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  1. I mean compared to current gen prices - only slightly more than PS4 and Xbox One controllers and cheaper than Joycons.
  2. Got mine too. Also grabbed an extra controller from Smyths for £50, seems a bit more reasonable.
  3. So I would imagine the proposed DLC was considered big enough to become a full game.
  4. Maybe not as official as it could have been but what's happened is seemingly in direct contradiction to what the head of worldwide marketing said which just makes him (and Sony) look incompetent.
  5. So much for promising to give plenty of notice for preorders starting. Sony are fucking everything up right now, just don’t seem well organised at all. I doubt the console price will drop anytime soon so I’ll still buy one at launch, take a bit of a hit buying Demon Souls for whatever it costs and then just use it for better versions of current gen games (cyberpunk etc). Game pass does make the X appealing but their first party games are mediocre at best so unless that changes in the next few years there’s little reason for me to get one (even though it is a bit annoying that PC game pass still doesn’t get the same titles despite doubling in price).
  6. I really liked the FF16 trailer, reminded me of Dragon Age (which is a good thing to me). Really excited for it actually.
  7. I imagine they would be but Mass Effect saved games are locked to whatever DLC you’ve installed during that playthrough so if you’ve used any you may need to rebuy it on the other store (assuming it doesn’t just tie in with the origin versions of everything).
  8. Just stick it on eBay when they have the max £1 fees offer (which is frequently now). Lesser known websites have such cheap preorders and prices in general that you frequently don’t even lose any money and sometimes even make a few quid.
  9. I’d like Vampire the Masquerade if it’s still available! Thanks
  10. The campaign for They Are Billions is pretty shit. The game is designed around having access to the full tech tree and the campaign strips all that away to create a persistent progression system, so early on you just don’t have access to the majority of your arsenal and I think it really suffers from that. The levels also just aren’t that interesting. That said, the survival mode is brilliant and well worth playing. My advice would be to try and stay away from researching the ideal way to play because experimenting is a large part of the fun and (for me at least) once you’ve found what seems like the optimum way to play it starts to become a little repetitive.
  11. And except the Outer Worlds DLC, text on screen said you had to buy it separately (but you do get 10% off).
  12. Er, ok. Good thing I wasn't talking to you then.
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