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  1. -1 for Yub Nub as I’ve always hated that Anakin was there in any ghostly form. Systems destroyed, thousands of rebels killed, planets in thrall.. and all it takes it pushing an old man down a lift shaft and suddenly you’re welcomed back in the panoply of force ghosts.
  2. Quick question - if my brother front loads his Gold does it still do the who whole time to ultimate thing? Or was that a timed offer. Ta
  3. Just bought my bro an X with Star Wars. That's a great saving.
  4. I've got that in the attic, with a Hoth snowbase I made fror my brother out of papier mache and painted in white gloss and sand :)
  5. I watched it again last night and really enjoyed it - I was grimly steeled for the misplaced humour at the start, the way the pivotal character from the series is needlessly castaway as a needless castaway, the way they’d ruined the timeless design of the walkers turning them into knuckle dragging apes, the way the new series bad guy is needlessly dispatched in a filmic tablecloth pull. Only seriously underwhelming as nobody had managed to put anything on top of the tablecloth for two films. Yet despite itself, like a flotilla of futuristic spaceships running out of fuel before the next services, it coasted out of the hyperspace fast lane into an enjoyable watch. I’ve said wrongly before I didn’t really care about Kylo Ren and Rey’s fate but I do think Adam Driver was the best thing in this.
  6. Reminded me of Darksiders I where it remixed a lot of genres successfully.
  7. With multiple enemies around it goes from measured parrying to neon windmilling
  8. same colour for me. I did all the collectibles in the TRaider game but won't be doing these as they are so poor. There's more joy in actiually getting a green door to disappear from the map rather than a palette swap poncho.
  9. As soon as I saw Kashyyk on the map I KNEW we would get poor hairy Wookies. Still, I really enjoyed Shadows Of The Empire's Wampas
  10. Thing is though it's only running half of the concept of a Souls game. As you say there's little risk/reward of death in this , with no push to kill that enemy to get a better weapon /armour or having to kill an enemy to lost get lost experience or desperately trying to get to a bonfire. Obviously on a mass market licence like this with a broad age range they had to be Souls 'lite' but that effectively boils down to: 'enemies respawn' rather than any of the mains hooks of a Souls game. If they had the time and the inclination you could have had a more nuanced set of collectibles/unlockable in the chest, with a more varied set of costume parts, key cards to open up secrets, or holofiles to view in the Mantis.
  11. The worst apsect for me is the style of the backtracking. I'd wish theyd lock off larger sections of the map (although there's a sizeable one on Zeffo), rather than the little chunks, that you have to run through areas again and again to get it all. Also the chest contents are all realy poor pallette swaps. Wish they were things that you you could add to and customise your ship in some way.
  12. Love the design and the animation of the Mantis as it lands, better than all Doug Chiangs prequel ship designs.
  13. And done, knocked down for three fights. Great story, great feel for the licence, but not a fan of all the backtracking. A one and done for me.
  14. And later something else After the sublime first level, drenched in Star Wars feels, I was worried about this game when I was then a Jedi having to fight goats. Hardly an entry for the journal of the whills. Thankfully they haven’t returned and this game is up there with my fave SW GOAT games
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