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  1. I think a lot of people look at the price they paid for things new and assume people will pay pretty much the same if it's been looked after.
  2. Yes and yes for a little bit longer. Will DM the code.
  3. Is it more fun than Burnout Paradise? Or is Hot Pursuit better for me?
  4. You've probably got the game running in the background 24/7 though.
  5. There's a fair bit of filler.
  6. I think that may be too much of a sim for me.
  7. No. I just fancy a proper racing game on the Switch.
  8. I've got the Contra collection and I'm not done with that.
  9. Will I feel a chump spending £12.49 on this?
  10. I've got Redd in town in case anyone wants a fake Quaint or fake Wild right half.
  11. TV Sports Football at least was on a lot of formats including PC, ST and even PC Engine.
  12. Probably better than a novelisation of LED Storm.
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