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  1. Ohhh I was hoping to find this thread Some lovey projects and choices on show here. Looking forward to sharing some of my own forays. My first has been into total failure. I recently spent 4 months on a custom GM Sniper 2 build only to end up with an utterly destroyed mess. i learned so much and somewhat perversely enjoyed failing forwards. Or backwards. I’m starting an MG Freedom 2.0 custom this week. The box is massive!!
  2. what the *fuck* this is the best Mario game since Super Mario World
  3. And then Christian Bale entered the room and immediately killed everyone using dual wield gun kata. George Orwell
  4. Seriously dude
  5. Oh God, it really is though. This is an unusually, shockingly bad design. How embarrassing. n__n;
  6. This is so fucking good. Jesus Christ, Nightmare difficulty is an absolute blast. It is so goddamn difficult. Running around like an absolute mentalist and it's literally brain damaging. I can already feel my reflexes getting better. The combat is so well thought out and comes together. Mouse and keyboard could be a strong recommend, I reckon. Like someone mentioned earlier in this thread, I also completed the original Doom 2016 first with a gamepad, and then got the PC version and it was a revelation. I feel like I've snorted eight pints of blood, some cum and a labia.
  7. 81 on Flappy Bird. 90 I AM COMING FOR YOU.
  8. Ooh, looks fun!
  9. Deus Ex is nice, and quite fun - though I do agree with many of the points in that Eurogamer review. Still, it's not a bad product. The visuals are extremely sharp.
  10. Yes. YES! Holy shit, this game is utter amaze.
  11. What the fuck is NFL
  12. After all their 'retro appeal' speak I'd have preferred straight up health kits. In Shadow Warrior you had two options - health pickups or using the portable medicine box (or a third, uh, level specific one involving sexually assaulting a semi-naked 'anime babe'). Enraging the enemies sounds extremely forced and mechanic-y. It sounds explotaibly bad if they handle it off, especially when trying to balance it with the other healing options they mentioned. What, so you're low on health and when you heal the enemies rush you? Okay...
  13. Major Nelson is so high on coke in those interview videos a couple of pages back. Jesus christ.
  14. Well yeah, that was exactly his point. It's interesting.
  15. A bit annoying how every sword kill spawns a Helvetica (or whatever standard font) display of "SHREDDED!" but the theory behind this is promising to me. I really want to know if the levels are less DNF go from A to B and more like the original Shadow Warrior. I'm a bit worried.
  16. Me too. The dev interview really hammered home how they've built it from the ground up with four players in mind, which is slightly disappointing. I want me some rich single players. Still looks lovely though.
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