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  1. Learn the patterns. On the scale of video game bosses Kraid is pretty easy.
  2. Playing AI: Somnuim Files at the moment. I'm liking the premise but I do find some of it rather embarassing, pretty much all the women seem to be highly sexualised, his boss for example has a plunging neck line with ample cleavage on display and a skirt that almost leaves nothing to the imagination. There is even one point where you are in the lobby of an entertaiment company and you can highlight things, it has a very well endowed receptionist, if you click on the reception is says 'A receptionist with huge breasts is sitting there'.
  3. I need to go back to it, am stuck on the electicity boss in the water arena.
  4. As a note on the above, just be aware the list isn't in chronological order. I made that mistake until I got one wrong. Yes I know I didn't pay attention to the actual dates otherwise it would have been obvious, or even the fact it would have been a bit weird that chronologically they were also in alphabetical order!
  5. The fights with some mini bosses later on are actually harder than the main bosses, as they are a lot more freeform I thought. Then there is the last boss fight which is on another level to the rest of the game, primiarly because the amount of damage that it can take, and therfore the length of time the fight goes on for, and again it's more freeform nature.
  6. I know you aren’t going this way, but it’s better to use 15k to get the three months of gold, this converts to 50 days GPU if you have a running subscription. (300 points per day vs 400 points per day)
  7. Red Matter is excellent, and I enjoyed Journey of the Gods.
  8. I think it's clear in the context of the bug which is: The game crashes if you destory a door that you have placed a map marker on.
  9. I assume it means if you have placed a marker over the door, clear it (highlight it and press a)
  10. Still stuck on the final boss but there's a couple of things that I'm not liking about it
  11. On the final boss now. Overall it’s kept me engaged but the EMMIs can fucking do one, just hateful sections of the game. I’m still surprised at people getting lost on what to do next to be honest. The game is, at least to my eyes, exceedingly clever at moving you onwards. Like you get a new power, oh, the room exit now puts me right near an elevator/warp point. Oh that takes me back to an area I couldn’t get to before. Oh, here’s a new train station. There hasn’t been a single point in the game where I haven’t felt it’s actually trying desperately to stop me getting lost. As with the poster above I find the
  12. Slight other peeve I have with this game are the controls. Why are the two options you use the most on the shoulders (aim and rocket) assigned to the bumpers and not the triggers? For me at least it's so uncomfortable and not helped by the fact that the bumper on my right joycon only actually registers 70% of the time. Despite my previous reservations I am enjoying the game more as it goes on, taken down the third main boss and have opened up a few new areas. It still insist on making it painfully obvious where you are supposed to go next though.
  13. I must admit I'm not really sharing the love for this. It's fine and I'm working my way through it but I'm not finding it overly engaging. I just don't like the EMMI mechanic at all, having to leg it around areas that you don't know the layout of trying to work out how to get away is a PITA and rather than filling me with dread that I might get caught I just find them annoying. I've beaten the first two main bosses, and to be honest I'm very very surprised with people talking about them being souls like, and difficult. I beat the first boss on my 3rd try and the 2nd on my 4th. Now by the second I may have had more energy than some people but when I did it I only got hit once. The game literally throws energy at you through the fights. I'm also by no means good at games, I gave up on Hollow Knight because I just found it far too punishing and couldn't beat Soul Master as an example. The other thing I don't understand is people getting lost early on. The game, at least to me, feels incredibly linear (at least up to the second boss). It seems to go out of it's way to make sure you can only stay on the main route by blocking off every other option. I think as I now have more powers it is opening up a lot more so I may change my mind on that. To be honest I'm torn with whether it's a good thing of not as I don't like mindlessly wondering round a map trying to find the one door/path I've missed but this seems to have gone completely the opposite way.
  14. That sounds promising, I really do want to get into the game but the stuttering and frame drops were just too much for me on release.
  15. That's not for me to decide, a mod's job is to moderate within the framework and intent set up by the current rules. It's up to the elected committee to set/change the rules.
  16. Ah I did wonder if it was something that wasn't yet available to tick off. Well at least I know there is an end to the flashing!
  17. With regards to the piracy talk, speaking as a mod the rule is Don't offer or post links to pirated material. This includes but is not limited to pirated software, videos, music, or books. If someone wants to admit they have pirated the game and are playing it that way it's up to them, and people can make their own judgement as to what they think of that poster. It however isn't against the rules.
  18. I'm enjoying this again having not really played since Beyond Light came out. I was surprised how much of that I hadn't actually done (been moping up the Aspects which I now have all 4 of). I have a slight bug I think though which while it doesn't matter is really irritating me. For some reason it's always showing as if I have something to mark off in the list of season accomplishments but there is nothing there, (or when there is once I have clicked the off it's still showing). Anyone else have this?
  19. They haven't done away with primary and secondary (it's called special), and then you also have heavy. The only recent change is that primary ammo is now infinite.
  20. Can you not just download it with your account? I just tried it on the 'home' console where I had dled it to with my son's account (also technically underage) and it went in fine with his profile.
  21. I tried this on the Series X and the look settings by default are horrendous. Looking around just swung all over the place. I tried fiddling with all the sensitivity and acceleration options but couldn’t get it to not feel horrible and gave up before finishing the Basics tutorial. Has no one else had this issue?
  22. Has there been a patch or do you have a magical Series X? Mine was frame hitching all the time last week.
  23. I have a different reason for thinking that BotW shouldn't have been on the Switch*, and that is the fact it was a WiiU game originally and it's obvious the Sheikah slate is suppose to be the WiiU gamepad. Having played the amazing version of Wind Waker on the WiiU where all the menu and inventory management is done on the gamepad, having to pause the game to get to the map etc in BotW felt so backward. * I appreciate that it made no economic sense to release it just on the WiiU, and I also appreciate that once it was going to the Switch it would have been a pain to then develop two versions with radically different menu/map systems.
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