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  1. Rewatched again today. I really hate the
  2. Chevrolet off the new album is a banger. The rest of the album is based on melodies he whistled walking his dogs, then the write the lyrics in two days then got the band in Rick Rubin’s studio to do in a few takes on tape. https://youtu.be/rm4BD3igH8o
  3. I’m loving the story and bits of the combat but I’m finding the level traversal a bit tedious; every corner you run around there’s 4 enemies to kill, then pick up a rock or slide through a gap to meet another set of four or five enemies.
  4. I really enjoyed the campaign, production levels were amazing. Didn’t like about three chokepoints where it took me about 10 attempts to make headway. I’ve always wished that they would introduce some solid Ai; like a Halo level so just a few of the bigger areas could be approached and played in different ways using the combat instead of effectively a memory test.
  5. I have no interest in those characters though
  6. Tried twice after restarting to do that sliding puzzle. Gave up, just annoying
  7. macosx


    @K yeah that really annoyed me as it was messaged hard that that was the way to infiltrate
  8. The views on their video content is shockingly low now
  9. macosx


    When you first start playing this is seems immensively complex and free form, but after a few hours you release that every step you need to take to progress is a just case of checking a menu and following the checkboxes and matching to the time of day all the way to the finale. I’d agree that the visionaries are pretty lacklustre and offer less challenge that the dumb Ai goons, which are only a problem by sheer weight of numbers. The level is pretty egregious for this. By the end it just felt a by the numbers chore rather than a huge unravelling a wool ball of a time loop mystery. Agreed not up there with Prey and Dishonoured the art direction carried a lot of this game.
  10. I hope he never gets near another Marvel movie. Tone is just ridiculous
  11. I’ve found this beautiful but tedious. Two episodes of nothing but Cassian walking and opening doors, and a decent third one that made the first two redundant. The flashbacks were pointless too, Mad Max Thunderdome pish. This series could be Andor Star Trek if you took out the logo on the McGuffin. Nice and gritty, and the sets are good just that the material is just not that interesting at the moment .Star Wars is space opera at its core, but this although taking it in a new direction just doesn’t have enough story hooks yet. It’s like an overlong series tease, except it is the series.
  12. Bought off Amazon (German disc plays fine), on recommendations from here. Loved it, what a joyous expression of cinema. I laughed, marvelled and cried at the end. Last third needed some trimming but a masterpiece of imagination and execution, like someone had given the Wachowski’s LSD.
  13. Just watched it, thought it was absolute bobbins. Cynical, obvious button pushing like the Ed Sheeran of movies. Cinematography and performances were amazing g though.
  14. Saw this last night and both loved it. Only criticism was
  15. I like all the thought he puts into his films, this is an interesting breakdown of Us.
  16. Seems you are basically more of a boat than a pirate - you can’t do any combat or buckling of swash on islands, and the combat looks really chaotic. White flag raised and all hands bailing in a year.
  17. Are you going to publish the lot when done. Looks amazing
  18. I had to visit the church if vows as I think I completed the next part without triggering the dialogue and it was then kaput. I really think they should add a quest menu with at least a list of NPC’s that develops with key dialogue. Nothing too hand holdy though ie go there, do that etc. The game; now open world, is so huge that you cannot follow ‘a quest’ from a character you met 4 days ago who gave out an obscure dialogue line you can’t track except by resorting to Google,
  19. I did it! 25 attempts but final boss is done. Over 200 hours played Still finding new stuff. Amazing game.
  20. I’m now going back in helping my mate with some jolly coop, he’s a mere 50% in and his first souls game. It’s now his GOTY after getting over the hurdle of the first few days. and also some advice on fine cheese Bub bye Juno Hounslow. Also love the screen share on PS5. I’m mostly an Xbox player but the social stuff on PS is great now.
  21. I’m level 157 and don’t want it to end. Stuff in the Was still kicking my arse till I got the veterans armour couple with my blasphemous blade. Went down easy to me and my mimic. Going back to clear the sewers; lost 170,000 runes there
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