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  1. I've been listening to the back catalogue for these since you posted. Absolutely love it. Such amazing ambient sound. Thanks again for posting!
  2. You need to press the shoulder buttons on both joycons seperately and then you can use them both.
  3. So ill be honest. I don't know Jack about this stuff. She's told me that she's balanced it according to the instructions and an online guide and even with max counter weight it isn't resting in the cradle, therefore no chance it'll ever sit on a record to play anything. I've arranged a return with richer sounds and ordered her the replacement. More than I'd wanted to spend but hopefully will last a long time.
  4. Really? Tbh I don't know much about any of this stuff so I was just kind of classing them as which for music! Is there a better review site to use? I've done a ton of YouTube watching but to be totally honest I'm sick of how pretentious the audio reviewers I've seen are.
  5. So I bought my partner a denon dp 300f as part of her Xmas present and she's gone to set it up today and it's got arm issues. I'm debating asking to swap it for a pro-ject debut carbon evo which is a bit more money but the what hifi review for it is fantastic. Anyone used the carbon evo and had any thoughts on it, good or bad? Before I shell out the extra 160 for it. Thank you
  6. Just given this a listen on Spotify as I loved the artwork. Now I love the sound as well! Thank you.
  7. I'd love to take it back as I'm at the point the bugs and crashes are making it unplayable for me but I don't think I'll have much luck taking it back to the asda customer desk and saying its buggy and it's OK because the developers said so sadly.
  8. How are other ps5 users getting on with this? I've had to stop playing as I can't seem to go 60 to 90 mins without a crash and all sorts of annoying things happening like item pop ups not disappearing, getting stuck in items and dying, car getting stuck on invisible walls. I thoroughly enjoyed hours 2 to about 20 just running round beating shit up but now I just feel done with it.
  9. Anyone else finding the triangle button sticks quite often? Not sure if it's due to the games I've played or not but currently playing ghost of tsushima and finding when I use the triangle For attacks it is not always coming back up and needs pressing again. Controller has had 75 hours use according to my playtime on profile so not great.
  10. Never seen anyone mention that, I use rest mode with ac valhalla and it works without issue. Few seconds between powering console up and game being playable in full 4k glory. Absolutely astounding even my beast pc can't do that.
  11. Ooh wow I'm actually quite tempted by that too! Make 140 quid and buy it again in a few months when it's more readily available.
  12. Quite like the look on its side. Couldn't fit it anywhere stood up though. Also I don't find it as hideous looking in person compared to pics. I am thoroughly impressed with this console. Load are so fast. Visuals are stunning though I've only played Valhalla. Coming from a mainly PC background I am finding the menu system very busy and unintuitive but overall I'm very pleased with it. For me though it is purely a single player games console, won't be using any of its media applications or likely ever be playing it online as that's what my PC is for.
  13. What's everyone been playing? I've had a number of hours of assassins creed. It's bloody gorgeous. I can only assume it's running in visual mode or whatever its called rsther than performance mode. Going to move on to try Spiderman out shortly I think.
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