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  1. Ipswich’s equaliser was incredible, Bonne lingering behind the Wednesday keeper and then nabbing the ball when the keeper dropped it to the ground - two passes and in the net.
  2. I know it’s cynical but - that’s all down to the edit, they pick out a couple of contestants who are going to be in trouble and then there is a focus on their moments. Once you spot that it’s harder to watch. - I feel the same about Masterchef, which is even more inconsistent because for some challenges they have waiters/waitresses and not others. Bake Off mixes it up too, with the judges moving around to the contestants’ benches for the first challenge.
  3. Yeah, from the various articles I have read and videos it seems that there is a certain group of people involved in (re)selling for these high sums. Definitely dodgy.
  4. Think it was on a later ZZAP/Commodore Force cover tape, which is where I played it. It can be very confusing, played it for a while and managed to complete a couple of zones (more by luck, finding the right object in a chest quickly).
  5. I totally agreed with Gary Penn on this - it’s almost like Chris Gray rushed it out with “programmer art” in the stealth sections. Mechanically there are some good ideas, and of course it pre-dates so-called stealth pioneer Metal Gear. It just feels... unfinished and unpolished.
  6. Monaco shifting to the standard three-day meeting, no more Fridays off. FIA going for 23 races again next year.
  7. Or indeed 9 to 5 Typing by Epyx (And yes, it is inspired by the film/song)
  8. Green Bert is ace, from the Galway loading music to the intermission sequences between levels. Dave Collier pulled off a clever coding trick with an early form of sprite multiplexer, although there is some flicker and disappearing bullets.
  9. By coincidence I have been researching this game for a forthcoming Retro Gamer article (Issue 226, submitted it yesterday). So you have to wait until late October for some interesting insights into how it came about...
  10. Simon Nicol came up with the basic poker game. It was Martech who added the Sam Fox factor.
  11. Put a new goalkeeper in, lose 5-2 at home. Still, at least Ipswich Ladies are unbeaten this season so far.
  12. The Joust clone I played the most on C64 was a Compute! type-in called Bagdad, you are a guy on a magic carpet and the bad guys hatch from clay jars. It’s not a patch on that “official” port that has finally been recovered.
  13. Worth mentioning that the Breakdance tape version from US Goldwas split into a couple of separate loads, rather than letting you move between the events.
  14. Had a quick play of the Dread demo yesterday, very good indeed
  15. Mine arrived Saturday, only had time for a quick flick through
  16. I did enjoy playing Southern Belle on the covertape, but it’s an acquired taste. A later game that built on the idea was The Train: Escape to Normandy, where you try to escape occupied France with a trainload of art. You get to drive the train, as well as defend it against plane attacks and try to fight through stations as you change the points. It’s sort of like Southern Belle meets Beach Head.
  17. Well, Bersant Celina is a decent loan signing for League 1 and he played for us before. The new CEO certainly seems to be backing up Paul Cook’s decisions, but time will tell. With no fixture on Saturday, the manager has time to work on DEFENDING.
  18. Ipswich throw away the win in the 95th minute. Multiple defenders needed before the transfer deadline.
  19. merman

    Cricket Thread

    Impressive with the new ball from Robinson, backed up well by the other bowlers. The series is perfectly poised now.
  20. Classification is very complex, and there was a major realignment/adjustment since the last Paralympics that has caused controversy. BBC Sport guide to classification per sport: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/disability-sport/57396986
  21. Roy Keane saying he “got the recruitment wrong” while at Ipswich, trying to pick good players instead of good characters. Nope. Terrible man management and rubbish tactics.
  22. Extinct by Dreamworks On a Pacific island live creatures called Flummels. Never heard of them? That’s because they became extinct... except for two misfits, banished from the Flower Festival who end up time-travelling to modern Shanghai. Can they work out how to get back and save the species? Pretty bland computer animated fare, with the donut-shaped creatures looking very odd. Some very funny moments and a great musical number, but this is very much below-average half-term filler. 2/5
  23. Sarah Storey gets her 15th Gold.
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