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  1. I no longer have Sky or have an aerial on my house so I don’t see such horrors.
  2. It's not confirmed until @deKay reveals it.
  3. What’s the definition of homebrew? I felt like Xeno Crisis was a pretty significant multiformat commercial release.
  4. Has Retro Gamer ever done a big feature on Mercenary or Woakes?
  5. They’ve let people slap it on worse.
  6. You say new but the games that were mentioned were tired and dated even when they arrived on the ST. Let alone the time the Jaguar arrived. Or 2021. I just find it hard to believe that if someone had an ST set up at home they would bother playing these games. It’s not like they’re interesting homebrew titles for the Jaguar.
  7. I get why people would want to own these for the collections but surely no one wants to play terrible old ST games just because they are running on a console?
  8. Just went and had a look back at GTA 3 coverage at the time. In the official PS2 mag they had it as an 8-page cover feature preview in Jan 2001 but I can't find the issue with the review online.
  9. Yeah it only got big once mags started loving it and consumers were playing it. Word of mouth hit initially.
  10. Capcom need to hurry up and put their Arcade Stadium packs in a sale because it's the only way I'm buying them.
  11. You're right, its release wasn't an event like it is now. But by the time Edge's review was published the game had become A Very Big Deal Indeed. With the way deadlines are my guess is they hadn't read other reviews at the time. Not that this would've affected the score/criticism but it might have got more space.
  12. I wonder why they got screwed over this way? I remember having read plenty of gushing reviews before Edge's appeared. I remember reading the review at Heathrow en route to Chicago and thinking "huh?".
  13. I had totally forgotten GTA 3 was in the Halo issue. If the Edge of 1993 was covering that selection of games GTA 3 would have been much more The Future than even Halo.
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