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  1. Join the Forest Covenant/Darkmoon Blades or use the cracked red orbs the game gives you to do some invasions yourself. Just like in the main game, find out what works better for you; e.g.extra poise or invincibility frames, quick weapons vs slow hitters etc. Next time you get invaded you'll have a better understanding of why and how, thus better equipped dealing with the problem. After thousands of pvp matches it's still very common to lose ten straight though. PvP be a cruel mistress.
  2. Oolacile Township might not be the best spot for a relative new player like yourself. There's probably more people looking to set up gank squads to bully invaders then there are people looking for help going through the level. The invaders here are usually pretty hardcore (most will have their builds optimised at this point) and if they catch you casting stuff like Twop (Tranquil walk of peace) they will remember you as the primary target of any group. You can avoid Dark Beads and pursuers with mid rolling characters but your timing has to be pretty spot on. You can strip some armour and equip the Ninja flip ring if you have it and focus on dodging/timing rolls a lot first. Maybe try some invading yourself ? All you need to have fun in a place like Tomb of the Giants are Force/ Wrath of Gods/ Fire storm/tempest spell, some cracked red eye orbs and ideally, some light. Anyway, enjoyed reading your adventures!
  3. Kalameet still the only boss to give me a headache after all these hours. Just... stop jumping about you stupid oversized bug. Gotta get back my 99 humanity but damn is it hard if you stick with fashion souls (just Royal helm and Gough's leggings) and your quickest swinging stick is a Great Axe.
  4. Depends so much on your play style and if you wan't to be stronger or more diverse for ng+. If the first level up VIT/END and Faith to at least 40 after which you start to see diminishing returns. If you hold your weapon with both hands str scaling caps at 28. If you also want to be a caster, go for it. That said, my experience is that it can be quite tricky to quickly switch between a lot of different spell types (pyro/faith/magic), especially during the heat of battle.
  5. Well, the beads shown in the vid get quite the buff from dual wielding the crystal catalysts/ bellowing ring combo but yeah, it's a bit filthy but then so are so many other weapon/ spell combo's. Beads also pretty easy to nerf when you have acces/apply (great) magic barrier spell. To each their own but i infinitely prefer souls 1 for pvp, (mostly do random invasions and don't duel very much). If only because of basic things like rolling /ninja flipping being much more satisfying, impacts from weapons sounding believable instead of 3's 'slash' sound even if you hit enemies with blunt weapons like big axes and hammers. Poise system being more reliable (and fun imo) then hyper armour. Just these little things make all the difference for me. These first few months are an absolute treat if you want to avoid the backstab happy meta chasers. I personally haven't met any rapier wielding, flipping havel mom in hundred + invasions and the R2 attack from my big Axe is able to swing freely without much fear of evil backstabbery. It's been pretty great and i'm sorry to hear you got a different experience so far.
  6. It's definitely better then it used to be, just saying i'm still witnessing a lot of unfair or unbalanced matchings. Still contemplating my nasty bead spamming caster build but want to make something a bit more original then the standard ninja flipping, MLGS builds i see everywhere. This one's slightly different but hardly original:
  7. I don't know if it really works 'properly' anyway. While i lose summon signs for co-op after taking a special weapon to +4 , a regular weapon to +11, or ascend my pyroglove, there seem to be plenty invasions where the new 'rules' don't apply. Got my first (Big Axe) build up to 99 humanity (no farming, just hunting) which is always a nice milestone for any self respecting invader
  8. Not if you use your Dark Hand and sap all of her remaining humanity as well....
  9. Maxed your pyroglove ? Bought all the boss gear from under the bridge fella ? 99 green herbs/ lloyd's talismans, humanity from vendors (maybe kill them as well....).
  10. I used to quick roll through them with a lot more ease on ps3 then in the Remaster, could be the rust but feels/seems like the cast is slightly faster in this.
  11. Try and add a little poise to prevent stun locks.
  12. Most weapons with vertical swing will do (Clay/Bastard /Zwei etc). Also Great Combustion/ couple of WOG blasts.
  13. Gravelord Covenant is pretty hot right now. You have 4 invaders chasing you through the level before you know it hehe. Excellent stuff. Never really bothered with kindling all the bonfires to the max but with invaders now unable to use humanity the number of Flasks you are able to carry makes all the difference. Pretty familiar with the game but there seem to be a lot of neat little tweaks and touches to the mechanics/dynamics in this Remaster.
  14. There was a mod for PC that reshuffled enemy locations and bonfires. I quite liked the alt bonfire location at Sens, lighting was pretty spectacular.
  15. My favourite strength weapons are the Demon Great Axe (46 - taurus drop/ Shiva), Demon Great Machete (40 - Capra drop / Shiva), Golem Axe (36 - transform +10 axe with Sens' Boss soul), Dragon Greatsword (50 - chop tail Dragon covenant) Dragon Great Axe (50 - think it's a transform but forgot), the Demon Hammer thingy from the Asylum Demon and the Black Knight Weapons although the latter require a pesky 18 dex to wield. Compared to later Souls games the movesets are rather limited but just upgrade them all and switch them out as you please.

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