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  1. As Pootle said these matches were fantastic, they really could have gone either way, both teams had spells of excellent play. I didn't take my scoring chances and Toni's finishing was not up to his usual high standards. Pootle played excellently and the pace of the matches was relentless, end to end.

    Thanks for the games, and good luck for the rest of the season.

    This season has been great so far, but it looks like my title hopes are slipping away. I really need SaintM to start leaking goals. I will be willing Benfica on tonight, come on the Harbey. I hope Konami make it possible to spectate on other peoples games in the PES7.

  2. ASM 2 Skajess 1

    Skajess 2 ASM 1

    This week is not going to plan at all. Both games were very close and the teams evenly matched. Skajess got an early goal in both games which really put me on the back foot. In the first I managed to come back with goals from Mutu an Toni.

    In the second it was more of the same, but I made a bad tactical choice and switched to a more attacking formation when the score was 1-1 and it really back fired. Skajess took my defensive apart and scored a cracker of a goal.

    Looks like SaintM is back in the driving seat for the title, I hope he can hold up under the pressure. :D

    Cheers for the games Skajess, good luck for the rest of the season.

  3. Aston Villa 5 - 3 Fiorentina

    Good game for the villa, everything seemed to come off and the goals went in for a change.

    Everytime i thought i had the game won Fiorentina would score a goal so no chance to relax.

    Cheers for the game ASM.



    Cheers for the game and good luck in the rest of the cup.

  4. ASM FC 2 - 4 PeteBrant

    Could have gone either way this one. It was a case of me finding the net with my chances and ASM not - Only thats to some last gasp defending and keeper heroics - Could have easily been a draw. Didn;t help ASM that he lost his full back in conceeding a penalty to go 3-1 down. Once it went to 4-1 it was always going to be difficult to come back, but he amde a good go of it to pull back to 4-2 before making the last 15 mins or so extremely bervy for me.

    PeteBrant 2 - 1 ASM FC

    I Can only imagine ASM calling me every name under the sun after this result. Really was not deserved. Was pretty tight in the first half, and was lucky to go in 2-0 up. However, the second half ASM hit me with wave after wave of attack, broke through and got a goal back, and then it was just backs to the wall defending for the lasy 30 mins or so.

    In both games it was just a case of his forwards just having one of those days

    Sorry mate!

    Thanks for the games.

    Cheers for the games.

    I think you are being a bit easy on me. You played much better than I did in both games, you really deserved the six points. I had plenty of shots but I never felt like I was going to score, you took all of your chances much better than I did.

    Good luck for the rest of the season, especially against Mike. I want my nice points cushion back :lol:

  5. ASM FC 4 Billy Brown 2

    Billy Brown 1 ASM FC 0

    It had to happen my winning run has come to an end. The first match was vary tight and there was not much space to play. I couldn't get going and Toni was never in the game. Billy deserved the win.

    The 2nd was much better for me, and Toni was back scoring all 4 goals. Really good game the win never felt safe until I got the 4th in the 90th minute.

    Cheers for the games Tom, and good luck for the rest of your games.

  6. Not long left and the following matches are still outstanding:

    Ashley32				 v  ASM FC

    Please can someone from each match give me an indication as to what is happening with it!

    I've Pm'd him and left a message on this thread, but I haven't had response yet?

  7. Villarreal 0 - 2 Fiorentina

    Fiorentina 4 - 0 Villarreal

    The winning running continues, but i'm not to sure how it happened. SaintM had a lot of chances in the first match, but he just couldn't score. Toni was back in the team after last weeks stint on the bench, and the quality of his finishing made all the difference in the games.

    Not sure what happened in the second, I was 1-0 up and we got disconnected. After the restart I was finding a lot of space on the wings and got a quick goal and after that Villarreal literally stood still. Toni got all 4 and my goal scoring streak continues.

    Thanks for the games Mike, good luck for the rest of the season. Sorry I wasn't on the comms, I still haven't found my charger. I think it was lucky I wasn't as you didn't seen to happy at the end.

    I'm happy to replay if you were having problems with lag.

  8. ASM FC 4 Gingerlings Muckers 2

    Gingerlings Muckers 1 ASM FC 3

    I thought my winning streak was going to come to an end tonight, as Toni was on a down arrow in both games. So the Brazilian Reginaldo made his first starts of the season, and he was on fire scoring all 7 Fiorentina goals.

    Gingerling started well and took an early lead in the first game. Once Fiorentina settled down, they soon leveled the game and by half time we were 2 - 1 up. In the second half there were lots of chances at each end, but Reginaldo made the difference.

    The second match was a lot tighter, Gingerling was unlucky not to score more and hit the wood work once or twice. Really pleased to get another six points in the bag.

    Thanks for the games, good luck for the rest of the season.

