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  1. Weirdly I did him with arrows. I assumed the arrows in the pots as you head in were a clue. However when my son came to that part arrows didn’t work for him and I was so confused we looked it up on the internet where it said you needed to use the technique you’ll have used. I have no idea why I was able to do it with arrows.
  2. I can see it not bothering people but it amazes me that people aren’t noticing it at all. I don’t generally notice frame rate overly but this is so jarring. Maybe it’s worse playing it from an SD card docked (which is how I am playing it).
  3. Good so that wasn't just me, seems a horrible piece of design. It's weird because I've just done the 3rd dungeon and that was much simpler, even though it was bigger and more intricate.
  4. I had to look at a FAQ to get past the second dungeon is there any point at which it tells you that Or was I just being really stupid? Then to get the dungeon key you have to
  5. I'd have to concur with this. The DoF seems really weird to me, there is no gradation to it, it's like they have just smeared vasoline over the top of the screen and the bottom of the screen. I thought it looked really nice in the videos but it practice it just doesn't seem to have been implemented very well when viewed on a TV. The framerate drops are also irritating me more than I thought they would. It's a shame as the actually game is brilliant fun and apart from those issues looks amazing.
  6. Will the digital version unlock at 12pm or is it some time in the morning for Nintendo games?
  7. metallicfrodo


    I find I really like having it on as background music while I'm doing stuff around the house or working, but as soon as I actually try and sit down and just listen to the album I quickly get bored of it. I think that there are bits of songs that demand your attention but then they just end up meandering on for far too long. So it works well when you are doing stuff as you kind of zone out and concentrate on what you are doing when that happens.
  8. Wait till you get to the bit after that which shows the AI to be utterly incompetent. I did the snatcher bit really easily first time, then you have to escort jack back carrying something explosive that can only take a certain amount of damage. Jack just keeps floating ahead of you into the middle of fights taking damage! He obviously exploded and we all die, for some reason the checkpoint is before the snatcher fight and I’ve now failed to kill the snatcher again 5 times in a row and have just given up.
  9. They can, it’s one of the few bits in the game where I’ve died.
  10. It’s a terrible idea that level. Thing to remember is that there is no fail criteria for missed blocks so just don’t move until your life is low then hit some to bring it back up a little. Then just ignore them again for a while. It’s utterly dreadful game design. Having said that I’d just ignore campaign and go for score chasing in free play mode.
  11. Looks absolutely stunning! All preloaded on my Switch so looking foward to getting into it next Friday.
  12. Have they fixed the bug on PSVR that makes it sounds like something is attacking you every time you move yet? I've given up with it until that is sorted as it just ended up getting on my nerves too much.
  13. (Cavet I'm amost all he way through Act II so things may change (although I seriously doubt it) over the next acts.) This is very impressive looking even on a base Xbox. (personally I think God of War on my Pro looked better). However, like God of War, it's lots of very pretty corridors, that are sectioned off from each other by pushing through gaps/opening doors or sliding down slopes. The graphical fidelity does come at the cost of it feeling like a real place. A great example of this are the skiff sections, it all looks fine and everything but it's all so barren (beyond the landscape). The area reminded me of Destiny but it's all so empty, no life or anything. In Destiny there are interesting pockets of enemies all over the place. In this it's just a great big skating rink keeping you from your next objective. This is only heightened by the fact that if you find a crashed plane you are funnelled into a little combat zone that suddenly fills with enemies from the very entrance you entered through (that you can't exit through because the lip up again won't allow you to climb back up it), despite the fact that just 30 seconds ago there wasn't a single lifeform within a km of you.
  14. I was getting this when trying to start earlier, doing a compelete restart of my Xbox fixed it. It looks stunning in places, lighting is very nice, gameplay is exactly as you'd expect if you played the other.
  15. I’d love to give this a go but it’s refusing to load act 1. Go through start new game and set up lobby and then it goes to the loading splash screen and then the Gears icon spins and the tips keep changing but it never actually loads in.
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