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  1. Kirikos ability is utter BS. It undoes Reins shatter, Sigs Gravity, Meis freeze and because it makes people invincible can completely negate a junk tire similar to how a zen ult would, and this is every 15 seconds or so. Absolutely nuts skill almost as bad as Mercys original res ability in OW.
  2. Probaly my poor skill level showing here but I seriously think reaper needs a nerf or to be made a tank. His self heal + damage is just nuts. not a huge one just slightly less self heal.
  3. poor wording on my part. I meant if you hit reins shield or zaryas bubble it doesn’t trigger but your shield bash will (so long as you don’t hit a shield or bubble).
  4. She's tough to make work on the big open maps but the more compact ones like well or lighthouse where your other healer is typically playing Lucio, if you all stay as a ball your team are hella hard to kill cause of the 2 of you doing combined full team heal.
  5. Yeah that's her main source of healing. Whenever you hit an enemy (shields don't count) you trigger an aoe heal. Same applies if you use her boop ability and hit someone. edit: not sure if this is OW1 or OW2 but if you look at her inspire ability here (https://liquipedia.net/overwatch/Brigitte) you get an idea for how much heal she does.
  6. Mercy can heal 1 person at a time unless she's used ult. Brig constantly does AOE healing meaning there's potential for not needing as many ressurects. Additionally Mercy finishes the game with 0 damage whereas Brig typically finishes with practically the same heal as Mercy but tons of damage which does make the difference. They're both great in their own ways, personally I rarely play Mercy though as in solo queue not many teammates will do their best to keep you alive if you're getting focussed whereas other healers don't need to be babysat as much.
  7. Right - I am having a real issue with OW2 now. I've just played a game and lost, hit queue for another and tabbed out to browse reddit, my background music hasn't changed from the queue music at all, just flipped back to it thinking it's been way too long looking for a support queue and it's got me marked as banned again. So either it's not changing the music when a game loads or it's just banning me for tabbing out!
  8. I jest, if you're doing enough healing to win the game that;'s all that matters
  9. Mercy - don't go for risky revives even if teammates are screaming at you. If you don't think you can survive the action don't do, you're way more important to the team effort. Decide each round who to prioritise your revives on, i.e. for me it's 2nd healer, tank and then whichever of the DPS is having the biggest impact. Keep an eye on where your teammates are at all times so if you need to get out of a situation fast you know where to turn and shift click to. Phamercy is a great combo if the pharah is good. If the pharah isn't good just ignore them as then it's only 1 ineffective player rather than 2. Alternate healers - I personally love Ana/Moira/Brig in that order. Ana - make sure to use your abilities but if you're against an enemy that keeps coming for you in the backline make sure you've typically got at least one of them handy to save yourself. If your team is hitting a roadhog, hit him with your biotic grenade so he can't just tank through it with self heal. Try and keep as much distance from the front line as you feel safe to do, if they've got genji/pharah who keeps coming for you then play closer to the team so your other healer can help but just try and play angles where they can't get at you easily. Moira - dva can eat your purple balls but not your yellow balls. Fire your balls against a wall in a narrow corridor to get more use out of them. Don't forget to heal. Moira is a great DPS in her own right but your team need you to heal. Try not to get too big headed and condescending to your team when you're highest dmg and heal. Moira just makes that work. Brig - you have a shield but you're not a tank. Join in with other pushes but don't make solo pushes into the team. You do AOE heal whenever you make a hit that isn't against a shield so make use of your long poke to hit enemies and get your aoe heal pumping. Start your combats with shield bashes and keep using them whenever you notice it's availablea again. It's a great ability, it can cancel ults and throws someone off balance. Use brigs long poke ability like lucios boop and you can knock people into well/off side of maps. I typically always go brig on well and lighthouse maps for the AOE on point and the boopability.
  10. Not sure your level so apologies if you're high ranked and a gold is trying to tell you what to do, but on the well map you're too passive as your team pushes and you're holding back on your side of the well. If you push forward at your teams pace you force the enemy to keep dropping back or risk getting a hammer to the face. One of the big things for Rein imo is to occupy the space the enemy wants to push in to so they have to either focus your shields while your team mates shoot at them or they've got to back off and find a new plan. A tip also if you don't know on PC Rein, while you've got RMB pressed for shield, if you press LMB at same time it lets you look around without dropping your shield or changing your direction so you can keep an eye on where your team are in relation to you.
  11. I'm a terrible widow or hitscan in general but a pretty decent Ana. Took some getting used to but well worth the effort once she clicks for you.
  12. It is for sure but when they're squealing down the microphone they're acting like one and it is deserving in my opinion, so I'd understood if that was the first ban but no idea why there was a 2nd one when I hadn't been playing!
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