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  1. This is a great shot. The game really does look wonderful in places, worlds 1 and 4 especially.
  2. But you didn't have to do them 10 times over - you could progress to the next ranking after doing three battles in each, iirc?
  3. Thanks Masu. I actually made this mistake the other day. Did the Primeval Demon on 5-2 after getting it down from Pure White to Pure Black, returned to the Nexus, and when back searching for the Black Phantom Selen, before realising I had raised the World Tendency and hence couldn't find her. I'll be more careful in future. They do. Most of the bosses, I've found, can be done by spamming ranged attacks from a safe distance, with the Thief's ring equipped if necessary. Not all of them, but most. That said, I really did find that the bosses, and the game in general, got much easier as it went on. No doubt due in part to the fact that you'll have better stats, equipment and experience, but I also think it's fair to say that the difficulty in Demon's Souls doesn't scale, or at least not dramatically. You're thrown in the deep end, and things just sort of peter out after that. Without resorting to walkthroughs or cheap tactics, I'm sure you'll still be able to do most of the later bosses in one or two attempts.
  4. I wish I had known that. I think I found that boss worse than any other in the game. Thankfully, the boss of 3-3 is quite possibly the easiest in the game, which is saying something.
  5. Is dying in body form or killing an NPC really the only way to darken world tendency? I want to get some of the stages down to Pure Black in order to farm colourless souls (not to mention the other rewards - the Blind would be great for my dex-focused build), but I'd rather not darken my character tendency, and I can't quite bring myself to kill Selen or Scirvir, anyway. This happens to me all the time. My wireless connection here is a bit temperamental in general, however. I think it may also be an issue if you leave the game idle. I've ocassionaly left it running for a half hour while in the Nexus for one reason or another, and came back to find that it'd logged me out. Thankfully, it hasn't yet been a problem when I've been playing with someone else.
  6. Have there been any words on a sequel? From Software seem to churn out a lot of sequels, so it seems likely - especially given that DS most be their biggest success yet.
  7. and lasted about 20 seconds. Just seemed totally impossible and the thought of going through the whole level again to take another 20 seconds of whup-ass, made me balk. So I tried, in succession, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 and 5-1. Got caned by everything from Quite a few hours invested and genuinely wondering if I can be arsed trying again, when the bosses (should I ever get there!) are (based on 1-2 at least) so effing hard. Hmmmm. Please tell me it will all be okay. That it is doable for someone who never got past the first boss in Ninja Gaiden... Otherwise, anyone want a mint CE copy? I found the Tower Knight easy with a bow. Lock on to one of his feet, and continually circle him, moving in close enough to get him to attack, then moving back, and getting a shot in while he's in his recovery animation. Eventually he'll collapse allowing you to lay in as many hits as you can. You shouldn't need to get hit yourself at all, and I think he'll probably kill you in one shot at this stage in the game if you do get hit. It might be better to just do 2-1 first, however. Or even 4-1. The game gets easier as you go along. Once you've done another x-1 stages, you'll have levelled up a bit, got some new equipment (not to mention experience and practice), and the next one you tackle will seem that much easier. If you haven't already, buy the Heater Shield from the Blacksmith, unless you started off with something better, and keep you're finger glued to L1 at all times. You could also grind a bit. I just killed those blue knights over and over on 1-1 when I needed experience at the start, although with magic and the thief's ring, it's probably possible to take on the red knight from a distance. Edit: Or ignore me and just do what Brer said.
  8. Yes I think it's just because the overall server tendency has changed - yours changes with other players, although I'm not sure exactly how it's calculated. I guess the best way to manipulate WT, then, is to play in offline mode. It must be pretty hard to get it to, and sustain, PBT, given that the average tends to verge closer to Pure White. Anyway, I think I need to have a break from this today. I only started a few days back, and I've put in 40-odd hours. Not healthy. So far, I've done 1-3 (probably my favourite, with close competition from 4-2), 2-2, 3-2, 4-3, and 5-3. I'm finding that it gets much easier as you go on - either that or I've overlevelled. All of the last few stages and bosses I've beaten first try, whereas the early stages I struggled with no end, and found myself resorting to the wiki when stuck on certain sections. It's a totally backward difficulty curve, but strangely satisfying. The game throws you right in the deep end, but once you get to grips with it, you begin to breeze through. That said, I'm sure I'll be eating my words if/when I start NG+.
  9. I didn't realise that the world tendency changed according to the online average. I had world 4 pure white the other day, got the , logged on the next day with a mind to , and found that the world was no longer pure white. Am I missing much?
