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  1. Little Women (2019) Confession. I have never read the book, I am only vaguely aware of it from references in other shows/films (e.g Friends). I quite liked it, although the structure made it slightly confusing as they jumped back and forwards seven years. (Is the book the same?) But a very enjoyable cast and pleasant enough to watch. 3/5
  2. Written by the same guy, Andrew Spencer. There’s two versions of Basketball, one with just American rules and one with a choice of Olympic, NBA and NCAA (college) rules.
  3. Referee Darren Drysdale could be in trouble for confronting Ipswich player Alan Judge last night, going head to head. Then booking Judge and sending off another player at the end of the match.
  4. merman

    Cricket Thread

    Rotation is good for the squad. Announcing Moeen’s departure like that wasn’t.
  5. Just getting into Bridgerton, I like the slightly cynical edge it has (much like Gentleman Jack last year)
  6. Avid watchers of the Pottery Throwdown in our house, and catching up on the recent Junior Bake Off too. It is the positivity of both I enjoy, contestants helping each other.
  7. Loved the Wizkid piece by Lewis Packwood, and Zombies Ate My Neighbours remains a real favourite of mine. Enjoyed the little game choice boxes in the Capcom article too, an interesting little inside perspective.
  8. It really depends on the show. A complicated UK drama like Line of Duty works better with a smaller number of episodes. A 20-minute US sitcom where little changes between episodes can easily fill a longer season. I personally still prefer the episodic/weekly drop to binging - but for the best/a rewatch I will watch more than one at a time.
  9. Eight seasons is a good number, especially since it was dropped once. Looking forward to one more batch of NINE NINE!
  10. merman

    Cricket Thread

    Both spinners contributed, which is what we needed in the sub-continent. But that Anderson over was just sublime.
  11. The Christmas was really well done, managing to be a satire on the current pandemic and drawing on the feelings of being isolated.
  12. Having hatted to quite a few 1980s programmers over the years, it definitely sounds like the whole contracts thing was a minefield of lies, traps and mistakes. Now, there are elements of Battle Ships by Elite that are distinctive and original - the view of your ship firing, Salvo Mode (four shots per remaining ship in your fleet), the victory sail past - but any decent IP lawyer would tear apart their claim to own the “property”.
  13. merman

    Cricket Thread

    Australia pull out of their tour to South Africa - means New Zealand have qualified for the World Test Championships final, and the India v England series is now crucial to find out who they will face
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