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  1. I’m playing this on Hurt Me Plenty and it feels the right level for me; a few goes to get the flow of the combat arenas and and I’m good to go. I was worried about this at the start as it seemed so tricky with all the moves, but now when I get into the flow it feels sublime. I live the quiet breaks for puzzles and exploring too, the whole thing feels super polished and much more rounded than the 2016, which I felt had too much repetition at the end. Loving this!
  2. They need to half the armour on vehicles or remove them. Too many packs of people running around in three trucks. It’s Battle royale not demolition derby
  3. II’ve just finished Doom 2016 which I loved and gave now jumped into this. Early days - but I’m finding it quite mentally tough at the moment as they really have leaned into the constant monitoring of the three systems of health, ammo and shield regeneration which I’m finding akin to plate spinning whilst avoiding tigers on fire running around a room. Just constantly keeping check of the systems is taking me out of the joy of demon slaying. I hope this feels second nature after a while so I can settle into the game. It looks absolutely gorgeous and the parts where it slows down for lore and exploration are great but the ramp up from ‘here’s your demon killing tool set’ to putting it in action is a steep curve.
  4. Watched this afternoon really enjoyed. But...
  5. had one my most satisfying wins like this, no masks though. Two guys in a chopper. Finally they came down to the ground, I got one in the back as he jumped out, the pilot also jumped out but stepped backward onto the claymore I’d set in the circle. On my feed.
  6. Up to 5 wins now thanks to this downtime. Last one was probably the best game of BR I’ve ever experienced, great callouts, teamwork and positioning meant we were just rollin’ squads throughout and had the high ground over the final squad in the circle. A squad wipe with a precision air strike is a joyous thing.
  7. I can't really make a valid judgement on this vs PUBG as I play PUBG on an Xbox, where I usually feel I'm fighting the game engine limitations rather than opponents. But as a very slick amalgam of all the BR ideas with some good new additions it's up there with Apex for me., and I LOVE that game. What I particulary like is the matches often break down into little condensed fights and battles rather than blammo you're dead instances and the buyback/gulag thing keeps you engaged.
  8. Went in solo and came out on the chopper solo! Yes!!! Warzone victory. After some early kills played the gas PUBG Style and smoked four players on the final circle. Shaking. playing the circle really works in this as it’s really punishing in seconds. Had some great games of plunder too but the games/score always seem to go bananas after the half way stage.
  9. Played last night and super impressed - really detailed, super slick, lots of verticality and really nice speed of play. Can go from PUBG creeping around to super sweaty, They’ve taken all the best bits from all the BR’s - the ping from Apex, the looting from Fortnite and grafted on some great stuff like the Gulag. Very impressed with how they have integrated stuff from the ‘main’ COD game in that you can call in your guns and load outs. Very clever in that it keeps investment in unlocking stuff via non BR gameplay. The missions and being hunted by another squad add another layer on too too. Only gripes are the noises when people drop out of the lobby constantly.
  10. Liet Kynes in Dune as well.
  11. Just watched this for a second and a third time back to back- just keeps getting better and better with each watch
  12. Dark Waters Courtroom/big pharma true story featuring the always good Mark Ruffalo as a lawyer going up against DuPont and the decades long poisoning of the land and people. shocking revelations of what has happened and you’ll probably be wanting to throw all your Teflon pans out after watching it. Anne Hathaway felt miscast but it told it’s dour tale compellingly. Pretty shocking stuff really how corporate greed led to whole towns and family’s ruined. 3/5
  13. Yeah been playing on the Xbox this week; very tense stuff, the sound is excellent. Only complaint is the matchmaking is quite slow but luckily the games are long.
  14. add another one who didnt make it past the final stage of the tutorial.
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