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  1. And Club Drive came out at pretty much the same time as the home version of Ridge Racer.
  2. There have been 'review bombs' on Marvel films and the Ghostbusters reboot where scores were considered to be very important. Those sort of films and videogames share a lot of emotionally weak people who tie their own self-worth with that of their favourite entertainment properties. A low score is like a personal insult.
  3. https://www.dekudeals.com/items/capcom-arcade-2nd-stadium-bundle-1-switch
  4. This was reduced recently so I finally picked it up.
  5. Those are two different branches I believe.
  6. If people could stop buying/avoiding/liking/disliking the wrong games we wouldn't be in this mess.
  7. It's mad to think that when Edge launched in 1993 it was simply the start of an elaborate long con set up so they could score Sonic Frontiers 3/10 in 2022 and have people lose their minds.
  8. Oh I see. I didn't have a USB card reader to hand so just had to use the built-in slot. Although if I could've found my USB reader I would've just used the PC in the house and avoid the Mac altogether for it. Good to know for future so thank you.
  9. I think the problem is/was the way Mac OS writes the data to the card. Thankfully the Terminal advice on @SMD’s link fixed it.
  10. Having a bit of a nightmare with replacing my SD card in the Switch. Had a 128gb one and want to replace with a 512. I copied the contents of the 128 onto my Mac. Put the 512 in the Switch to format it. Put 512 in my Mac. Dragged contents of 128 onto it. Insert in Switch. Switch asys SD card can't be read. Format 512. Can then be read (although obviously is empty) Have tried different variations where I just copy certain things across. For example , the "save" folder on the 512 had 2 files created when it was formatted so instead of replacing those with the ones of the same name I kept them. The 'best' result I had was that the card was readable but all the games that were meant to be on the card were saying they needed to be downloaded. Another time I insterted the card and the Switch said some data was correupted and would need to be deleted. It deleted the contents of the "registered" folder where it seems the games are kept. Anyone have any advice?
  11. There are people in the Sonic Frontiers thread proclaiming it GOTY. The 3 is more like @deKay's take on the game. He should change the Sonic Froniters thread title again.
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