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  1. It is a ridiculously large game already, I wonder if TT have been recruiting from Ubi recently?
  2. Last gen I started with a PS4 and then added the OneX mid cycle. This gen I've started with a SeriesX and was thinking that i'd get whatever Sony releases mid gen (2024/25 ish) to go with it. Certainly am hoping it's another 'long' generation as we really don't need to be iterating quickly these days. The SeriesX is a stupidly awkward shape as a "tall/ long cube" and would much better fit under the TV if it was shaped like the OneX or SeriesS. The PS5 is also stupidly large and silly looking so both would benefit from a revision into shapes that better fit under the TV even if they don't get mid-cycle spec bumps.
  3. I also really loved For All Mankind though I did enjoy the more "space" elements of it over some of the personal drama stuff. Watched all of it in just a few days as my sub to ATV+ was about to run out. At some point i'll re-sub for a month so that I can watch the new series and a couple of others too
  4. Also the FAQs in Asia and the responses from support both also corresponded with how it was actually functioning. If it was a "technical oversight" it made it all the way through testing and documentation and into service support procedures too. It also fits in with the pattern of some of their recent moves like blocking the redemption of codes without first asking third parties to stop selling them or providing meaningful error messages to customers trying to redeem them. With that one too they ridiculously explained it a few days later as "helping making the transition to the new service easier" or some such bollocks.
  5. Absolutely astounding if true. What are they going to do next to punish people that bought subs directly from Sony at discounted prices that Sony themselves chose to offer? (I assume if you bought via CD Keys etc then they can have no way of knowing what you paid) On that line, may I suggest that before a customer can buy the DLC for a game a check is made that they did not buy said game at a discount and if they did then then they should first be charged the difference before being allowed to buy the DLC. Actually, I should patent that, am sure a good chunk of the tech sector would love such BS
  6. But why would Microsoft want to associate themselves with this game or its developer?
  7. If you enjoyed that there is another quest that opens up later on in Pasaana that is in a similar sort of vein
  8. I've had similar happen in a past season, I managed to fix it by fully quitting the game and restarting it
  9. Wheelspins & Superwheelspins (though they are a bit nerfed now as they added lots of low credit 'wins') Selling duplicate cars (better to do via the notification popup where possible as you will almost always get less for them at auction) Using those skill points (the stars) to buy the credits items in the car skill mastery trees. Generally expensive and fancier cars are more likely to have high credit masteries on them. You can also earn wheelspins this way too Auctioning off cars though prices on the whole are lower now Some generally good cars to auction are the ones given as the 20 and 40 point rewards in the weekly seasons. The 20 point ones are typically new to the game so are in demand (downside being if you want to keep them!), the 40 point ones are typically already available but not too common so often go for around 1 million if you unlock them early on in the season week (day 1 or max day 2). Cars awarded for some of the more difficult seasonal events are sometimes quite valuable too, I guess from people who CBA with winning them via the events. Suggest sticking to 1 hour auctions and relisting where necessary. Auction searches are returned by "ending soonest" so most stuff actually just gets bought in the last few minutes of its auction unless its something really limited/ high demand
  10. Weirdest bug today. Started the first level of episode VIII and after the cut scene the level started in 2 player split screen mode even though I only had one controller switched on. I've not played the game in 2 player at any previous time so baffling what caused in. Quitting to main menu and restarting the mission didn't fix it either, I had to totally close and restart the game.
  11. StumpyJohn


    Yeah, I've been regularly buying from James in recent months, the "Los Amigos Perú" I got in my last order was really nice. It was listed as a replacement item when their regular Chapin blend is not available so not sure how often they have it.
  12. I've had a fair few bugs in story modes and I'm only as far as just finishing episode V at the moment. A couple of crashes to dash when it was on the space ship on screen loading into a new space area but most of the bugs have been on loading a story cut scene and it either just crashes to dash or the sound plays to a black screen and then nothing further happens so I have to kill the game and restart it.
