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  1. Can you share a recipe with a player who shares your island?
  2. I know it would never happen but I'd love to be able to do house design stuff on a browser with a mouse or through the app. Would fill 5 min gaps when I'm working.
  3. What triggers the residents' services upgrade?
  4. Nintendo does Golden Axe better than Sega does.
  5. Anyone got any pears or bananas I can nick and plant? I can only offer oranges at the moment.
  6. Life goals 1: Visit @Rob Rule's island.
  7. Switch went to sleep so new code is 8PR74.
  8. I'm way behind most of you, partly because I'm so busy with work and homeschooling my daughter, partly because said daughter is getting on far more than I am. We would love some non-native fruit! We have oranges and I'm growing three cherry trees. I'm going to open up my island and if any of you could dump just one of the other fruits near the airport I'd be eternally grateful. Feel free to take some oranges from my trees. I have nothing else of value to offer. It will be open until 11 which is when my daughter is on break and will use the time to play AC of course. I'm Ben from Kretania, my friend code is SW-0488-5134-3030. The Dodo code is 4S512. I will be afk.
  9. Will KK Slider turn up this evening?
  10. Thanks, dude. I wondered why I couldn't see it as an option in the game.
  11. I only got to play for about 45 mins but I'm on the second day. How do I get my daughter on the island? Does it need to be using her profile and do we continue on mine?
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