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  1. I'm surprised to hear it's so bad - I've not played it but Nextlander spoke a lot about it on their most recent podcast and were very positive so I assumed it was good! But then their friend Will Smith seems to be involved in making it and they played it with him on stream so maybe some bias there.
  2. Dualsense feels the most comfortable for me and it makes the Series X/S controller feel a bit cheap in comparison. It does yeah, although not many games support it yet and it has to be wired a lot of the time (many all the time?).
  3. World of Warcraft Counter Strike Final Fantasy 10 Persona 4 Golden The Last of Us I think Mass Effect and Dragon Age are up there but I couldn’t narrow those down to just one game, they feel too much like a series to me now. Honourable Mentions: Warcraft 3 Left 4 Dead 2 (aided largely by the amazing mod scene) Witcher 3 Dark Souls (the series) Baldurs Gate/Icewind Dale (again, hard to pick one specifically) Final Fantasy 9 Dota 2 (which I loved for hundreds of hours but I know I’ll never touch it again, so it’s a weird one)
  4. Hades on PS/Xbox is just a port of a game that didn’t originally release this year. Seems a bit strange to me to put it on the 2021 GOTY list. It has its due in the year it first released, it’s functionally still exactly the same game.
  5. There’s still an element of Brad being Brad but because they don’t have to be unanimous with their decision it hasn’t really mattered much. Their stuff seems largely the same from what I’ve watched and listened to but sometimes it can be pretty entertaining. I think with Nextlander it comes down to whether I’m interested in the game they’re playing rather than just watching anything they put out.
  6. I thought it was a load of shite. I liked some of the earlier episodes (4 especially if I remember correctly). There were some big changes but a lot of what it was doing was pretty decent - until this episode. I did write all this out after watching the episode but because it's turned into a bit of a rant (understatement?) I wasn't going to post it... but there's just so much wrong with this episode. No book spoilers. The sad thing is that this was written by showrunner Rafe Judkins so I don't really any any hope in the series actually becoming a proper adaption of WoT. I'm obviously struggling to look past how bad the adaption of the books are so I genuinely have no idea if this is actually a good tv program for people that haven't read the books though
  7. I've never actually read the review in full before. It's a load of shite, isn't it?
  8. Yep I held off given the frequent reports I've read about how hard it is, but I also heard that a lot of people love it so I've finally bitten. I was waiting for them to patch in mid session saves too.
  9. Take that back, you filthy trolloc. I still can't decide if this is just a flawed adaption and a good show or if it's just not that good all round. I think they should have either released all the episodes at once or done an Arcane and released them in three batches. I don't think it's quite gripping enough to work on a weekly schedule. I have a feeling it's going to benefit from being judged as a whole season rather than on an episode by episode basis.
  10. Yeah, nobody claimed otherwise though did they? It was clear from the start it was the upgrade that was free, not the DLC.
  11. Because the PS4 to 5 upgrade was free? Eurogamer are still reporting it as free; maybe they just haven't had the update yet.
  12. Remember that there's a repeatable £10 off any purchase above £13.99 voucher on the EGS at the moment, so in effect it's £14.
  13. I can’t tell if that’s a joke or not.
  14. Screen Rant gave the PC port 5/5: On the other hand, Digital Foundry say:
  15. I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that Sea of Thieves has changed drastically (not that you necessarily were), but that explanation does make sense. Not that it matters anyway because it has zero chance of making it past the first round, regardless of what it goes up against What happened with Titanfall 2 was amazing, still makes me smile when thinking about it!
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