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  1. Oh, it looks like I just confused myself looking at the order summary. Never mind!
  2. Maybe I’m misremembering but didn’t the voucher used to just take £10 off the final price? It now seems to take £10 off the base price then apply the discount from that new price, so things aren’t as cheap as they may seem.
  3. Yeah he says he's done that.
  4. Does anyone have any experience with crossplay? I'm on PC playing with a mate on PS4 but we just can't get voice chat working. I have W10 and Battle.net both set to use my headset (for audio and mic) and I believe he has crossplay communication enabled. I don't really know what else to try.
  5. I really didn’t like the pilot for clone wars, is that indicative of the rest of the show or just a bad episode? It doesn’t look great but I didn’t mind that so much, it was just the god awful droid humour (which I’m obviously too old for so I shouldn’t really complain about it too much).
  6. Radish

    Xbox Game Pass

    I found the second to have better gameplay (I still liked the first), but a much worse setting. I think they expanded upon the world and lore in all the wrong ways and just found the characters and locations to be really drab, despite my initial excitement at exploring the city. It plays really well but imo don’t expect much else.
  7. Radish

    Xbox Game Pass

    Really? I’m sure I remember hearing that Ace Combat 7 is pretty hard and some missions are 10 mins+ and death/failure means restarting the whole thing. Not to say it’s bad (they really liked it) but yeah, I think it’s quite tough.
  8. Very mixed thoughts on the screenshots ☹️ It looks a lot like Divinity Original Sin 2.5 rather than what I imagined BG3 would look like. i imagine these are taken from early footage so hopefully the BG aesthetic and feel will come.
  9. Maybe I'm just being dumb but a heads up for this in game would have been great. Started offline because the servers were down, never occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to switch to online later
  10. It's had a few decent sales over the last couple of years so it's about the most expensive I've ever seen it at the moment. It will get an official price increase after it goes live tomorrow though, I think by $15.
  11. Yeah, there’s very little horror in this so far. It just seems kind of flat; lots of wild shit is happening but nobody seems especially fussed by it. The teen school stuff seems massively at odds with everything else. Definitely agree about the children though, they’ve clearly been affected by the family tragedy so claiming otherwise is a bit of a weird take. I might just read the graphic novel (it’s ok Kindle Unlimited) and give up on the series.
  12. Radish

    Warcraft 3 Love-in

    I mean, you do know that they backtracked and didn’t make any of those changes that they originally advertised, right?
  13. Sex Education is great - much better than Riverdale. No idea about The Stranger.
  14. £50 deposit is mental, especially when in the same tweet they’re advertising the fact that it’ll sell out and be hard to find, so they wouldn’t even lose out if you cancelled your pre order because someone else would just buy it instead.
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