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  1. merman

    Formula One - 2020

    I stand corrected then. Still doesn't make the current situation any less ridiculous.
  2. merman

    Formula One - 2020

    Let me clarify what I said. If the rule makers change the rules because of something on your car, then it is clearly going to be illegal or have an advantage for you. The Mercedes KERS system has always been borderline illegal because its parts are arranged in a different way to the "standard" setup on the other cars. And F1 has form for this. Back in the 1970s Tyrell came up with the six-wheeler and the fan, both of which the FIA rushed to ban - and outlawed after a couple of races, not a whole season. That's why I said the current lot are inept.
  3. merman

    Formula One - 2020

    And I am done with Formula 1. Ridiculous to have another "illegal" car that will run away with races because the lawmakers are so inept.
  4. merman


    That accent is horrible but the film as a whole is fun. Michael Sheen is brilliant (as ever), while Antonio Banderas appears to have been spliced in from a rejected Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Two things I would say in defence of the film:
  5. Dolittle 3/5 Fast-paced and enjoyable, apart from Robert Downey Jr's atrocious Welsh accent. Seemed to me lots of his lines were dubbed over or re-recorded, very distracting.
  6. Episode 3 was amazing. Drama, pathos, recognisable and a superb pay-off. 11/10.
  7. Bought it today @carleton and loving it! The difficulty curve is smooth and new features are introduced gradually.
  8. Ugh. That one creeped me out.
  9. So many games to recommend... Try C64anabalt or Super Bread Box, brilliant C64 "demakes" of smartphone apps by Paul Koller. Bomberland is an amazing multiplayer Bomberman game with a big single-player campaign. Sam's Journey is a platform game so good they are remaking it for NES. Doc Cosmos (time-switching platformer) and Neutron (Star Force tribute) are both amazing games squeezed into 16K. Oh, and a plug for Carleton's forthcoming Picross game Grid Pix. It's ace.
  10. You are right, of course. So easy to get them mixed up.
  11. So, when the sonic screwdriver could not identify what the creature was you just ignored it? Or likewise when the TARDIS told the Doctor the hairs did not exist? There are problems with the current run of Who, but the sonic screwdriver is not one of them.
  12. It's tough to choose my favourite, but I would urge people to watch the almost-completely dialogue free one with Dennis Lawson, and the homage to Rope shot in one take.
  13. Motos (C64) - an obscure Namco coin-op that got converted on the MAD (Mastertronic Added Dimension) budget label, developed by Binary Design. I can recommend all the 8-bit versions, if you have never tried it.
  14. Switched on the Scotland-England game just in time to see Hogg fumble the ball back over his own line. Don't know why they gave the five-metre scrum instead of an England try, but it didn't matter with Genge's drive to score.
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