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  1. As you are in Vr player you may know. I played this well over a year ago in VR but the galaxy map was a bit fucked to navigate in VR. I'm wondering whether that's been fixed. Can't remember if that was because I was playing with the Trustmaster stick. Have you encountered any issues with the map and what controller do you use ?
  2. Not been following the news for this but have they confirmed a VR mode?
  3. Must admit the Oculus link news is tempting me but I'll wait and see how it pans out.
  4. simms


    Freespace 2 is currently a free giveaway https://www.gog.com/game/freespace_2
  5. Have you still got the spare Steam code?
  6. Eurotruck simulator 2
  7. Yes the index has sticks
  8. I've got index VR controllers I've hardly used. This seems like the perfect excuse to give them a workout
  9. I’ll be interested in trying the Doom 3 graphical mods mentioned in the DF video.
  10. So that's it ? No way to redownload? If so, that's worrying.
  11. Not revisiting as such but I love playing earlier games in a series before playing the latest versions to see how the series have evolved. For example I played through Witcher 1 and 2 for the first time before playing 3. Also played Deux Ex 1 and will play through the others in the series. The sweetener is that some of these games have mods which improve the visual and/or QOL improvements.
  12. They really need to make underwater diving a thing in the sequel. Actually there needs to be underwater caverns, temples etc
  13. Likewise, was going back and forth between this and BOTW at the time. I just found the Witcher 3 world limited in comparison and dropped off it. I didn’t even finish BOTW in the end though.
  14. Users with access to multiple versions will quite rightly be bothered by the differences. Otherwise most people won't know any better. For me I'll go for the best version every time as portability is not important for me.
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