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  1. Decision has been made...Series S only I skipped the Bone generation and only bought a PS4 for Bloodborne. Admittedly I also played some damn good games on the PS4 as well which was a nice bonus. As much as I want to play Demon's Souls, if it's coming out on PC then I can wait (will prob also come out for XBox as well) I have a 4K TV but at the distance I sit from the TV, 1440p upscaled to 4k will be good enough and with Game Pass already paid until 2022 it will also save me from "having" to upgrade my PC to play current gen games. Will still pick up a PS5, but definitely not at launch
  2. I'm going to be jealous of those that get this on PS5 and get to play it. It's going to be difficult but if it's true, then I'm waiting for the PC release. I don't see anything much else on the PS5 that's grabbing me so I'll be picking up an XBox The fog doors are too quick, that is all
  3. PC - 37" Panasonic TV @ 1080 (+23" Packard Bell + 27" Iiyama monitors) Console - 50" Philips 4K HDR TV
  4. Yeah I think they had their moment of fame but it was short lived and that's where most of the footage came from.
  5. Nice one.. Was actually commenting on the meta of the Souls lore...cycles repeating. Joke dies on explanation though :)
  6. Watched Three Identical Strangers last night. Best to watch not knowing anything other than they were separated at birth and by pure coincidence found each other in their late teens
  7. Gris, currently on Game Pass. Finished in one Sunday afternoon. Also a gorgeous looking game https://store.steampowered.com/app/683320/GRIS/
  8. Adjudicator is a gimmick boss. One of his attacks knocks scenery off so you could have been hit by that? Have you found/looked up the shortcut to him? Not much quicker but less annoying.
  9. If it's like the other Prime Video apps, which are just as annoying then you'll need to search specifically for the 4K version (or sometimes they call it the UHD version) and even then it might not show up. I've found the easiest way to do it is search on a PC browser and add it to your watchlist
  10. 4-1 is where I honed my parry. Makes the skeletons a walkover. Also had a decent bow by then for the Storm Beasts
  11. 2 new screens from the remake (I think they look like the ones we've already seen)
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