  10. Like many of the bosses, I got away with equipping the thief's ring and spamming it with magic from a safe distance. People will usually leave messages signifying 'It's safe here', with this in mind. In the case of the armoured spider, stay in the tunnel, and find a nook on the side. Honestly though, I'm starting to regret using cheap tactics like this on so many of the bosses, and have made a policy of fighting them properly wherever possible from now on. It's more fun.
  11. Well, I just had my first Black Phantom, on 1-2, and lost pretty miserably. I ended up chasing the bastard back and forth for about half an hour, through different groups of enemies, although he/she got me bleeding, and chased me back down the underground tunnel casting soul arrows all the while I tried to heal. I didn't last very long.
  12. Oh man, I don't think there's any enemy in any game that shits my up as much as those at the end of 4-2. The irony is, I think there probably the only enemy in the game I've encountered thus far that hasn't killed me at least several times over. Anyway. I've made a lot of progress these last few days. I've done 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 4-2 and 5-1. I'm rushing through it, really, which is a shame, but I've only got access to my PS3 for another week or so, and after that it'll be a good year before I can get a session in again, so it's now or never. My character is mostly melee, although I've been using a bow a lot (especially after realising that I could aim with L1 ), and despite having pretty crap magic stats, I've actually been falling back on magic far more than I should for the tougher enemies (the dark skeleton knights, in particular, who can still kill me in one hit). I don't think I've been giving the bosses a fair fight either. By the time I reach them, I'm always so desperate to get them done so as to avoid repeating the whole level for the umpteenth time, that I find myself equpping the thief's ring and finding the safest spot to fling spells and arrows at them without being hit, which I think has actually worked on almost every boss so far.
  13. This is a real shame. The party chat was probably my favourite thing about DQ VIII. Still, I can't wait for this - I haven't been this hyped for a game in years. I've ordered it with VG+, and I'm hoping (probably in vain), that I'll get it in the next week. I loved those bits.
  14. Cheers for this post, and Alistarr's. Very helpful. Got quite a bit further after a marathon session yesterday, and have finished all of the first stages of each level but one. I'm mostly putting points into endurance at the moment, as you suggest, and I'll work out how much focus I need to put on strength, dexterity, magic and faith later, when I know exactly what weapons I want to be using.
  15. Just started this. It's been sitting around since launch, but I told myself I'd finish Resonance of Fate first. Really enjoying it so far. Did 1.1 last night. I'm not sure about stats, however. I chose a Royal as my starting class, as suggested by many here and elsewhere, but I'm not sure where to go next. I actually like the character set-up given at the beginning - ranged attacks (a bow or magic would suit me fine, I think), light armour and rapiers. I'd prefer my character to be nimble. I take it should be focusing on dexterity, then, and that would mean using mostly bows and lighter swords (I think these are dependent on dexterity)? I've already put some points into magic, however, but I guess I only really need one ranged attack type? Also, am I right in thinking that magic is largely attack spells, and faith is for buffs etc.? I'm pretty clueless as you can probably tell. Edit: Also, is defeating a boss the only way to get out of soul form?
  16. champloo

    Festivals 2010

    That really is an astonishing line-up. Oneohtrix played a terrific set when I saw him earlier in the year.
  17. Cheers, I'll give it a shot. Worse case scenario, I have it waiting for me when I get back.
  18. Do VG+ usually ship before release date? I'm going away on the 18th for a couple of months, and Dragon Quest IX would be ideal for the trip - I'm just not sure if I have much chance of getting it in time.
  19. I was listening to Marvin Gaye's Trouble Man just last night. It's beautiful. Mostly instrumental, but that only makes the few vocal tracks all the better.
  20. The Void looks great. Can't be too bad for £5, anyway.
  21. Bit of a general question, but which would people recommend, Mario Galaxy 2 or the original? I only recently picked up a Wii, and I'm not sure I have time for both.
  22. It is quite easy, but you can compensate by going for A ranks throughout, although this can get a bit tedious in the later missions. I didn't get on with the plot or characters either, but then again, it's standard anime/JRPG material, and easy to ignore.
  23. Likewise. Being new to Steam around then, I went a bit mental with the Christmas sale, and I've only played a fraction of what I've bought. If Napoleon comes up in this sale, I'll probably buy it. Otherwise, I'm trying to exercise restraint. Not so much because of the cost, but more because I feel a little guilty every time I look in my Steam library and see all the countless games I've yet to install.
  24. King's Bounty is up there for £2.50. Absolute bargain.
  25. That looks terrific. Seems it's from the same team that developed Zeno Clash, which can only be a good thing.
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