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  1. Ah sorry I misread what you meant. I thought when you said ‘this supporting’ you were referring to the link (as it was after a post about the link) as opposed to the Quest itself. I very much doubt this will come out natively for the Quest as I’m guessing it’s really going to be very graphically and physics intensive. Although I know nothing about the game bar its name. I just basing that on it being a new Half Life game.
  2. The link supports Rift compatible Steam VR games so I would think it’s likely. Assuming it isn’t index exclusive obviously.
  3. No you just respawn as normal. Seemingly they will then disappear from where you met them, and then reappear at the same point later on (at least that is what happened to me)
  4. I actually didn't find the map too bad! I wish you could move the viewpoint a bit more but I thought it did a pretty good job in general. Certainly I used it a lot to find out where I could go with it's nice green markings for places you could go through but hadn't yet.
  5. I completed the game this morning and in general I enjoyed it a lot. It's a shame that it was obviously pushed out before it was ready as there are some glaring techincal issues at points. By the time I had all the planets on the holo map it was hanging for a few seconds every time I tried to move the cursor to select a planet. There are a couple of poorly thought out sections as well but the lowlight for me was The chests (beyond the ones that give you stim upgrades) are also totally pointless. Maybe someone cares about a palette swap on your ship but I couldn't give a toss and as suggested who can see what's changed on the saber. Also I never understood the point of the plant seeds. So they go in the little bit on the ship, it just seemed so pointless. I get the impression they were going with that Mass Effect vib of you feeling that you were customising your ship but it just never worked. Having said all that I really enjoyed the story, it picks up nicely after a slow start and I though the final section was great However I did also get the sense that maybe quite a bit was cut from the game. I never got on with the combat so turned it down to Story mode to get past the ninth sister and found it much more enjoyable, certainly I got my Jedi Power fantasy on, however it seems to me that it certainly had a lot of depth to it, so I'd imagine people who got into the Souls combat would be pleasantly surprised by it. I however was very glad to be able to alter the difficulty as there is no way I would have seen it through otherwise. Force pulling an enemy towards you and driving you saber through their guts never got old!
  6. I've obviously missed some then as I've finished Kashyyk for the second time. No idea where they might be though.
  7. I've had 3 for ages and don't seem to have picked up any more. I just don't get the combat in this at all. It was pretty okay up until But that was a sticking point. Beyond that point I'm having a real difficutly with an group of enemies I just can't seem to get into any rhythm that doesn't see me losing loads of health. I'll be blocking one enemy see an opportunity to hit and as I do get hit in the back by another or get shot. I just find it really frustrating. Also you only ever seen to be able to get a couple of hits at most in on an enemy before they block you or get in a quick attack. This is most anoying as you don't ever seem to be able to do anything once they have a hit chain going against you. Don't even get me started on the enemies that counter your parries! I just don't seem to be able to understand how the combat should flow. Also you run out of force power much too quickly. In the end I've ended up turning the difficulty down to story after
  8. Thought this was a great video. First bit is their review which you can skip over but from 8:30 in the video they go to Cloudhead Games to talk about the process they went through to develop the game, which I found really interesting.
  9. So much that is great about this. Just can’t shake the feeling I’m playing the beta.
  10. I’m enjoying it but it does feel like a game that’s been compromised to hit a deadline.
  11. Didn't realise that Last Labyrinth was released on Tuesday. At 30 quid I'm not going to take the plunge without seeing any reviews of it, and currently I can't find any. Also weirdly Pistol Whip is now a pound more expensive than it was last week. What I will might be buying today when it goes up on the store is The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets which looks lovely and is only £10.99. However it seems to be quite short as supposedly you can complete it in an hour...
  12. Here's someone playing through the first scene on hard (with a slightly weird mixed reality anime avatar). However I think it really shows off how well they have fitted the scene and entry of the enemies to really fit with the music. Watching this it all makes total sense with the pistol shots really accenting the beats. They seem to do very well yet only get a B at the end, I wonder if the top scores are only going to be achievable with Deadeye on.
  13. This release has had little coverage on the VR sites either. I think that’s down partly to in being in early access on PC for a while and people not digging it early on. It probably also hasn’t helped that Pistol Whip launch on PC VR and Quest in the same week. Here is a positiveish review from PSVR without Parole
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