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  1. Wrong, you have to spend an obscene amount to unlock all the solo stuff, then an additional amount to unlock the heirloom stuff. They’ve admitted they got it wrong and had apologised as part of their learning curve on how to play the free yet monetised game and its changing in the next week or so.
  2. Started again for the third time, the opening is sooo much better than the absolute grindathon of the last big update.
  3. Finished this last night and was gutted that there was no more to watch. Best version of bad/human superheroes I’ve seen and pretty chilling when Homelander is effectively a mad god amongst men and even amongst the 7. My only gripe with the show is Karl Urban’s performance which just seems so comic as he has dialled it up to far, which when coupled with his OTT dialogue just makes him a comic character.
  4. Yeah not a fan of solos, as I need to be running/carried by a team We were slaying last night, five wins and two back to backs, just being aggressive and sticking together. Once you you get multiple firepower on someone you can roll squads. I see Respawn posted up a big apology over the unlock, loot, currency around the solo event. Very welcome as it’s even more complicated and money grabbing than before. I can’t fault them for releasing a free game but they really can’t Seem to work out the whole monetisation of this.
  5. Almost bought another PSVR but will hold firm and get the next version of VR with PS5 and revisit the game
  6. Wish I'd got into this later than earlier, had my fill of digging chests and collecting skulls. Does sound good now though and interesting to see how they are building on it.
  7. @mechamonkey , just listened and watched a bit of the stream, like how the game now has puzzles and exploration. Well done.
  8. No playing ranked but still caning this, just had a back/back
  9. I never got that link to the film title either
  10. I thought she did well bar the usual over talking loudly to get my point across.
  11. I watched some of it. I’ll still probably jump in, but was nonplussed about that 2V2 mode they showcased, that looks to get old after a nights play as they have distilled CoD down to almost the simplicity of rock /paperback/scissors on tiny maps.
  12. Zero corporation tax on billions of profit - disgusting, with the employees paying more tax than the company. Crazy, plus HMRC gives them money. As Sterling says they’ve become the thing they parodied.
  13. Was impressed with CouRage commentating on the Fortnite World Cup. Had only seen him streaming before. The production value on that comp was amazing. Some 16 year olds waking up as millionares today. The endgame as a spectacle was diabolical though.
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