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  1. I think the issue is they are all out of contract on the 30th June so they'd either have to extend their contracts - which is probably not as simple as it would maybe seem (especially as I doubt they know for sure when/if the season will actually finish) and then run the risk of being injured near the end just as it runs out. Obviously still a risk under normal circumstances, but I guess if you got injured on 30th April of the normal season - your club would still have to look after you for 2 months where as here if you extend you could get injured on the last day of the season and your extended contract runs out the next day. Plus, given the intense amount of games to cram in, long break and lack of training time, I guess injuries are more likely?
  2. Surprisingly they’ve announced they are finishing the FA Cup. Probably helps that all the 8 remaining teams are Premier League, but cramming more games in while trying to finish the league seems a bit nuts and an FA Cup final behind closed doors seems like the most miserable thing ever especially if either finalists aren’t Arsenal, Chelsea or the Manchester Clubs. Imagine Sheff Utd winning it with no-one there.
  3. I'll second that and add that my 7 year old also loved it especially the two player co-op with its mental characters.
  4. No, worst (and almost certain) case is we end up with 2 shit versions of Justice League instead of 1.
  5. Hopefully the ‘all the games are staggered and on TV’ genie goes back in the bottle eventually.
  6. 2 Fulham players/staff tested positive today. A few clubs now with at least a couple of cases. I know 2 out of 50(?!) is small, but given none of them have been at work yet......
  7. Poll closes at 11pm tonight if anyone else fancies voting.
  8. Certainly a good range of directors across those 30 films although the middle poll being dominated by 3 different trilogies (all with the same directors across all 3 films) reduces the director spread a bit. 6 Directors with multiple films: 3 - Christopher Nolan 3 - Peter Jackson 2 - Edgar Wright 2 - Cohen Brothers 2 - Quentin Tarantino 2 - Denis Villeneuve
  9. Leeds CEO stated that it would be a 'National Embarrassment' if The Premier League and Championship aren't finished. Which is a ridiculously overblown thing to say. An interesting tactic to rile up all the teams with players who don't really think we should restart who then decide for one game they will go all out to win as if its a cup final. Leeds first two fixtures back are Cardiff away (and we are a terrible bogey side for them) and then Fulham at Home. They could be on the way to blowing it again within the first week of restart!
  10. I think they've said Play-off woulds happen (although who knows how) - I think the third place team going up automatically creates another set of arguments, but equally a closed door play-offs would be exceptionally strange.
  11. I'm I reading it right that they'll be a vote on whether to finish the season and it needs 51% to scrap the remaining games and use PPG. If so, then that is the ball game in the Championship, 5 out of the 6 clubs at the top are almost certain to vote to finish now to go up or retain their play-off spot. The exception might be Fulham if they think they can chase down Leeds or West Brom. There are 5 teams within 3 points of the drop so all of the are going to vote to finish now so they stay up. So you need 3 more teams out of 13 to vote to finish now. The 3 at the bottom won't leaving 10 that could still technically make the play-offs. If 3 of them think its unlikely they will get there and its going to be more expensive to finish the season than not then season over.
  12. Over the last few months - we've voted on the best films of the last three decades. So - lets crown a winner for each decade. I'm being lazy and doing a straight up poll for each decade of the winning film for each year. Poll closes in a week. Mods - Could this be pinned? Please discuss your choices and terrible agonising over what to vote for. I think the broad range of films/genres that have won each year should make it interesting to see what comes out on top in a straight winner takes all vote.
  13. Stats Highest scoring winning film: Dredd (2012) - 32 Points Lowest scoring winning film: Under the Skin (2009) - 14 Points Highest scoring 3rd place film: Black Swan (2010) – 18 Points Lowest scoring 3rd place film: The Master (2012) & The Nice Guys (2016) & Leave No Trace (2018) - 10 points Total number of films with votes: 287 from 1917 to Zootropolis Year with most picks 2011 - 33 different films Year with least picks 2015 - 23 different films Winning Films by Director 2 – Denis Villeneuve (plus 1 Third Place) Winning Films by Actor 2 – Scarlett Johansson 2 – Dave Bautista 2 – Ryan Gosling Top 30 Stats 6 Films set partially in Space 5 Super-hero films (not included Dredd) 1 Foreign Language film 1 Animated film
  14. DECADE RESULTS 2010 1st Place - 22 Points: THE SOCIAL NETWORK 2nd Place - 19 Points: INCEPTION 3rd Place - 18 Points: BLACK SWAN 2011 1st Place - 21 Points: DRIVE 2nd Place - 18 Points: THE RAID 3rd Place - 9 Points: TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY 2012 1st Place - 32 Points: DREDD 2nd Place - 24 Points: AVENGERS 3rd Place - 8 Points: THE MASTER 2013 1st Place - 14 Points: UNDER THE SKIN 2nd Place - 13 Points: GRAVITY 3rd Place - 12 Points: THE WOLF OF WALL STREET 2014 1st Place - 26 Points: THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL 2nd Place - 19 Points: WHIPLASH 3rd Place - 17 Points: NIGHTCRAWLER 2015 1st Place - 31 Points: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD 2nd Place - 18 Points: THE MARTIAN 3rd Place - 17 Points: SICARIO 2016 1st Place – 19 Points: ARRIVAL 2nd Place - 12 Points: HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE 3rd Place - 8 Points: THE NICE GUYS 2017 1st Place - 24 Points: BLADERUNNER 2049 2nd Place - 13 Points: PHANTOM THREAD 3rd Place - 11 Points: THE DEATH OF STALIN 2018 1st Place - 30 Points: AVENGERS: INFINTY WAR 2nd Place - 29 Points: SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE 3rd Place - 8 Points: LEAVE NO TRACE 2019 1st Place - 17 Points: PARASITE 2nd Place - 12 Points: AVENGERS: END GAME 3rd Place - 10 Points: APOLLO 11
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