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  1. The big egg is a great drop. Quiet, loads of loot, a resoawn beacon right there and a balloon and a vault to camp or loot. You can loot up balloon to train station and then balloon out of there.
  2. it is not possible. There are no jokes. hur hur, hur. I feel sorry for Jeff constantly bailing him out.
  3. Fair play to them Epic do a great job in constructing a narrative around this game.
  4. Indiana Jones Lite. It's a winner! I'm holding out for The Rock in It's A Small World or Spinning Teacups - The Movie
  5. If you knocked the colour saturation down about 30% and upped the animation by 30% it would look even more like Cuphead. Probably ok in law as both games rip off the Fliescher style of animation and art. Fair play to them, if they had a main character called Bowlhead or Tankardman then maybe not.
  6. I played some SP solo and it was still fun shooty mans. Play medic so you can revive yourself . It's not a game for those who need to open and collect everything as there is A LOT of stuff. Playing PVP Ghost War last night - does anyone know how to have suppressors fitted to guns all the time instead of doing it each round. Or going loud on the first shot. If there's no way, there needs to be a fix in the next patch.
  7. I’m enjoying this too. Am skipping all the cutscenes as the world is too big and open to make any sense of it bar ‘bad men take over island’. Having some fun with a team in Ghost War which I don’t think is as good as Wildlands offering - the BR circle speed is a joke atm, and is literally a sprint rather than a tactical retreat. Still wish it had better 60 FPS code on console as close combat is proper Benny Hill style.
  8. I felt the same re navigating and the map, but it should click after a while.
  9. We had great fun on this yesterday;. In someways it’s improved the Wildlands template and in others it’s a retrograde step. The world is more empty is this one with less people and less of the random (if repeated missions) than WL. But conversely they’ve added a lot more variety and detail to the bases. It’s here that the fun still is; working as a team and cleaning out the bad guys. Some of the missions are long and a pain to repeat so we bumped it down to arcade and it didn’t diminish the fun of the combat and picking up the loot. The biggest problem we had with it was often trying to coordinate so we were in the sane mission. I don’t k is whether it was a bug on one but we must of spent half an hour pinning and unpinning missions to get ourselves on the same objective. The world is huge and often gorgeous and there’s a load of fun to be had here but there are a lot of basic quality of life stuff / traversal that is poor and the cutscenes and script are woeful that I’ve just skipped them all. The preseason stuff made this out to be a gritty tooled up Bear Grylls survival, combat experience that was literally muck and bullets, but I’ve not crafted a thing, only roll in the mud to hide from choppers and only bivouac as a means of fast travel now that I’d seen I’d only unlocked 10% of the world in a day.. I’d recommend playing it if you liked the Wildlands template but as they said on Giant Bomb it’s as if corporate came in and made the whole thing accessible and super casual rather than doubling down on making this a more hardcore military game as there still hints of ideas there, but they aren’t fully formed as game mechanics.
  10. I read about a game in the last week, but can’t remember the title or find it... black, white and bit of red; very simple pixel aesthetic, which featured very fluid combat animation think it was iPhone with simple controls, swipe tap. thanks.
  11. First win on it last night, game three. Loving the new detailed map and wondered why I’d been dropped and then rez’d with half shields and armour. The train is nicely animated with it undulating over the tracks and the verticality of the flats and high rises, felt like Fortnite’s Tilted.
  12. The Beatles - Carry That Weight
  13. Trump has already jumped and blown up to the satire shark.
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