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  1. What’s the method of getting a combo multiplier together in this . The only ones I can manage are hopping between grinds.
  2. Went out to the skatepark this morning, loads of old blokes out skating early
  3. Somehow I’ve never played a Hawk game before and coming from Skate series I’m finding the adjustment hard . Don’t think I like it.
  4. I absolutely loved Eternal except for a few certain platforms bits. Looking forward to The Ancient Gods dlc for more eyeball melting plate spinning.
  5. Enjoyed the trailer, but not interested in playing as these B list characters, - although my tastes could change - over the two years it will take to actually get to play it
  6. I preordered and got a free pair of Tony Hawk shoelaces
  7. Yeah I felt that crafting stuff was not needed. In Warzone there’s a set menu of generic useful stuff; the crafting stations in this have the majority of stuff you don’t need for your build and the timer and having to pick it up is just pointless. Found a real lack of decent hop ups and found going into battle really not feeling right about the setup for quite a few games.
  8. Like the map changes, but the loot table seems off, found it hard to get a decent setup last night .
  9. Exactly, I can’t see why that got any green light to be shown. Even with out a second viewing I remember watching it first time (on stream quality) , and making a mental checklist as I watched that pilot character looks terrible and is overly animated (looks hand animated) no dirt on tyres no tracks in mud the grass is popping in the clouds on the mountains are popping in that brute looks like a greasy 360 look animation This before Aaron Greenberg said watch it in 4K so you can really see how bad it looks. I reckon this are going back to fundamentals of the art direction and look of the whole thing. Stylised is good but I think they missed the mark completely in something that both pays homage to CE yet stands as a next generation look. I’d be amazed if we got this before next Christmas, but I’d be happy if they just delayed until it was great.
  10. Watching that video is unsettling; the previous games look a huge leap above infinite, and then they throw in the living landscape of Ghost of T, and infinite looks woeful. Stuff like light coming off laser blasts and just the poor textures and detail in everything.
  11. Revival uses Wasteland 3 and Battletoads. They aren’t super effective. However a big announcement on and extended Gamepass bundle deal and a same date Flight Sim would shift the needle on showing what the most powerful console could do plus would make the price more palatable factoring in the value and depth of GP
  12. Switched it off, not for me. Technically it looks excellent but the gameplay feels pretty detached and soulless as all the combat and visuals just fly past you with the endless stream of generic enemies.
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