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  1. I didn't think it was bad. I didn't think it was great. Middling but held my attention
  2. Dear Mr Hawklord, Subscription Customer Number: A-Sxxxxxxx Thank you for your email regarding Edge. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t receive your copy of the February 2022. I’ve had a look at the records and I can confirm that it has been despatched. So, it looks like it’s been lost in the postal system. I’m sorry to say, but this issue is now out of print. This means I can’t send you a replacement copy. However, I’ve refunded your respective account for GBP6.00, you should see it in your account soon. If you ever feel like re-subscribing take a look at www.magazinesdirect.com for a great range of titles and special offers. If you need any extra help, please contact us. Kind regards Stefan King Cunts Time to grab the high seas version
  3. Anyone know if there is (or will be) somewhere to alert me for one of the new RTX 3050 cards?
  4. Easy 1. Dark Souls 2. Bloodborne 3. Doom (the originals) 4. Civilisation (all of them) 5. Skyrim
  5. The Ascent 100% my type of game. Isometric Cyberpunk RPG and then I had to run and run and run just to get to the fast travel points. Even worse that when you get there, that area isn't available yet even though your quest says you need to go there
  6. Compare what they've spent on giving the games away to what they would have spent on marketing for their store. Now all they have to "market" is...here's a freebie. Call it a loss leader if you like
  7. Been playing through the Convergence mod for the last few days. It's bloody good! I'm now back to being hesitant about looking round corners, checking every nook and cranny for items/enemies and taking things slowly. I've got 100% on the vanilla so this feels like a breath of fresh air I "think" I've cleared everything up to the Catacombs except Farron Keep. I've just got the Wolnir fight left so I think I'll head back to the Keep first as technically that was how you got to the Catacombs in Vanilla. Went for a Faith/Dex build this time which I've never really done before so I'm enjoying the new spells and the old spells that I've never really used before. I also have the Graveyard Scythe that Rob found and that's now at +8. Every time I think I'm getting a bit OP, I get to the next area and find out that I'm definitely not lol
  8. Started this yesterday. Got to the end of the first area. Is there anything I should have done before I set sail? I presume I can return to this area in the future and don't need to rinse it?
  9. The Matrix Resurrections 2.5/5, less said the better TT3D: Closer to the Edge 4/5. Forgot how good this is. More of a doc but still a movie and pre fame Guy Martin https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1698010
  10. I'll be finishing off Guardians of the Galaxy and I know my partner has bought me AC Valhalla so I'll probably sink myself into that for a while
  11. I'm still working through my backlog. I'll post in a couple of years when I get to the 2021 games
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