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  1. https://jalopnik.com/this-is-how-much-it-costs-to-run-a-professional-race-te-1724802119
  2. Great drives by Toyota Gazoo, Signatech Alpine, AF Corse and Keating Mororsports. Good race but without some of the exciting finishes from previous editions. As always though, most of the race was very well worth staying awake all the hours. Heard mention this was the last year of the C7R but hopefully the legendary roar will return one last time. My Le Mans experience will not be the same without it. Nordschleife and Spa next
  3. Keating doing a good job vs. Bergmeister.
  4. Gaps are getting bigger. Still not sure which GTE Pro will turn out in front after the last pitstops. Huge off for Racing Team Holland after flat front tyre but team seems confident they can have the car back on track soon.
  5. Nodded off around 1 am and just tuned back in. Before nodding off i remember the #8 being just a bit more unlucky with safety cars.
  6. Ugh. That sucks for Gavin. Down to one car once again... Aston not only suffering from BOP but also from unexpected high tire degradation on rears according to dutch eurosport. Hope they can pick up the pace during the night.
  7. Afaik they produced 500 and later doubled the production due to high demand. Personally i think every Ford GT ever looks timeless and should be on every track at any opportunity.
  8. I don't think we will see the BMW M8 on a private team, i hear it's pretty hard to work with. A shame really, i quite like that sexy rear end. Only teams that could make something out of it are the current semi works teams. M-Tek have already said they'd like to continue the program...but only with considerable support from BMW. Both the Beamer and the Ford apperently cost more to buy/run then the Ferrari or the Porsche. Ford GT's biggest issue is that it's a pretty rare car.
  9. Flashbacks of Magnussen (Corvette) vs Bergmeister (Porsche) at Laguna Seca ten years ago. Let's do this.
  10. That's one reason some Porsche owners swap out there pretty well engineered flat sixes for an LS motor. Great start. Was having a moment when GTE Pro nearly went three deep into the first chicane. Had hoped SMP and Rebellion be somewhat closer to the Toyota's. LMP2 going to be good.
  11. I agree but nobody has joined Toyota recently. I don't know what the manufacturers want and how much of the rule changes come from FIA/ACO and how much of it is on request by manufacturers tbh. Almost time, have a good race! Wouldn't mind another epic last lap battle against one of the Aston Martins this year. Let's go Corvette Racing.
  12. I never realised but the Toyota hypercar concept actually has some 'Supra' in it. Especially the front/nose section. I do think it looks somewhat similar to the Glickenhaus concept but they both look rather different from AM"s Valkyrie. I think they all look stunning though. Read rumours about Oreca being interested in participating in Hypercar class as well. BOP is unfortunate but is there any other way really ? The only way to bypass BOP afaik is to have a single engine manufacturer and we already have a class for that. WEC season 2019/2020 entry list: Bit of a barren landscape in GTE Pro but the other classes should still be entertaining.
  13. Wonder if some other big manufacturers we haven't heard about in the rumours yet are considering an entry. I don't now much pride still exists in executive boardrooms but having that Toyota logo almost permanently plastered on the screen in HD during a racing event this big must surely hurt or at least sting a bit ?
  14. When was the last time there wasn't any GTE BOP drama on the friday before the race ? Even the Risi guys think they have a chance. Aston Martin confirmed for new hypercard regulations. Expecting a Toyota announcement soon.
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