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  1. Because you aren't playing/buying PSP games. Since getting a snes emulator on mine, I've not bothered with any of the games I've actually bought. While several games remain unperchased since I'm far too busy with Chrono Trigger etc. This DVD ripping is all very well and good, but how long should it take? I once ripped an episode of futurama and, even before I'd gotten as far as PSP9, it had taken about an hour. Am I just doing something wrong? Also, is it illegal to download back up copies of things you own? The only way most people will get backups of snes games is to download roms. So would it be illegal to download films/tv programs that someone else has already ripped themselves? Though I'm sure it is illegal for them to share.
  2. If they released the simpsons seasons on umd I'd probably buy them. Otherwise Idoubt I'll bother. They need an online service that let's you download films and TV programs already formated for a psp.
  3. Is the DS getting it's own beyblade style cartoon? The pieces are even interchangable.
  4. If only it was the Hitchhikers tv series, then I'd be interested. Sony should get the appropriate companies to release things like Friends or the Simpsons on UMD. Popular shows that would actually be useful on short commutes.
  5. Depending on just what services live offers, £165 for a year maybe a believable price. At least for some high rate premium service. That's, what, £13 a month. Not too dissimilar from things like MMORPGs. I really doubt that Live360 be even close to being worth £13 a month, for me the original wasn't worth £40 a year. But, maybe Microsoft think differently. Even if it is the console price, I'd not buy one unless there was something I wanted to play on it. £100 and I'd still rather spend the cash on three whole games for consoles I already own. It's about the games, not just the price.
  6. If only you'd had DSs. So far I've yet to see anyone with either a DS or PSP. I'm beggining to wonder if you people even exist.
  7. Given the choice, I'd have to go for the PSP. It's new and it's different. I have several consoles under my tv that all do pretty much the same. I didn't have an MP3/Mpeg4 player until I got a PSP. As for little Jimmy's parents saying no because he has a GBA. Surely they'll say no to a 360 on account of the 3other consoles he already has. In many cases, only having got an x-box one or two years ago. I think little jimmy will get what little jimmy wants and his parents won't be too fussed either way.
  8. Only got to see this today. The first hour and a half was so much bollocks wasn't it? Sure the star fighter bit was good, if only they'd shut the fuck up, but after that it went down hill quite fast. The entire Grevious ship section was aweful, worst light sabre fight ever, and Grevious himself was a fucking pussy. The only bit's woth watching was the Obi-wan/Anakin fight and Yoda kicking Palpatines ass. Is it just me, or could the whole thing have been averted if Anakin had watch a few episodes of Casualty? So, Padme's going to die in child birth? Assuming they are going to take his dream so seriously, why not just give her a ciserean (sp?)? Either do this when she's nearly full term, or put the feotus in one of the exo-wombs they must have had for the clones.
  9. I want handhelds to use bluetooth headphones. Not the most necessary of additions, but it would free you up from having annoying wires hanging off you.
  10. Bah, I wanted Pac Pix. Since I got Metroid Zero Mission last time I'm not sure if I could have afforded it anyway. Should be some stars around here somewhere. The Gamecube and the DS seem a bit close in price, since there's about £40 difference in the shops.
  11. Surely though, someone, new to the series and watching them in chronological order, would have all new plot twists at their disposal. If you'd never been exposed to starwars before, you might actually be suprised by Anakin becoming Darth Vader. All the stuff in the prequels, that we already know is going to happen since we saw 4, 5 and 6 first, would be new and unexpected.
  12. So how did the gameboy survive back in the days of the nes and the snes? It was essentially doing the same thing, only portable.
  13. How can you be so certain at this point?
  14. So what about PSP to PS3 connectivity, is there any of that going to be done? Is the answer to this burried in one of the other threads?
  15. Perhaps theyare trying to compete with the phone game market. If adults will play crappy java games on the bus, why not an old 2d mario? It will of course, as people keep saying, require a serious price drop of GBA games.
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