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  1. The feel of Skate was the best of the series for me
  2. Brought a great heart to all those films and planted the flag for great superhero films.
  3. It was good blockbuster fun ★★★ Mashup of Aliens/Die Another Day/ The Thing / Battle LA. Some great sequences in it.
  4. This is annoying me,; big reveal about a future war
  5. This weeks is a real dive in quality, it’s just Doctor Who
  6. Not really a fan of Clarkson but I’ve really enjoyed this series. Would watch more.
  7. The Giant Bomb Big Tine Game wrap up was a really good watch. The Tommy Tallerico Intellivision section was hilarious. Jason still unable to put the low energy into low energy, he could be replaced by a 12 frame looping gif
  8. Do you think the whole film will be a de-aged Ford like The Irishman?
  9. Cut out all the campfire stuff and that looks decent
  10. I think it’s a win-win, the same stuff from the crew I like at NL and an invigorated GB. I’m enjoying Jeff being the host again as I feel he’s really good at it, just look at how good those e3 night shows were.
  11. I enjoyed it but think maybe the news slugs should be the first thing you read then the personal stuff later.
  12. Been here since the start and still visit everyday and each time almost without fail I always find some nugget of interest. It may be the shared enjoyment or frustration of a game or maybe I’ll learn of some great film I’ve missed or some news story that I’ve barely touched on or a counter opinion that I’ve not explored enough and as the saying goes all of human life is here.
  13. Hope they keep the sane composer and feel from the first one.
  14. First go back at this for a few weeks and can now see the dead bodies of players I’d heard about and almost beat B2, which had a truly hateful final run to him that completely decimated a life. There’s was no way I’d get through that on one life.
  15. I think it would be easy to make this a better film.
  16. The depth of field is so shallow in this it’s fucking horrible, and I love a shallow depth of field and bokeh. It stands out like bad editing. I keep thinking; I wish Cameron had made this.
  17. You know what, I thought better of it and sent it back to Amazon.
  18. New bombcast with a seemingly envigorated Jeff was good. Most enjoyable one to listen to for ages.
  19. Our crew jumped back on for the new Season and immediately jumped back off, and we loved this game and played it nonstop till about season 4, where I feel the game changed. You spend 10 minutes looting without seeing anyone then die quickly because the TTK is so quick.
  20. Directed by M. Shite Shymalan - the twist is the terrorist and the wife are on the plane. At the end they burst into the cabin just as he’s about to pancake the jet into the ground - surprise it’s your birthday and all the people on the plane are his friends and family . Bit like Fincher’s The Gane but called The Plane.
  21. That see you next game was very funny. Especially the bomb cops skits and the dub game. I enjoyed the fire escape; especially the five minute discussion on if you could kill yourself by shitting argued byMary I found Dan early on in this to be more abrasive and arrogant now rather than the amiable, naive idiot from his tenure at GB though.
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