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  1. I’ve had multiple audio bugs today on Series X Bbbbbbbrrrrr. Still not feeling it despite playing all day; too many human quests - go to marker etc. and not enough tense zombie action. Also it’s a real extended grind to get the skill tree levelled. I would have preferred the basic parkour stuff to be there from the off; the protagonist has been out in the wilds for years. What was he doing taking scenic walks?
  2. Enjoying it and it’s early days but so far it hasn’t got the gritty real world feel of Harran and the zombies are bit players to the humans. Not keen on the new night mechanic either.
  3. Couldn’t do todays. Just couldn’t pull it out the bag.
  4. Don’t play with drunk mates. ”clear out the level, then activate the scanner’ ’ok’ leerooy jenkins Ffs. now I have eight characters MIA
  5. Enjoyed what I played. Think it will be much better on the harder levels.
  6. It like the volume knob is constantly turned to 11 between sentimentality and crass/cruel. The soundtrack saves it.
  7. I like the human stuff in series 3 but there’s some nasty crass, Chubby Brown stuff in there. The odd touch of it had impact in other two series but just too much in here. same shit that happened to Little Britain.
  8. This game is absolutely fucked.
  9. macosx


    Finally finished last night and found the wrap up to be a chore tbh and although I loved the aesthetic, it’s no Prey sadly and can’t see me going back to it even though I still found new bits of levels even late game. Something I never managed to do
  10. macosx


    I’m at the end of this I think but what is annoying me is
  11. This latest Halo just doesn’t get firing for me; the whole saga just feels played out now with another mystery faction (yawn) always revealed and the labyrinthine threads stretched to breaking trying to make sense of it all. The open world is bland and there’s too many tedious obsidian corridors. That loading jpg looked shit in MP; now they have the gall to repeat it for some reason in SP, at least I finally know what it is having dropped off a cliff. As has been said the select on the dpad is a mess and I randomly spam it to select. The whole thing needs a radical gameplay rethink.
  12. What an engineered situation that robbed Lewis of a race he dominated. Disgusted.
  13. It’s the promise of Republic the revolution made real - from the fag butts in the street to that bit of architectural detail on a building all in amazing detail
  14. That Launch Bay? map is shite isn’t it. A real traipse fest
  15. @El GeetUsed to joke about these protracted Fantasy epic series like wheel of time, golden torc, Shannara etc. The Wishsong of Shannara, The New Extension of Shannara, The Kids College education of Shannara.
  16. I read the books as a youth, one of those series that had “like Tolkien at his best” writ large on the back. This was poor though, switched off after 15 minutes, just looked pound shop.
  17. The only bit I disliked was the super extended
  18. Loved this film but bugged me that
  19. I’ve seen a few streamers just say enough and quit it. Such a shame BF has come to this.
  20. Played all yesterday on MP and thoroughly enjoyed it bar a couple of modes that were ridiculous as they didn’t work on the very small maps in the rotation but overall a huge set of maps and some of them really big. Feels super smooth. Only thing that annoys me is the softness of the character models /texture resolution in the pregame menus looks woeful compared to Warzone. Played a few levels of the campaign but the Ai shouts of ‘push forward!’ In the first level seems to be traditional for a CoD campaign.
  21. This. I didn’t buy Cold War and missed out on levelling loads of meta guns.
  22. This is great stuff, really well written and looks amazing!
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