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  1. That’s the general opinion, but what’s it got to do with Only Connect?
  2. Eddie Jones with something I have been thinking recently - why is rugby still naming teams more than 48 hours before a match? In these days of 23-man squads it makes less and less sense. And tactically you can give away a lot.
  3. Mtch Bnn plyd sprbly n ths wk,s mssng vwls round!
  4. Lottie could have been this year’s Candace but she wasn’t good enough
  5. Tragic, I worry it wasn’t an accident and he committed suicide.
  6. When they went up to five Chasers was the optimum time. Round 1 - Eggheads on The Chase, different Chaser plays each round Round 2 - The Chasers on Eggheads Round 3 - Whose Quiz Show Is It Anyway? Random rounds from famous quizzes, a point to the team that wins each round As for rigged/loaded in favour of the house: Before the cap on prize value was lifted, there was very little point cheating OR rigging. It was easy to work out over the course of a series roughly how much you would give out in prizes. Nowadays the prizes are higher and there
  7. Laura frequently did better than others on the actual taste and texture. Notably in the semi-final where her flaw was the ganache, while Hermine had multiple flaws including rubbery cube cakes that would probably have bounced if you dropped them. Laura baked with love and heart in everything; notice the praise for her final cake and mini key lime pies. If Dave had got his choux buns right it could have been a different result in the final. Precise Peter was better all round, even if that Showstopper wasn’t his best effort.
  8. That is up there with the best tries ever from Johnny May. And superb defence. Itoje phenomenal with 24 tackles.
  9. .l That’s my point, Barring a couple of races (Austria where he caught fire in qualifying, and a couple of early season races over the years where the Merc was too hard on its tyres) Hamilton can blame very few of his failures on the car. He’s had an easy ride for years. Now, Mansell I never rated. He was far too tough on his car. The big crash at Brands Hatch that brought Jacques Lafitte’s career to a close? Caused by Mansell burning out his clutch on the grid and stalling in the middle of the first corner. Did I applaud when Mansell became world champ? Yes, that season
  10. Lewis made multiple mistakes in that Canada race, and was behind Button when he tried a clumsy overtake. If that was Vettel on one of his teammates you would have said it was Seb cheating again.
  11. (Double post) Hamilton has had an easy ride in dominant cars. He should have been winning. It’s not like the time Schumacher drove 30 laps of Barcelona stuck in 5th gear, or Prost wrestled that exploding Renault turbo car to victory. So many of his races he has “managed” his way to victory, turning down the power and saving tyres. That’s not racing.
  12. And that Canada race where he shoved his teammate Jenson Button off the track.
  13. EFL back to five substitutes rule for the rest of the season... makes sense
  14. I am thinking about a Gotek - but on an A500 you cannot boot from an external one without modifying it. The OLED display ones look nice, wish I was more confident about fitting it internally myself.
  15. Don't be scared, be impressed by his knowledge. 2021 calendar is going to be a mess, more Grand Prix doesn't necessarily make for a better championship.
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