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  1. Sone Aluko out for months with knee and hamstring injuries, but Conor Chaplin keeps sticking them in the net. 2-0 win at Accrington keeps us top.
  2. The Capcom games are built into the Evercade EXP, the new console opening for orders on the 6th of September. (Both the black Limited Edition and the white standard edition). However, according to a post on the official Facebook group they are working on ways to make them playable on the VS console as well.
  3. Ouch, Johnny Bairstow out of the T20 World Cup with a suspected broken leg.
  4. This is to try and prevent the Namco problem - you can’t get that cart in the USA officially, and it won’t play on the Evercade VS Console because the license was for the handheld only. Capcom obviously weighed up that it wouldn’t eat into Arcade Stadium sales as a one-off.
  5. Got my review copy, it’s sensational
  6. Homebrew in Issue 237: Binary Books - programming guides to help you program your own games Champion Coder - Jeffrey Janssen on hid CD-I game Nobelia Processing - Max Oakland previews his Game Boy titles Ruby & Rusty, and Wink & The Broken Robots Databurst reviews - Duckstroma (Amiga), Red Planet (Amstrad CPC), Brainbreak (C64)
  7. That’s rich coming from Ferrari. There were rumours Red Bull have a lighter chassis variant (4 kilos saved, meaning 0.14 seconds a lap roughly), but Horner was saying this weekend the current chassis will be used for the rest of the season.
  8. Rad - such a stylish game
  9. An innings win is always good (unless you have tickets for the days that don’t get played), but the performance was even better. Brilliant bowling and the batters building a massive lead. And yes, that includes the patient 38 from Crawley. Disappointing he did not turn it into a higher total, but applied himself well. Should be enough to keep his spot, then look at someone new in the winter.
  10. Hamilton: It is my fault There you go, he has admitted he didn’t leave Alonso enough room.
  11. R.I.S.K had to be renamed K.R.I.S for the US market because of the board game copyright on the name... I liked it but didn’t get very far into it.
  12. The European Afterburner from Argonaut was really disappointing, especially in comparison to contemporary games such as Powerdrift and Turbo Outrun. The US is good but a little limited in gameplay. Really, you are better off playing First Strike (by the Thomas brothers, who also coded Buggy Boy).
  13. Elgar’s stump being flattened by that Anderson delivery was gorgeous. Three down at lunch and still needing 180 to make us bat again.
  14. Good idea to declare and have a bowl for nine overs at them, shame it didn’t pay off with any wickets.
  15. James Anderson bowling from the James Anderson End - two wickets in two balls! But.. he still doesn’t have a Test hat-trick.
  16. I quite enjoyed Kromazone when I picked it up a few years later in a bulk buy. But yes, definitely needed more variety.
  17. Today I was interviewed by the BBC about the Commodore 64’s 40th anniversary. Tonight (Wednesday 24th August) on Newsnight, 10:30pm on BBC Two!
  18. Did you know the 3DO version of Doom was meant to include specially-shot FMV sequences featuring a Cyberdemon? https://www.timeextension.com/features/the-true-story-behind-doom-3dors-lmissingr-fmv-scenes
  19. Homebrew Extras, including more interview content and links: https://bit.ly/homebrew236
  20. War Picture Library The Trigan Empire Dan Dare Oh, and a little film called Superman featured Oli’s art as its title sequence.
  21. I remember there was a discussion on the Lemon64 forum about who had created it, but details are escaping me at the moment.
  22. I loved Oli’s artwork in ZZAP! growing up, and was honoured to have Oli draw me as a reviewer for the recent ZZAP! Annuals and the revived magazines. Best of all was the chance to meet and talk to him. He was a talented and kind person, and so sad to hear of his passing.
  23. Looks impressive. Will be interesting to know if there’s any extra hardware/tricks involved or running on a stock cart.
  24. Loving this, find myself losing track of time when I play. The fire station is pretty grimy, isn’t it?
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