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  1. I think it looks suspicious to some people because he's never been in this position before in a GT. He's always been seen as rider for the classics or a stage hunter. However it's not like he's never won a stage race before, he won the Tour of California in 2016 (one in which he won a mountain stage)*. Addtionally he has won the young riders jersey in a number of stage races including Paris-Nice 2017 where he was 5th overall, oh and he won the ITT on stage four (taking 20 seonds out of Contador and 50 seconds out of Richie Porte over 14.5km!!).... He's obviously a huge talent so it's not totally out of the blue that he could be where he is. As stated JA has already won an ITT in a big World Tour stage race, also this was an ITT that was nearly won by Thomas De Gendt, and no one would have batted an eyelid at that despite the fact he has never won a TT before. Basically the only rider you could consider a TT specialist who was in the race (who wasn't sandbagging because they were saving energy) was G, who admitted that he tied up in the final kms because of the heat. Can Alaphilippe climb? Yes he can obviously climb as shown in he Tour of California win, additionally as was pointed out he won the Polka Dots last year, now this isn't necessarily the mark of a great climber, it's generally the mark of someone who is willing to go out in breaks and pick off the points on lots of early climbs, however you still have to make it up those climbs. What you also have to remember is that contrary to what many of you might think Alaphilippe is a very slight rider. He's 62kg (and actually looks leaner than that this tour), that really is climber territory. He's almost 9kg lighter than G, 7kg lighter than Froome, 2kg lighter than Bardet and 1kg lighter than Pinot. He's no 80kg Big Mig! It's actually more amazing that he is able to perform in the classics the way he does considering how slight he is. The more interesting result from yesterday was how poor a lot of the rest of the field are looking. Bardet (who really needs to race something that isn't the tour seriously) getting dropped so early, Adam Yates, Quintana being blown out the back by his own team, Porte, then Mas, even G losing time. However I'm not sure Alaphillipe has the team to help him, although I would imagine that Mas is going to be on super domestique duty now. Currently Pinot is looking really strong and has a great team around him. Kruijswijk is also looking mighty impressive and also has a really strong team (much stronger than the team that went to the Giro), I'd actually say if they hadn't made that massive error with Bennet on the crosswinds day that they would have been the strongest team being able to have a great one two punch. Ineos look completely shot to be honest, the fact that Kwiato was dropped so early having sandbagged the ITT was a complete shock, then having had the luxury of Movistar doing all the work for them they all blew pretty much straight away. Having said all that today is another big stage and things could flip all over the place. * Remember that winning the 2018 Tour of California was Bernal's big moment where everyone sat up and took notice of him as a future contender for the Grand Tours.
  2. I had to reset my Beat Saber (essentially I deleted it and reinstalled it from the Oculus store) before I could install Beaton. Also, I've just played Tea for God and it's absoutely blown me away! Yes as you say it's a bit janky and is very obviously WIP, however what it's achieving at pre-alpha stage is incredible. The sense of scale and what it creates is truly what VR is about. Walking round corners and you are in different places is something I love about VR but the fact that this is randomly generated and fits to the room you have set up is amazing. I'm going to wait till the sun goes down a bit more and try it in my garden so I have a lot more space. I'd say it's the kind of game that Oculus should be investing in. Non of this getting the developer to go through the submission process. They should be offering to publish and ponying up some money, it really sells the untethered nature and play anywhere ideal of the Quest.
  3. Just updated my SideQuest and loaded Beaton. Wow that is really quite amazing. Being able to add tracks from within the Quest itself is incredible.
  4. It’s certainly not as comfortable as PSVR, however I’ve happily played for hours with it strapped to my face, but it did take a while till I found the sweet spot. It’s very easy not to extend the middle strap enough. You want to make sure that the strap at the back is below the point you skull is coming back towards your neck. Basically at the back the bottom of the strap should be at about the level of your earlobes. At that point I suddenly found it much more comfortable.
  5. It should get saved, although sometimes if there are significant changes to the lighting in the area it can throw it off.
  6. Get SideQuest and stick on QuakeQuest, Pavlov and Crisis VRigrade. Those will tide you over for a good while.
  7. @Eighthours Are you just missing the exit thinking it’s the stairs you came down? For the temples you essentially have to make your way through three mini dungeons to be able to traverse the screen the boss door is in. In the final dungeon you will get the boss key. If you have done all that make sure you haven’t missed an area hidden behind a digable wall.
  8. It is indeed lovely, just a shame it ends quite abruptly.
  9. Thor seems to have forgotten the most important reason for owning moves which is Superhot.
  10. Pretty much all of the original Tomb Raider. It doesn’t hold up now but at the time it really felt like you were entering colossal structures that had been abandoned for millennia. I’d also echo the Ico sentiments from earlier in the thread.
  11. Okay for 2 quid (and with the HD texture pack) QuakeQuest is possibly the best software available for Quest, certainly in value for money!!!
  12. I tried to have a go at some scores yesterday but was drenched in sweat after 5mins so sacked it off!
  13. Been playing around with SideQuest today. Tried three of the games that you are available to load straight on to the headset, QuakeQuest, Jigsaw 360 and Crisis VRigade. Jigsaw is a demo of a game that is available on the Go, and is a lovely relaxing jigsaw puzzle type app. Works really nicely and is pretty relaxing, only has two images in the demo and you can only try each jigsaw as 32 pieces. Would be nice to see a full release Crisis VRigade is a time crisis style shooter, that even on rookie is really difficult. Nice blocky graphical style and will have you kneeling behind scenery a lot! Certainly worth the time to have a go. QuakeQuest, is quake on the Quest. It's a little janky (for me the weapons were really low) and the tracking is a bit wobbly at times. However it's brilliant fun, although is really fast and with the added tracking jank I'd say only have a go if you have strong VR legs because I can imagine this making people really really nauseated. Also I didn't go into the options but the default is that there is no turning on the right stick, just forward/backward and strafe on the left. This means there is lots of spinning around physically, but then that's what the Quest is made for. Also the version that you get from SideQuest only has the shareware version of the game (for obvious reasons), if you want the full game you need to buy it from Steam and copy the PAK file into your install folder, at the moment Quake is on sale for 1.99 until the 9th of July so it's not much of a hardship!
  14. To be honest I was quite surprised it was reduced so soon. I would imagine Oculus don't want to piss off early adoptors by cutting the price that quickly.
  15. Well worth it, it’s an excellent game.
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