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  1. Not played many games this year and my favourite game of 2017 was released in the latter half of december 2016. Might not be eligible for the end result but i feel horrible if i don't take this opportunity to wax some praise onto it. Game of the Year A1. Let it Die Jet Set Radio meets Souls but with less skating. Or something. Most exciting and captivating experience since the original demons and dark souls. Funky, fresh and with a healthy sense of humour this had me captivated for the first few months of 2017. Every level is filled to the brim with lethal enemies that are lightning quick and posess crafty A.I. You are never really safe and only few floors will grant you access to an elevator that will take you back to the bonfire or in LiD's case, the elevator. Same elation when you spot one really. Finished it a while ago but still come back every now and then to work on upgrading the most ridiculous outfits you'll ever see. If they had released it as a full priced game with server support and without the f2p stuff this could well have ended up as my favourite game since Dark Souls. Gameplay Gold. A2. Gran Turismo Sport The online really works well, the rating system is a welcome addition and the cars and tracks look glorious. Still not my favourite racing game but what it does it does really well. Menu music and livery editor are excellent. Support so far is good and can't wait to see what tracks/vehicles are added over this year. A3. WipEout Omega Finally a chance to play 2048 on the big screen. Some stunning tracks and playing it with a DS4 feels great. A4. Horizon Zero Dawn I liked little Aloy, the world, the music and lots of other little things. Gameplay unfortunately never really clicked with me so my fondest memories are just strolling through the stunning scenery on the back of a robodino taking in the sights and sounds, shooting the occasional wildlife with an arrow when i felt like it. A5. Dark Souls DLC Most Disappointing Game of the Year Z1. Wipeout Omega Collection Zone mode was maybe my favourite mode in HD/Fury and i was... 'surprised' to see that someone had felt the need to add colours/colourschemes to these beautiful tracks. The zone modes in 2048 were just an eye sore and didn't 'flow' for me at all. Never played the Vita version but, imo, these needed work, not the HD/Fury (zone) tracks. The menu music being as up-tempo as the music during the races meant there isn't a place to calm down in the Omega Collection. With the gameplay requiring me to reach near 100% concentration i need a place to get my heart rate back in check. No place to hide in this one. Z2. Let it Die I can probably think of a hundred better ways to monetise this game. This could and should have been so much more popular. My guess is the difficulty combined with f2p mechanics scared most people off (before they got invested enough to see the workarounds or understood the surprisingly deep mechanics at play). George W. Bunnyhop was just wrong in his assessment but i can totally understand why many people found his views on LiD easy to share. Z3. Horizon Zero Dawn Reminded me i'm allergic to games with set pieces. Z4. Dark Souls DLC Z5. Sound Design of the Year S1. Let it Die S2. Gran Turismo Sport S3. Horizon Zero Dawn Visual Design of the Year V1. Let It Die V2. Horizon Zero Dawn V3. Gran Turismo Sport Writing of the Year W1. W2. W3. Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Best Supported Game (from pre 2017) of the Year B1. Ace Combat Infinity (PS3) @Benny, sorry for violating the rules. Feel free to ignore my votes for the end result.
  2. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    BOP Changes: https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/gtsport/news/00_5078444.html Your gr.4 nemesis cars have gotten a hefty nerf so might be fun to race in this class again.
  3. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    You can still tune your car but the process is simplified. You spend mileage points to 'upgrade' your vehicle. This will allow the slider that manages weight reduction and power to be moved further up and down the scale. Daily sports races are all BOP enabled so for those races it'll revert back to original settings anyway. Think i only did two races last night and then spent over 6 hours creating a dozen variations of a Gr3 Ferrari 458 livery i made. The livery editor might be even more addicting then the online racing. Last night was also the first time i did Panorama since the latest patch and i was pretty stunned how every single corner required a different approach and/or braking zone. The other tracks also felt slightly different but largely 'played' the same. It really felt like i had to learn the track all over again.
  4. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Haven't played much last week and will need to find some time to earn more Milage Points this weekend. Those special colours are pretty essential for (amateur) livery creations. Don't know if the player count is lower or if the server matching algorythms are different but racing with the US account is not as similar to racing in the EU as you might expect. I reached C/S in a couple of days and have been racing with everyone ranging from A/S to D/E drivers every time i logged on. In the US they all get grouped together somehow. Many races are with 12-16 people at a time instead of 18-20 in most euro races. Lag isn't really apparent when racing the Americans but the Brazilians can seemingly get a boost or drop in power at random. Overall it's a bit different but still good fun and constantly being grouped with some very skilled drivers means i'm able to learn a bit from trying to stay on their bumper.
  5. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Well, point ranking screen on my end says you earned 104 points in the Manufacturers Cup race from last night. Again, i got the same D/S ranking but only scored 48 with a pole/ win combo. Not really important but i'm just trying to make some sense of the scoring system. Race was pretty much halfway before i finally had the balls to try the chicane flat out. Cayman is a bit too easy to drive for my tastes though. It's superior handling reduced the challenge of Dragon Tail considerably even though the chicane remains a bit tricky. Haven't driven it much yet but the 911 RSR also seems very easy to handle compared to most of my rear wheel drives. The Circuit campaign is so well done. Really helps you understand the nuances of each track and is a great prep for the Sport races. Add psn Beboptopcat if you want to compare times, nab a cool livery or hook up for a race
  6. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Practice. It takes time to learn and be consistent on the optimum racing lines. It takes time to figure out which cars are best on a specific track etc. @PeteBrant I spent an hour trying to replicate your 1.50.200 (or something close to it) with the Cayman Gr4 on Dragon Tail last night and in the end only managed it once during the race. Quick lap indeed. Also noticed you scored 100+ points in the Manufacturers race last night which raised a question. Do they have a hidden tier within the DR D driving class ? We are both at D/S (or were last night anyway) and I took pole and a win (woo) on the Nurburgring GP but was rewarded only 40 odd points. I totally cocked up the Cayman race on DT just before (8th on pole, 16th across finish line) so my guess is i got grouped with a different tier of D ranks for the gr.3 Nurb GP race. Anybody looking for an easy win on the Nurb GP, i highly recommend the gr3 Corvette. It really looked like it it was the fastest car on that track, i made plenty mistakes and was able to catch up and pass easily every time.
