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  1. GOG.com

    These games are available via GOG connect:
  2. Nintendo Switch

    I'm a massive gyro aiming fan and wish this was the standard for all fps's or any game that requires aiming. I love that gyro aiming has been added and was tempted to get it for my Switch but not at £50 on the eshop. I'll stick with the Steam version which I used gyro aiming already for with the Steam controller*. I don't take my Switch out of the house except for holidays so portability is not high on my list of needs. *Until payday as I love Doom
  3. Shmups

    I forgot my monitor can be rotated vertically. Is there a list of shmups that have a Tate mode on Steam?
  4. Nintendo Switch

    Is there gyro aiming option with Payday 2?
  5. Steam - Lunar New Year Sale Feb 15-19

    There are tons of indie games on Steam. What type of games do you prefer? I'd give VR a go some point if you've had any interest in that.
  6. Steam - Lunar New Year Sale Feb 15-19

    I kinda understand the hate for it but I think people do not give it a chance or do not know what it can do. I did the same. I bought it literally as it was first released in 2015 and just could not get to grips with it at all at the time. It sat in the corner at the back of the cupboard gathering dust for 2 years unused and unloved. Along came the release of the Switch with two fine games, one called Zelda Botw and later Splatoon 2. Something just clicked and it felt so natural and great to use gyro aiming for Link's bow and arrow and Splatoons 3rd person shooting. I thought why don't all games use this aiming where possible. It came as a massive disappointment that Doom on the Switch did not use gyro aiming. The Steam controller then made sense I setup the right track pad as a trackball and gyro aiming on touch for fine aiming for FPS's and have not looked back since. I must admit, it takes some messing around to settle on a config game to game but once you get it right it's just brilliant and has become my favourite controller ever.
  7. Steam - Lunar New Year Sale Feb 15-19

    You can connect Xbox and PS4 controllers. My recommendation is to get a Steam controller. It the best controller ever and most versatile. May be a bit of a learning curve if you’re used to other controllers but all keyboard and mouse games work with it. For FPS’s, trackball like controls combined with the gyro for fine aiming is much better than dual analog. There are many options to tailor the controls but if you don’t want to do too much tinkering, there are community configurations you can download and then slightly tinker to your liking.
  8. Best Game Names Ever

  9. Forza Horizon 3

    awww No 4k 60fps on xbox x . I thought it was standard since Witcher 3 could do it
  10. Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    I really want to give this a go as it is VR enabled.
  11. Dark Souls Remastered

    Nice, Wonder whether they'll be extra PC bells and whistles to distinguish from existing pc versions? Glad Dark Souls 1 gets official 60fps.
  12. New Vive Pro announced. Pricing not revealed yet which makes me think this is going to be expensive, nice there is an HMD only upgrade. 2880x1600 total resolution (615dpi) Integrated audio with in line amplifier for much richer sound Two front facing cameras Dual microphones Improved optics Headstrap redesigned from ground up Better overall balance & lighter weight Backwards Compatible (will work with Base station 1.0 and 2.0) Able to pair four Base stations (2.0) together and track 10m x 10m Available Q1 for HMD upgrade-only Full package with new controllers available this year Vive Wireless Adapter announced (WiGig), available Summer 2018 (Works with both Vive and Vive Pro)
  13. I envy you people who are still feeling the love for this. I'm just finding it had to get back into it. Maybe I've just had my fill. Still want to finish off that final beast.

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