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  1. Cleared out biome 2 to the boss. Much easier than biome 1 as your weapons are so powerful. I really wish there was a temp save point in this game as the time investment on a good run is so long, you just can’t pick up and play this game you really need to invest a few hours that will probably end in a fail. The moment to moment gameplay and the presentation is sooo good though.
  2. I’ve historically hated musicals - especially that moment when suddenly mid sentence when a character starts to sing, but that changed for me with Greatest Showman which I loved; amazing sing along tunes and fantastically edited, each scene and the narrative just cracks along. Really enjoyed Rocketman and it’s flights of fancy which made the condensed nature of these biopic films more palatable than the forehead-slapping Bohemian Rhapsody. Never been an Elton fan, but enjoyed the tunes; always thought since the 80’s his voice has sounded like a pub singer parody of himself, but thought the Taron Egerton versions were superb. Going to have a listen to the OST. Only bits I didn’t really enjoy were the the young Reg bits but the way that’d matched thematically/lyrically the songs to the scenes were excellent even if it had no semblance of chronology. In all a much braver and artful film than Bo Rap.
  3. What a warm, communal hot tub of nostalgia, and mutual appreciation that last Beastcast was. Hope they do something together after this. Meanwhile lonesome Jeff was sorting out dusty Chun Li figures in his garage
  4. thank, perversely I still like the level 1 run as the gameplay feels so good. It’s only the last phase that gets me but he will fall.
  5. 19 hours, 42 deaths and still on biome 1. That third stage got me last night, again no astronaut. The RNG is trolling me hard. All it takes is one one bad room to destroy a run.
  6. Fourth run at Phrike; double health bar, rising something level 4 carbine, with an astronaut....and I still blew it on the third phase . Lol. The most satisfying, fist pumping part of the game was trying to scour for 250 obolites, I had 200, on a cleared run only to finally find a secret room with them scattered on the floor.
  7. Absolutely gutted, end of an era. My weekly podcasts listens. I loved listening to them guys, heck even my wife knew their names over the years of long drives listens. what a bombshell, who knows what was going on behind the scenes after the last buyout.
  8. I’ve spent ten hours and not beaten the first boss. If I’d had a spaceman he’d be toast. Still loving it though. Not a fan of the RNG in this as you can quickly see runs turn out to be worthless slogs.
  9. Spent a few hours on this today and by the end of then I was whizzing through the levels carving tentacles up, whereas at the start I was really tentative. Def, has that Dark Souls feel. Got the boss on biome 1 to last stage and I feel he will fall tomorrow. Loving the way the levels remix.
  10. Never played a Ratchet game and probably never play this one (always found the tone and character’s unappealing), but as a technical showcase for PS5 that was absolutely stunning.
  11. Caved and arriving tomorrow Been watching Fextralife - “it’s like Metroid on steroids - fucking fantastic”.
  12. Just bought Gaspar Noe’s Climax and Irreversible, the latter is numbered 2000 of a 10000 run. Now have to steel myself to watch again.
  13. I’ve been reading and watching stuff on Returnal which brought me here. I’m baulking on paying that to play. I’d only pay £70 for a GoW /Horizon GTA, etc. I’m able but not willing to punt that much on unknown property even if I’ve enjoyed the developers past work. There’s a huge gulf opening up between gamepass content, FTP games which I continually drop feed payment and these £70 releases. I’ll just wait and pick it up cheaper, although if it was last gen prices I’d support it day one.
  14. Well that was a thing, glad it’s finished was a slog to watch and bar the action scenes, terrible. The villains were the least super super soldiers ever and Bucky sort of reduced to a bit player.
  15. What a shitshow that event was. Part 1 arrived with server issues and crashes and ended in an scenario where you couldn’t evac even if you survived. What a joke in a BR. played exactly like the Aoex Halloween event, but the worked. Then an hour delay for Part 2 that wasn’t even called Part 2, turns out it was a Rebirth Island nighttime reskin. So in all a damp squib and shows how building on a creaky MW engine can’t compete with the huge timed events of Epic and Fortnite. Downloading the map update now.
  16. that is a good point. They should have paced it like a blockbuster movie . Ie big set piece before the opening titles to give it that wow factor.
  17. What a great night for their respective sports ....sheesh “He’s got a body like a bag of milk” - Snoop
  18. I think the whole is a bit baggy and paced unevenly, there’s some great parts but then there are scenes of just nothing. I find myself tuning out of this repeatedly then getting into it when something hits.
  19. He must have hung around for hours daily. I’ve a real problem with Sam and the shield
  20. Interested in this as it looks faster paced than Hunt.
  21. macosx

    Old Age Gamers

    I’m 56 and have just got my 56th win on Warzone. I’m sure the stress of the final circle has taken years off my life though.
  22. He’s fantastic. I absolutely love this film and him in it.
  23. I was hoping this was going to some buddy film with Marvel trappings, but I’m finding it a really stodgy watch. I don’t find the Sam/Bucky dynamic appealing at all and the adversaries are just bland. Zemo has lifted proceedings though.
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