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  1. Star Trek, would be great to wipe out the Klingons on the starboard bow!
  2. He sells outside of the London Stadium on West Ham home match days too. When I get a rib meat roll I always go with a 50:50 mix of Holy Fuck and his milder BBQ Sauce 😋
  3. Some of the characters do start off slowly in a run and only really get going half way through. After unlocking the Warlock I started a run on the second world and was not happy with the amount of damage I was doing til about level 30, after that though it all started working well and I got to and killed the boss at the end. Was quite impressed with myself for doing it first go on a new character!
  4. I had a couple of games in bundles from fanatical where they ran out. Was emailed a few days later with links to the missing codes.
  5. Humble don't email you the steam codes, you view them in your Humble account purchase history where they display both the codes and a direct redemption link that will open up in steam with the code pre-populated.
  6. Really enjoying this. Just had a run over lunch time and got my first victory in a run. Was the second area, Ember Grounds, using the Exterminator (burn baby, burn! 🔥🔥🔥). I can get to 0 minutes in the first area too but can't yet kill the Lord before the instakill gets me. Got revives available now so should finally be able to get that finished I expect. Just unlocked my 6th character too.
  7. Just checked and I have 9 and a bit hours on the clock so plenty of time to have encountered any issues which I havent. Can't believe it would make any difference but I am on the 256GB model and don't have any additional storage installed. Am also on the latest stable builds of everything as managed by Steam.
  8. me too. After finishing Time Wasters last week I've started on Halls of Torment am am enjoying it so far. 3 stages unlocked and just unlocked a 4th character. Will have a full set of basic gear soon too once I've enough gold to buy a pendant from the Well recovery chap. I've not had any issues on Deck other than it slowing down loads after I finally got into the last 5 minutes of a run on the first stage. I have it set to 60fps so perhaps I need to turn that down but I do have TDP Off so it has the full 15 Watts available.
  9. Are those workers positive because they want away from ABK and into MS management or because of other reasons such as share options paying out? I've been merged and taken over in the past in reasonably large companies and the pace of culture change post acquisition is often really quite slow other than shared corporate functions getting chopped out very quickly from the bought party - lots or redundancies in those functions. Also I bet the people on the wrong end of the 10,000 MS redundancies recently announced are not so keen on MS management at the mo. https://www.theverge.com/2023/1/18/23560315/microsoft-job-cuts-layoffs-2023-tech
  10. They also havent really revived Marathon, they have slapped the name and setting onto a different genre of game. Am sure @Mr. Gerbik will be loving MS's Tenchu Kart Racer game in 2029 or 2030 when MS revive that IP and get one of their spare dev teams to pick it up straight after completing the ABK merger in 2023. 🤣
  11. Agree. Diablo 4 "for free" via gamepass is about the extent of the upside that people have proposed. Other than that the pie in the sky hoping that MS will revive some long dead IPs that ABK don't seem to want to
  12. When I was commuting I had my Switch with me most days and almost always used it. Similarly in the past with older Nintendo handhelds and my PSP Nowadays it only goes out of the house if I'm on a train or plane trip for leisure. Steamdeck is housebound so far and am less likely to take it on travel as its so much bulkier than the Switch
  13. Anyone had a weird bug where a performance overlay just appears on screen and will not go away at all until you reboot the deck? Has happened to me a couple of times now, during different games too. The overlay that appears is not even one of the levels available from the ... button. It looks most similar to the level 3 overlay but is not quite as tall and has less items in it.
  14. Definitely sounds like one to wait till it appears on Gamepass. I can't be doing with all the ftp/mtx bullshit and won't be spending any money on it even if I do get the game 'for free' via GP
  15. I enjoyed the Ascent on SeriesX via gamepass when it came out and I think completed it as I liked the setting. I wouldn't have paid much for it though or probably even bought it otherwise as its a very average game.
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