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  1. Have opened up for Celeste and all night shooting stars. Unfortunately she is right at the very top of the island and you need a ladder to get to her, I have dropped one in the area incase anyone forgets. Will try and leave it open for a few hours, I'll be having dinner and then maybe about for some fishing
  2. On the subject of statues, that section of my museum is finally looking a lot less bare than it was Oh and I just spotted the message @tbb left of my notice board Isabelle says I have shooting stars tonight so will open up, hopefully I'll have Celeste too as I still need the current Zodiac recipe
  3. I'll be open in 5. Just on @Tet island completely failing to find Celeste anywhere. Need to cook dinner so will be inactive Ohh and visit Abels for an excellent jumper! Open now
  4. I have Redd today (I got a real familiar statue and a fake valiant statue for museum/ sculpture garden respectively) The following is still available if anyone wants them Real Academic paining Fake Moving painting Bit late posting them but here are my free Recipe cards too: bamboo shelf pansy table unglazed dish set mum cushion cherry rug lily record player bamboo wall butter churn bamboo basket pear dress iron garden chair rocking horse x2 natural garden table orange wall shell
  5. Golden Stag, Giraffe Stag and one of the other stags/ horned beetles? I took ages getting 4 of each of the rare coconut tree bugs, the Giraffe Stag in particular was a right git as the spawn rate is terrible and they are really skittish on the trees. Worth it though as the model is a monster! Needed a Nook Island technique to get them and i did this several evenings before I had all of them. 1. Have several nets on you 2. Find island with coconut trees that is easy to run about on (little water, as flat as possible) 3. Remove all other trees plus all stumps,
  6. Just the dung beetle this month which is also the last one to get for the full set Same with fish, just one new this month, Pond Spelt which is also the last one to get for the full set On the deep sea creatures I was on 37 by the end of November so as you have just got Lobster I think you are missing one, I can grab a screenshot of mine later if that helps
  7. That's a real shame as thats the one you really want for this! I don't think I've ever had one, even when I was doing lots of Nook islands to get good ones for rare tree bug hunting back in the summer. I guess the removal would explain that!
  8. That is a really good idea and I'd not thought of it. No good for Golden Trout as they are too small but it will work for Stringfish There are 2 types of big fish island (see 16 and 19 at: https://wuffs.org/acnh/mysterytour.html) both are low chance and max once per day so I would be tempted to take more than 50 bait if you have it so that you don't have to do its twice. Although saying that the running around to scare off 'wrong' shadows technique might work to a reasonable degree on the type with the larger upper area, I had not factored "big fish island" into my previous think
  9. I completed the fish set last month, I'd caught the Pond Smelt on @Unofficial Who Southern Hemisphere island. As you say the beetle needs snow to be on the ground so no sign of it yet. I caught a Stringfish on my island back in March but it took ages and a boat load of bait. Have been crafting more over the last week as I need 3 more of the gits for model making. Am not sure that the Nook Island approach will work well for cliff fish. I tried it last month as late on I realised that I didn't have 3 Golden Trout for model making and it was leaving at the end of November. Es
  10. Thanks for the post, way too generous! Have sent you my other spare seasonal recipe, If I get anymore later today I'll post those too
  11. sent you 2 of my seasonal spares, have 1 more which I'll post tomorrow
  12. Not fair! Here is the weather on my island
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