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  1. BLURAY is up on Amazon
  2. <'oOo'> ¥¥ / | \ / | \
  3. I found him quite interesting in that Stadia could effectively do something beyond anything we have ever seen before in gaming; they could could throw some absolutely massive computing power, far beyond any PC and couple that with game design that would be unshackled and deliver a real leap forward in graphics and AI. Obviously this is going to take time but no doubt it will be coming to plant a line in the sand as to what can be delivered via Stadia/streaming.
  4. macosx

    Outer Wilds

    I had to start again. Lost all upward thrust on the ship even though it's not damaged, even on a new day.
  5. Red Bull gives you wings, in the 2077 a can of Chromanticure gives you a willy
  6. Big fan of Doc, but that was beyond stupid.
  7. They’ve overcooked it completely. It totally punishes people jumping in map corners and now the main enemy of the player is the circle not the other players. If you get involved in a fight there’s no time to heal up or loot and move on, and it drops to five squads in minutes. Sticking to normal playlist. It needed a bump but they’ve turned up to 11
  8. The damage on the first circle is ridiculous now
  9. Grandads on crypto buying a kidney
  10. Surely there will be a Blu-ray...
  11. Is Kerraig featuring in a video game? my bad, misread, it’s ‘lair’
  12. Spot on. Logo Reminds me of bland, human version of Starfox
  13. Played through to the end of the demo. The cinematics and acting are clunky but I did enjoy the Souls-lite feel of the exploration and combat.
  14. Playstation Now has saved games doesn't it? and that's a streaming service as well as DL games one
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