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  1. Results just in, made the bottom of the table a lot closer so still lots to play for.

    Tsunami 5 - ASM 0

    Probably one of my better performances this season, was far closer than the result suggested though.

    ASM 0 - Tsunami 1

    Very even match with good chances both ends, managed to nick the win and make the bottom of the league a far from forgone conclusion


    Tsunami played me off the pitch in the first game, I couldn't get a shot on target. The 2nd was much tighter, a really close game.

    Thanks for the games.

    ASM FC 2 Pootle Pandemonium 0

    Pootle Pandemonium 0 ASM FC 2

    A slight formation change for the 2nd set of games tonight and it did the trick. Hopefully that will be keep me from relegation.

    Cheers for the games.

  2. Steev 3 - 2 ASM

    Though this was in the bag but ASM played his way back into it, only for me to pull out a third goal. Tense!

    ASM 0 - 6 Steev

    Felt guilty after the comical penalty :(

    Unfair result really, I just finished everything.

    Sorry for not headsetting, my Mum is visiting!

    Cheers for the games.


    Well beaten by Steev. I was disappointed to let 6 in, it seemed to be every time you shot you scored. You definitely deserved all six points. Thanks for the games and good luck for the rest of the season.

    I'm going on holiday tomorrow, I'm off to Florence to over see there training personally. I will be back next Wednesday.

  3. ASM 3 v 2 The Sweeney

    Considering we are both at the wrong end of the table this was right up there in the entertainment stakes. 14 shots (combined) on target and real end to end stuff. Almonds winner in injury time proving that Sereni is not Italian but in fact a Scotsman as he flapped the ball onto the arse of a Lazio defender which ricocheted into the net. A sad way to lose such a good game but you have to take the rough with the smooth.

    Despite losing I think this was one of my better games and definitely an improvement on weeks gone by. Lazio are a pub team but are at last trying to play as a unit.

    Unfortunately this game was very laggy and the next one was even worse so we have decided to play the second match on Sunday afternoon in the hope that network conditions will be better. Cheers AMS!


    First game was excellent apart from the intermittent lag. Both of us really going for the win. Should have really been a draw, but I'm pleased with the 3 points.

    We played the second match yesterday afternoon and again we had lag problems.

    The Sweeney 1 V ASM 3

    Really pleased with the result, scored some nice goals. Again it was end to end stuf, it was only quality of the finishing that was the difference.

    Thanks for the games Sweeny, good luck for the rest of the season.


  4. Just seen this very pro Nintendo article on FT.com. Sounds like they are really on the up.

    Wii outsells rival consoles

    By Leo Lewis in Tokyo

    Published: February 21 2007 12:57 | Last updated: February 21 2007 12:57

    Nintendo‘s Wii video games console has soared past Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in sales and opened a big lead over Sony ’s premium-priced rival, the PlayStation3.

    Sales momentum for the Wii, which was launched last November, is so strong that many analysts are raising their outlook for how well it will succeed in drawing entire families into video gaming.

    Yoshiyuki Kinoshita, an analyst at Merrill Lynch, now predicts that by 2011, one-third of all Japanese households and 30 per cent of all US households will own a Wii.

    In the US, where it was widely assumed the Xbox 360 had established a leadership position in the current round of “console wars”, NPD Group research showed that 436,000 Wii machines were sold in January against 294,000 for the Microsoft model, which has been on the market a year longer and outsold the Wii in December.

    The Wii continues to sell out on delivery in electronics stores in the US, Europe and Japan, and changes hands on auction websites at an average 35 per cent premium to the usual retail price of $250. Potential buyers in Tokyo queue for up to three hours to stake their claim on forthcoming shipments.

    According to NPD Group research on the US games market, only 244,000 PlayStation3 units were sold in January despite the machine’s wide availability and offers of free games to console buyers from many retailers.

    In Japan, where Microsoft has struggled to make its presence felt and Sony has a cult following among hardcore games fanatics, January saw even greater dominance by the Wii.

    Research by Tokyo-based Enterbrain suggests that out of combined January sales in Japan of some 600,000 consoles, Nintendo racked up a 68 per cent share against 25 per cent for the PS3 and 7 per cent for the Xbox 360.

    Since the Wii and PS3 were launched in November, the Nintendo machine has flown off Japanese shelves at twice the pace of the PS3. The PS3 has yet to even hit the market in Europe.

    “This is clear evidence that Sony needs to get the PS3’s act together, because it is in poor shape right now,” said Hiroshi Kamide of KBC Securities.

