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  1. The whole point of the “breaking the fourth wall” sections was to point out to critics that Fleabag et al were NOT being original and creative by doing it - commedia del arte did it four hundred years ago. My favourite examples from this episode are the “here comes the twist, it’s a good one” and the reference to a certain Internet forum. As if the people who post on them over-analyse all the TV they watch...
  2. More Time Pilot ‘84, the less well-known sequel
  3. If they are sensible Ed’s money will go into the Academy and facilities. Skuse gone as well.
  4. That’s it, awesome, thanks a lot Sabreman. deKay, I didn’t play Spheres of Chaos until the PC version in about 2006...
  5. Chambo gone. Options taken up on a few, others released. We’re going to find ourselves relying on the loan market heavily again.
  6. System: Acorn Archimedes Genre: Shoot ‘em up Graphics: green slime & metallic spheres Remember playing this at school but cannot remember the name of it. It’s a single screen shoot ‘em up. Levels have bouncing spheres and lumps of green, dripping slime. Shooting a metallic sphere/pod gave you an increase in firepower (twin guns?). Background was a blue colour, reminded me a little of level 1 of Arkanoid.
  7. Goal difference zero for the season says a lot. Five points short of the playoffs, not playing people in case it triggers a contract extension - what a mess.
  8. Northampton Saints useless today against Gloucester, and Dan Biggar off injured
  9. Unboxing ZZAP Issue 1 (the new A5 magazine) and Arcade Daze (the Kickstarter perk game from the ZZAP Annual - will be available separately soon from Psytronik):
  10. At least they extended Canada’s contract by two years to compensate for the missed races. But it was always going to be tough running extra races this year without any changes/disruption.
  11. Been playing the beta, without the hardware part. Browser front end is reasonable, but a few quirks & crashes.
  12. Got myself the Llamasoft Everything Everything bundle on Steam, and currently playing a lot of Moose Life. It is awesome. The basic premise is the classic arcade game Juno First, but there are so many Minter twists on it. Running on the floor and ceiling, power-up pills that give you AI drones to help you and sheep to collect & protect.
  13. merman

    Cricket Thread

    Australian players flying home from the IPL...
  14. There’s a piece on MISTer in Edge issue 358 out this Thursday...
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