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  1. It's quite straightforward, we need to stop picking limited overs specialists for the Test team... Still, nice 50 from Root has steadied the ship
  2. Bury deadline extended until Tuesday - the club has apparently been sold, but EFL waiting for confirmation and proper paperwork. Ipswich 5-0 Bolton!
  3. So the RFU changed the law, play cannot be restarted quickly until temporary replacements are fully on the field.
  4. Watson's arm was raised because the laws say he has to have his arms wrapped around the opponent in a tackle. What is he meant to do with his arms? The yellow card is meant for a clear and deliberate attempt to stop play progressing by slapping or knocking the ball downwards. And it doesn't matter how many people are overlapping. There was an earlier penalty against England inside the 22 where the same thing happened, so why the different interpretation? And why was there no penalty or yellow card against the Welsh player who jumped into an English player, or the Welsh player interfering on the ground inside the 22?
  5. Including Wales taking a quick penalty while England had a player injured and another leaving the field? That was a bullshit yellow card and bullshit from the ref to let Wales play on. Oh, and it's not sour grapes. If the roles were reversed, the Welsh would be chuntering on for years about "England cheating to win".
  6. Seeing as the official rankings weren't updated and released in the time between the New Zealand game and the first England-Wales game, then Wales did not OFFICIALLY go to number 1 in the rankings.
  7. "I got myself a... SUICIDE SQUAD" Brilliant, especially the return of the utterly incompetent CJ and the banter between Holt and Wunch.
  8. Ugh, these mid-season hirings and firings are getting ridiculous.
  9. Rather predictably, Ipswich made ten changes for the EFL Cup match against Luton (including debuts for two Academy players) - and lost 3-1. Still feels odd that Luton are in a higher league than us.
  10. In other words, Wales didn't become the number one ranked side.
  11. It's ok. DeVito was good value (as always) and Keaton *almost* carried off the bad guy role. Dreamland looked amazing, but... It lacked something for me. Almost too many characters crammed in to care about.
  12. Hunter's Moon Remastered used the GMod2 cartridge format, which gives 512K plus a 2K EEPROM. It's been used on other games including Sam's Journey. It was "emulator only" BECAUSE the devices (Ultimate, Chameleon, EasyFlash) don't support GMod2 - yet. SD2IEC won't support it either. The Mini version won't be a D64 file as the game won't fit on a (single) D64. Compatibility with the SD2IEC is down to the loader used. Most fast loaders don't run on it because they bypass the KERNAL loading routines.
  13. ShopTo let you pay for pre-orders later There is a couple of reasons the games list is similar. Darren Melbourne worked on the licensing for both DTV and Mini. And it was easier to work with certain companies (Hewson, Epyx) whose assets were still under the control of an individual associated with the original company. (Tangent: that's also why the Thalamus games are dropped from the new Full-sized THEC64, as Thalamus Digital have plans...) The DTV emulation was good, for example there's a flicker on the Speedball scoreboard that is emulated perfectly. However its sound implementation was bad. The Mini/THEC64 are much better in that respect, but it would be good to add options to choose SID type/filter settings.
  14. The Bimbo, the real-time episode, G-Hive... Season six is crushing it, so glad it carried on.
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