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  1. I found that area the hardest one to keep a mental map of.
  2. My OCD is I kicking in, I’m currently in Altus but I’m sure I passed on an early dungeon soldier Ish enemy and didn’t put a marker down - all I remember was a brown cave maybe in Limgrave and he just races/scuttles at you really fast. Not the ball and chain guy. Any have any memory re ideas / location ?
  3. macosx

    Foo Fighters

    Couldn’t believe the news. The friendship and laughter was obvious in that band who were at the top of their game. Shocked.
  4. Never heard the phrase. I’m just glad George Lucas has kept his trap shut and Tolkien is dead.
  5. Not even played it and got that platinum email. I did it in 1.21.
  6. thanks. Yes, love the movies and the theme park despite JK Rowling.
  7. Looks really a detailed recreation of the HP word, I’m in.
  8. I couldn’t watch stuff as it looked absolutely horrible sub Xbox 360 graphics and I skipped through it all after the first few scenes.. The only character I liked in the game was was alright.
  9. It’s alright if you skip through bits. Much like the game
  10. Watch the Angry Joe review of this. It’s spot on.
  11. “The biggest question I had, was that if Holland could pull off Nathan Drake” Not a scenario I had mused on tbh….
  12. Finished it too. Some great elements of gameplay just ruined by terrible story and the execution of the story. Ending was a hot mess. Would go back to Harran but Villedor is a one and done. Tge biggest mistake is making the humans the main part of the game and the infected just bit part players.
  13. I agree with you @Alan Stock, there’s some times where I’m playing this and it gets really immersive and I get the feel of the first game but mostly it’s just a bit tedious. The amount of quests that are: go see someone only for them to tell you to go somewhere else. The NPC dialogue is so bloated now with just meaningless colour text that takes 10+ button presses to skip. You know you’ll never see this person again so what’s the point. I don’t think I can be bothered to finish this as the whole narrative and characters are like some badly stuck together jigsaw where the colours are right on the pieces but they just don’t fit together. It’s just destroyed any interest in the story. Also if Aiden faints/falls asleep/screen goes black again I’ll smash the TV. I
  14. I particularly like the bit where they jumped the shark and a kitchen sink flew onscreen. It’s just a cash grab greatest dinosaur remix. The foot stomp shot, the dilaphosaurus , Ellie, Alan and Ian probably for two minutes etc. This whole series is a bust now and just because they could still keep making the doesn’t mean they should. Velociraptors chasing a motorbikes around Rome? Bet the last shot is the T. rex back on Isla Nublar with a baby T. rex.
  15. Me too. The almost zelda music when you fix a windmill does my head in. In fact the music cues are all over the place stylistically and there’s no coherent style. I almost want to put the original music on
  16. Just had a bug in Houndsfield electric station
  17. Yes second area is much better, also it looks a lot better and has weather!
  18. That makes sense though, as a discless console can’t authenticate disc/game ownership.
  19. Equip it then push right on the wheel to equip arrows
  20. I do hope the second half of this redeems itself as still feeling this isn’t a patch on the original. Some absolutely dire questing. I know the original wasn’t great for quests but at least it had a zombie- ‘the floor is lava’ infested ground level gameplay. Here you can just sprint around in the day on the floor rather than the bland Parisian aesthetic rooftops. At night it’s now a game of avoid the howlers rather than the total fear as the sun set in the first game rather than the now incoming downer of ‘fuck I’ve got a timer on my fun’ mechanic. It also all feels a bit genteel now humanity is rebuilding on the roofs; keeping bees and growing veg rather than the more apocalyptic world gone to shit in fishbowl of Harran. I much preferred the zombie simulator approach rather than something that feels more akin to a human centric Skyrim. Hell, even the original intro cinematic was much more graphically creative and we’ve lost the cool John Carpenter style music score too.
  21. Back to very cool virtual Tokyo, with cats in it and ghosts. I’m in.
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