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  1. Started to put some time into this in VR. Flying around in VR never gets old. Not sure on the game itself yet, probably because I'm the stage of getting to grips and getting overwhelmed.
  2. Gosh, I would of never have worked that out. I think I need to find the Dragons Shrine which I dont think I've done yet.
  3. Yeah I've done that and I found one of those trees that you examine but nothing happens. I've probably missed something in game somewhere?
  4. I beaten the but I'm stuck. The way forward seems too ambiguous.
  5. I'll check. I loathe to ask for help but I'm a bit lost now. I've got the Kings ring. Am I near the end of the game?
  6. Earlier iterations of the Forza game series aside does not look like the PC is missing much. I mean Forza 1 & 2 are not going to be missed by many these days. Most games do not have issues then like you said . I'll take what you say about PC stuff with caution, you concede you don't care about or care to understand PC stuff. To be fair MCC had loads of issues on launch on the Xbox one from what I remember so I can see these issues being ironed out the same way. Every PC game ever released, especially these days have people shouting about the problems on the internet which will make you believe that PC gamers don't play games but just fiddle with files and patches, even console games have issues but there you're at the mercy of the developer to fix. I'm not a fan of tinkering myself so 95% of the time I just click and play .
  7. Is not as bad as you make out. What problems and what games?
  8. Just out of interest what exclusive Xbox one games are not on PC ? Only one I can think of is Halo 5
  9. And VR ready Im still happy with 1080p and 60fps so haven't bought into 4K gaming yet so if you're not fussed with 4K then PC may not be overly expensive Vs a console because you get so much more benefits. If convenience is high on your priority list then maybe a Scarlett is the better choice.
  10. Do you know if this works on a Vive headset?
  11. simms


    Wonder if this is the 2017 pc version repackaged?
  12. This is £3.49 on Steam at the moment
  13. By the same token it's not going to disappear anytime soon. There's still quality games appearing and cockpit type games are massively enhanced by VR.
  14. Great idea. I was thinking of doing something similar as VR discussion is currently splintered across different threads.
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