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  1. Another Philips Ambilight owner here (55"). This should be on all TV's! I already had the bulbs and bridge when I bought the TV and even though I thought it might be a bit gimmicky, it turns out it's actually pretty excellent. I definitely couldn't go back to watching TV/movies/playing games without it. The only thing I've found is a plugin for Kodi which I used to use before I got the TV. Not sure if it's still supported but I think you need at least the Hub for it to work https://github.com/mpolednik/script.kodi.hue.ambilight I also use ScreenBlo
  2. To my shame I've not had time to use mine much. Cooked a whole chicken and while it was pretty easy and cooked well, I did miss having the "roast" part. Only really saved me about 30 minutes vs oven. I did make chilli con carne though and it was one of the best I've tasted. Adapted my own stove top recipe which I usually allow to sit for at least 24 hours before eating, but the IP version was as good if not better as soon as it was cooked
  3. Also check how many upgrade materials you have as these can quickly build up and push you over the rolling thresholds. Just move them to storage until you need them
  4. I think you need Darkmoonstone for upgrading
  5. I used this to get rid of anything that could no longer be upgraded. Freed up around 200 slots in my vault lol
  6. That video is excellent! I was watching Long Way Up and they visited a church in Ecuador that I was convinced could be a miniature Anor Londo
  7. Semi sideways pic as I'm over at my desk working. Would prefer it to the left of the TV but the plug doesn't stretch
  8. It's here! No pics as I'm working (and at this rate I'll be working late ) but got it downloading a 794Mb update
  9. Wooah, we're halfway there Wooah... I'll get my coat
  10. Update text from DHL...arriving 14:51-15:51
  11. Argos order also out for delivery
  12. 97Mb update but servers are at capacity Position 10248 lol. I'm going to bed
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