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  1. The Switch's Castlevania collection is now just £3.99. https://www.dekudeals.com/items/castlevania-anniversary-collection
  2. Is Burnout Paradise worth it for £22.49 (Game)/£22.99 (Argos)? I know the initial price was a scam considering prices on other formats.
  3. Oh I thought they had stayed in Bournemouth, fair enough.
  4. The thread has been dormant for 15 years so another 4 is nothing. I thought this Capcom release list had been debunked though?
  5. I might be misremembering but it felt like I had a couple of bits on bikes with no honks.
  6. Been working my way through this off and on with my daughter. It’s charming but some boss battles are fiddly and I’m not always sure which direction I need to go in.
  7. Consoles rule everything around me.
  8. RG isn't part of the Bath set up though is it?
  9. Perfect for fans who need to wipe away their tears on a regular basis thanks to Sega’s awful decisions.
  10. It’s to stop anyone dousing it in vinegar.
  11. All branches closed when they went bankrupt a few years ago. However someone else now owns the brand name and has opened a couple of new mini branches in US malls. So there’s now way the game cropped in one of those.
  12. That must've been a while ago because Toys R Us closed down a few years back.
  13. I have a Readly sub and read RG via that. Is that a service that leads to direct revenue for you, @strider, or does it all go in one pot for Future?
  14. I think they'll eventually change because there is no real market for a print magazine doing previews and reviews in the same way it's been done since the 1980s. Edge deserves to thrive for the next few decades, but it I think it needs to figure out what its approach is going to be. Because no matter how much you love what it does right now there are probably 2 or 3 who don't and the market won't support it forever. And Future are cheap bastards for the most part so they could pull the plug one day. I don't think the prestige of having the most high-end games mag means what it once
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