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  1. Disney’s greed fucked them over. They should have had J.J. as the safe pair of hands to do the soft reboot and Rian to do the next two. Surely if you are writing story arcs you know where they will end when you write them. But no doubt they needed another director and team already in pre prod to start working on the final film whilst they made TLJ to meets their earnings deadlines and projections.
  2. Watching the Robservations Trevorrow script YouTube now thanks @Nick R
  3. I think they are when you are either dropping hundreds of pounds or signing a contract.
  4. Sean’s point actually a very valid point, if you haven’t the money, and why they actually made the thing.
  5. I’ve always been of a mind it will have a different name - it’s not even released yet. xbox one x , and x box one series x - too close.
  6. Loving the new Grand Soirée event. A completely new mode every two days for two weeks. Two wins on Golden Duos, those Kraber shots - so satisfying. Looking forward to the Night on Kings a canyon when that wings around. Still learning stuff after a year - blue topped supply box call ins are player ones and , if a gold loot Drone has a red dot -means it’s got a loot key inside.
  7. macosx

    Neil Peart has died.

    My favourite band ever. Time stand still I'm not looking back But I want to look around me now Time stands still See more of the people And the places that surround me now Time stands still Freeze this moment A little bit longer Make each sensation A little bit stronger Experience slips away Experience slips away
  8. I saw Titanic at a theatre in Wales. Ship hits iceberg. Lights up interval and drinks at the bar Was absolutely amazing.
  9. The main image that sums up the prequels for me is actors standing in a burgundy room with a window with orange sky outside, like some quick scene you’d knock up in After Effects.
  10. I just watched a history of Palapatine on Looper. Really detailed across six movies then suddenly jumps to the last of the nine. Why on Earth Disney didn’t cool their greed to earn back their investment and maybe structure a story arc skeleton (with Lucas) that the directors could have built on rather than three disparate films that are stuck together with hand waving and fast editing.
  11. That whole setup was sooolong and cringeworthy
  12. Yeah that was stupid, on top of the rest of the stupid
  13. yeah it was a good story that tried so hard to bury itself. Wonderful world design though
  14. Listening to that now . Can’t wait to get to the talk on ep3...
  15. “Children of the night, what sweet music ... hang on, just a sec ...the girlfriends on skype”
  16. Fuck me this has gone to shit. Unwatchable
  17. Dint like the look of where episode 3 is going tbh. Budgets.
  18. Imagine if it had been EPISODE IX "The dead speak! The galaxy has heard a mysterious broadcast, a threat of REVENGE in the sinister voice of the late Supreme Leader Snoke." Cut to Exegol with Snoke being tended coming out of one of his cloning tanks, bony hand giving the bird to Rian Johnson.
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