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  1. Steelys Flip Flops 4 v ASM FC 1

    Just been dealt a sound beating by Steely's Bolton. Well played mate a well deserved win.

    Cheers for the game, good luck in the next round.

  2. ASM FC 2 scratch FC 1

    I thought this one was going to go well after scratch scored an own goal in the first minute of the match. Then the 2nd went in midway through the first half. This was another scrappy goal, Mutu scored from a jammy rebound. Scratch scored early in the second half and really piled on the pressure for the rest of the game. I just about held on for the 3 points. Excellent game, very enjoyable, but no goals for Toni.

    Scratch FC 1 ASM FC 1

    This was a real close one. Scratch should have taken all 3 points really, but his strikers seemed to be having a game of how many times they could hit the wood work. I took the lead with a goal from Reginaldo (I think?) again no goals from Toni, he was on a down arrow again. I then levelled the score with a lovely own goal. Scratch had a shot blocked by my keeper, who parried it away on to one of my defenders who kindly put it in the back of the net. After that I could not get back into the game and Scratch was really on the attack, but I couldn't take advantage on the counter as Toni didn't seem to be in the mood. Another fantastic match.

    Cheers for the games Scratch, really enjoyed them both. I had to have a quiet moment after the second one to calm my nerves. Sorry I wasn't on the comms, I had to be quiet the baby was sleeping.

    Toni 9

    Reginaldo 3

    Mutu 2


  3. ASM FC 2 AS Mortis Muppets 0

    Toni gets another double. The game started off even and Mortis came close a few times, but it was reasonably comfortable for Fiorentina once the first had gone in, which was a loverly header. It should really have been 3, Jorgensen missed an open goal after rounding the keeper.

    AS Mortis Muppets 1 ASM FC 4

    I was a bit concerned to see Toni on a down arrow at the start of this one, but I had to stick with him and it paid off. Toni only managed one, Mutu got one and Reginaldo got two. Really pleased with this performance the only real down point was the soft penalty I gave away. It was all a bit messy in the 6 yard box and for some reason my keeper chopped Mortis's man down instead of picking the ball up. 4 is a bit flattering really, the last two goals came as Mortis was pushing on for the equalizer.

    Really enjoyed both games, and no disconnections this week. Thanks for the games Mortis, good luck for the rest of the season.

    Toni 9

    Reginaldo 2

    Mutu 1


  4. ASM FC 4 Tomox FC 1

    Luci Toni had a blinder scoring all 4 goals. The first was a loverly near post header. The lad couldn't miss tonight. Tomox had a good share of the play and scored a wicked goal. It should have been closer, but after Tomox gave away a penalty and got a man sent off midway through the first half La Viola had the lions share of the attacking play.

    Tomox 1 ASM FC 2

    This one was a lot tighter than the first match. With Tomox leading for most of the game. Then two quick goals by Toni turned things around. Reginaldo should have put in the third, when he missed a real sitter minutes later.

    Both matches were effected by connection problems. Both games had to be played in two parts which really broke up the flow. We also had real trouble accepting each others invites. I've never had that problem before, looks like the update last week has ballsed things up further.

    Cheers for the games Tomox, good luck for the yest of the season.


  5. s22 jgs 1 ASM FC 1

    ASM FC 4 s22 jgs 1

    Not sure how I came away with 4 points out of these two matches. The first was pretty close, with both goals coming just before half time, about 30 seconds apart. Luci Toni done the business again and out musseled the Sevilla defence. s22 jgs came close to scoring so many times, there was a lot of frantic defending by Fiorentina.

    The second game was more of the same, but this time all my shots went in! Reginaldo got two, Toni got two (One of these was was officially listed as a own goal, but after a meeting of the Dubious Goals Committee this morning it was given to Toni.) Again in this match s22 jgs had the lions share of the attacking play but it just wasn't his night.

    Really pleased with 4 points, not a bad opening to the new season.

    Cheers for the games, good luck for the rest of the season.



  6. Inter Milan (ASM) 0-1 Manchester Utd (Yawdib)

    One of those typical games of two halves...

    I went through one-on-one with Rooney in the first 10 seconds of the game and hit the inside of the post, but rather than going over the line it bounced across to the opposite side of the area to be booted to safety. As Peter Brackley usually puts it. Anyway, I took the lead just a couple of minutes later with a lucky deflection off the keeper, sending the ball into the net rather than out for a corner. From then on I had at least 5 one-on-one's before half time and should have really grabbed at least 2 or 3 goals to make the game safe, my players were just running rings around ASM's defence.

    Midway through the first half ASM was through on the keeper with the one man you don't really want to see with the ball anywhere on the pitch - never mind bearing down on goal with no defenders close enough to put him off shooting. Luckily the onrushing keeper must have put him off just enough to slice the ball agonisingly wide.

    Lucky for me - but there was worse to come. I completely lost it in the second half, Rooney, Giggs, Solskjær, and then Saha for the final 20 minutes, could hardly get a touch on the ball for the entire 45 minutes. Every pass I was making was straight to a Milan player. Even though I don't think ASM had as many clear-cut chances as me from the first half I was surprised I managed to keep a clean sheet, my play was all over the place.

    Overall I'd say it was a fair result, I think I deserved to go through, but not a result that reflected the play. It was more like a 2-3 or 3-4 sort of game than a tight 0-1 affair.

    Cheers for the game though, I enjoyed that :o


    As YaWdiB said this was a bit of an odd match. I thought I was going to be 2 or 3 down after the battering I took in the first few minutes. A slight formation change at half time brought me back in to the game, but it didn't result in a goal. It was a really great game, and I think YaWdiB deserved the win.

    Thanks for the game and good luck in the next round.

  7. <DRWHO>And season 11.</DRWHO>

    Ohh, is that the sound of SaintM slamming his gauntlet down for season 11. Florentia are not even back from there summer brake yet!

    In other more important news, I am now a dad. My girlfriend gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Sunday, we got home from the hospital this morning, and both of them are doing fantastically.

    I should be around a bit more now to get these games played, as I'm off work for the next two weeks. Can anyone play in the day time?

  8. Just got my self a pair of Sennheiser HD595 and i'm loving them, but I'm now thinking I could do with a portable amp. Have you guys got any recommendations?

    I've been looking at either a cmoy or C&C Box+ from ebay, are either of these any good?

  9. Evening fellow Italian managers.

    Looks like I've got the plum team in the random draw, not sure if I will be able to live up to Inters reputation.

    I will be about most nights to play my matches, but I might have to cancel games at short notice as my partner is about to give birth to our first baby at any moment.

    Good luck group 3.

  10. Dalvado 0 - 2 ASM

    ASM 2 - 2 Dalvado

    I've been trying to come up with a decent match report here but I can't seem to do it. Both games were pretty much the same except for two bits of luck that I got in the second. ASM had the attempts and the control of the game. I had some possession but could never get into the final third and even make any attempts. I think I got about six attempts between both games. In fact as you might guess I didn't deserve the point in the second game.

    Cheers for the games ASM, you deserved six points in the end.

    Apologies to the birthday boy for not being much of a challenge to ASM. As for me I dread to think what will happen, I'm hanging onto League One status by a thread here. Skajess and Billy Brown are the two players who can overtake me. Both of those two play each other and skajess has two games in hand. I need to hold someone's hand.


    I'm a bit disappointed to drop two points in these games, it would have been nice to go in to the final games on the same points as Mike. I knew that I was going to have problems in the second match, when Toni hobbled off injured early in the first half. My attacking play really was lacking with out him.

    Thank's for the games and good luck for your final matches.

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