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  1. My connection went down, and it took ages to come back. When do you want to try again, are you about later tonight? We could play a 10min game with you 1up?
  2. I'm up for some festive songs, add me to the list, please.
  3. Got my CD today, just had a quick listen and it sounds good. I will have a few more listens and report back with my findings. Mine will be in the post first thing tomorrow (sorry it's so late), so it should be with the lucky recipient on Saturday. There is a theme to my CD this month, all the tracks are 2:59 long, I hope you like it.
  4. How about 6pm on Sunday? If not Monday or Tuesday after 6pm would be good for me.
  5. Nope, I haven't got it yet. It will be stuck in a sorting office somewhere. I will let you know when it turns up.
  6. Fiorentina 0-2 Tottenham Tottenham 3-2 Fiorentina Confirmed Cheers for the games porko, your match reports are spot on, two excellent games to finish off the season. Good luck in the play off final. Really enjoyed this season, but I'm glad to see the back of this version of Pro Evo. Hopefully next season won't get interrupted again for me, buy my xbox giving up the ghost. I had to borrow one of a mate to play my play off games. Congratulations to Donnie, and Mike, and thanks again Mike for your hard work on the leagues and the web site.
  7. Excellent. looking forward to your comments.
  8. I will be posting my effort out first thing tomorrow, sorry it's a bit late I've been on holiday. I haven't had anything in the post yet either.
  9. Confirmed A well deserved six point to petrolgirls. Roma out classed Fiorentina all over the pitch. Cheers for the games. Also played my games against Skajess ASM FC 3 - Skajess 1 Skajess 2 - ASM FC 3 Two excellent games, I thought I had the 2nd all rapped up early on when Skajess got a man sent off and I went 3-0 up, but he really came back and made it a nail bitting finish to season. Thats me done for season 11, luckly as my Xbox is on it's way back to Microsoft again. Got home from work tonight looking forward to a Halo3 session and I've got sound but no picture, the video outputs gone. Hopefully I will back up and running by the start of the new season.
  10. ASM 0 - Harbeyfield Wednesday 4 Newcastle played Fiorentina off the pitch. Don't know what was up with Toni tonight he could hit a barn door. My worst performance of the season (so far). Harbeyfield Wednesday 0 - ASM 1 More of the same really, the only goal of the match was a classy own goal from Dyer a few minutes before the end of the game, he really smashed it home! Cheers for the games Harbey, you should really have gone away with a least 4 points if not six. Good luck for the rest of the season. I'm going over to Italy for a holiday on Wednesday afternoon and I'll be back next Tuesday. Hopefully I will be able to play my games against petrolgirls tomorrow, if not it will have to be when I get back.
  11. Florentina were out classed by AC Milan tonight. ASM 1 - Paddy 2 Paddyo 0 - ASM 0 Cheers for the games, good luck for the rest of the cup.
  12. How about Sunday or Monday at 9pm?
  13. How about Saturday, when is good for you?
  14. ASM FC 3 Pootle Pandemonium 0 Should have been a draw really, Pootle was unlucky not to get anything from this match. The game was very even until the first goal went in which was a bit of a fluke, the second was down to luck as well. Toni had a quite game until he popped up near the end to put the 3rd in. Goals from - Mutu, Montolivo and Toni Pootle Pandemonium 1 ASM FC 3 The game got off to a good start for Fiorentina with a early goal from Toni, the second went in a few minutes later, again Toni. Then Pootle had one of his defenders sent off for a second yellow. I should have really scored more in the first half Toni had a lot of chances, but they all went straight at the keeper. Pootle pulled one back in the second half after some shocking defending. Toni got his 3rd late the second half. A reasonable comfortable win once Pootle was down to 10 men, should have scored more. Goals from - Toni Thanks for the games Pootle, I think the Pro Evo luck was on my side last night. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  15. Cheers for the games Benito. As you said two really enjoyable games. I thought you had the six points in the bag when you went 2-1 up in the second game. Good luck for the rest of the season. Also played my out standing game against Porko. ASM FC 1 Porko 4, Fiorentina got totally outclassed, I wish Spurs could play like that in real life! Only 6 points out of the possible 15 since my xbox came back, looks to have put a stop to my title challenge.
  16. I got my xbox back on Friday, given it a few hours on Bioshock so far and it is working properly. Are you about to play our games tomorrow?
  17. Cheers for the CD, really enjoyed listening to it. Thanks MW_Jimmy. Here's my blow by blow. Track 1 - Wow fantastic intro, then hang on! I wasn't expecting that. I have no idea who this is, it's like a Japanese electro version of The Bonanza theme tune, excellent. ASM rating - 3 thumbs up. Track 2 - This one is dancey, kind of like abba on acid, on a trip to Moscow. Not so sure about this one. ASM rating - 1 and half thumbs up. Track 3 - Oh, this one builds up nicely. It starts off slow and really gets going once the drums come in. Like this one, reminded me of the song from the bloody shower scene in Blade. ASM rating - 3 and half thumbs up. Track 4 - Funky, this a really similar to one of the songs on the CD I have put together for this. I can't wait to find out who this, I need to hear more. ASM rating - Four thumbs up. Track 5 - Hmmm, I don't like this one. It's a bit too much like euro pop for me. ASM rating - half a thumbs up. Track 6 - This one sounds familiar, it may be that it sounds a bit like the thriller beat. Not the sort if thing I would normally listen to, but it's not bad. ASM rating - two thumbs up. Track 7 - Another excellent intro, this one has got a touch of new order about it. Again not really my thing, but I wouldn't skip through it next it pops up on my ipod. ASM rating - two and half thumbs up Track 8 - This one is my favorite so far on the CD. this is more my kind of thing. loved the piano in it, sounds a bit like the Guillemots. ASM rating - Four thumbs up. Track 9 - This ones even better than track 8. Who is it, I must have this album. My favorite track on the CD. ASM rating - Four and half thumbs up. Track 10 - Excellent another funky one to finish off with. Reminded me of some of the heaver James Taylor Quartet tracks. Post up the track listing MW_Jimmy, and I will update my post with the details. Thanks again MW_Jimmy, really enjoyed my first Rllmuk mix CD, I will be back for more next month. I just hope my CD goes down alright, it's a bit more main stream.
  18. Got my CD on Saturday, thank you. I have listened through a few times, but I'm still digesting it, very different to the sort of music I normally listen to. I will be back with a full review tomorrow. Also I will be sending my effort out first thing tomorrow.
  19. Just spoken to Microsoft and it looks like I might not get a replacement xbox until the 2nd week of September I will let you all know as soon as I can get my games played.
  20. porko 3 ASM FC 2 I was taking a real battering and got a lucky penalty to take the lead. Porko came back with a well deserved goal. Then Toni scored again with about my only attack of the first half. Porko then leveled the score with a header by Chimbonda. Then Berbs (I think) sealed the 3 points for Porko. I was lucky it was just the 3. ASM FC Porko - postponed due to my xbox being so disappointed with my performance in the first match that it drove it to give me the 3 red lights of doom, so it is going to be on a trip back to Microsoft. Looks like I will be out of action for a few weeks
  21. Oh, can I join in please.
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