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  1. Ok, so I spent most of the weekend looking in to the equipment I need to get my sim racing setup up and running. Looks like this is the way i'll be going: Fanatec CSL Elite base - Allows cross play over all formats I believe?; Fanatec Formula V2 wheel (Only current wheel compatible with the paddle module). Podium advanced paddle module (Allows throttle and brake to be mapped to the paddles) The only other option I may have is to buy the Elite base and find a Mclaren GT3 wheel, as mentioned in a previous post. Pricey to say the least, but if it's the only way I can play using a wheel then i'll get it up and running somehow, even if it means going in to the second hand market.
  2. Thanks for that. With regards to steering, that is something to think about. On the back of this I did a bit of searching on Youtube and came across some video's of Alex Zanardi and his set up when he races GT cars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-L6Sg4Ds7E4 Something like that would be ideal, i'm going to contact TeamBrit and see what they suggest @beenabadbunny. They will probably come back to me with an eye watering, expensive solution, lets see. I'd like to join to a few races with a few of you at some point (Pad in hand ). I'll keep my eye on the GT Sport thread.
  3. Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. Some really good links and information that's well worth looking in to. I've attempted to play racing games with a wheel since GP2 on the PC but as @beenabadbunny has said, throttle is either on or off, auto gears only. Pretty much useless. As has been mentioned, I don't suspect it will be cheap to find a solution, but to know there are options out there is excellent. I consider myself half decent at racing games using a pad, but the goal is to be able to have a set up enabling the use of a wheel. I did take a look at a Fanatec wheel with dual paddles (Mclaren GT3 variant I think) a while back and wonder if that would make it possible, but the cash outlay required in the hope it may work made it a no go.
  4. Can't find another topic relating to this so here goes... I suffer with a disability. I am happy to say that it does not affected my ability to use standard controllers on any system I have ever owned. One thing that does irk me however, is there seems to be nothing out there to assist me playing racing games using a wheel and pedals, as I have limited movement in my lower body and legs. On this note, does anyone have any modifications to controllers/peripherals that they use when playing games?. Really interested to know what is available out there if you struggle to play games using standard equipment.
  5. @sir stiff_one Never really played any puzzle games at all !. Only picked up SPF because it was so cheap in the backwards compatible sale a few weeks ago. Since then, I've been playing a fair bit and love it, it's really hooked me in. Thanks for all the tutorial video's, really interesting to watch. Whether i'll be able to play to a decent standard, who knows !. @Jonster Get me added to your friends list, give me time to get a bit more practice in and we'll arrange a game or 2
  6. This looks excellent. Not really been in to puzzle games over the years, but have been giving Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo a go on the One recently and loving it. No doubt i'll pick this up and be crap at it, hints and tips will be welcomed !
  7. Survey completed @smithstock. Definitely need to put some more practice in if tournaments will be starting soon. Some good scores being posted in this thread !...
  8. Was struggling with the same issues as yourself. Thinking it had been removed from the store for some reason I was about to give up until I saw your post !.
  9. Just done the first 9 hole course . Even par, so not the greatest start but i'll take it. Will be very rewarding once I have mastered the controls. I had better get practicing before I even attempt to take my average skills online !
  10. Installed and added my details to the spreadsheet (Hopefully done it correctly @smithstock) !. Looking forward to getting in to this after reading the last few pages , i'll get round to adding people to my friend list ASAP.
  11. Im absolutely loving this game !. Rally and Trailblazing events are superb, they have the handing model spot on. Heres a bit of footage from a near flawless run I did earlier in a 405 Turbo:
  12. Loving this so far !. Excellent handling model (Only raced rally and rallycross disiplines so far), and the upload to Youtube feature should make for some excellent viewing . Real dissapointment that you cant save full replays, ive had some excellent moment, but if I had spent the evening going through every replay post race, I wouldnt have got any game time in !. Heres my skills on show on the 2nd finland stage 8)
  13. Hahaha. Too true. I gave up trying to convince you about Race Pro's good points
  14. Can gears be mapped to different buttons?. I like to use B for upshifts, X for downshifts...
  15. I hope its sufficiently playable without a wheel, as playing it with one just isnt possible for me ...
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