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  1. Another thing to consider in Oddball, although it relates to a situation that you will probably not end up in very often. When you are holding the ball the match timer stops, which means obviously when no one is holding the ball the match timer runs. If you are in a situation when you are leading say 70-60, and there are only 5-10 seconds on the clock, you are better off dropping the ball and letting the timer run out (while obviously defending the ball from the opposition).
  2. While it might be easy to farm points from this game it would be criminal to use it for that. It’s a fantastic little narrative puzzle game that doesn’t deserve to be played through following a guide. You’d be doing both the game and yourself a huge disservice.
  3. It's very true you don't have to have ball time to have contributed in Ball, for example when playing with @KryptonianI'd much rather he wasn't holding the ball as he's far more likely to kill attacking players than me for example. Sometimes a bigger issue is not dropping the ball. If you have a set up you are much better dropping the ball when your team is being attacked, adding to the fire power and then hopefully being able to pick it up. Gaining a second here* or there but allowing the other team to take the ball isn't the best way to be playing. Take a look at the pro players and it's amazing how long the teams will spend not holding the ball. They will take ages slaying out and getting control of the map before they really think about ball time. *Obviously if you only need a couple of seconds at the end of the game them getting the hell out of dodge with the ball is the best idea.
  4. I'm pretty sure that is just the Multiplayer. The complete campaign will be much bigger than that. Halo 5 is over 100GB now, and while that has a lot more MP maps currently it also doesn't have any 4k textures.
  5. But that's what I'm saying the rewards are a GP perk, much like I get bonuses for Phantasy Star Online from GP, but haven't paid for as it's F2P. There are loads of other perks on GP that I don't redeem because I don't have the games. Much the same as the bonuses I get on Prime Gaming.
  6. But they haven't payed £55 pound for the Multiplayer, they have played £55 for the campaign. Also if they are using a physical copy how would MS know they had actually paid anything for it rather than it just being a copy that has been lent around, seeing as I'm assuming they won't need the disc in to play the F2P multiplayer component. I'm assuming also it's just redemable rewards from Gamepass like you get for many other things, so a system that is already built and up and running. It's not really tied to ownership of the game at all, it's a Gamepass perk that in this case happens to apply to Halo Infinite.
  7. @womblingfreethere is no difference on the series consoles. The special edition gets all the technical improvements of the Anniversary edition as it's now Series Enhanced, the only difference is that the anniversary edition has additional content that you could previously buy. The special edition even gets the survival mode.
  8. Scoring in objective games is always going to be difficult. In a flag game is the person who is doing nothing but is lucky enough to spawn in the base 3 times just as the flag carrier goes down and scores, the MVP? Or is it the one who carried it the most distance, or is it the guy that takes out the people trying to stop the flag carrier each time, or is it the guy who suicides in to get a flag pull denying the opposing team the opportunity to score? Which is why I hate the fact that there is even the notion of a score.
  9. The only issue I'd have with playing Wind Waker on the Switch is that obviously it will lose the brilliant addition of the menu screen being on the WiiU gamepad which made the game feel much more seamless. Obviously if you've never played the WiiU version that won't be an issue.
  10. If you are looking for something along those lines then Down the Rabbit Hole is really good. If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland then it's a must I would say.
  11. This is slightly reductive though. While VR does give you the ability to 'be' the character in the world it's not the be all and end all of VR games. Some of the best examples of VR use traditional methods of control when you are seated but just allow you a better perspective. Wipeout has exactly the same control scheme in VR as it does in pancake but the sense of being there just elevates it to a entierly new level, as does playing any driving game, or Flight Sim. There are also a number of third person games, like Astro Bot or Moss which again are controlled very traditionally with a controller but also benefit from the perspective change you get from VR.
  12. @Harsinsorry that comment wasn't aimed at you. Although I can appreciate that it came across that way. I utterly agree it should have separate playlist for Slayer vs Objective, and I firmly believe that it will come december 8th. I'm suggesting that just because 343 have said there are no new modes or maps coming that doesn't mean that there aren't any new playlists.
  13. Seems to suggest that from the title at the bottom. It's almost as if modes/gametypes and playlists aren't the same thing...
  14. Halo 5 has Elimination now doesn't it? Must admit I've never played it. For ref Halo 5 currently has (although these aren't what it launched with as I'm sure Breakout was a playlist on it's own and is a mode they pretty much completely removed) Social Quick Play BTB Super Fiesta Party BTB Super Fiesta Party Infection Ranked Slayer Team Arena Solo/Duo Team Arena 2v2 SWAT Elimination FFA (although this is on a rotation with other gametypes)
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