    Although the console war between the three next-generation machines is in its early stages, analysts believe that the position already established by the Wii could ensure its supremacy for several years – the critical period in which Sony had hoped to win the market over to its more powerful, sophisticated PS3.

    The Wii has differentiated itself from its rivals with motion-sensitive controls. Some analysts had assumed that its initial appeal would quickly fade in the face of the raw computing power of the PS3. Games like Wii Sports, where the handheld controller is swung to mimic a golf club or boxing glove, were expected to have limited shelf lives.

    “There has always been a strong concern that the Wii was gimmicky,” said Credit Suisse analyst Jay Defibaugh, “but each passing month assuages that.”

    Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2007


  5. ASM (Fiorentina) 2 - reef (Bolton) 3

    A great game with heaps of chances (we had already warmed up with our 2 league games). Bolton took the lead quite early and held on well, with lots of clearances and last ditched tackles. On 70 odd mins a deep cross from the by line results in a headed goal, 2 yards out, for Fiorentina. Bolton didn't learn and on 87 mins an identical cross results in an identical header and it's 2-1 and seems all over. Somehow on 89 mins Anelka manages to get down the left wing from kick off and skips past a couple of defenders before lifting it over the diving keeper. Then on 90+ the ball breaks to Kevin Davies, he takes a big touch and with 2 defenders right on him unleashes a 30 yarder into the bottom right corner. Not really deserved, sorry ASM.

    Thanks very much for the great game.


    This was a close one, I was a bit disappointed not to win, but at least I scored. Which was better than I managed in our 2 league games.

    Thanks for the games and good luck for the rest of the cup.

  6. Bloomin eck I'm knackered

    ASM (Fiorentina) 0 - reef (Bolton) 1

    This game took 25 mins to get going and was pretty even throughout, great saves from both keepers combined with poor finishing (god damn it Diouf, another open goal and you hit it over!!) kept the scores down. Anelka got the goal. Both teams could have had a couple but wasn't to be. Hunt, my right back got sent off on 60 mins for 2 yellows, both superbly timed tackles IMO :o

    reef 2 - ASM 0

    A complete contrast to the first game, this started at a million miles an hour and steadily got faster. The big lad Toni was a real menace and just some top saves and some wayward shots meant Fiorentina went goaless again. 2 first half goals, one a nice diving header from Anelka, the other Diouf finally got it right with a nice toe poke in the box, meant the pressure was off me and I could play on the counter. This game really could have been 5-2 to ASM, god a lot to thank my keeper for and my defenders pressed as hard as they could. Also ASM was down to 10 men for quite a while, Anekla chopped down when clear through. As always this spurred Fiorentina and I found myself under the cosh for long periods.

    Thanks very much for the games (and so sorry about the cup game), get more crosses in to your big men and you'll have no worries. Good luck with the rest of your games. Cheers


    A well deserved six points for Reef. Fiorentina never got going, both games were very messy I just couldn't find any space to shoot.

    Cheers for the games, and good luck for the rest of the season.

  7. Ryanski 3 ASM 2

    ASM 2 Ryanski 3

    2 games that were as frantic as you are ever likely to see. In the 1st game I was 2 nil up + had missed 2 penalties, the 1st wide + the 2nd I predictably put down the middle + twas saved, then he gets 1 back on 70mins + the jitters set in. I get another but he pulls 1 back again on 80, + in injury time could have equalised, huge sigh of relief, especially since 1 of the penalties resulted in me playing against 10 men for half the match.

    The 2nd game started with deja vu, for the 3rd time my player is through on goal + hacked down from behind, this time just outside the box, yellow card + Kanoute off injured. :D Maresca then makes up for missing both penalties in the 1st game, + in injury time in the 1st half I'm gifted a goal by a bad keeper pass to make it 3-1 at halftime. 4 times in the 2nd half I unbelieveable hit it straight at the keepers knees from 6 yards out or less, + again it's 3-2 with half an hour left. I hit the post + the bar but still have to cling on til the end + for the last few minutes I'm just punting everything towards the halfway line as I just can't keep the ball.

    Valium required, CFTG's.


    I couldn't believe I gave away 3 penalty's, my defending was all over the place. Ryanski really made a mess of my defence with his 3 up front, and I was always on the back foot. My attacking play was also shoddy, Ryanski played 4 defenders tight across the back and Toni had no space to work his magic.

    I was a bit disappointed not to scrape a point out of one of the games, but Ryanski deserved the wins. Sorry about Kanoute.

    Thanks for the games.

  8. Okay, well what can i say? This season isn't going too well, maybe the League Cup was a chance for me to show what i'm really about.

