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  1. StumpyJohn

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Is there anywhere doing the xbox digital version at a decent price? No way am I paying a tenner more than the physical version
  2. StumpyJohn

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Bah, won't someone think of the discoverability!
  3. StumpyJohn

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Anyone know if DLC is ever on sale in the eShop? It never seems to appear in the offers section so was wondering if I should be looking somewhere else
  4. StumpyJohn

    No Man's Sky

    Spent another couple of hours on this and I think I'm done. I enjoyed it when it originally launched and spent over 100 hours on it but the update just doesn't add any 'fun' to the game. Graphical enhancements aside they've mostly just re-gigged the busywork systems to have different minerals, items etc. Plus I used to love carving up the huge towers of Heridium, lumps of gold/ emeril and arcs of aluminium but all that seems to have gone. Final straw was going back to my capital ship to see how my first freighter mission went only to glitch through the ship, die, restart in the nearest spacestation, have the grave marker embedded inside the freighter and then disappear without me being able to get it when I glitched through the capital ship and died again. Reloaded but all my exosuit items (48 slots worth) were gone. Gonna stop now as don't want to spoil my memories of playing this the first time round
  5. StumpyJohn

    No Man's Sky

    That's a really neat idea
  6. StumpyJohn

    No Man's Sky

    Spent a few hours with this last night having last played it maybe a year ago. I had over 100 hours logged and had reached the centre / most disappointing end of game ever. A few initial impressions from continuing my game on base ps4. - Most of my upgrades are all turned into junk so my jetpack, multitool, ship are all mega nerfed. - All of my nanites are gone so can't buy stuff to fix the above - First planet was a paradise, Woo! but other than the much improved flying over the terrain it wasn't a very good planet - Terrible slow down and juddering when flying and especially boosting near a planet surface, even get this on barren rocky ones. This is really not acceptable on a fixed console platform. - Wish I had turned network feature off before starting as when I later did so to get rid of an annoying fucker from following me around I was still seeing his location and discoveries popping up. Hopefully a restart will mean I'm alone from now on. - Wish there was a tutorial for returning players / the new systems without having to start a new game. - Still need to try out my old freighter and base so looking forward to that and working out how the new stuff works. Overall currently underwhelmed/ 10
  7. StumpyJohn

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Yeah, it would seem blindingly obvious to use choices that will give a roughly 50:50 split. Had ten or so matches earlier on and all were front vs. front
  8. StumpyJohn

    Earth Defense Force 4.1: Wing Diver The Shooter

    The bits from those two new edf games (5 and iron rain) look awesome. am really looking forward to punching some giant dinosaurs and shooting the machine gun carrying frogs!
  9. StumpyJohn

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    After playing like crap last night I had a really good morning on the splatfest, got my flight power over 2000 and am 33-17 on my last 50 battles. Team Perv can go suck it!!
  10. StumpyJohn

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    I'm playing like crap in this splatfest, maybe cos I just got to S in ranked splat zones but it keeps putting me up against absolutely killer teams
  11. StumpyJohn

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    When using a drink to boost my chances of a particular ability I've got really lucky and managed to get ink saver main in all 3 sub-slots on my grizzco helmet
  12. StumpyJohn

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    The drinks dont affect sub abilities earned on the splatfest shirt? wonder if that's a bug or deliberate. When I'm playing I normally just want to play loads of matches so leaving the lobby every 2 to 4 matches is never gonna work for me, only getting random chunks makes it even worse!
  13. StumpyJohn

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Really wish my copy had arrived in time for the bank holiday weekend. To those that have already got it, did you all order with Simply Games?
  14. StumpyJohn

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Its for the whole period that the splatfest t-shirt is available so starting as soon as you choose your team just over a week before the fest itself. You have to hand the shirt back the second the fest ends. That way costs loads more money and you'll need to exit out of the lobby every few matches to see Merch for the wipe. Better to fully level each time and use a drink from Crusty Sean to get the 1.5x gear exp plus greater chance of chunks you want. In ranked you get a bigger win bonus based on your rank but for all game types points in game are irrespective of level or rank In turf war & splatfest a team that does not ink its 'home areas' will almost always lose. In ranked modes: splatzones, rainmaker, tower control there is no need to ink your 'home areas', the objective is much more important. In rainmaker and tower control having inked your 'home areas' in particular the bits near the goal can help on defence but if you focus on it too much you will likely lose.
  15. StumpyJohn

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Woo, I'm at 33 so will see if I can pick them up later today

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