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  1. Ipswich avoided the giant-killing at Bracknell, rotated the squad and basically had to play for about 15 minutes to win it. The reward? A home tie against Buxton.
  2. Yes and no. It was fun once I had worked out how to work the telemetry screen and actually start lift off.
  3. Toki for Amstrad has just been released, the same team is currently working on Mighty Street Fighter with some cute chibi-style sprites. https://www.amstradggp.com
  4. On my best ever Apollo 18 run, I got all the way to the Moon, captured the satellite and then burned up on re-entry... so close.
  5. COVID disrupting Australia’s build-up. Would love it if having to put Warner behind the stumps helps England win...
  6. Well, winning (narrowly) away at Port Vale was good. Hopefully Freddie Lapado is finding his form too after a tough start.
  7. I was fascinated to read about her in articles that appeared in recent years, she had a real impact as an artist. Sad news.
  8. Derby 0-1 Ipswich A win on Sky in our excellent third strip. I’ll take that.
  9. Arcticfox was developed on one of the earliest Amiga dev kits, housed in a wooden box. Contrary to the common belief that Commodore was anti-games, there were up to 50 kits sent to developers in 1985-6 to get software development going.
  10. Without World Tour Golf, there would never have been any PGA Tour games. Test Drive on the C64 runs at too low a frame rate, the later Grand Prix Circuit and the sequel were much better.
  11. I really enjoyed Mini Putt, playing from disk is great fun. Best mini golf game on the C64.
  12. I put a lot of hours into Meteos (DS) when I first got it. Polarium is also fun if limited. I also reviewed Neves on the DS for a website. Neves is seven backwards, which refers to the seven traditional tangram pieces it uses for making all of its 100+ puzzles. Really easy to play on the touchscreen and absorbing. Going back to the C64, Reckless Rufus is like an extension of the ideas in Sensitive with a cute green alien collecting diamonds.
  13. Wicked Gaming & Collecting on YouTube has hundreds of videos. Essentially - avoid the cheap, chemical SNES/PS2 controllers - avoid the RockChip based models if you want N64/PS1 and beyond - buy an Android box, a plug-in hard drive and write the Batocera front end to it yourself - mini-PCs give better performance BUT make sure they have adequate cooling
  14. Can’t believe Lincoln are Ipswich’s bogey side yet again...
  15. Watched both codes today. Gutsy win from the Red Roses against France, who put up some formidable defence but were unlucky with injuries. Meanwhile a crummy opening ceremony for the Rugby League World Cup was followed by England demolishing Samoa.
  16. The weapons system in Zybex is really clever. There are five weapons, and each can be upgraded five times (increasing their size and strength). Dying downgrades the current weapon by one step (although you will always have the starting weapon at strength 1). Fire cycles through the weapons you currently possess, giving you plenty of strategy to choose the right weapon for what’s coming up. Enemies and bosses drop extra weapon icons. You might have to wipe out a whole wave of enemies, or target particular ones. And best of all, there’s no “speed” upgrades.
  17. Homebrew Extras for Issue 238, including the full interviews with Richard Lowenstein, Heidi Taylor and Roy Templeman: https://andrewrfisher.wixsite.com/retro-gamer-homebrew/post/homebrew-extra-retro-gamer-238
  18. Games, too. You can now play Eye of the Beholder on C64... it even adds an auto-map feature.
  19. Gentleman Jack - instrumental opener from Murray Gold, song of the same name by O'Hooley & Tidow over the closing credits. What could prompt another thread is how the opening credits varied massively in how soon they were played at the start of an episode. It could be anywhere from 30 seconds to 4-5 minutes of "prologue" action before the theme struck up.
  20. Anarchy on C64. It's a mix of puzzle and maze game. Shoot the blocks (supposedly weapons in a storage facility) and avoid the patrolling enemies. The blocks make this wonderful musical sound as you shoot more and more of them (think collecting cherries in Mr Do). What is interesting is that you can "shoot" the enemies which stuns them - but they turn into a block that you can shoot to move around out of your way, before turning back a few seconds later. It adds an interesting dynamic, with the timer ticking down and the exit only appearing when you have shot all the blocks. It's on the C64 Mini/THEC64 as well. And what I discovered more recently is the arcade game Raiders5 which plays in a very similar way...
  21. There are a lot of good things in Super Mario Sunshine. And then they get spoiled by silly decisions like making Yoshi die when he touches water, or the placement of certain obstacles that really spoil certain missions/Shines. I will say I love the cave sections WITHOUT FLUDD. They are pure platforming and filled with some clever ideas.
  22. When the good old YouTube algorithm first suggested I watch LD's videos, I found some of them quite interesting. But increasingly I found the presentation nauseating, this silly running gag about "a necessity for gracious living" pointless and the endless click-baity titles with "ILLEGAL!!!!" in them put me off. And yes, there is a clique. If you watch the supporter names scrolling up at the end of HER videos, you will see many of the same ones on TH's videos, and on several other high-profile YouTubers. And that's the problem.
  23. Zybex is an amazing game, love it so much because it was budget price and played better than many full-price shoot 'em ups. Case in point: IO. It's incredible from a technical point of view, looks and sounds fantastic - even that little starting piece with the ship being dropped off looks amazing. And then the difficulty hits you. The big problem was that the people making the games were the ones testing them. And they became so good at playing them, they set the difficulty artificially high (or made them tough to get the better of reviewers like Julian Rignall, famed for his gameplaying ability).
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