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  1. The best of her kind, yet at 17 (at 18 she'd already spent a year in prison, going by the first paragraph) she's already been caught and serving a life sentence. Not really a great start to your career is it?
  2. I used to think that Ben was a nice guy that just lacked charisma and wasn't suited to this sort of personality driven job. I'm a lot less convinced about the "nice guy" bit now. The "rip. king dedede finally got to him crushed his head with a big hammer. gone but not forgotten" joke and "what the fuck do you mean?" just make him seem a bit nasty.
  3. Radish

    Apple Arcade

    Sayonara Wild Hearts is £10.99 on Switch - that's two months access to Apple Arcade. As convenient as the Switch is for accessibility (when playing that one specific game you have on standby) it's significantly more expensive.
  4. Ben's inability to take any form of criticism, constructive or not, is why he acts exactly the same now as he did when he first joined.
  5. This is probably a controversial thing to say but Drew is really boring. I can't believe they talked for 30 minutes (I'm not kidding) about his blinking meme.
  6. Radish

    Xbox Game Pass

    For some reason they always delay the PC announcements.
  7. Radish

    Playstation Now

    It's worth looking into the catalogue though. They have over 600 titles (250+ of which you can download to your PS4) including PS2 and PS3 games. You can stream the games on your PC so if you don't have a console it's the only chance you have to play the likes of Bloodborne etc. It potentially has value, it's just a different proposition to Xbox Game Pass.
  8. Radish

    Playstation Now

    £50 a year, which is a lot more reasonable. It's worth looking into now when we enter another dry patch for games (not sure when that will happen!).
  9. Honestly, people on Reddit like to exaggerate how difficult and time consuming everything is. I got my mount at level 41 (a little later, true, but not by much) and I had Engi at 200, Mining at 190, First Aid 252 and Cooking at 256 (all of which were a gold sink). I also spent a bit of gold on buying upgrades on the Auction House (I'm playing a Warrior so gear is really important, weapon especially). You do need to consider your mount at level 40 and not go mad spending gold if you want to have enough to afford it, but you don't have to go "full professions" or "Know how to make money" to be able to buy one. If you are in the high 30s and struggling, my tip would be to farm the Charms that Warrior's need for their Whirlwind Axe quest line. The mobs aren't too difficult to kill and the item that drop is selling for upwards of 80s each on my server at the moment.
  10. It's definitely more apt! My latest (repeated) moan: Abby's hosting style. You aren't Vinny. Don't try to be Vinny.
  11. I've never understood this - devs aren't entitled to your cash just because they're game developers, they should make something you genuinely enjoy if you're going to give them money, not just give it to them because of a generic "they deserve it" statement or you want to "annoy internet crybabies" (defined as that for holding a different opinion to you). It also shows how out of touch you are when you lump Assassin's Creed in with the yearly "release the same game" method of CoD, Fifa etc. You should look into Odyssey, it's going to blow your mind if you think a gacha MK game with a subscription is good value for money and deserves rewarding.
  12. If the dynamic theme is good enough, digital deluxe (assuming it’s not way more expensive).
  13. So Ashley Johnson did leak the release date back in June. Oops
  14. Radish

    Apple Arcade

    How does one update their ipad? Mine says it's already up to date (ipad mini 5th generation, which I think is recent enough to receive the new ios?).
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