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  1. Not for me, it’s just so laboriously slow, with all the press x to find a door locked etc.
  2. LA Confidential 5/5 Perfect film for me; amazing sense of time and place, stellar cast and an excellent juxtaposition of Guy Pearce and Russell Crow. The way the story unfolds until all the separate strands of detective work join up for the nerve jangling ending.
  3. LIstening in my GB tracksuit which arrived today, good quality and no customs charges. Win.
  4. The different weapons are just buffs to two generic weapons, sword and axes, eg. 40% damage on first hit if you have full health etc. Hardly changing up a fighting style. It feels like Darksiders combat. Still fun smashing stuff on story mode though.
  5. I have a confession to make; I’ve been playing this on story mode and enjoying it equally as a light puzzler to pick up and play and just smash stuff. I think it’s too light in tone and variety and character progression to get me fully invested in it as a story or heroes journey but it’s a well made. I think I’d be more engaged if the weapons armour were unique and less cosmetic feeling.
  6. As someone said earlier, it’s a great pick up and play holiday game. I’ve been sinking an hour or so into it daily and it’s perfect in that time to complete a puzzle or a dungeon with just enough light challenge and there’s often a distraction to do something else as like botw, there’s a nice organic flow in the game world to distract you do get or do something else.
  7. Loving this and the puzzles are great. I’ve got Phosphur but he does nothing at the moment in the menu, have I missed a quest to make him useful?
  8. Switched it off, dull and leaden story and guessed the end.
  9. This is my Xmas game, and so far a few hours in am really enjoying it especially the puzzles. Looks a bit lacking in contrast/soft in the gfx but maybe it’s the the Xmas beer.
  10. Have a great and safe Xmas to you all. Lets hope the new year is like Cyberpunk; in a better state than 2020 and with less harmful bugs!
  11. I think you can craft from them and upgrade
  12. Three cyberpsychos and a boss bugged out on my play through where if you seemingly do something unexpected the Ai just gives up and the boss freezes.
  13. Yeah that is good, I was moving around a lift watching a characters eyes. There is some stunning attention to detail in this, eg the guitarist playing the right strings and chords often juxtaposed with stuff that isn’t finished. Was taken out of the combat yesterday as enemies rubberbanding into cover at triple speed, or distant traffic just turning instantly at 90 degrees. The whole skill system is just overblown and surplus to what the game needs. In 30+ hours I still didn’t unlock a decent amount of crafting. If they took the Hello Games approach to this and k
  14. Finished the main story just now. The amount of bugs increased exponentially as the game progressed. Mucho reloading. Love the design and the world but the actual game systems were stuck together with sticky tape. Will revisit when it’s all next gen’d. Enjoyed my visit to NC.
  15. Well I shed a tear. Marvellous ending and tasteful fan service
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