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  1. Funny enough I started Halo CE this week. Last time I played it was on the original Xbox and clocked it around 4 times so its one of the all time greats. Feels glorious playing it with more accurate controls, unlimited frame rate and enhanced graphics.
  2. Exclusives off the top of my head Euro Truck simulator 2 American Truck simulator Noita Plane sims - Ms flight simulators looking fantastic - Xplane Train sims Multitide of mods to breath new life into your fav console games Zelda BOTW at 4K 60fps (except for one boss fight) Vast back catalogue of early PC games - Witcher 1, Deux EX, VR - Alyx, Onward, Pavlov, Hotdogs Horseshoes and Handgranades
  3. I've gone the prebuilt route myself. To be fair I think it's worth doing your own build at list once so you have some idea how it's all pieced together so you have a chance to diagnose small issues yourself or perform upgrades in the future. I've already added a couple of components already to my prebuilt and my previous PC I built from scratch.
  4. simms

    Far Cry 3.

    Wait there was a remaster if this?
  5. I really need to play this. Sounds wonderful
  6. Thats the PC I got although I bought it from Currys for about £150 more but picked it up couple days later after order from my local.
  7. Hope they inject something new into the Far Cry formula as the last few have been too similar. I completed 2&3 on Xbox 360. Played 4 on PC and lost interest. Still playing through 5 on my new PC at silly frames.
  8. Brilliant. I've got an urge to play this now.
  9. It can be played at 60fps in Cemu I believe . But I think some small bit maybe broken at 60fps, maybe fixed since.
  10. This is exactly what I hope will happen? Win win for both parties
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