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  1. I guess you could say im a souls ‘vet’ and ER has often been an overwhelming experience. Got 80hrs on a third build (not finished w any of them) and my mind is often distracted by possible new, future builds everytime i find a new awesome weapon or spell. (i like the pvp’s) Sometimes i wonder what this would be like to play as a young fella with limited gaming experience or no prior souls/ from game under his belt… must be absolutely magical… or utterly frustrating lol.
  2. Think I cleared that area last night. Really enjoyed it. I backstabbed the clean rot Knight and ran away. Repeat for glory..... Boss was a close one but managed with a sliver of health. Lvl 70 faith build. Anybody know if the Halo scythe is a drop from these Knights or is there another way of attaining it? Question regarding the area: West of the shaded castle there's a bit with an aggressive npc and a Giant and at the end of the cliff a lot of messages telling me to jump down. It looked like i could but i wasn't in the mood for fancy platforming. Should i try it? Loving the Winged Scythe on this build btw, the L2 is a life saver in so many situations.
  3. Cars: Maybe it's Shotokou Battle/ TXR. It's the one i pine for when playing modern racers. Often dismissed as a simple arcade racer for JDM fans, i found that modifying your car with any of the many mods available would always have a slight or distinct affect on the handling and not just shave 0.02 off your time (hello GT). Nothing like power sliding a modded Viper GTS with 180 mph onto the Wangan Boats: Rapid Racer on psx Everything else: WipEout
  4. Had a good session yesterday and went for the Capitol. The sense of scale seems to have changed again and after running and dodging past some enemies i come to a yet another crossroad showing yet another never-ending set of stairs leading up into the heavens (ps4 draw distance?). It just became a bit too much and i instinctively went to the menu and was ready to select quit game. No enemies close by, just wanted to quit because all the different options and routes available became overwhelming. Decided to read a message close by. It said: "Don't give up". I smiled, applauded it but still quit the game a few moments later because i was spent. Amazing stuff.
  5. I'm playing online so was mostly ignoring these until a second play through until i noticed one from a familiar NPC which ended up giving me a nice item for helping his fight with another NPC. First time i visited Alexander's uncle in Cealid i thought he was a mute surrounded by bloodstains, found out yesterday he actually offers a neat little side quest (challenge) with a great reward.
  6. Cheers, been bugging me for a while now and wasted a lot of time trying to find my way 'in'. Not the best map reader here tho, constantly setting a course on the map and then spur Torrent in the exact opposite direction of where i want to go
  7. How do i... get the area west of the Albinaurac Village? It's the only part where i can't make sense of the map which doesn't seem to show the huge cliffside i'm riding along trying to explore.
  8. Finally finished Renalla and pottered around a bit but kinda lost where i'm supposed to be going? The guy from roundtable said to go to the foot of the erdtree, but from what i gather here i need to go back to Cealid for the general? Opened up Volcano Manor, Caria Manor, Mt Gelmir, Bellum (?) highway, Ansel river and got the medals for the dectus lift.
  9. Anyone else with vertigo really enjoying the sensation of your pulse wanting to burst your veins while exploring the rooftops of some of these places? It's brilliant. Would really like to see From's attempt at a Thief game.
  10. Have a lot of thoughts on all that but it'll have to wait until i finish my first run. I'm not that fond of the boss fights in the later From games and so far really loved some in this. The Tabia Mariner, half-life assassin, Gladiator bro, Margit and the big Moose creature have all been very nice surprises that, thankfully, don't force you to follow the 1-hit, roll, roll, roll template and actually allow for some combo's. Sir Lautrec... eh, Kenneth, had me laughing and giggling more then any Fromsoft NPC prior. I think the voice acting for him, Rodericka and some others is better then it ever was before.
  11. To add to this bit of excellent advice: adding a high crit dagger to your repertoire and punishing those staggered bosses with it helps them go down a good bit quicker. I'm not a dagger person but the Misericorde is joining me on boss fights as of late.
  12. Found the necklace, gave it to the lady. Lvl 48, now in Volcano Manor. Progress, finally! Traditionally prefer running the big Axe/Hammer build in a souls game but for some reason i decided to start with a dex mage in this. 70 hours later i'm still upgrading the dex and int stats but been mostly using the claymore and spikey mace for at least 50 hrs now. Upgraded the Bloody Fang but find it swings too slow in most situations and doesn't create enough stagger to compensate for that. Only using Glintstone arc to get rid of grunt mobs and not really using my magic anywhere else. From what i understand this build will shine in the latter half of the game though so i'll persevere. Not complaining, all part of a new souls game and figuring out where the stuff complementing your build is located. Just have to occasionally remind myself that this being a huge open world, it takes a good while longer then in previous games. So far i think this is my favourite From game of the last decade, when i'm alone i call it Dark Souls 2.0
  13. Can you give me a hint regarding the thiefs location (north, south of the telescope)? I spent ages going round in circles in the area but only encountered a boss fight (which looked to be an unrelated night time event i stumbled into).
