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  1. Sort of related to the Jessica Price stuff: Disney have fired James Gunn (writing Guardians of the Galaxy 3, among other things) for making jokes about paedophilia ten years ago on Twitter. As was said about Jessica Price, gender is irrelevant: anyone is at risk of losing their job if they publicly say something that the company they work for thinks will put them at risk of bad PR.
  2. The Kotaku review summed that nonsense up perfectly: It’s just stupidly over the top.
  3. But that isn't the only difference. I listed some of the other differences, unless you want to reword your post to say that both people are literally identical in every single way except for gender. In which case, yeah.. it might be sexist, but since that's completely divorced from reality what's the point of the question?
  4. Do they both work for the same company? If so, is one more senior than the other? If not, does the company one developer works for have history of making better games or work on a more popular franchise? Are they of the same age? Are they both of the same ethnicity? Is one more active on social media, attend more conferences (GDC), appear on more podcasts etc? Did one of them randomly get retweeted by someone with a lot of followers? Did the hundredth person to send that tweet to the woman also tweet the man? Have they ever tried to discuss game development with a male developer before? Are they a respected member of a community that relates directly to the particular topic? Did the person tweeting the female developer also discuss that female developer on their livestream the day before, praising them, saying they are the "god of AMA's" and that they "gave absolutely amazing answers to AMA's that were amazing to read through"?* It's not always about gender. *
  5. Article apparently contains spoilers, so be careful.
  6. Radish

    Extinction - Michael Peña sci-fi

    I actually quite liked Cloverfield Paradox. Couldn’t give a shit about the Cloverfirld universe, but the film was decent enough.
  7. Kotaku said their review would be out Thursday morning, so afternoon here would make sense. Many prediction is a “recommended” and a lot of low to mid 8s.
  8. I think at the time of writing Jason had only finished 4 of the 8 stories, so it’s possible that something could happen once all are finished. That might just be wishful thinking though actually, now that I think about it didn’t Bravely Default have a story reason to replay the game? I could see something like that happening again.
  9. I was a bit confused about how the structure with with recruiting all the different characters worked, fortunately Kotaku have written a decent guide. A few key points: The first character you choose is the main protagonist and can't be removed from the party until you've completed their entire story Each chapter beyond the first has a minimum recommended level - and it won't scale You can see all 8 stories in a single playthrough, but given the level requirements it might make more sense to focus on 4 per playthrough (as that seems to be the max party size). Of the 4 stories Jason Schreier has completed, none of them interacted with each other in anyway - the other characters in your party don't even appear in the cut scenes. I also saw he wrote another article: Octopath Traveler Is Nothing Like Final Fantasy VI (in response to one of the developer's saying it was a spiritual successor to FF6).
  10. Radish

    Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    Is Rocket League the game that was being teased earlier or is that still to come? Disappointing if it is.
  11. I don't see why people are having so much trouble understanding this. That exact thing is written into my contract and I've heard it happen to people in the company (posting about customers on Facebook primarily, and that was on their personal accounts IIRC). ArenaNet also said: Which is completely fair. Price said: Which is completely ludicrous. Gender might have influenced her huge overreaction (I have no doubt she's been the victim of sexism in the past which has obviously lead to a lot of anger and dislike for men), but it's been irrelevant to everyone else directly involved with this. Although apparently being polite when talking to a woman is now considered patronising, so God knows how he should have phrased his tweets. I was pretty clear that I said she posted the followup to the AMA on her Twitter. Naturally enough, it was explained in my post.
  12. Doesn't the former affect the latter? If her reaction was understandable or not likely influences whether she should be fired or not. Mallet is right - nobody can represent their company in that way and get away with it. Gender is irrelevant. I would be 100% fired from my job if I acted in that way. Her first tweet is perhaps understandable, but if you're going to be that angry and frustrated when people offer a counter-opinion then don't start a Reddit AMA and continue it on Twitter. I find her disingenuous cry of "it's just because I'm a woman!" to be pretty disgusting. It just belittles a serious problem.
  13. To all those people saying her reaction is totally understandable and reasonable. Just to be clear, this is what was said: In response to her AMA (which she continued on Twitter), Derior (the Arena Net Partnered Youtuber) said: Her direct response to that was: She then Retweeted what he wrote, adding: I don't really understand how her reaction was "perfectly understandable" or that she "did nothing wrong". Can you please explain that?
  14. Ok, then phrase it better than “I’m glad he’s no longer around”.
  15. He was, but celebrating it publicly is rude and unnecessary.

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