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    Hmm. I'm quite a keen artist, but interestingly, I quite like maths as well. My favourate food is strawberries, my favourate song is Superstition by Stevie Wonder, but I'm into all sorts, Jazz, Swing, Hip-hop, Indie. Just something a bit funky. My favourate game, is probably Pro-evo :P <br /><br />I love going out with friends, and having them round for movie nights :P <br /><br />God, I know that in a week, i will wonder what all this bullsht is that I've written!

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  1. I'm sorry but no way! robocod is better, marios right up there too, I'm glad thats actually survived! robocod is in no way "shit"!! However, i did not know about this cheat, im intrigued, totaly going to have to try it (the games on download right now). i remember there was a cheat called little mermaid, which gave gave you invincibility.
  2. I'm not retarded *rolls eyes* whoops hey it was a long time ago...
  3. Does anyone remember that wicked game robocod?! It was pretty damn good, I miss my old omega It had a flying bathtub!!! What happened to games like that? It was so randomly brilliant!!
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