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  1. My aunt did the posh english voice on Gears of War - Carolyn Seymour. She has been back in the studio recently recording her part for the follow up.
  2. Just played my final games of the season. donnie darko 2 - 0 ASM ASM 1 - 2 donnie darko Disappointed not to take the 3 points in the 2nd match, but I just couldn't take advantage of Arsenal going down to 10 men. Cheers for the games donnie, enjoy the Premiership next season. Manic Minor 0 - 2 ASM ASM 2 - 0 Manic Minor To little to late for Inter, probably my best performance of the season. The first game started well with a real screamer from 25-30 yards, and then the luck all seemed to go my way. The 2nd game started with a very lucky goal. Manics keeper decided to turn his back on the ball after passing it straight to me, the ball trickled past in to the open goal. I just about held on to my lead as Manic piled on the pressure, then I nicked a 2nd in the dying seconds on the counter. Cheers for the games Manic, good luck next season. So it's back to the Championship for me, after my all to brief spell in to the Premiership
  3. After Lost on Sunday is good for me. Strangely I was watching the latest episode when you sent me that message over Live. Your in for a treat, its an excellent episode.
  4. Are you about on Sunday afternoon, when's good for you?
  5. Well deserved 6 points for Barca, I need a lot more practise with fifa The first match started badly, I went defensive with 5 at the back and it really back fired. Mike got two early goals. I then made a switch back to Inters normal formation and things looked up (slightly) Adriano scored a nice individual goal and I had a bit more of the ball, but I just couldn't keep Barca back. The 2nd was better, and could have been a draw if I had taken my chances better. I haven't got to grips with the finesse shot yet, it never seems to make any difference. Are you meant to press the bumper before, during or after taking the shot? Cheers for the games Mike, sorry I wasn't on the comms, but the other half was trying to put the baby to bed. He's not happy at the moment, just started teething.
  6. Spurs AC Milan Inter Milan Barcelona Liverpool Man Utd Chelsea Bayern Juventus Real Madrid
  7. ASM

    Season 13 tables

    You can see some team stats here - click me
  8. I know I'm a bit late with this, but today was the first time I had my camera close by. This goal was from my game today against humdrum, which no longer counts My goal
  9. Just had a look around, and Play seems to be the cheapest place for FIFA 08 at the moment - £25.
  10. Not played fifa 08 yet, but it has to be better than pes2008, so I'm in.
  11. Mike, that sounds like a good plan. The way the game is playing at the moment is unbearable. I used to look forward to my weekly bash at pro evo, but it's turning in to a joyless experience. Never really been a fifa fan, but anything has to be better then PES at the moment.
  12. ASM

    New signing!

    Congratulations Mike - all the best to the growing family.
  13. Confirmed Two fantastic matches, the best I've had on this version. The first was so close it could have gone either way. In the 2nd I had the upper hand in the first half, but after you made your substitutions you looked the better side. I think playing 3 up from is stopping me scoring, as I'm over playing it rather that having a shot. A lot of my play ended up with players in good positions, but then I play one to many passes and lose the ball. It was getting very frustrating. Cheers for the games Billy, good luck in the next round.
  14. One day I will make it into the The Premiership
  15. Confirmed. Both games were pretty tight and could have gone either way, but I think it was my strikers that made the difference. Gutted I didn't have my phone close by, as I scored a screamer in the 2nd match. In both matches as the time went on we got more and more lag. It's so frustrating, why can't they just fix it! Good to talk to you Harbey, good luck for the rest of the season. See you on the putting green. Also played Sith last night Sith 4 ASM 1 This game was a lot closer than the score suggests. I hit a penalty against the cross bar while 2-1 down, and after that sith ran me ragged. ASM 3 Sith 2 Sith went 2 up in the first half, I came back with 3 second half goals. Excellent match, really fast passed, and hardly any lag this time. Cheers for the games sith, sorry I wasn't on the coms, the baby was sleeping.
  16. Harbey - 9pm Thursday is good for me, see you there.
  17. Evening Humdrum, welcome to the league.
  18. The new season got underway for Fiorentina on Friday night with a mixed pair of games. ASM FC 0 - 4 Skajess United The score line doesn't really show what happened in the game. I had a lot of chances, but none of the Fiorenitina players wanted to score. It felt like everytime Skajess got up my end of the pitch he scored. Very frustrating start. The teleporting lag also seemed to get worse the longer the game went on. Skajess United 1 - 3 ASM FC This was a bit better. I managed to put away some of the chances that came up, and found a lot more space in midfield. I just can't get used to not having have Luci Toni in the team. The current strikers are not in the same league, only Mutu seems to be up to the job. Again more teleporting lag. Cheers for the games Skajess, sorry I wasn't on the coms, we had just got the baby off to sleep. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  19. Confrimed Cheers for the games, I don't think the luck was with me tonight, was that 3 own goals? The patch hasn't helped, I was getting teleporting all over the place, much worse than the games we had on sunday. I haven't played this version much yet, due to all the other great games out at the moment, but it is terrible. Why does it take so long to take throw in's and why is the ref so slow with the whistle. It is so frustrating. I hope the game doesn't spoil the league.
  20. Can't do tomorrow, I've got free beers after work but I can play Tuesday night.
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