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  1. I grabbed a 3 month trial for Stadia Pro recently and was pretty disappointed by it on my PC. Played through Orcs Must Die 3 to completion (which was decent, if a little underwhelming) but it was always a little bit blurry and had performance issues at times with frame rate drops. OMD3 never once looked as sharp as the screenshots do so I honestly couldn’t imagine playing Cyberpunk on Stadia.
  2. In the PS5 launch trailer I think they said Forbidden West was expected second half of 2021.
  3. There is, I think it's under your account management page in settings. If I swapped from Demon's Souls physical to digital would my save game still be compatible? I seem to recall having some problems with that on the PS4, no idea if anything's changed now.
  4. Hmm, that video definitely lowered my anticipation levels a bit. The roads looked pretty empty and the population density seems a bit low, I'm sure I remember the original gameplay having far more people present. Just looked like a video game world to me, something seemed off. Maybe the lighting?
  5. I know Like a Dragon doesn't get a PS5 release until next year but can it still be played via backwards compatibility? If so how does it compare to the Series X version?
  6. I’m going to be really disappointed now if Arivs from DPD turns up later with some fucking bamboo straws for me.
  7. I’ve had the same message this morning from DPD but my pre order is with Amazon. I did order something last night but it was £5 so I can’t imagine that’s coming via DPD, but presumably it is.
  8. I've already paid for a month of Disney+ before (when it first launched here) and the 30 day trial worked for me - activated it via the PC app.
  9. You can find it online for £33-35 for the year too. It's good for third party, the only real downside is that Sony are reluctant to put many of their own games on it.
  10. It looks pretty smooth at least (except for some of the cinematics? Might be my imagination but they looked like they chugged a little). They probably should have taken the helmets off before trying to have emotional scenes because I don't think it really works when you can't see their faces, but I think the gameplay looks decent. Story seems to be incredibly generic.
  11. Since you seem to know a lot about tanks, is Warrior really looking that far behind? I was settled on one but if they're really that subpar I might have to rethink it. Of course, my other two tank options were Druid and Demon Hunter which didn't even make your list... Maybe I should look into Paladins or Death Knights.
  12. G2A have refunded me in the past when the key hasn’t worked, despite not paying for their scammy insurance. Work asking.
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