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    Am I right in thinking
  2. Thought it was a bit meh although there was some amazing visual sequences matched with bombastic sound. I kept thinking it would have been better served as a Netflix series. My wife made it to five minutes before the end before retiring to the foyer. She didn’t miss much.
  3. Yeah on that Beta, the map was bland. Too much running around and no getting it till I see all it’s got to offer, which with the usual bugs may be some time. More interested in Recon Frontlines than this tbh.
  4. @rafaqat ever the Ben apologist. I liked the email section at 2.18.53 where Ben says the word ‘Ben’ repeatedly for 30 seconds but seemed like eternity until Jan thankfully cuts him off and everyone else cringes. Then Ben starts shouting unfunny shit. Fuck Ben. If he’s on this again I’m not listening.
  5. macosx


    Isn’t there a new one coming out soon?
  6. I’ve enjoyed it as the guns feel good. Not played much MP COD since MW2 orig though. Like the choice tactical mode of slower, less players. Thank god we’ve got a new Warzone map though, still playing that for two years. On the gunsmith screen there a huge list of stuff to pick rather than the usual pick six attachments. Are they going to have this new gunsmith in integrating all existing weapons in Warzone?
  7. I’ve restarted this about five times and each iteration gets more tedious in the amount of stuff you need to do anything. The first run to completion was the best now it’s just about collecting an ever growing list of materials that you now need to process and refine then combine enabling you to create an item that leads to another growing list of items…
  8. It’s not the best looking game, but if the idea of taking Phil Connors out of Groundhog Day and sticking him in Rome….So close now to perfect run for me.
  9. @cowfields yes, there’s some great moral choices and even some philosophy down the line and fun to see how it unravels with each pass. There is a bit of platforming and combat but it’s slight.
  10. I await the alien queen in QP part 3, where Emily Blunt shuffles quietly around it in an exo suit covered in foam pool noodles.
  11. I’ve absolutely consumed this today like a great book or film. Trying to get the complete ending where all the clockwork parts are fitting. Makes me look forward to Deathloop even more.
  12. macosx


    I think the way ABBA have approached this is genius; although no doubt it is the savvy BB’s who are driving this. If you are going to do a virtual concert they’ve done it properly; build a bespoke theatre and get the best CGI company in the world to create the graphics. No doubt it’s been an interesting creative outlet for a couple of seventy year old’s, plus the fact that somehow the music they’ve released 40 years later sounds as good as the stuff on ABBA gold. I bet Brian and Roger are ringing up Weta.
  13. Search didn’t bring up a thread so - It’s the year of timeloop games. The writing and dialogue on this are stunning. It’s a detective game in pocket Roman city with a finite cast of characters where the overarching premise is if anyone sins they break the world and time resets. I usually hate talking head dialogue games but this one and the characters are really engaging and at times educational. Majora’s mask meets Maximus. Loving it. Built by 3 people over four years and started as a Skyrim mod.
  14. Got back into the films after playing the recent game. The bought a pulse rifle , a white wolf airsoft, weighs ten pounds ‘feel the weight’,
  15. Magnificent wankery. I think that’s where I put the book down. It was Ready Player One with better command of language.
  16. I watched Grimmz play through it yesterday on Twitch. His team had the most fun out of griefing each other up to the last campaign which they said ‘why couldn’t the whole game be like this, this is the game’
  17. I enjoyed Death Stranding, great game world cutscenes and story were the usual bobbins though.
  18. I’m sure someone just knocking stuff up in an edit and just throwing it up onscreen trying to see how well Keighley can hold his shit together.
  19. Best game not out. Next up, the award for the next award.
  20. Alien Covenant 3/5 interesting ideas very clumsily delivered. I can’t believe the stupidity of the Billy Crudup death scene and the totally bad pacing of the space crane scene. Man creates robot. robot kills man robot creates alien alien kills everything ridley kills franchise
  21. The last mission on every campaign is hard to do with ai. Had a great game with real players last night. One of them played the ‘don’t die’ card and promptly down themselves stepping on a mine. This is a decent shooty bug hunt but while playing I do wish it had the first person tension and some of the pacing of isolation so you had that rolling cadence of fear and batshit gun action to mix it up.
  22. I too don’t have much faith in 343i in delivering a leap forward for the franchise, because that is what Halo deserves after all this time.
  23. Yeah, I had to adjust the sound levels to get the guns meatier and turn the volume up. Second campaign is pretty impressive visually, if you are fan of the franchise you’ll love this but I do wish it was first person. Surprised by the level of customisation .
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