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  1. merman

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    "All the Formula 1 races on one video, long play" (to paraphrase Peter Kay)
  2. merman

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Is one of the questions "Why isn't this the 1000th Formula 1 race?" (Damon Hill on Twitter was having fun sharing the facts...)
  3. merman

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    Ocean cloned Mr Do's Wild Ride as Kong Strikes Back...
  4. merman

    Sega Master System Essential Games.

    I did, on the first page of the thread.
  5. merman

    The Commodore 64 Appreciation Thread

    When Martin Galway left Sensible Software, he went to the USA to join Origin. So he was working with a former colleague on Star Citizen... Retro Gamer remembers Skitchin' - check out the Making Of article in issue 192 out now...
  6. merman

    Sega Master System Essential Games.

    Another vote for Shinobi (which actually has some extra features not present in the arcade game) and also Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (very cute)
  7. merman

    Retro Gamer issue 192

    Had a lot of fun doing the Space Taxi feature, it's just a shame there wasn't room for more screenshots and John Kutcher's notes on each level. (The transcript of our interview is over 10,000 words)
  8. merman

    Commodore Format Power Packs

    There's about two thousand words on the cutting room floor...
  9. merman

    Commodore Format Power Packs

    Check out Retro Gamer 191 with my Making of Split Personalities article for how it was made
  10. Would be interested in helping test it... You have my e-mail
  11. merman

    Tenebra Macabre - C64

    That's actually a demake of the PC game Pan-Galactic Conga Combat, so squeezing it into 4K is astounding.
  12. merman

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    More injuries for England... A fully-fit side could have won the lot, it's going to be down to who is fit and back in form in time for the Workd Cup now. But Tom Currie was outstanding on Saturday, a real find.
  13. merman

    Commodore Format Power Packs

    I loved Revolution. Simon had been writing it during the summer he was taking his finals at university but didn't have a publisher. Fortuitously along came Commodore Format looking for games. (This was before ECTS limited the number of re-released games a cover mount could have though). Rebel was by the Gang of Five, it was ultimately inspired by the laser puzzle in the C64 version of Dan Dare (where you have to move/rotate mirrors and then fire a beam to destroy three generators so you can access the Mekon's throne room).
  14. merman

    What type of retro fan are you?

    I buy stuff I am interested in and want to play, not just to have a collection. I do emulate but I love playing on real hardware. I only had a C64 for years, then when I started writing I bought a SNES and games from someone who was upgrading to this new thing called the PlayStation... I wonder if that ever caught on?
  15. merman

    Master of Magic - c64/spectrum

    Loved it on the C64, the music added so much to the atmosphere. (It's actually a track by the band Synergy, composed by Larry Fast - but Rob made it sound amazing). I managed to complete it once, using the playing guide in issue 23 of ZZAP.

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