  13. Absolutely, F Them! Have moved onto lego star wars so no more elden ring damage to my controllers at least for a while!
  14. And the replacement arrived the next day (Tuesday) and as far as I can tell is brand new with a working RB (for now ). It was just a loose controller with some bubble wrap in a brown box though. Have registered it and it has warranty cover till the same date as my old broken one (til April next year) Took from the 4th to the 10th to be completed which is quite a lot better than the estimate.
  15. I did wonder later on if landline might have worked but that did not occur to me at the time. Mine too is normally unplugged. "oops something went wrong on our side" is not exactly a helpful message in that context!!
  16. @mikeyl fingers crossed a bit of good news; MS acknowledged receipt of my dodgy controller earlier today and this afternoon have dispatched a replacement. A few mins ago I got a text from UPS saying I have a delivery coming tomorrow which I assume is the replacement controller! All a lot quicker than the advertised 2 week turnaround so fingers crossed.
  17. Luckily I got a cheap elite controller 2 from amazon marketplace a few weeks ago so I am covered this time. Also now worried the RB is going to break on that too though
  18. I feel your pain having returned my 7 week old Series X controller a couple of days ago after several days of trying to work out how to initiate the return (I had purchased direct from MS). As with you my RB failed. Also one of the reasons I bought the Series X in the first place was that the RB had broken on my out of warranty One X controller. MS Xbox support are completely automated as far as I could tell, the phone number that was listed for technical support on their store just put me through to a robot lady and it wouldn't do anything more than text me a link to their virtual assistant. I'd already given up on said virtual assistant after it repeatedly sent me a link for the warranty replacement form that just led to a 404 page not found and offered me a phone call back service where it always just ended up with an "oops something has gone wrong on our end message". Utter garbage. Eventually after a lot of swearing and googling I found out that you can get a warranty replacement via the devices section on your MS account. I then registered my controller on it (console had auto-registered so not sure why the packaged controller didn't as well) which allowed me to finally request a replacement. Just to really fuck me off a bit more the turnaround is 12-14 days but I could have paid almost £20 to expedite it down to 5. Utter shithawks!
  19. Sure but that only helps with the main quests and even then has a couple of issues: The arrows remain even after an area has been completed There can be arrows pointing in different directions all in the same area I think just removing (or dimming etc) the arrows once the ultimate objective in that area has been completed would probably help quite a bit. I explore loads in open world games and Elden Ring is no exception to that (am over 200 hrs and have not finished it yet) but in a way that makes it worse as I have loads of areas open at a given time but little reminding me where to focus when I do want to push ahead with a major or minor quest line.
  20. As far as I can tell he's not useful at all as you can just alter clothes yourself at an site of grace and the cost is trivial. Mine has been fixed at what I assume is his final location for a long time now. At:
  21. Trial seems to take the same 'easy' approach as last week with the drivitar team not tuning up their vehicles to match the player team. Makes winning super easy. Wonder if that is a long term change?
  22. That is an annoyance but I'd say the biggest flaw is how easy it is to utterly lose track of where/ what to do next and that there is often nowhere 'in game' to look to get you back on. It's bad with the main quests but even worse with the side quests.
  23. My favourite Instant Pot recipe at the moment is one adapted from the following though I have changed it quite a lot though: Chickpea, tomato and spinach coconut curry I use 120 gram of dried chickpeas that I soak for 24 hrs in place of a can And 3 cubes of frozen spinach in place of the fresh I also: start by frying some mustard and cumin seeds before the onions include some chopped mild chilli along with the ginger and garlic replace the curry powder with turmeric, ground coriander, garam masala I tend to use fresh small tomato chopped in half in place of the tinned tomato as well From experience using a good coconut milk is really important, I ran out of nice Thai stuff and ended up using an aldi can one time and it tasted a lot different and no where near as nice.
  24. Not going to be subbing to yet another streaming service. Might give it the very occasional month if they have good offers and accumulate enough stuff to make that worth while. We don't need more fragmentation.
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