  7. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Had this once but that was before the latest patch. Solid for me last night. Had a remarkable first though: both sports races i did were without any British drivers. Thought that was a bit odd. Really great qualifying on Maggiore reverse last night. Was in second for the entire qualifier but managed to nab the first spot with about 5 seconds remaining. Half the lap i was zig zagging full speed between cars that were done qualifying and let of the throttle. Bigger rush than the race itself. The Scirocco in second was clearly faster during the race and i had to let him pass in the second lap. After a small mistake i raced myself in second for the rest of the race but a bigger mistake in the final lap (!) had me spin the damn car and allowed 3-5 to pass. Oh well, it happens. Didn't like Maggiore II at first but warming to it now.
  8. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Interesting. I could've sworn the text read i only had fuel left for 1.2 laps at the end of the second lap (fuel mapping at max power). Gauge indicated roughly 60% used up in those two laps so i pitted in the third. Refuel told me full tank was enough for five laps so naturally i assumed i had to change my fuel mapping. Maybe my Corvette has a smaller fuel tank or a lot worse fuel economy at max power. Could also be that i'm remembering wrong (again) though. There should be a similar race today so will try to get some tests in to see what i've been missing.
  9. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Relax, I don't think they will televise our races I've seen a few races by the top ranked players and they are able to race pretty clean and incident free so i guess they will just stick to A rank and above. (Pretty amazing to see someone put in ten perfect laps, using every available inch of track and still end up 15 sec behind the top spots). So far the SR penalty system seems to be constantly adjusted so i maintain faith they get the right balance eventually. Do hope they change back the Nations and Manufacturer Cups times to what they were before. Missing too many races with current time schedule (though current US schedule is perfect for US account). Was 'forced' to play the sports race on Brands Hatch last night after missing the Cup event time slots. Unfortunately didn't notice that this was one with fuel or tyre wear. After a few laps a red text pops up and after squinting for a bit i see that i am about to run out of fuel. So I pit on the next lap (3) and my fuel guy tells me the full tank of fuel is enough for 5 laps (10 lap race). Ok, i've seen this in a few streams, i will try to change my fuel mapping to economy setting (5/6) while exiting the pitlane. I play 'old school' with X for acceleration/ square for brakes and directional buttons for steering. The OMD selection is on left analog though so when i take my thumb of the steering to control the left analog i inevitably miss the first corner and end up in the gravel. Concentrate on driving the rest of the race but in the final two laps some people suddenly start flying past me. Wondering why, I notice I still have over half a tank left. Had been too conservative with the fuel mapping. Trying to change back my fuel mapping to favour power i again miss some corners and actually cause someone to crash. In the end I literally had to park (!) my car to change my settings. Pretty awful experience to wrestle your controller like that in the middle of a race but guess I learned an important lesson and immediately changed OMD controls from left to right stick afterwards. Should work a lot better.
  10. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Don't sweat it dude. Maybe ask Sinterklaas for a hulppiet or two to help you out with all the work though @Anne Summers the beginner and intermediate settings have some very counterintuitive default settings for breaking and steering assists. Fiddle around in the menu a bit and do some test runs to find out which aids you want and which you don't. Downloaded a ton of WipEout decals last night. Let's see if any of the VGT cars is suitable to being transformed into an Anti Gravity Racer.
  11. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Was curious to see what racing another region would be like so started playing a few games with my US account as well. Had no problems finding and joining euro lobbies last night. Think the blue icon on lobbies also shows when friends are participating in regular Sport mode.
  12. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    I think general consensus is that the N class races are usually the hardest to race (clean) in. Group 4 machines really benefit from their aero and suspension settings making them, relatively, the easiest machines to control and race with in GTS. Also in the middle of readjusting my earlier decal creations to the racing number. Was struggling to come up with a good design for my Porsches but Mexos' sexy 7up machine gave me some cool ideas. Classic blue/white Philips coming soon. .
  13. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Nah, just GTS as advertised.
  14. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    So, is the focus still Sport or are they now shifting all their efforts on turning it into the same old GT with brain dead campaign modes (AI racing lol), Sambabusses and your favourite JDM machine from the nineties ? Disappointing news, wanted to hear about the Chip Ganassi Ford GT, loads of LMS spec cars, tracks and news on expanding championships and N class races. And dynamic weather.
  15. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    You'll find a track that suits it. Another day, another group 3 race at Maggiore. Left the GTR in the showroom and took out my trusty Viper. Bang, my first pole position. Spent the whole race battling another dutch Viper, two guys in M6's and a Croat in a Ferrari. Took us about two laps to say goodbye to most of the Beetle's lol. Looking in the rear view mirror i'm amazed at how well the Viper (and M6) pulls out from the S's leading up to the long straight. Comparatively the GTR just lost speed in those S's. Anyway, last lap and in a final attempt to gain on the leading Ferrari i missed an apex, got four wheels on the grass, lost 2nd and 3rd place trying to get back on track and then was hit by a lame 5 sec penalty for the excursion, leaving me 5th in the end. Kinda bummed about wasting 9,5 laps of clean, white knuckle racing like that but it was a pretty good race overall (btw, the Ferrari won).

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