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  1. I was talking about someone else, not you. It just felt a bit unnecessary to call anyone out by name so I left it vague, which perhaps wasn’t the best idea. The retro selection is pretty shit, but there are over 800 games in total available so I thought that persons rants about how rubbish the overall selection was (not just of retro games) to be a bit weird. There’s a hell of a lot of good games there. The middle, PS Now style tier is great. The tier on top of that doesn’t seem worth it.
  2. Just to counter balance the weird chat about the service having no games Sony exceeds number of promised PlayStation Plus catalogue Games. Up to 740 expected, though more available via direct searches.
  3. It definitely feels a lot tighter this season. The only thing I don’t really like are the scenes with Frenchie - he just doesn’t seem to have anything beyond his accent.
  4. I mean, Nintendo don't develop the Pokemon games, Bayonetta 3 has been in development hell for years and Kirby seemed like a decent family game. The other game you mentioned was also pushed out of the year due to development hell. Hardly a ringing endorsement for managing their games division well. If you have a point you should probably try making it.
  5. This is shit so far. These things are always just advertising but Geoff is shit at finding the right balance.
  6. At one point they changed the f2p system (I can't remember the details specifically) but it resulted in different values for everything. I believe they then scrapped your entire collection for full mill value and started you back up with just the base cards. I think I got about 250k scraps from it and a crazy amount of Meteorite Powder.
  7. The Switch came out over five years ago, no way is that a current gen console. Just PS5 for me. Still play my Switch but it’s basically just a handheld now.
  8. Have they announced that The Darkness is leaving then?
  9. That seems a bit extreme, doesn't it? You have one night a week to enjoy your hobby, the other time has to be doing whatever your wife wants. Doesn't seem like a fair balance. Might explain why I'm not married though. I don't think gaming specifically is the problem though, it's more that they seemingly don't want to spend any time together and to feel involved. It sounds like she just wants a bit of company though, so maybe playing a Switch on the sofa is a good solution. Maybe board games, assuming they aren't just for men as well.
  10. I keep hearing a rumour that Arkane are doing a new Shadowrun. Think it originated from Jeff Grubb. The games are good but that’s a pretty bad trailer unfortunately.
  11. I'm in a very similar position (40 odd hours and at the Altus plateau) and I'm also just a little bit bored. The balance is.. non-existent, it's got the usual design structure of a Souls game but stretched over an obscene amount of content and it just can't cope with it. I'm struggling to remember the last encounter I've had that felt fair. Usually I'm way too overpowered, with the rare exception (General Radahn, which became significantly easier when I realised the entire point was to just let the NPCs kill him for me). You can't decide to go for a Faith build, or Sorc, because the odds are you'll play for dozens of hours and either never see or miss the one item drop you need from a specific mob on the entire map to give you access to 3 additional spells that will greatly help you out. There's just very little character progression to be had unless you start googling for item locations. Unless you're willing to go for dozens of hours spamming the same 2 or 3 spells, which I guess some people are. I enjoyed my time with it and I think I'll go back to it soon (maybe even tonight actually) but it definitely feels like the open world hampers the game rather than adding to it. When it's good it's really good, but those have been the more linear areas that have felt like a self contained area from the previous games.
  12. Not quite as exciting as the headline. I’m glad this has bombed though, it just came across as incredibly greedy. Especially being so expensive on PC - fingers crossed Forspoken has a similar reception.
  13. I do find the "well, this is disappointing" reaction a bit strange. For years people have been banging on about how amazing backwards compatibility is and praising Microsoft for going hard on it. Sony announce that they've made PS1, PS2 and PSP games run natively on current gen hardware and suddenly "only" backwards compatibility is underwhelming. What more were you expecting? They've stated publicly multiple times that first party games won't be coming day one to their subscription services.
  14. Still works for me. Used the last of my wallet to top up until 26/10/2024. Tempted to go again but I’m not sure if it’ll be worth it until I see what’s actually available in the new library.
  15. The option is still there for me, although I haven’t clicked through to purchase though so I’m not sure if it’s blocked later. On the PS5, go to store, subscriptions, select PS now, then the … in the top right, manage sub and I can see an extend for 12 month option there.
  16. Selectively picking the oldest games to complain about, definitely fair.
  17. Seems like the key part of this announcement is the games that are included - not really much to say otherwise. Can’t judge the quality of the service without seeing how broad the range is, although including Returnal is definitely good.
  18. There’s a short video of Jones first talking about it here. That was as of Feb 21st. By all accounts Milo is doing much better now as Jones has been posting weekly updates on his son’s progress.
  19. I know it sounds harsh given the circumstances around him leaving (although he says it’s been planned since July), but to me he’s probably the least important member of the group. I’ve never rated his VO that highly (it’s good but not as amazing as they make it out to be), so I’m intrigued to see who does it now. I think the person writing the review could do the VO, it might lead to a more personal touch. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. EZA have been coasting for a while I think, they definitely need a huge shake up.
  20. Ok.. when did Brad cut his hair? In my head it's still really long but it looks like it's been short for ages.
  21. Thanks but I've never actually seen it in stock there.
  22. Sort of related to the topic… does anyone know of anywhere to buy discounted Steam wallet credit from? Doesn’t seem to be as easy to find as PSN etc.
  23. There was a video posted a few pages back of RDR2 lasting for 3 hours. Honestly, if that’s disappointing to you then you had unrealistic expectations for the battery life.
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