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  1. Not if you use your Dark Hand and sap all of her remaining humanity as well....
  2. Maxed your pyroglove ? Bought all the boss gear from under the bridge fella ? 99 green herbs/ lloyd's talismans, humanity from vendors (maybe kill them as well....).
  3. I used to quick roll through them with a lot more ease on ps3 then in the Remaster, could be the rust but feels/seems like the cast is slightly faster in this.
  4. Try and add a little poise to prevent stun locks.
  5. Most weapons with vertical swing will do (Clay/Bastard /Zwei etc). Also Great Combustion/ couple of WOG blasts.
  6. Gravelord Covenant is pretty hot right now. You have 4 invaders chasing you through the level before you know it hehe. Excellent stuff. Never really bothered with kindling all the bonfires to the max but with invaders now unable to use humanity the number of Flasks you are able to carry makes all the difference. Pretty familiar with the game but there seem to be a lot of neat little tweaks and touches to the mechanics/dynamics in this Remaster.
  7. There was a mod for PC that reshuffled enemy locations and bonfires. I quite liked the alt bonfire location at Sens, lighting was pretty spectacular.
  8. My favourite strength weapons are the Demon Great Axe (46 - taurus drop/ Shiva), Demon Great Machete (40 - Capra drop / Shiva), Golem Axe (36 - transform +10 axe with Sens' Boss soul), Dragon Greatsword (50 - chop tail Dragon covenant) Dragon Great Axe (50 - think it's a transform but forgot), the Demon Hammer thingy from the Asylum Demon and the Black Knight Weapons although the latter require a pesky 18 dex to wield. Compared to later Souls games the movesets are rather limited but just upgrade them all and switch them out as you please.
  9. Good to be back and as someone who was stuck with a ps3 all those years the updated graphical effects are very nice. It really looks a lot better. First build is going to be a dual Great Axe wielding strength build so after getting the seal to darkroot i figured (since i'm still without the actual axe's) i might as well farm for the stone great sword a bit while waiting for some forest summons. Five minutes later and we're back to running a lv30 naked twink build with big fuck off sword ready to take on anybody. Love it. Surprising amount of new players. Went to the depths for the ember and the level was just full of people who got cursed or died from the ceiling hanging blobs. (Btw, did some co-op and found out you can actually cast the 'slow' spell of the R1 of the Stone Great sword on Gaping Dragon!)
  10. Don't mess up the Rhea of Thorolund story/questline. Do a lot of co-op as a sun bro for the 30 sunlight medals. (Have to stay a Sunbro to be able to use the unlocked spell - hopefully they changes this for Remaster though). DLC bosses are pretty resistant to divine and occult weapons so you might want to have a good back up option that doesn't scale of those parameters.
  11. Sun Tze

    Motorspot chat - No dull F1 though

    Rebellion haven't been the most lucky outfit on la Sarthe either have they ? Was able to watch the start of the Nur24h and was slightly surprised by the speed difference between GT3 and the rest of the field. Difference in pace looked much bigger then between LMP and GT in WEC races. So many cars on that narrow track with such difference in speed yet so few accidents (in the first few hours anyway).
  12. For me Dark Souls (and Demon's tbh) only really clicked when i approached it as an online version of Bushido Blade where the focus was on fighting other people. The rest of the game, regular enemies and bosses is just filler, something to kill between invasions. Without constant invading / being invaded these games lose most of their appeal to me. As an invader i also gained a lot of respect for the later areas like Lost Izalith and Tomb of the Giants. The single player/co-op experience may feel slightly lacklustre to some but those areas kinda transform and make a lot more sense if you do a gazillion invasions. Lost Izalith is the biggest area you can invade in and the cat and mouse game is totally different here then in say Undead Burgh. Invading in TotG is just the best and allows for so much fuckery it's absolutely brilliant. Also the best and most exciting area for Gravelord shenanigans.
  13. Sun Tze

    Let It Die (PS4)

