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  1. Ipswich supporter, but last season tested that to the limit... We have got a lot of great young players, will probably sell Knudsen and Bartowski, fully expecting us to make the playoffs...
  2. I was there with my wife, we were at the VIP reception before and met Paul Norman (Aztec Challenge, Forbidden Forest), then had amazing seats in the gallery for the concert. It sounded amazing, the videos on the projector were superb and there were tributes to Ben Daglish and Richard Joseph. www.c64audio.com for news on the 8-Bit Symphony box set (no recording of the concert, but orchestral remixes and printed scores). Sales of that will make another concert more likely.
  3. Congrats, Ian! (Beat me to getting married by a few days) Also in this issue - my article on game jams
  4. merman

    63 Up

    Watched up to 28 Up at school, seen bits of the next couple but missed 56 Up...
  5. Here's my unboxing video, if you didn't back the Kickstarter you can pre-order a copy now at www.bitmapbooks.co.uk
  6. Run Demon Run (C64) - helping to test this new infinite runner style game
  7. merman

    Cricket Thread

    Great winning margin too - net run rate could be crucial in deciding the finalists
  8. The conclusion of the werewolf vs vampire fight in episode 3 was superb, and the whole cursed hat plot in episode four had me in stitches. Final episode just premiered in the States, and Jermaine Clement seemed to be hinting on Twitter there will be a second series
  9. Limited edition clamshell (tape) version of Chaos Generator now added, with exclusive loading screen for this Kickstarter
  10. So much fun, and really glad it got a second series
  11. ZZAP key ring added, £40,000 stretch goal is a free copy of the new CHAOS GENERATOR game
  12. Watched the first two episodes - seems like BBC 2 is going to show the whole series as double-bills on Sunday nights, not convinced this is the best way to do it. Anyway, it's great so far. Having the female vampire (Nadja played by Natasha Demetriou) helps the balance of the show, as the film was very male-centric.
  13. Byte Driver - Windows version of a very obscure Japanese coin-op https://vectorhat.com/bytedriver/
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