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  1. Nigel of Brutal Deluxe picks up the ball and throws it at the goalkeeper... cue slow-motion Sniper Elite X-Ray as the ball shatters skull and scatters teeth... Alright, that would be fun to watch. But did the Bitmaps really do anything *original*? Can the name/legacy carry a new game?
  2. The Barry Leitch interview was a lot of fun to do, but boy can that man swear... I guess it's a Scottish thing.
  3. He should change the entrance music to Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal...
  4. There was actually a white prototype of the ZX82...
  5. merman

    Cricket Thread

    I bet New Zealand wished the super over had never been invented now... A winning start for the New England coach.
  6. In theory, Commodore. But then IBM didn't protect the look & feel of the PC...
  7. Didn't check the score until after the final whistle... Ipswich 4-1 Tranmere, unbeaten run in the League goes on...
  8. Seven times in a row we have beaten them in this form of egg chasing, and three of their heaviest defeats have been since Eddie Jones took charge. Very rare to see a game where one side has made nearly 200 tackles, had less than 40% possession AND still won by such a big margin. Anyone fancy a Curry?
  9. Cloanto holds the rights to the C64 and Amiga ROMs, and THEC64 contains licensed C64 (and VIC-20) ROMs. However the actual C64/Commodore 64 and Amiga names and logos are disputed. During Commodore's bankruptcy, Commodore Germany (a legal subsidiary) "bought" the rights to use the famous "chicken head" Commodore logo. When Escom took over the rump of Commodore International they made a separate deal to buy back the logo. But when Escom sold what it had to Escom, there was legal confusion over who owned the actual names of the products. The end result was Tulip took over Commodore and then Gateway bought up the Amiga line, with PR company Yeahronimo involved as a commercial partner to both. Yeahronimo went out of business and Cloanto licensed the ROMs from them. Oh what a tangled web... And yes, Subvert/its director may be acting like a dick. But acting like a dick and being legal are not mutually exclusive...
  10. Here's a couple of relevant examples. Archer Maclean was very careful with his rights and didn't sign copyright away. He only signed a publishing deal that gave the company distribution and publishing rights. He signed a deal with US Gold to distribute Dropzone in Europe. US Gold started selling it in Australia outside the agreement. Archer threatened US Gold and got a Ferrari in compensation. But then several of the games on the C64DTV and C64 Mini were licensed under a package deal with a PR company that handled the rights for liquidated companies, meaning the original programmers/creators have not seen any money.
  11. And that's totally your perogative.
  12. Was surprised when I read the Twitter thread about the videos being taken down. Fair use definitely seems to be at play here. However... Not having watched the videos I won't pass judgement on any other issues regarding how the character is used. As I said in the other thread, a boycott of THEC64 doesn't seem productive or get to the heart of the Horace issue. Boycott the Horace games associated with Subvert instead.
  13. While I don't agree with the videos being taken down, I don't see what a boycott of the C64 product achieves...
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