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  1. graemandius

    Recommended Family Games

    Forbidden Island is a good family co-op game. Then you can cycle through the other games in the series. (Desert and Sky) Colt Express is (thematically) another good one. Interesting turn mechanic...you try to plan a sequence of events for your character but it can go hilariously wrong.
  2. I'd be grateful for Thor Ragnarok please.
  3. graemandius

    Board game for a 9 year old

    Also...galaxy truckers. But remove the time limit when crafting the space ships.
  4. graemandius

    Board game for a 9 year old

    Another vote for the following... Forbidden Island Forbidden Desert Ticket to ride
  5. graemandius

    8th Birthday Party - Ideas Please

    Towerfall ascension is a riot in multiplayer with the younglings.
  6. graemandius

    What are you playing?

    Jupiter's cock
  7. graemandius


    It's pretty fun...not a fan of the micolash card though!
  8. graemandius

    Your Christmas Board Game Haul

    Agricola and galaxy truckers to play with the boy
  9. graemandius

    Clash Royale

    Is there any room in the rllmuk clan for me and the missus? We're on it daily still.
  10. graemandius


    Excellent recommend. Purchased this and love it. Really fun card game.
  11. graemandius

    Digital board games

    Does it have local multi-player or online only?
  12. graemandius

    Pokemon Go

    @Punished Smitty 2 glasses of wine now so there's always room to explore pokeballs.
  13. graemandius

    Pokemon Go

    I opened the app at the hotel bar I'm staying at in Swindon and immediately someone asked what I'd caught nearby. Quick Intel share and then an awkward but strangely enjoyable 2km walk around town with a complete stranger and we're both 5-6 Pokemon better off.
  14. graemandius

    Pokemon Go

    Tebay services hooching with Pokemon. I caught about 10 there earlier and got a couple of medals for various milestones.
  15. graemandius

    Euro 2016 thread

    Aw. Match day

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