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  1. I might hold out for the VCS then. Any day now.
  2. I wish this was on the Switch (I know it'll never happen) because I'd certainly give it a go.
  3. How good would it be for an 8 year old? I read the puzzles weren't too complicated.
  4. I would struggle to deny this. Fair point on Cybernator. I would indeed add Buster Busts Loose though. Loved that although not played it since the 90s.
  5. I’ve just remembered I had my level passwords printed in Game Zone (or Mean Machines) back in 1992. I’ll have to trawl through some scans.
  6. Not a huge amount of quality before SFII to be honest. Super Ghouls n Ghost and UN Squadron the highlights.
  7. As an aside, did anyone make better third party games in the early days of the Super Famicom/SNES than Konami? As well as the outstanding Super Castlevania IV there was Axelay, Contra, Parodius, Turtles in Time, Cybernator, Contra Spirits, Goemon… I'm going to ignore Gradius 3.
  8. Not sure if the offer is still available but if you have Amazon Prime you can get a free year of online via Twitch.
  9. From memory that really is the worst instance of slowdown in the game.
  10. To be fair this was a criticism of the game at launch and the jumping was pretty much a Castlevania trademark at the time.
  11. Polterkitty just felt like busy work to pad it out. Wasn’t necessary.
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