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  1. I’ve been a constant subscriber since I bought the issue 1 and although the magazine bores me silly nowadays (yes, I still have a subscription) I always think the covers are absolute wonders.
  2. I enjoyed it but it really is all about looks, sounds and atmosphere.
  3. From memory I think the text should be Japanese.
  4. Always think it looks weird when a screen is smaller than the console it's being used for.
  5. I thought the point was that YouTubers such as yourself were getting it free. You must be reconsidering your decision to become a YouTuber now.
  6. Look, if all games companies followed the rules it would be a very boring world.
  7. “This isn’t a console I want therefore there simply can’t be a market for it.”
  8. Aren't phones the most stolen items in the street across the UK? An iPhone is also more expensive than a Switch. I don't personally feel too scared to play my Switch in London. As with anywhere it's about being sensible and aware if your surroundings.
  9. I just meant out of the box.
  10. There are very few games that won’t be compatible. Beyond Labo, Mario Party and 1-2 Switch it won’t be an issue.
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