    Unleashedmaniac 0-5ASM

    That was never going to change, playing a better oppponent with a better team. What more could i expect? Half time 0-0, sorted i could live with that. I decided to make a little sub, my superstar Jesus Perera, what a mistake. Now i know why i've never been religious in life, just after he comes on the pitch, all hell breaks loose.

    The defence opens up, my midfield (well all 3 of them) go down the pub for a quick pint and well Baiano and Jesus i've seen my one legged gran score chances that they missed. Good game nonetheless, though i think ASM will agree, maybe the scoreline could have been a bit different; end of the day my defence whole team was shit.


    The score line is a bit flattering in my favor, it should have been a lot closer. Unleashed was very unlucky not to score.

    Cheers for the games.


  9. SaintM 5 - 3 ASM

    A game of two parts, due to a connection fault. I felt hard done by to be losing at half time, mainly due to my defensive display being woeful and Toni being amazing. The second half (part) was pretty much all West Ham. Tevez finally decided that shots on target are good for a forward and banged a few in.

    ASM 3 - 1 SaintM

    Although I matched Fiorentina in shots, my on-target amount was poor. Tevez reverted back to his usual self, punting balls high, wide and not very handsome. Toni once again ran the show for the chaps from Italia, he is like Tevez, but with some shooting ability.

    Overall both matches were a lot closer than the scorelines show, and I have to be happy with 3 points. Cheers for the games, and see you in the playoffs! :)


    A very exciting pair of games. I was pretty lucky to be leading at half time in the first match, but the restart after the connection problems really changed things, Tevez was on fire.

    In the 2nd, it really was the Toni show. I was just about hanging on at 2-1, then I grabbed the 3rd on the counter.

    Thanks for the games.

  10. ASM 2 themomentbefore 4

    My first game as Reading and they seem pretty good going forward. Loads of chances both ends and I was pleased to get the three points.

    themomentbefore 2 ASM 3

    An interrupted match - not sure what was happening as we both were still online after the disconnect. Anyway, lots of chances again and despite being a man up for much of the second half I couldn't get an equaliser - missing a penalty didn't help either.

    Cheers for the games mate.



    Was a bit disappointed to concede 4 in the first game, especially after coming back to 2-2 after going 2 down, but Andy deserved the 3 points in the end.

    The second game was better. I had a lot more chances, but my defending was still very sloppy.

    Thanks for the games.


  11. Right, just played my games against GaryC.

    In the first match I cocked up my formations and Gary was all over me. My defenders were all over the place, tons of space for Gary and he really took his chances well.

    FC GaryC 5 - ASM FC 0

    Tried a different formation in the 2nd game and it went a bit better. Pleased with the point in the end.

    ASM FC 1 - FC GaryC 1

    Cheers for the games Gary, good luck for the rest of the season.

  12. Ryanski 2 ASM 1

    ASM 0 Ryanski 2

    ASM hit the woodwork 4 times over the 2 games, so you could say I feel a little lucky to be through, especially when it happened 3 times in the 1st game so the away goals from that could have made things very different. Also a real relief to see Drogba play in the centre of the front 3 in both matches with no sign of Sheva, dunno if it was due to arrows or what but I'm glad. I think 2 goals each from Totti + Montella got me to da semis.


    Cheers for the games, and good luck for the rest of the cup.

  13. ASM 1 themomentbefore 0

    themomentbefore 2 ASM 3

    The second game was a corker - I was 3-0 down after a few minutes but really thought I could get a point. In the end beaten by the better team. Cheers for the games mate.



    The first could have gone either way, I was a bit lucky to get the win. In the 2nd I thought it was going to go to plan after I got the 3 early goals, but Andy really came back and I just about held out for the 3 points.

    Thanks for the games.

  14. ASM (Chelsea) 3 - 0 (Watford) Harbey

    Although Watford had a few chances, there was nothing they could do against Drogba's strength and accuracy up front.

    Harbey (Watford) 2 - 1 (Chelsea) ASM

    Watford had a good portion of the play but still found it hard to finish. The game was stopped 5 min's from the end due to the bad weather with the score at 2-1. At the restart, Watford were surprised to find that their opponents had changed into a Man City strip. Luckily the ref' noticed this and put it right. Watford held on for the win, taking a few points and a little damaged pride home from the competition.

    Good luck to the English clubs in the next round - I'll be cheering for you.


    I messed with the formation in the 2nd match and ballsed it right up.

    Sorry about the man city slip up :D.

    Thanks for the games.

    Andy are you about tomorrow night to play our games? I will be home from work at 5:30pm ish.

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