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  1. Lewis showing a lot of heart yesterday. Was great seeing the spontaneous bro hug with Max behind Vettel (doing his interview). Looked like they had a lot of fun racing each other and gapping everyone else. The cars are now pretty close in some races and the promised battles are emerging. Lucky us.
  2. Fluent Italian was just beautiful to listen to but his french needs some work I think it was a rainy summer day somewhere around '96 when i first got interested in the TdF/cycling. I was reading or had just read the amazing 'The Rider' by Tim Krabbe and a young dutch rider, wearing the national colours, seemed to be leading a stage when i turned on the TV. He had a face i could root for. From Micheal Boogerd, Bjarne Riis, Laurent Jalabert, US Postal, Lance, Richard Virenque, Paolo Bettini, Kelme, Euskaltel, Pantani, Fassa Bortolo, that tour of '98, Rabobank, Thomas Veuckler, Johan Bruyneel, Tom Boonen, Mario Cippolini, Paolo Salvoldelli, Rasmussen vs Contador, Froome vs Contador, etc, etc all the way to where we are now with Allaphilippe, Ineos and Bernal. i think this years edition was actually my favourite. Really hope Froome, Dumoulin and Roglic all fully recover and join again next year though, should be good.
  3. July Development Update: https://rtypefinal2.com/project-r/info/vol1.html Surprised that stage 3: Battleship raid was the most requested stage from Final. I mean, it's an R-Type game, it's going to have a Battleship raid stage regardless. The environment (traffic, crumbling buildings) was interesting but personally would have liked to see stage 2: Twisted Ecology with all its variants or stage 6: Floating Graves remade. Interesting quote: " The cover image of the month shows the biological enemy Gauper attacking the trans-dimensional fighter R-9A Arrowhead from the front. Behind the Gauper, you can see a swarm of Bydo System (α) Alpha approach. They can later be used as player fighters."
  4. Time for my yearly plug for Let it Die. It's a free (Ps4/Steam) 3rd person hack 'n slash and a lot more fun then Bloodborne. Build diversity! Over 1500 hrs* in and there's still so much room for improvement gameplay wise. Amazing value. Easily one of if not my favourite game(s) this generation. * Don't get scared by the endgame number of hrs. After numerous patches, the main game can be completed in 10-40 hrs these days.
  5. I like where this is going... the sooner some WipEout anti grav racing series becomes a reality the better imo.
  6. Fantastic race. What happened with the Mercs at the end though ? Calling in HAM twice followed by HAM setting fastest lap on those old tyres ? Was everybody on the same page throughout that sequence ? There seemed to be more surprise then excitement when they confirmed the win plus fastest lap to HAM on the radio after he crossed the line. As i get older it gets harder to trust my eyes but i swear Le Clerc sometimes drives different lines and angles then the rest of the grid. Love watching him.
  7. Thanks for that mr Sideways, great story. You also know the reason behind Mazda's (rotary engine) exclusion the following year ?
  8. Maybe one of the more 'experienced' petrol heads in here can answer a long held question: how exactly did the Mazda 787B win 'it's' edition of Le Mans ? Was it because the competition had more technical issues? Did the Mazda run without problems ? Whenever i read about souped up rotory engines there are usually tales of pretty wild oil/petrol usage and cooling problems. Wonder how much testing/races they did with it prior to le Mans. Also open to recommendations about books or literature detailing the development of racing engines/programs. I'd love to read about the Mazda project or how much effort it took Peugeot to take on Audi etc.
  9. Nvm the above rambling/ questions. I guess we'll have to wait until the reveal on july 18th and hope we find out more.
  10. So it's looking like there is not going to be a Corvette in GTE PRO for the first time in 20 years ? Unless they release the C8R on the racetrack this year it won't be eligible for entry in Le Mans n'est ce pas ? Corvette or someone else might run the old dogs in AM but i'd love to see them do an Aston and just be there in PRO even if the car isn't entirely competitive yet. Noblesse oblige. Even though this looks and sounds actually pretty good, it's going to take some effort to let go of the era that started with the C5R and what got me excited about Le Mans in the first place. Some engines just sound like they have a soul, Mazda's rotary whine, Porsche's flat six howls, the Peugeot and Audi diesel rumbles, the Saleen (Ford) and Corvette's (GM) V8 roars. Everytime we lose one it just hurts a little.
  11. https://jalopnik.com/this-is-how-much-it-costs-to-run-a-professional-race-te-1724802119
  12. Great drives by Toyota Gazoo, Signatech Alpine, AF Corse and Keating Mororsports. Good race but without some of the exciting finishes from previous editions. As always though, most of the race was very well worth staying awake all the hours. Heard mention this was the last year of the C7R but hopefully the legendary roar will return one last time. My Le Mans experience will not be the same without it. Nordschleife and Spa next
  13. Keating doing a good job vs. Bergmeister.
  14. Gaps are getting bigger. Still not sure which GTE Pro will turn out in front after the last pitstops. Huge off for Racing Team Holland after flat front tyre but team seems confident they can have the car back on track soon.
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