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  1. No idea, never tried it Assuming you are going 0 to 300 and get enough fish each time to get the bonus points I recon you'll need around 225 bait. You will be really fed up too I'd expect!
  2. Its essentially the same, there are a couple of differences: Its not possible to cant catch as many fish in the 3 minutes as it is bugs so it takes a lot more goes The fish set of items has a few where there are multiple variants so there is more opportunity for doing swaps afterwards I think you'll really struggle to get 300 in one go. I only just got to 200 at the first fish tourney and spend quite a lot more time doing so than it took me to get to 300 in bug-off. Fortunately you start off from where you ended up last time so I just have 100 more to go
  3. I got a duplicate recipe card for chopping board this morning, ill post it to you
  4. I've got about 150 bait made over the last week or so. Want the gold trophy and hopefully more of the awesome fish pictures
  5. How's every getting along with collecting the sea creatures? Got 22 in my Critterpedia now and as I'm avoiding any guides I'm not sure if there are any more currently seasonally available. Just had a massive (10 minute!) chase to get the 22nd one .
  6. Let me know when your island is open and I will come over with them
  7. As it keeps raining at the moment I have a load of extra flowers popping up each morning. If anyone wants any rare flowers then I have a load of blue roses to give away plus a smaller number of gold roses, purple windflowers and purple pansies. I'll be on later today so can visit and plant some on anyones island
  8. I dived this morning with it and this evening without it and I couldn't see any difference
  9. I have quite a few wedding set spares. Let me know which ones you want and i'll see what I can do
  10. He popped up with the first scallop I fished up but has not reappeared since. I think in New Leaf he appears on a random scallop and a maximum of once a day, no idea if its the same in New Horizons
  11. 6 https://villagerdb.com/item/electric-kick-scooter
  12. There are 5 reactions per personality type so you are probably missing the best friends one from another type too
  13. Thanks Both. I'm typically at high friendship levels so it will be the lack of villager diversity on my island. Time for a few new villagers with different personalities Looks like its mostly Cranky and Lazy ones that I'm missing. Think I might go for Camofrog and Filbert
  14. That reminds me that I've not had a new reaction from my villagers for ages now (must be at least a couple of weeks). I have 34 currently and there are 10 empty spots in the UI Anyone else noticed anything similar, I wonder if I need villagers of specific types to get the missing ones?
  15. Yeah, one of my villagers had a birthday earlier this week and at the party one of them was humming my town tune. Not noticed that before and its not happening at the birthday party that is on today.
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