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  1. merman

    Cricket Thread

    Have to agree with Michael Vaughan, the pitches have helped - they have been competitive without favouring bat or ball. 19 wickets for England's spinners.
  2. merman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    I see Lewis is already whinging about going to a new circuit in Vietnam.
  3. merman

    Retro Gamer 187: SNK Blow-out!

    Yeah, I enjoyed reading that feature, especially when it mentions the early digital camera they were using! I also enjoyed the behind the scenes piece on the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection.
  4. Reminds me of the classic Digitiser review of Sonic 3...
  5. It's review of the Next Update for No Man's Sky rather than a review of the whole game, Sherlock. Enjoyed issue 1, currently writing for future issues
  6. merman

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    The problem with the Lawes offside decision is that the ruck moves just as Lawes starts to move. He looks offside but he is level.
  7. merman

    Cricket Thread

    Superb debuts from Ben Foakes and Jack Leach. (Fun fact, Jack Leach has Crohns, he's doing well to compete in sport at such a high level.)
  8. merman

    Dave Perry is back...

    Post-modern bullshit. Thin veneer of dogshit. No gaming show needs bikini models.
  9. merman


    Hehe, that "recreate a classic game" task was right up RLLMUK's alley (oo-err missus!) But the boiler suit siren is hands down my favourite bit ever.
  10. It was pre-order only. Bitmap Books have announced the CRPG Book...
  11. merman

    The C64 Mini

    I did the latest firmware update, it was very smooth and quick. Great to be able to load any file on a USB stick but there is still no way to change disks while a game is running.
  12. merman

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Watching it live I thought Farrell had put the shoulder in. On the first replay it definitely looked like he had attempted the tackle as his arms were going around, and it ended up as a collision because of the movement of the South African player.
  13. merman

    Limbo demake on the C64 preview

    Played it on the C64 Mini on a 40" HDTV earlier. It's superb. But short.
  14. merman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Webber had a lot of pace and was good at overtaking. What he wasn't good at was team politics...
  15. merman

    Inside No.9

    They got in trouble for the Wikipedia editing, several pages were locked as Wiki editors thought it was "vandalism"

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