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  1. simms

    Octopath Traveler - Square Enix's Octoposse

    Everything eventually comes to pc.
  2. simms

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh Nintendo
  3. Not sure if this is directed at me, I never said anyone should sell through Steam only. As I said, ultimately I don't mind where the game is sold but my preference is to buy from Steam.
  4. Isn't it quite possible Valve greatly assisted in making PC gaming as popular as it is right now, ergo PC developers whatever store they sell from, benefit from that market Valve helped create? I'm all for developers getting more cut in sales and do not oppose other storefronts as long as I'm not paying to step inside the shop. Valve surely has gone some way of creating unity and setting standards that everyone enjoys now. Competition is good for all unless you start fracturing the market by charging customers to use your store. I'm looking at you Oculus/Facebook.
  5. Steam I think is taking an unfair battering. They have released their own hardware like Steam link, Steam controller and soon the Index VR headset with very cool controllers. Along the software that makes this hardware work. The Steam controller configuration is something that is understated how great it is with support for all of the console controllers. The whole Steam environment is something that other stores will struggle to match feature wise. I have all the launchers sitting on my taskbar and am happy to buy from any store but the Steam store is my preference.
  6. simms

    Minecraft - Better Together update now available

    Beautiful looking Minecraft with ray tracing
  7. I'd only be outraged if I had to pay to use another launcher or pay to play online (this maybe Microsoft's ambition). As it is, all launchers are free so if you and your mates want to play online together in a game you're all going to buy the game from whatever store holds it. I have not used them but I'm sure there is software that unifies all launchers so they are all in one tidy place if that makes it easier.
  8. simms

    Nintendo Labo VR

    Id just like to see how as it will work, its hard to imagine what form of VR this will be from someone just describing it. From what I understand will it be like a Nintendo 3DS but with headtracking? I was going to say I wouldn't mind trying one in the local GAME shop but id have to carry antibacterial wipes
  9. simms

    Nintendo Labo VR

    I’d love to try a demo of this as I’ve only done VR on my vive.
  10. New video for Boneworks featuring head crab type enemy
  11. simms

    Borderlands 2 - Show Me Your Guns!

    im still waiting for the RE 7 vr port. Bah
  12. simms

    Yakuza Kiwami 2: Blond Ambition

    This has been confirmed to be coming to PC. ESRB rated it:
  13. simms

    Borderlands 3

  14. simms

    No Man's Sky - VR Mode Announced

    It's also coming to PCVR via Steam VR. VR uses the full feature set of the base game including the upcoming update. Non-VR players can also play alongside VR players. https://www.roadtovr.com/no-mans-sky-vr-psvr-announcement/
  15. The intergrated headphones was a great convenience. Pulling on separate headphones is a ballache. They made too many concessions with this headset.

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