  14. It's not affecting my current build either but i would have really liked to at least experience some of it. I think some of the slightly unbalanced stuff can make the game more fun, helps people overcome certain hurdles in an unexpected way, make grown men giggle. Moonlight shield magic attack in Dark Souls was so much fun, unfortunately nobody on patch 1.03 or beyond ever got to witness it's awesome effects. Some nerfs might make the game more balanced but a lot less fun. Cool super weapons wrought of the hands of demigods should do silly damage and not be comparable to your upgraded longsword....imo. Level 46, roaming around the Lakes, found Ainsel river, nope. Found another gruesome underground location and had to nope out as well. Caria Manor is kicking my butt, beat a hotdog in the academy but feel a bit under-levelled for the rest of it.
  15. Productive day yesterday. Met an invisible boss, died, snatched a key from a dragon, opened a huge gate and immediately transported myself to yet another new location, died, met a friend of a friend who sells useful upgrade mats, ignored his advice, entered (fled into) a Manor, died, got lost, went back and smacked Casper, finally met up with Patches again, got lost again, died, found a lady that wants to be my spirit summon, discovered a huge crystal cave, died. Opened up a part of the map that's roughly similar in size of what i had uncovered in the weeks prior in a single session. Absolutely exhausted.
  16. Any more stuff that i might wanna try and use before From starts wielding that infamous nerf hammer? It's become clear i prefer the murky, dark and weird areas over the bright Limgraves / Lakes of Lurnia in this so i booked another trip to the Cealid region. Ran past a few dragons (spotted the big one people use to level up but resisted the urge) and found another trader who sold me something handy for handling some of the wild life. Had a couple of those huge doggo's roaming about so tested it out and was pleased it worked until a red eyed version popped out and one shot me. So some of them have heightened aggro and ignore my stick? Tested some more but no more red eyes, saw a broken carriage in the distance and proceeded to get the loot, stick in hand so the doggies surrounding it would leave me be. Suddenly there is a huge screaching sound and one of those rotten crow things barges in from behind the dogs and rips me a new one. Pretty funny but made me a bit insecure about my sticks effectiveness now. Went somewhere close by and found some tree roots that i jumped on. Spotted a few regular looking soldiers on the outside ledges of some castle so thought that might be easier. So....I still hate fighting on ledges and those guys had poise for days. Went back to the lakes.
  17. Regarding the summoning of other players, what are Souls' vets experience with ER so far? Asking because so far both M and G have gone down much easier for me without help then with help and it's not even close. Both fights gave me the impression that the boss gains a significant health and defence boost when summoning 1 or 2 other players, much more so then in previous games. Done G about six times with a summon and the NPC summon but would parish before his transformation. Yesterday at the end of my session i thought i just have one more attempt before calling it quits, enter the fog door and am like "oh shit, forgot to summon whats her face", summon my Jellyfish (switched out for Imps who do a ton more damage but couldn't survive two hits) but to my own surprise i do a lot more damage (changed weapon from +6 Claymore to the +5 Spiked Mace to get some bleed in) and G goes down less then 2 minutes later (gained a few levels between attempts but put those stat points in int which wasn't used in the fight). To be fair, not summoning seemed to also screw up his AI routine a bit as he looked to be charging and flailing around wildly, missing loads of hits where on previous attempts he'd proven to be a pretty efficient killing machine. In my limited experience so far i would say that summoning can make certain fights easier, just not all of them.
  18. Cheers guys, realised i walked right past that room last night
  19. Do I need to defeat G in Stormveil before i can get a certain lady to move to the Round Table or do i have to keep searching for the item she wants? G murdering my Imps a bit quickly at the moment so would really like to upgrade them at least once before trying that again.
  20. You're doing fine! My lvl 30prisoner has 28hrs on the clock and not beaten M yet. The horse riding is brilliant but for me, walking this land on my lonesome just adds to the tension/immersion a bit. Finding so many weird places, often forgetting it's a huge open world game and exploring stealthily, only to find items and equipment i don't know what to do with/ can't use yet. The more lost i get, the more fun i'm having though.
  21. New TV coming in today, goodbye Panasonic plasma with that beautiful burn in, forever showing that at one point in my life i was carrying 99 humanity and had an estus flask at hand. Should really send it to the Dark Souls museum. Almost time to properly read those item descriptions and find out what is going on in Elden Ring, can't wait
  22. I've assembled a few of those spirit summons but so far they stay greyed out during boss fights....how do you use them?
  23. Not played more then 8 hrs but the best thing that happened so far has to be opening a chest that transported me into an area that felt more Bloodborne then Souls, way out East. Tickled a few enemies with my Estoc +1 and they were having none of it Got summoned a few times and died instantly from attacks the host and his mate were tanking with ease. Figured i wasn't really supposed to be there yet but explored the area for some juicy goodies. Good stuff.
  24. Started this last night. Explanatory pop ups every few feet. Small, nearly unreadable font forcing me to leave the couch and squint in front of the TV. Clearly everything else is looking and feeling good so this was very frustrating. That said, very excited to continue exploring, the world is clearly very pretty and huge and everything not UI related feels great. Not easily being able to read item descriptions in a From game is filling me with dread though.
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