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  1. Finally a Direct where we won’t get our hopes up.
  2. So you didn't enjoy it - but also wished it was longer? Like that old joke: "The food at this restaurant is terrible!" "Yes, but the portions are magnificent!"
  3. Oh yeah, there were a fair few but it was generally quick ports from certain publishers and was a drop in the ocean compared with games developed for non-CD systems. But you’re right about it being a useful testing ground.
  4. I didn’t complete it because it was unplayable and you know it! Millie and Molly on the other hand…
  5. I certainly didn't say better! The thing is that when the screenshots from games were put together in magazine ads the C64 would always look more muted in comparison. That's just how eyes work. I think C64 Green Beret looks better. But also more muted.
  6. Spitting Image had its share of brown! I loved my C64. It was the best of the 8-bits but we know brown was overused in many games. I think it seemed browner because the Spectrum's colour use was so very different.
  7. Just a Spectrum for families with a small bingo cash win.
  8. I know this game was a hit (and that it came out what feels like an eternity ago) but can you imagine how big this would've been if it had been released at the start of the pandemic like Animal Crossing was.
  9. Who can forget that almost every developer in America was making games for the FM Towns and PC Engine CD Rom?
  10. How many frames per second would you want it to run? Also I think you're better off considering the 1 meg version - not that it would likely make much of a difference. The physics in Grand Prix, Indy 500 and Stunt Car Racer were good (at the time, from memory).
  11. I thought they only had those in Barnado’s homes.
  12. They are over. The C64 won on a brown battlefield.
  13. The only good 8-bit computer ever made. Lovely cover.
  14. You sob on camera holding a picture of your kids and beg for money. It's a flawless strategy.
  15. If I was the sort of person who wanted a wall of desirable boxes behind me on a YouTube video I'd just buy repro boxes and stream from FPGA.
  16. Technology-wise was there anything stopping one of the big European joystick manufacturers creating a 3 or 4 button controller in about 1990 when they saw how consoles were utilising their joypads? We all know the Amiga games that aged best were those that were fine with one-button input or use a mouse.
  17. With the availibity of flash carts and MiSTer etc you need to be really dedicated to bother collecting retro games nowadays. Sellers really seem to be taking collectors for a ride.
  18. Did Grattan not bother with the ST? It felt like the ST was an afterthought from 1990 as the Amiga started to boom.
  19. How is all this rumbling going to work in the iOS version?
  20. If you have a Readly account you can access digital versions of Switch Player. If you check it out on that and like it you may want physical editions too.
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