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  1. With that lot the thing you will notice most is the smaller SSD unfortunately!
  2. The calibration is a funny one. I've got 0ms for the TV, but to be honest I'm not sure how much that matters as it's the sound that counts. The first time I did the calibration I got 80ms for the sound, and I was finding it difficult to get perfects through the first two main levels, I then re did it as it just felt off and I got 0ms the next time. Since that point I found it much better. This is running my Series X out through an optical splitter so the sound is going via optical to my amp. I mean there is no way the actual lag is 0ms but as I say it works a charm. I'm loving the game itself, having played through the first 3 main levels. It's got a nice level of difficulty playing on Goat and I can see me going back for scores etc. The only issue is that after a couple of levels my right hand gets pretty painful with constantly rythmically pressing the trigger. I still have a lot to learn as different weapons deal better with different enemies, but they then have their own rythms, and then choosing when to switch to the skull to either keep up your multiplier, or to weaken weak enemies so you can do the finisher to regain health. It's wonderful when you reach that state when you realise that you are concentrating and manoveuring and aiming and that you have naturally fallen into the beat with regards to shooting and reloading.
  3. Played about an hour of Ni no Kuni to wind down from Metal Hellsinger. It’s utterly lovely looking. The localisation seems fantastic so far, loving tour Welsh side kick, proper tidy. What an amazing day for Gamepass!
  4. I had the exact opposite reaction to the title, I think it was the worst sub title for a Legend of Zelda game ever (well apart from The Minish Cap). That doesn't detract from the fact that I think it will possibly be the best game ever.
  5. I assuming the suggestion is that the Switch could have easily run the 360 remastered version from a power point of view.
  6. I think the ending made sense, in that I could understand what was going on. However I don't think it added anything to the game at all, it just felt very very tacked on. I don't think it detracted from what was generally a lovely game though, just added ten minutes or so to the ending. So in general a really nice exprience to play though, nice and chill and well put together. Also +1 for having no requirement for violence in it at all.
  7. Possibly not, from what they are saying this appears to be an addition to Rare Replay, which is on GP already. So it's not a standalone game, it's just an addition to something that already exist from an MS ecosystem point of view. Also as has been pointed out upthread Rare Replay is often sold a a fiver so it's not like that is an issue even if all you really want is GoldenEye.
  8. Don’t think that is likely, more likely to be He’s being set up like as if he might have an Aragorn type role, which is probably a misdirect. Edit: Although having reminded myself of the story of Numenor your theory could well be correct.
  9. Another shout out for Tinykins. Lovely litte game, and certainly worth a try if you have any interest in 3D platformers.
  10. That makes sense. But then that seems to suggest that this character can’t be who people are suggesting. Although even Tolkien contradicts himself, as, from what I have read, in Unfinished tales he writes that all five Istari arrive in TA 1000, whereas in The Peoples of Middle Earth he says the two blue wizards arrived first in SA1600.
  11. The issue here though is that The Silmarillion isn’t the source material, they don’t have the rights to it. The source material is The Lord of the Rings and it’s appendices. I do wonder what they are allowed to do with regards to elements that are spelt out in The Silmarillion but not in the material they can draw from. Would it actually be a breach of copyright? Obviously this doesn’t mean they have to deliberately go against what is specified in Tolkein’s other works though.
  12. Wow, was not expecting Metal Hellsinger to be going straight on Gamepass. GP delivers again, have been really looking forward to it.
  13. Just watched the second episode, thought it was fantastic. If the series keeps that level up it will be phenomenal.
  14. Yes I think this has a lot to do with it. It’s interesting at some point in the credits it says based on Lord of the Rings and Appendices. Considering how much this is costing to make do we know what are the issues that stopped them just getting the rights to the Silmarillion etc?
  15. I'm not sure that is how he is suggested to die in the show though. He is seen in the battle being overwhelmed but then after that it goes into a little spiel about Sauron and how Finrod went to find Sauron but Sauron found him first etc.. and marked his skin. So from my reading of it he didn't die in the battle that you are talking about (although it's all a bit ambiguos as Galdriel does carry a helmet to the mound). To me the scene with her by her dead brothers side is after he has tried to find Sauron after that battle, which means his death could be the same as in the book (which obviously doesn't detract from the fact that it would have been amazing to see it.) I've just rewatched it and it's all a bit ambiguous as I say, but I just get the impression that he didn't die in that battle. I was a resonably big Tolkein fan as a kid, having read The Hobbit and LOTR, then the Silmarillion, until I finally had to concede that I wasn't that into it having forced myself thought the Books of Lost tales and at least part of the lays of beleriand. Although when I was GM we did always have to play MERP (Middle Earth Role-playing) as opposed to AD&D. Anyway it's been about 30 years since I read anything outside of the Hobbit and the LOTR so I really can't remember anything about the 1st or 2nd age as laid out by Tolkein, so in that sense I don't really care too much what the TV show does with regards to being totally in sync with the books, as long as it tells a great story. Which finally gets me to my feelings on the first episode which is it looked amazing, but I wasn't convinced by it. The dialogue was wanting in places and it seemed like the story was on fast foward at points and then slowed to a crawl at others. Still I think there is plenty to build on and I'm hoping this is more of a set up episode just so they can get to the main plot. The other issue is that I found Elrond really creepy around Galadriel (almost like Grima charater, but I think that was due to the fact that I was trying to place who he reminded me of and having realisd who it was I was probably imaging him as the Green Goblin!) Also the moving across the map felt ripped straight out of Game of Thrones.
  16. Right I’ve worked it out, the guy playing Elrond looks like a young Willem Dafoe! Now I can get back to enjoying the second episode.
  17. In one scene early on he did look like Neil Patrick Harris, but it’s someone else he reminds me of more.
  18. The actor playing Elrond really looks like another older actor, but I can’t think who it is he reminds me of. It’s driving me crazy.
  19. What time is this actually available on Xbox? It says the release date is today but it isn't available for download yet. Looking forward to it as really like Her Story, and have been meaning to play Telling Lies but wanted to do so with my wife and we have just never got round to it.
  20. My understanding is that Epic take 12% while Steam take 30% (until something makes over 10 million and then it drops to 25%), MS dropped their PC store front to 12% from 30% around the time that Epic launched their case against Apple. I don't know what MS or Nintendo charge as commission for their console stores, but I believe some of this was revealed in the court fillings that were made in the Epic vs Apple case. Because of the Epic case Apple did change their commission to 15% for sale under $1 million a year. How those changes affected the end consumer pricing I'm not sure. One thing to note about Steam, which I'm not sure applies to the other platforms is that a Developer/Publisher can create their own steam keys for their product and sell them, for those sales Valve get zero commission.
  21. The case is about the 30% commission that Sony charge for being on the digital store, and that this is too much and that cost is passed on to the consumer. It's basically a similar argument to the one against Apple in the multiple cases they are facing for their store pricing.
  22. @Shimmyhill, @multi is correct, for Walkabout Mini Golf only one player in a multiplayer lobby needs to own the DLC course for all to be able to play the course. The only caveat is that players who don’t own the DLC can’t collect the balls or do the treasure hunts that appear on the hard versions. However since they are one and done things anyway it’s not a massive issue.
  23. I don’t have a second account on my Quest but having a quick read around it doesn’t appear the DLC is shared. Admittedly those articles/post were from December 21 but I can’t find any updates to say that has changed.
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