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  1. simms

    Oculus Quest

    I must say, as someone who wasn’t keen on the Oculus with their exclusives fuckery and Facebook attachment, I never thought I’d get one. But it’s undeniably the best VR headset out there in terms of value and feature set. For me, the ability to play PC VR games wirelessly was a game changer. I had to Lolz at HTC for their newly announced Vive Pro 2 with its massive price tag and that not much better than what a quest 2 offers.
  2. I cannot see this touching the Quest for market share. I loved my OG Vive
  3. Microids has announced Flashback 2, a sequel to the 1992 science-fiction platformer for consoles and PC. It will launch in 2022. Specific consoles were not announced. I remember playing this all those year ago on either the megadrive or Super Nintendo and marvelled at the smooth animations of the sprites. Reminded me of Mission Impossible on computers like the C64 and Spectrum, which is going back even further
  4. simms

    Oculus Quest

    I'm still waiting for v28 to be pushed to my Quest 2. My PC app is v28
  5. simms

    Oculus Quest

    This was in the Oculus gaming showcase that I'm just catching up with. From the makers of Arizona Sunshine
  6. simms

    Oculus Quest

    Looks like they've put effort into this and not just pressed the 'port to VR button'
  7. If anyone wants a Sairento VR or Job Simulator steam key then PM me
  8. simms

    Oculus Quest

    RIP Virtual Desktop https://www.oculus.com/blog/introducing-oculus-air-link-a-wireless-way-to-play-pc-vr-games-on-oculus-quest-2-plus-infinite-office-updates-support-for-120-hz-on-quest-2-and-more/
  9. Halo 2 on Heroic done. Seemed to drag on a bit at the end. I actually enjoyed fighting the Brutes more than I thought I would since my playthrough years ago on Xbox, a weapon stripped Brute charging at me on all fours was terrifying and great. Dual wielding is a master stroke of the series I think and gives you lots of options, more vehicular action appreciated, energy sword was my close up weapon of choice and on more than one occasion I actually took out small platoon of energy weapon equipped Covenant with the sword as my only option which was so satisfying. Looking forward to Halo 3 no
  10. Sorry to trouble you and this maybe a dumb question. I've reinstalled MYSYS2 to c:\ and have got a little further now. I managed to get past the git clone part and cd sm64-port. The next step is to: Place a Super Mario 64 ROM called baserom.<VERSION>.z64 into the repository's root directory for asset extraction Do I put the ROM in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\sm64-port ? EDIT: NVM Ive got it up and working now I've added to my library of hacks
  11. I've installed mysys2 to another drive and not the default c:\. I'll try uninstalling and install in on my c:\
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