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  1. Radish

    Xbox Game Pass

    Great, I've been desperate to play A Plague Tale but I've been holding out because it just seemed like a shoe in for Game Pass. Definitely feel like GP has altered my buying habits.
  2. Phil Spencer said in an interview recently that it was - I think them denying it is just to try and reduce the impact that “announcement” will have on game sales. It’s possible that Phil was just mistaken but with the DLC coming next year it would make sense for it to appear on Game Pass.
  3. Radish

    Now TV

    You’d think that £3 a month extra would get you 4K, not 1080p. That really should be standard - NowTV isn’t exactly cheap.
  4. Class design and the entire story and writing.
  5. The fact that it's seemingly a legit sequel set 6 months after P5, coupled with the above trailer, have pretty much made me do a complete 180 on the game. The combat still looks a bit ropey (loads of enemies standing still while you hit them) but I'm excited to see where the story goes.
  6. Radish

    Xbox Game Pass

    Can’t recall if we have a separate thread for PC, but Outer Worlds pre load is up (37gb or so).
  7. The best of her kind, yet at 17 (at 18 she'd already spent a year in prison, going by the first paragraph) she's already been caught and serving a life sentence. Not really a great start to your career is it?
  8. I used to think that Ben was a nice guy that just lacked charisma and wasn't suited to this sort of personality driven job. I'm a lot less convinced about the "nice guy" bit now. The "rip. king dedede finally got to him crushed his head with a big hammer. gone but not forgotten" joke and "what the fuck do you mean?" just make him seem a bit nasty.
  9. Radish

    Apple Arcade

    Sayonara Wild Hearts is £10.99 on Switch - that's two months access to Apple Arcade. As convenient as the Switch is for accessibility (when playing that one specific game you have on standby) it's significantly more expensive.
  10. Ben's inability to take any form of criticism, constructive or not, is why he acts exactly the same now as he did when he first joined.
  11. This is probably a controversial thing to say but Drew is really boring. I can't believe they talked for 30 minutes (I'm not kidding) about his blinking meme.
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