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  1. macosx

    Yesterday - Danny Boyle

    Nah. Nah, nah, nah nanna nah nah.
  2. Ive had that with shooters, on Destiny 1 I couldn’t hit a barn door in PVP drive me.mad yet D2 I was fine. I settled on classic respawn for curve and no dead zone on this but extended clips or swapping guns mid battle helps.
  3. Adjust the aim settings, worked for me.
  4. Back to back wins tonight any fix fix for the relocked characters out there?
  5. My god Viss is on another level. Amazing player.
  6. I walked through two exploding gas bombs last night and they don’t do any damage if you get out quick. The ultimate is handy though
  7. The shooting finally clicked yesterday and racked up some more wins. Needed to get my head around that you can’t often down someone with one clip, you need to switch guns or get more heat on them to drop them. The extended mag is the most important thing in your arsenal. Seeing your team on those big banners all over the arena is a great touch still think they need to up the sound of footsteps a bit. Blackout’s were originally too loud, in Apex they are a bit too quiet..
  8. If it flashes purple, they are wearing purple armour etc. White means level 1 armour, red flash means no armour and orange is a headshot.
  9. An early win this evening followed by hours of seemingly being outgunned in every encounter, even when I get first shots in.
  10. Some of the locations feel like direct lifts from TF maps. There was a moment last night with a drop pod coming in through the pine trees where it looked like a marvellous mashup of Halo 1 and TF.
  11. watching now, it's back to back to back victories, 12 kills per game.
  12. Got my first win tonight with the last shotgun shell
  13. Because some rando numpties drop in stupid spots. Survival
  14. Really like It but healing and shields seems fiddly to do.

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