. And suddenly Fulham at home to QPR looks a little more difficult and God knows which Villa will turn up at Bolton. Best thing for us tonight is it gives us a cushion when we eventually stop winning, 7 in a row so far!!!
  10. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Watching us in the pub at Brentford. Cracking game, gone from looking like we might get battered, to hoping for a point to wondering if we can have a night and half if Villa don't wise up. Still plenty of twists this evening I reckon.
  11. Okay - this is very, very late, but inspired by the 90's film thread I'm attempting to finish this. Unfortunately I lost loads of work I'd done on each year and it was taking ages, then real life happened and I forgot about it. So, I've still got the results so I'll try and do each year in one go with a little bit of narrative, but mainly just the results. Not sure if results would slightly differ in places post Weinstein and Spacey, but here is 1992. 1992 Worldwide Box Office 1. Aladdin $504.1 2. The Bodyguard $410.9 3. Home Alone 2 $359 4. Basic Instinct $352.9 5. Lethal Weapon 3 $321.7 Oscar Best Picture: Unforgiven BAFTA Best Picture: Howards End Notable Films without any picks: Bafta winner; Howards End; 2nd biggest grossing film, not very good with popular song, The Bodyguard; 3rd biggest grossing, and nowhere near as good as the 1st one, Home Alone 2. Scent of a Woman (Oscar win for Pacino); Malcolm X; A League of Their Own (underrated comedy); Buffy The Vampire Slayer (for what it would spawn a few years later); Sister Act; Universal Soldier & Death Becomes Her. Also - go and grab a copy of MIDNIGHT STING (aka Diggstown) a fantastic and little seen James Woods/Oliver Platt film about a boxer taking on 12 opponents in 24 hours in a town run by Bruce Dern. 1 Point Un Coeur en Hiver; Trespass; Porco Rosso; Patriot Games; Lethal Weapon 3 (5th biggest grossing film of the year); Orlando; El Marachi; Candyman & Baraka. 2 Points Aladdin (Biggest grossing film of the year); Under Siege; The Player; Quince Tree Sun; Deep Cover (very underrated Laurence Fishburne/Jeff Goldblum film); Basic Instinct (4th biggest grossing film of the year) & Bad Lieutenant. 3 Points Twin Peaks: Fire Walks with Me; The Long Day Closes; Tetsuo 2: Bodyhammer; Chaplin & Alien 3 (David Fincher's directorial debut). 4 Points Braindead; My Cousin Vinny & The Muppet's Christmas Carol 5 Points Bram Stoker's Dracula 6 Points The Last of the Mohicans (Michael Mann & Daniel Day Lewis epic) 7 Points Sneakers (Amazing cast). 8 Points Army of Darkness (Groovy, but not as groovy as 2); Batman Returns and A Few Good Men (Rob Reiner and Aaron Sorkin and a fantastic cast). 9 Points Wayne's World (No idea if this holds up today) & Glengarry Glenn Ross (another fantastic cast). RLLMUK's 3rd BEST FILM OF 1992 UNFORGIVEN 21 Points (10 Picks - 3 1st; 5 2nd & 2 3rd) Clint Eastwood's fantastic Western which won big at the Oscars winning Best Picture, Best Director & Best Supporting Actor for Gene Hackman. Also starring Morgan Freeman in the first of 3 roles in very highly regarded films in the first half of the nineties. RLLMUK's 2nd BEST FILM OF 1992 HARD BOILED 21 Points (10 Picks - 4 1st; 3 2nd & 3 3rd) John Woo, in his final Hong Kong film before turning to Hollywood, directs Chow Yun-fat in a very highly regarded action thriller. The highest ranking (and highest scoring) foreign language film in the poll. RLLMUK's BEST FILM OF 1992 RESERVOIR DOGS 40 Points (15 Picks - 12 1st; 1 2nd & 2 3rd) Quentin Tarantino's directorial debut wins 1992 in a film that would be one of the most defining of the decade. Cool soundtracks and posters, pop culture dialogue and violence would define Tarantino's rise and massive influence on film. Its a great and iconic debut.
  12. Movies of the 90s

    If anyone is searching for it and can't find it then it was called Diggstown in the U.S. Agree with Kerraig - it is very under-rated and also bloody brilliant with a great cast.
  13. With some good word of mouth - I'm now thinking of catching next week's previews as to try and avoid what looks like a lot of geeky suprises and I'm guessing that is probably boosting the experience/reviews somewhat.
  14. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    You'll be okay as you a) aren't Cardiff; b) aren't Derby and c) no longer have Dave Jones in charge. I think we are all due some whacky Championship results - I'm amazed we beat both Barnsley and Bimringham, but your run in couldn't be better on paper bar the two tricky away ties. What we did find this week with Barnsley and Brum is that the teams scrapping at the bottom have nothing to lose once their game plan goes out the window and they are behind. Then you've got teams with nothing left to play for who either are thinking about the beach or have no pressure on them and enjoy trying to turn over the leaders. You'll win it.
  15. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Had a look at the last 15 years of the Championship 2nd Place Highest points is 93 (twice) and lowest is 79 (twice). Average is: 87 3rd Place Highest Points is 89 (two years ago where Brighton lost of on GD to Mboro) and lowest is 75. Average is 82, but the last 4 years has seen the third place team get 85, 89, 85 & 86. In theory - any two teams from Wolves, Cardiff, Villa and Fulham that manage to hit the 90 point mark would be extremely unlucky not to get automatic promotion (although given the crazy runs everyone is on then who knows). To get to 90 points: Wolves (10 games left with 76 Points) - Win 4 Draw 2 Cardiff (10 games left with 73 Points) - Win 5 Draw 2 Villa (10 games left with 69 Points) - Win 7 Fulham (9 games left with 68 Points) - Win 7 Draw 1 I guess what this does highlight is Wolves are going to have to collapse significantly to not get automatic (or the other 3 teams keep winning and winning) as they only need to win every other game to pass 90 points. For the rest of us, who knows!!

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