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  1. Haha, nice thing about the Steam deck its a nice rabbit hole to get caught up in as the fixes are usually straight forward and Emulation is made easy. This is why I hope Valve leave the Deck to mature as long as possible without muddying the waters by introducing a new Deck with different specs
  2. No PC required, there is a desktop mode which allows you to tinker under the hood. Once you done you tinkering you just play in Game mode to see the fruits of your labour. You go as little or as much as you like
  3. Omg I remember I had that game. I thought it was amazing back then Funny enough there is a publisher on Steam that regularly re-releases Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad games on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/publisher/pixelgamesuk
  4. The pricing of these small indie games throws me back to the days I'd go to my local newsagents to pickup a Mastertronic game for £1.99 for my speccy
  5. I think the support is where the Steamdeck shines in comparison to other handhelds and PC handhelds some of which maybe technically better. It’s in line with Valves ethos of giving the community the flexibility to tinker with it and watch it blossom. From the easy to change SSD and other hardware, emulation software, visual customisations and software tools, it’s been an absolute masterstoke. What’s crazy is how much improvements there have been only a year in. Can’t wait to see how much better it will be in another year or two. I don’t want Valve to release an upgrade for a few years and hope they just let this one mature, if anything maybe release an OLED version with a better battery ala Nintendo.
  6. For those that are interested in a VR mod (Praydog WIP testing)
  7. simms

    PSVR2 - out now!

    Fancy a boomer shooter in VR Developer in talks with Sony about a PSVR2 release
  8. I didn’t realise custom boot videos are officially supported now or is that on the beta OS only? Before I got a Steam deck I wanted WIndows dual boot but the Steam OS is so good I’m not really bothered anymore* but I guess I may try it once it’s officially supported and easy to install. * Maybe I’d be more bothered if I didn’t have a decent Windows desktop PC
  9. While still probably cool. First person view with motion controls is the optimum way to play in VR. Looks like it’s still need work with invisible Hunnigan lol
  10. I’m relying on Praydog (VR modder) to infuse VR into the like he did the other RE engine games. Can’t rely on Capcom on PC EDIT: he’s already started working on it 😀
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