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  1. Don't think that is all Gary's fault, more to do with trigger-happy chairmen.
  2. Loving the Making Ofs this month, especially the two Graftgold games. I played a lot of Intensity and Bushido.
  3. Unbeaten in two games... The Great Escape is on. And it would be lovely to end Ipswich's season with a statue to the indomitable Kevin Beattie, which is being crowd funded.
  4. And meanwhile plans for the full-size THEC64 move ahead while the Vega+ has dribbled to a rather unsatisfactory conclusion.
  5. merman

    Christmas magazine covers

    Plus Commodore Disk User was publishing bi-monthly at that point. The issue was out in late December.
  6. merman

    What if all games were subscriptions?

    That would just mean I spent more time retro gaming. I rue the day games go all digital. I can't play content I have paid for already (e.g, the Llamasoft games on iOS), the way things are going a lot more are going to disappear.
  7. merman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Ross Brawn claiming "20% better racing" in 2019. In the sense that his numbers show overtaking/following another car should be easier by that much a lap. The teams, especially Ferrari who tested the new wings, say otherwise.
  8. merman

    Currently playing...

    One at a time. Grabbing screenshots.
  9. merman

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Brilliant trailer. NINE NINE!
  10. merman

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Oops, double post
  11. merman

    Currently playing...

    Split Personalities on C64, Spectrum, Amstrad and Plus/4
  12. merman

    Wireframe issue 3

    I had a lot of fun doing the Dicey Dungeons preview with Terry Cavanagh, the full interview should be up on the website soon.
  13. merman

    Edge #327 | Nintendo

    Oh good, first issue of my edge subscription (transferred from gamesTM) and they pull the multiple covers thing. The collector in me wants to get more. But I got Fox, so it's cool.
  14. From the makers of 8-Bit Magazine comes the 8-Bit Annual 2018, a hardback annual with over 200 pages. Over 100 new games for 8-bit computers and consoles reviewed, along with features and interviews. Order from: www.eightbitmagazine.com Watch my video here:
  15. merman

    Golf Games

    There's loads of Japanese golf games on Super Famicom. There's even one with motion controls, years before the Wii. It came with a golf club controller and infrared sensor.

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