    Decided to let my old account die... and started a new adventure around Christmas. I really should be honing my driving skills in Gran Turismo but this is just so much fun and easy to pick up and play for a few hours. There have been plenty QoL improvements, most noticeable are the lack of game crashing bugs and easier ways to accumulate coins and upgrade materials. Personally i greatly appreciate the apparent increase in good decals dropping from the stew and being able to win some via TDM rewards. They've added floors 42-50 which are entirely occupied by haters and hunters but the levels themselves are just recycled floors. You are restricted in the amount of items you can carry with you to these floors but you can keep all the items you find on those floors so the restriction is only upon access. All four Forcemen have now been unleashed so every faction (D.O.D., War Ensemble, Candle Wolf and M.I.L.K.) has their own optional Boss fight. By now there are also plenty of viable strategies for different weapons/armor to tackle them with so your not screwed anymore if you don't happen to have a maxed out Flaming Buster straight sword S or whatever. Cost of fighting them still steep but you accumulate coins so much faster now it's not really an issue anymore. Other then that they've added various new Chargers and overhauled TDM completely (much better now imo). They've also added weekly and monthly challenges (coins/ Red metals) that reduce the grind to much more acceptable levels. Oh yeah, there's a new vending machine that takes duplicate skill decals and lets you buy really nice things from time to time. (No matter what you do try to get that Dragon Buster RE sword asap, it's magic) Unfortunately you probably just missed out on the 1 year anniversary, the World of Tanks Collaboration or the 4 million downloads! events from last few months. They have been unusually generous and really boosted new and returning players progress by handing out all sorts of nice items and equipment. Fortunately there's another collaboration event around the corner.
  14. Not played many games this year and my favourite game of 2017 was released in the latter half of december 2016. Might not be eligible for the end result but i feel horrible if i don't take this opportunity to wax some praise onto it. Game of the Year A1. Let it Die Jet Set Radio meets Souls but with less skating. Or something. Most exciting and captivating experience since the original demons and dark souls. Funky, fresh and with a healthy sense of humour this had me captivated for the first few months of 2017. Every level is filled to the brim with lethal enemies that are lightning quick and posess crafty A.I. You are never really safe and only few floors will grant you access to an elevator that will take you back to the bonfire or in LiD's case, the elevator. Same elation when you spot one really. Finished it a while ago but still come back every now and then to work on upgrading the most ridiculous outfits you'll ever see. If they had released it as a full priced game with server support and without the f2p stuff this could well have ended up as my favourite game since Dark Souls. Gameplay Gold. A2. Gran Turismo Sport The online really works well, the rating system is a welcome addition and the cars and tracks look glorious. Still not my favourite racing game but what it does it does really well. Menu music and livery editor are excellent. Support so far is good and can't wait to see what tracks/vehicles are added over this year. A3. WipEout Omega Finally a chance to play 2048 on the big screen. Some stunning tracks and playing it with a DS4 feels great. A4. Horizon Zero Dawn I liked little Aloy, the world, the music and lots of other little things. Gameplay unfortunately never really clicked with me so my fondest memories are just strolling through the stunning scenery on the back of a robodino taking in the sights and sounds, shooting the occasional wildlife with an arrow when i felt like it. A5. Dark Souls DLC Most Disappointing Game of the Year Z1. Wipeout Omega Collection Zone mode was maybe my favourite mode in HD/Fury and i was... 'surprised' to see that someone had felt the need to add colours/colourschemes to these beautiful tracks. The zone modes in 2048 were just an eye sore and didn't 'flow' for me at all. Never played the Vita version but, imo, these needed work, not the HD/Fury (zone) tracks. The menu music being as up-tempo as the music during the races meant there isn't a place to calm down in the Omega Collection. With the gameplay requiring me to reach near 100% concentration i need a place to get my heart rate back in check. No place to hide in this one. Z2. Let it Die I can probably think of a hundred better ways to monetise this game. This could and should have been so much more popular. My guess is the difficulty combined with f2p mechanics scared most people off (before they got invested enough to see the workarounds or understood the surprisingly deep mechanics at play). George W. Bunnyhop was just wrong in his assessment but i can totally understand why many people found his views on LiD easy to share. Z3. Horizon Zero Dawn Reminded me i'm allergic to games with set pieces. Z4. Dark Souls DLC Z5. Sound Design of the Year S1. Let it Die S2. Gran Turismo Sport S3. Horizon Zero Dawn Visual Design of the Year V1. Let It Die V2. Horizon Zero Dawn V3. Gran Turismo Sport Writing of the Year W1. W2. W3. Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Best Supported Game (from pre 2017) of the Year B1. Ace Combat Infinity (PS3) @Benny, sorry for violating the rules. Feel free to ignore my votes for the end result.
  15. Sun Tze

    Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    BOP Changes: https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/gtsport/news/00_5078444.html Your gr.4 nemesis cars have gotten a hefty nerf so might be fun to race in this class again.

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