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  1. Out of curiosity what does this mean?
  2. Already a load of Atari minis aren't there?
  3. Hopefully it will offer the ability to play other handheld carts. Otherwise you're better off getting a modded backlit GameBoy online.
  4. I don't understand why, if you have the talent to make something that could in theory be really good, you'd waste it on creating something that will always be seen as just a rip-off of another game. Wouldn't you want to make something that was just a little bit distinctive?
  5. Can it predict that I don’t give a shit?
  6. So it's Picross with a plot?
  7. Maybe "all works out" just means Antstream won't be out of pocket. I'd be amazed if this VCS launches and even more surprised if there's a market for it.
  8. Look, no one could've predicted this.
  9. There are a few references to the iMac in these posts that make it sound like the iMac came after this. It was before.
  10. I’d be interested to know how many of you with preorders are like me – I have never owned the MD. i had an Amiga and SFC at the time but obviously had friends with Mega Drives.
  11. This new VCS will make the Lynx look like the GameBoy in terms of popularity.
  12. I think it is but AFAIK it was a codename for the Lynx.
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