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  1. I’ve now played it and won’t be playing it with my son because I thought it was awful. I must be missing something though based on all the feedback. It’s just so joyless, and why are most of the deposits you need high up walls you can’t reach. The area after the tutorial took me 35 mins to do by which time I was almost terminally bored. Is it much better in a group?
  2. Is it suitable to co-op with a 12 year old? Considering playing it as a game to play with my son.
  3. I would say that Pistol Whip and Beat Saber while both nominally rhythm action games are very different and worth getting along side each other. Having said that they are both quite physical games and IF this is your first foray into VR and you’re restricted cash wise then something like Shadow Point or Red Matter might be a better compliment at this point in time.
  4. I had a go early on with aim assist off on pistol whip, far too hard for me and totally sucked the fun out of the game. I want to feel like John Wick, not a fucking Storm Trooper.
  5. I had an issue with it crashing after about 1 min when you quick resumed, but I never had the save issue (although I never chose the online save?? not even sure what that is). Also for the last week of playing it I haven't had a single issue with Quick resume on Immortals so I do wonder if a patch came out to fix it.
  6. Finished this yesterday, putting just shy of 50 hours into it. For the most part I really enjoyed it, however it really takes a nose dive from King's Peak onwards and the final battle and ending were a real let down for me. However I certainly got my money's worth out of it. I played it in Quality mode on the Series X and thought it looked lovely, and it sounds amazing with Headphones running Dolby Atmos. Also was in general really stable and bug free (in contrast to the reports I've heard about the two big Ubisoft releases of Watchdogs and AC), apart from the occasional issue with
  7. That looks amazing, looking forward to giving that a go when it comes out. Although I really need to get back to my RTCW playthrough, as well as the Walking Dead. Too many games!
  8. Still really enjoying it but I do miss the little towns and people roaming about from Zelda. Despite being full of stuff that kind of makes it feel really empty (although it obviously fits in with the overarching story)
  9. I refunded it after an hour, just didn’t find it enjoyable at all. Didn’t like the mechanics.
  10. Of the ones you’ve listed probably Red Matter Robo Recall In Death Unchained Are the ones that would benefit most from being untethered. The others you are probably better off getting cheaper.
  11. This does seem to have an issue with Quick resume, which is really annoying as it does that 'checking for additional content' which takes longer than the actual loading of the game if you start from scratch. I'd say 90% of the time it hard crashes (black screen then back to dashboard) after about a minute when quick resumed. This is the only game that I'm playing that doesn't quick resume properly.
  12. Yeah it says that every time. No need to worry.
  13. My wife just got sent a code from Amazon too (related to the order for the series X). So that's the second code we been sent for the same order (I redeemed the other straight away).
  14. As queried why are you logging into both at the same time?
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