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  1. Yeah that's nonsense, weighting an approximate match over an exact one is nuts, can only think they have a very strong weighting towards their 'top' or 'latest' shows. The way that all of them recommend me shows/ films that I've already completely watched really annoys me too, fair enough if its a new series of that show but they all do it when there is no new content too.
  2. Quick update after just over a week. Have not properly counted how many times I've switched on my Series X but must be at least twice a day so lets say 20 times. Its started in 640x480 twice so about 10% of the time. Before reseating the cable and power cycling the TV it was happening more like 40% so deffo a lot better but not totally fixed. I did have a power cut during the week too but that does not appear to have caused any issues. Think I will now get a fancy 8K certified hdmi 2.1 cable from amazon next time I'm ordering and see if that makes any difference.
  3. The Disney+ one is a bit better but probably just as they have relatively fewer shows/ movies and there is kind of a lot of obvious easy categorisation like star wars, marvel etc. On netflix the search in particular really annoys me with its "your search term plus other things you might be interested in" presentation of matches where the other things are usually barely related and start appearing right in the first few "matches". How fecking hard is it to just allow searching by actor, director etc and maybe actually list and link them on the film/ show info pages too
  4. They didn't, I forgot that the PS5's switcher is just a set of shortcuts to recent apps rather than an actual quick resume like on the Series X, sorry!
  5. Yeah, that's what I found too and would not normally expect the fridge fillers to be limited. Pressure drop have this weird thing where mixed cases are only available on fridays and if you click the link at other times you get an error, except that sometimes it does work on other days too . Maybe its something like that or just broken
  6. I'm gonna put them on my list of places to try as an alternative to my usual direct from brewery orders so I can still have a good variety of beers without ending up ordering from several breweries in quick succession like I often tend to. My scabby/ value for money side also likes the look of their 3 for £10 section that I'll probably use to fill out half of my order From a quick check of a couple of breweries i'm familiar with ordering from Fuss was a bit of a mix of slightly more expensive (a few pence) to quite a bit more (> £1 more) even for beers of roughly the same actual price. The free shipping and variety are all good though. Edit, and I had another look at the Cloudwater club having thought about it when they first started it but appears they are not accepting new members atm as the link on their shop just errors and there is an understandable note about limited places on the blurb
  7. In no particular order and am sure I have a few more too! slow movement speed Being forced to move around at what seems like 1mph is just really frustrating. I don't expect to be running round like the Flash all the time but overly slow movement speeds can get to fuck. And yes, RDR2 Camp I am very much thinking of you as part of this! menus/ tabs that don't wrap (transition from the end directly back to the beginning) All menus, RB/ LB tabs etc should 'wrap'. Its so annoying and time wasting when they don't especially when it's a long set. Bonus fuck off points to games where wrapping has been implemented in some of the menus/ tabs but not all of them. lack of in game re-familiarisation Something that bugs me is games that have a big DLC release/ expansion but nothing as part of that to help the player re-familiarise themselves with the game, its controls and mechanisms etc that they likely have not played for 6+ months or more. Its a primary reason why I typically don't buy DLC expansions for games unless its as part of a complete/ goty version that I've waited for before playing the game at all. poor implementation of quick resume Quick resume is an absolutely awesome feature that has been made (potentially) even better with the multigame version of it that the PS5 and Xbox Series X have BUT it is far, far too buggy in implementation and years later it is still the Nintendo Switch that does it most reliably. I get that its not simple and that things like games with networked features make it harder but for a headline core feature of the current consoles it is not reliable enough even in tentpole games from the platform holders, FH5 for example is shit at it. All loot boxes and gambling mechanic transactions Just fuck off, these all need to be banned Escort missions Enough said already, these were way overdone in the past and there is no reason to bring them back QTEs Ditto with QTEs, please go and never return Any game where cutscenes or "character chat" are as long as the actual gameplay Fire Emblem I am looking at you Poor checkpoint placement Games where they manage to put multiple checkpoints close together in some easy/ nothing part of the game and then have none for ages in a difficult area, set of boss fights etc. Also doing things like putting them before long unskippable bits is super annoying
  8. I'd suggest having a look to see what breweries you have in your local area and ordering in mixed cases from ones that you like the look of and have beers in the styles you like/ want. This is what I typically do, ordering from a mix of local and national breweries. Other than that if you are looking for a general online beer supplier with a wide range then I use https://www.beermerchants.com/ from time to time typically for german and belgium beer but they have a pretty wide selection of individual beers and cases from all over the world
  9. That is starting to sound like audiophile territory! I think I might need to also check that my hdmi cables are in the correct direction too so those bits flow properly!
  10. Am seeing how reseating + power cycling the TV does at at the moment. If it still has issues I'll buy a 2.1 certified 8k cable and try that. Currently am using the one provided with the console by MS which according to their own support article "The Xbox Series X console comes with a 2-metre Ultra High Speed HDMI cable that supports HDMI 2.1 features, including 4K gaming at 120Hz" so it should feckin work!
  11. That's one of the things I tried earlier and it didn't work
  12. Sounds like you have CEC off and just switch the tv and console on separately. That's not what I want, I want to turn on my console and have the tv come on automatically and at the correct resolution just like it should do when using hdmi cec (and just like the Switch manages 100% of the time ) (I'd also like quick resume to be as reliable as on Switch but then that's a different story!!)
  13. I do have my series X in the energy saver mode too but its been in that mode since they added it so that's not a recent change for me. Agree it could deffo be a part of whatever the overall console - TV handshake issue is causing the problem though. Based on suggestions above I have reseated the hdmi cable (am using the one that came with the console) and have also power cycled my TV. Will report back in a few days on whether its had a noticeable impact on the issue.
  14. My Series X is annoying me by increasingly frequently being stuck in 640x480 mode when I switch it on. It's always done it occasionally but has become a lot more frequent in the last week or two. My setup is Series X attached to LG CX with HDMI CEC enabled so that switching on the console also turns on the tv, I don't have any of the other CEC options enabled. Sometime when switching on it will start in 640x480 mode and if you go to settings no other resolutions are available and it says the tv does not support other modes. Fix is to just switch it off and back on again. By default I have 4k, VRR and 120Hz enabled Googled it and there are loads of potential causes and solutions but have tried fiddling around with manual settings etc but nothing has prevented it from subsequently happening. Anyone else had this and if so have you managed to find a solution that is better than just "restart when it happens"?
  15. First known example of rats boarding rather than leaving a sinking ship?
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