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  1. This game had the worst set of collectibles ever - pot plants!
  2. The game world is really well created for virtual tourism but the expansive map is let down by the meat and potatoes gameplay, plus the fact that the driving in this is so woeful ( just smash your way along with zero repercussions) that you just end up fast travelling from mission to mission; which are invariably the other side of the map every time. The character swapping has potential, but as you never get bound to any character just equip with a drone and an AR cloak and its job done. I think this would be a better game with a smaller scope; a base rather than a city
  3. Picked up Shadow Of The Colussus as hadnt played the bluepoint PS4 remake. It was glorious. Will ICO ever get a PS5 version?
  4. Yeah that looked terrible. When stacked against the excellence of the rest of the episode. Blue guy just reeks of Trek to me though.
  5. I’ve forgotten how to equip stuff to throw.
  6. It’s an absolutely horrible looking thing. Luckily it’s tucked away behind the TV so is totally invisible and will save me money not buying official black plates. It’s like some other horrible white goods appliance, ie a washer or a dryer; essential but not something to display in the living room, or more relevant; an old Virgin router who has been munching on steroids. The packaging also was so obviously cheap with Sony trying to scrape back the cents. Still when it’s actually working - I love it. Demon’s Souls looks and sounds divine and combined with the controller definitely f
  7. He has staked his claim on the delivery and wants in.
  8. The sun has just come out, surely a good omen my PS5 is approaching. All these great impressions - Praise the sun!
  9. Mines en route, and idling my time watching one on ebay - ones gone for £900
  10. For all the presentation time Cerny gave to 3D audio I haven’t seen much commented on it since release in any of the reviews/impressions?
  11. My elite 2 controller has lost connection twice and refuses to pair or even work wired . A reset on the Series X works hopefully an update will fix.
  12. Really like the new box. Played some Falconeer in 120fps on the new telly, some Warzone which was definitely a bit smoother and shuttled Dying Light from the usb drive took only a few minutes. Feel a bit sorry looking at the silent One X beside it as it’s hardly a machine that has been maxed out.
  13. there is a PS3 colour filter in this I believe.
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