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  1. Henryk needs some specific things to have happened before you can summon him...
  2. There are other ways to kill the ghosts that are not time limited
  3. Yeah @APM I remember when you weren't too bothered about the lore. From games do have a way of getting under your skin and you definitely get your money's worth out of them if they click for you. Happy Hunting
  4. Hawklord

    Dark Souls 3

    Fume sword is good but I prefer... Warning, late game DLC spoiler (and some Fashion Souls )
  5. Perfect for roasting at Bonfires
  6. Don't Microsoft part own Facebook anyway? I think it's only a small share but I'm pretty sure they do
  7. Even before Covid, I had no social life :p
  8. I am that person. One guy kept throwing the ball to me and I just kept throwing it at the boss. Except in the first part where I threw it at the terminal thing. I don't usually play Nightfall but had to do at least one for some quest or other. Fully admit I was carried through the full raid and had no idea what to do. My weapons were also way under powered and I was barely doing any damage.
  9. George RR Martin says it will be out after he finishes writing A Dream of Spring* *he didn't
  10. I'm working my way towards Plat on BB but I can't be arsed with the later Chalice Dungeons lol
  11. @David Heath A tip for New Londo Ruins. I'll spoiler in case you don't want to know
  12. 225 Hours on PTD Edition plus 103 Hours and 100% completion on Remastered. There's also about 30 hours on PTD from when I was playing a yarred version to see if I still bounced off it (I didn't) The only other game that I have 100% completion is DaS3!
  13. Hawklord

    Dark Souls 3

    Be very careful of spoilers but there's a version of this wiki for each of the souls games https://darksouls3.wiki.fextralife.com/Dark+Souls+3+Wiki https://darksouls3.wiki.fextralife.com/Enemies
  14. Hawklord

    Dark Souls 3

  15. Had dropped way back down to 40kb/s by the time I went to bed. Left it running overnight and seems to have installed ok
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