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  1. That’s a pretty naive statemtent to make. By all accounts developers are struggling with Frostbite even on current gen hardware, let alone making it work reasonably well on a Switch.
  2. It was a pointless thing for Gamescom to advertise anyway. The entirety of Ubisoft's software will be free for all of September via Uplay+, including Anno 1800.
  3. You’re only screwed if you’re playing on hardcore, otherwise it doesn’t really matter. The experience points may not have been distributed evenly, but that’s about the only downside.
  4. That section felt very self indulgent. "Thanks for coming all this way just to speak to me - er, to us".
  5. I think it looks a little better there than in the trailer as the trailer looked very rough.
  6. Radish

    Xbox Game Pass

    Disappointing that the console and PC games pass are so different. It makes sense for platform exclusives, but not for multi platform titles (like Stellaris and DMC V).
  7. Radish


    You can’t, it’s part of the premier subscription service which is £15 a month. You did get a ten hour trial with the basic version, so that might be what you’re thinking of.
  8. Radish


    £18 for Anthem? Yeah, that's surprisingly expensive.
  9. Radish


    Yeah, I was curious to try it again but Anthem is still surprisingly expensive on the PC.
  10. Perhaps worrying but both the rp realms are low pop, whereas the pve realms are medium and pvp are high. I always find decisions like this to be really hard - I massively overthink things and in the end i doubt it matters much (which PVP server to choose). I want to avoid the one with that hardcore guild from the sounds of things, but I could see it being a troll and they'll roll on the other server instead. Edit: Some stats from a Reddit poll for you: PVP Realms: 3871, 5509 players PVE: 647, 635 RP: 249 RP-PVP: 1126 I'm sure that the Reddit demographic skews towards pvp but it does sound like the RP servers will have a much smaller playerbase.
  11. Really? I'm still listening to it (just finished the weekly wrestling section) and I think Abby could do with dialing it back a notch. She's not her usual self; she's talking much faster and more loudly than usual, and seems to believe that she has to try and make a joke about couple of sentences otherwise people will forget that she's the host or something. It sounds like she's trying too hard to ape Vinny's style too and while that works for him I'd be happy with Abby trying something that felt more genuinely like her. In her discussion about yet another random $8 narrative game on Steam she said "I think" a couple of dozen times, easily.
  12. Does that mean it’s only NA getting one?
  13. It's a weird reaction for sure. When the Ooblets developers posted condescending and antagonistic messages to their Patrons (whatever the term is) on Patreon via their Discord, I too was surprised when they became annoyed by it. Why would intentionally winding people up wind them up? It's strange. Thanks guys for helping fund us for so long on Patreon though!
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