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  1. Rayman Legends is indeed outrageous value.
  2. I won’t play anything on my Mac Mini, my MacBook Pro is for work only and I don’t have an Apple TV. I’ve got an iPad and an iPhone but also take my Switch everywhere. Is Apple Arcade basically pointless for me?
  3. It was a perfectly fine game but I only bought it back in the day for its 4-player mode. It wasn’t great due to the way it was horizontally stacked.
  4. Thanks. I’ll skip it then.
  5. Anyone played the full game of Trivial Pursuit Live? I’ve downloaded the demo but not sure it’s representative of a game like this. It’s £6.40 on the eshop and I’m hoping it would be a good one with adults and children together.
  6. This is more like Apple Arcade.
  7. Deku Deals is best for this as you can see historic pricing too.
  8. To be honest I did git gud with previous editions, I just struggled with this one. I've tended to focus on a science victory with a side of domination in early editions.
  9. I love a bit of Civ but I'm not crazy about the Switch version. There were too many things I didn't really grasp. Who should I pick next time I go back to it – and want to win?
  10. The majority of people here grew up on terrible PAL versions without realising there was anything wrong. It’s hard for people to pick holes in emulated NTSC versions because they frequently play better than the ones they grew up on.
  11. Lots of people will have these old consoles tucked away in a loft and lack the space/equipment to have them hooked up to a modern TV or a CRT.
  12. You had me at Don't ever play persona.
  13. Yeah I think the shared islands will be lovely.
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