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  1. Have sent Tom and Isabelle to you. Will send a couple more tomorrow No need for anything in return
  2. You need to place him in the studio on Harv's island and then after you fly back you can buy it from the posters tab of the Special Items in Nook Shopping You need the amiibo or amiibo card to call him to Harv's I have the poster so can send you a copy, can send Tommy and Timmy too if you want
  3. Was playing last night and it was raining for the first time in ages. Noticed that the rain makes a specific sound on the roof of Nooks Cranny which is different to the one it makes on other buildings. Amazing some of the detail in the sound design of this game
  4. If you want the twinkly I'm happy to pop over to buy it and post it back to you tomorrow
  5. I think its worth having a spare anyway especially if you are planning on doing several 'runs' in a row. I typically always carry a spare of the main tools that I use (rod, net, shovel) as it reduces the annoyance when they break. Back when I was doing lots of flowers that would have included a can too and potentially more than one spare of both the can and shovel
  6. Yeah, same is true in bug-off and the fishing tourney. The tool will break at the end of the run, not during it
  7. @SteveH @Daley @Number 28 Have posted the DIYs out to you
  8. Recipes available if anyone wants them including a couple of the current seasonal ones: magazine rack birdcage ironwood cupboard ironwood dresser stack of books traditional balancing toy (seasonal) pine bonsai tree (seasonal)
  9. posted you white and orange. There are 8 in total so I'll send more tomorrow if others have not already provided them
  10. Just got the pine bonsai recipe card! Meant I could finally make the bonsai shelf
  11. No, never had the request before picking up the item. Its annoying that when you 'investigate' the item there is rarely enough info to correctly guess who it belongs to. Strange that when you try giving it to a random villager they immediately know who it does belong to
  12. @Daley Check your post for Pirate Booty tomorrow Yarrrghh! Pirates also like watering flowers
  13. joycon drift is a general and common issue with the switch . Nintendo fix it for free, at least in the UK/ EU for all machines including out of warrantee ones. It can effect either or both of the joycons There was a form on the Nintendo UK site to fill in and then you post it to them for free and they send the fixed controllers back to you about a week later I had my 2017 ones fixed back in at the start of this year
  14. 0 to 2 zodiac stars is typical as part of the full haul of fragments. About a month ago I got 7 (cancer IIRC) in a total haul of 20 one day. Not had anywhere near that number of zodiac fragments in one go before or since though. I don't have any more full showers due this zodiac but I do have a couple of minor ones just before the swap over. I can post the exact times and open up if needed
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