  9. scratch FC 2 ASM FC 3

    ASM FC 3 scratch FC 2

    My winning streak continues, but it should really have ended in the first game scratchy was so unlucky. I gave away an early penalty, but unbelievably I guessed right and saved it. Scratchy went ahead twice and he should have won really. My two comeback goals were both very lucky deflections and last one was in the last few seconds of the match. It really was an incredible match and played a a furious pace.

    The second match was more of the same with scratchy taking the early lead. This one could have gone ether way too, but I took my chances and the quality of Toni's finishing made all the difference.

    Thanks for the games, good luck with the rest of the season. Sorry I wasn't on the comm's, I've lost the charger for my headset.



  10. Jumped the gun a little here as I don't think we're supposed to play these for another week but I've just played two games against ASM;

    bph 1 - ASM 2

    ASM 4 - bph 3

    The first game was extremely tight, but a couple of sloppy passes gave ASM some golden opportunities which he wasn't shy about putting away. The second game was a different story as ASM had the lionshare of the chances, although I almost turned it around from being 4-1 down at one point with Beattie having the ball at his feet in the 6 yard box at the 90th minute but was hussled off the ball.

    Some good games, cheers. Already I can see that this season will be a tough proposition; Yobo is no longer the rock he was and the Johnson/Beattie partnership have yet to find their sparkle. A relegation battle looms!


    I was lucky to get the win in the first match, it was very close game, but after a bit of last minute desperate defending I came away with the 3 points.

    I thought the second was going to be a bit more comfortable after the 4th went in, but bph really came back hard. I just about held on for the win. Toni got at hatrick as well, which was nice.

    I had my mobile close, so here's some stats;



    I just played my games against The Sweeny

    ASM FC 3 The Sweeny Select 0

    The Sweeny Select 0 ASM FC 0

    Really pleased with these games. The first went to plan, with Toni getting all 3 goals (I think?) and my defense held firm and got the clean sheet. The second was a lot tighter and The Sweeny was very unlucky not to score. It was 1-0 for most of the game and I was really under pressure. I only got the second in the last seconds of the game when The Sweeny was on the attack.

    Thanks for the games and good luck for the rest of the season.

    Wow 4 wins on the trot, I don't think thats happened for ASM FC for a long time, I hope it continues.


  11. 2 superb games with ASM.

    AS Monaco 1 - Fiorentina 1

    A tight affair big Koller scored on 23 mins as Monaco tried to regain some dignity after back to back spankings from Villareal in the previous matches. 1st half was mostly all Monaco but a change of tactics for the 2nd half saw Fiorentina come right back into the game and pepper shots at the Monaco keeper. Roma stood tall and pulled off a few superb blocks but the pressure told eventually when an errant clearance from his defence rifled into the back of the net on 87 mins.

    Fiorentina 2 - 5 AS Monaco

    The 2nd game started the way the last finished with Fiorentina the better side early on Mutu sprung up with a superb individual goal on 27 mins but Di Viao on the next attack equalised only 2 mins later. Monaco's midfield were holding firm and giving the guys up front a decent bit of service and Di Vaio scored again on 40 mins to end the half.

    The 2nd half was started off with a Koller goal on 55 mins from the edge of the box with the keeper diving the wrong way. Fiorentina were unlucky with a few chances cleared away - especially a dramatic goal line clearance on 71 mins. Then Di Viao wrapped up his afternoon with a hat trick goal on 73 mins to put the game effectively beyond reach.

    The scoreline however doesn't reflect the game as it seemed anything Fiorentina put at the Monaco goal was deflected or cleared. Koller finished the Monaco scoring off on 81 but Fiorantina were not going to give up and helped the goal difference with an 83rd min consolation goal.

    Thanks for the games mate and good luck with the rest of the season.


    Two very enjoyable games. The first match was a real corker. I was so disappointed to let 5 goals in the second match, but my lot just wouldn't score, so I had to keep on pushing forward.

    Cheers for the games, and good luck for the rest of the season.

    Fantastic match reports so far, I will make sure I have my note pad ready for the rest of my games.

  12. Just played the final game against Zooo. It was a good fast game, end to end stuff, with loads of chances at each end.

    ASM 2 - ZOOO 0

    Cheers for the game.

  13. ASM you around the weekend to get our game played?

    PM me or reply here

    Apart from Saturday night, i'm fairly easy on times.


    I can do any time tomorrow, apart from 12-5pm. And I will be around Sunday and Monday too.

    unleashed, are you about this weekend?

  14. Sorry I just remembered it's the England match tomorrow (for what it's worth). How about Thursday?

    Thursday is good for me. I will be home from work at 7:30 so I can do any time after then. When's good for you?

  15. Seems like it won't be 8pm. Can't get onto live, mantenience work etc.

    Oh yes, I had forgotten about the downtime. How about tomorrow at 8pm?

    DonnieD could you do 9pm tomorrow?

  16. I should be on tomorrow night sometime, if i can leave my PS3 alone :) .

    Pretty sure i already have you on my friends list, i'll add the rest of you as well tomorrow. What time's the best for you?

    How about 8pm?

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