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  1. ASM 0 - 5 Mackenie

    Mackenie 0 - 0 ASM

    gg's m8 you did well to come back from loosing 5-0 to get the draw and could of easily got the winner.

    now that me and jonny sit on 7 this is gonna be one of the closest groups when you throw the championship playoff winner in.... the question is whos gonna nick the premiership spot

    Confirmed - a bit disapointed not to score in either game, hit the post a few times. The change of team in the 2nd match, Tottenham to Fiorentina seemed to make all the difference. Man U ran the Spurs defense ragged in the first match.

    Cheers for the games.

  2. Originally posted in the UEFA Cup thread:

    Harbey 5 - 2 ASM

    In a game dogged by lag, Chelsea spent a fair amount of time defending a 1 - 0 lead until Roma found the break to equalise. The flood gates opened at that point and the goals started coming.

    Cheers for the game mate - only game all evening that had any lag.

    Cheers for the game Harbey, it was a shame about the lag, it had the makings of a good game. I changed formation in the 2nd half and it really back fired.

    Good luck in the rest of the cup

  3. That's a shame to hear that mate, is your mind made up? I'm finding the transition similar to yourself but am hoping that a season in a lower league should prove to be a good leveller for me, perhaps it would for you too? A new set of opponents and a change of team might improve some areas of your game and help you enjoy it some more.

    I've enjoyed our games in the past and it'd be a shame to see you go. :P

    You, Mike and Wincho09 are right, now I have had time to mull it over I'm going to give it one more season, surely it will click with me at some point.

    See you in the 1st division.

  4. Beat ASM 1-0 and 4-1

    Two very scrappy games, I was suffering from end of season apathy and a lack of drive. ASM has little to play for already being relegated I suppose so It made for a sloppy and charmless games for the most part.

    Too true - my relegation (again) was sealed long ago.

    Cheers for the games mate, I think they are going to be my last in the fifa leagues. I just don't seem to have the time or inclination to practise at fifa, I can't get on with it after years with pro evo and I'm just not getting any better. :wacko:

  5. almeida_sanogo_468x345.jpg

    Almeida's Athletes 7-0 ASM FC

    first game in a while, and id been playing earlier in the day to make sure i wasnt rusty. first couple of minutes in the game and ASM had a great chance to score, 1 on 1, but wiese stepped up to the challenge and parried it. after that i got into my rhythm and managed to make it 1-0 by ht. ASM was defo the better player in the first 30 minutes. enter the second half and enter 6 goals. sanogo managed to get one in the 52nd minute and then it was backs to the wall. got 2 in 2 minutes thanks to borowski and almeida. after that the goals dried up a bit until the 81st minute and frings scored a lovely goal. i was then running through into goal and it looked like to me that id ran it too far but Ukjalusi took me out and he got sent off! PENALTY! Diego sloted it home, even though frey nearly saved it. Almeida nicked another in the 90th minute! frey was my motm in this game, saved so many other chances.

    ASM FC 0-3 Almeida's Athletes

    second game, and i expected a backlash like so many other times in my second game so far, but my confidence was sky high after scoring 7. within 18 minutes i was 3-0 up thanks to some lovely play by frings and 2 goals from almeida, some of the best play ive seen. after the 18th minute, i dunno if ASM changed there formation, but they put in a great defence performance until the full time whistle, i did manage to get plenty of chances but again Frey was MOTM! ASM never gave up and took me all the way.

    Overall :

    Happy with both results, disappointed with my performance in the second game, could of done alot better, and in the first i should of put more of my chances away. ASM's never say die attitude was good, and if it wasnt for that it could of been a few more. first game if he managed to slot away that first chance, we could of been looking at a different result altogether. another player sent off AGAINST me! funny that seeing as im supposably the dirtiest player in the game :angry: ! ASM your defo the dirtiest ive faced so far :( . good luck in your future games man!

    I was played of the pitch, I couldn't keep the ball, a awful performance by me :-(

    Sorry about the dirty play, to be honest I was getting pretty frustrated. Did I get someone sent off? I know I gave away a penalty, but I didn't realise I went a man down.

    Cheers for the games, and good luck for the rest of the season - like you need it :(

  6. 79149169xl7.jpg

    Harewood Steals the Show

    (Steely) Villa 3 - 0 Fiorentina (ASM)

    After the first half ended in a stalemate the passenger who is John Carew saw him self subbed for the lackluster display. Harewood getting his first taste of the big stage this season snapped up the opertunity with 2 good goals. He may find himself in a starting position against Arsenal after that display.

    Cheers for the game mate and good luck for the rest of the season.

    Confirmed. I was reasonably pleased with my 1st half performance and although Steely had the lions share of the play, I had a few decent chances. Then I started mucking about with my formation and it all fell apart. A well deserved win for Steely.

    Cheers for the games.


  7. ASM (Fiorentina) 1-3 Yawdib (Sheffield Wednesday)

    After a couple of false starts we eventually got a playable game which I think for the majority I controlled fairly comfortably getting upto 3-0 before ASM pulled one back with 15 minutes to go - and then hit the bar 5 minutes later. It wouldn't be Wednesday if they didn't try and throw it away! =P

    Round up:

    26' Leon Clarke (SW)

    51' Leon Clarke (SW)

    63' Leon Clarke (SW)

    77' G. Pazzini (Fio)

    Cheers for the game mate.

    Confirmed - I was rubbish!

  8. Manchester City (tyler) 3 v 1 Fiorentina (ASM)

    Petrov (PEN) 31

    Elano 44

    Benjani 84

    Pazzini 90

    Fiorentina (ASM) 0 v 1 Manchester City (tyler)

    Benjani 49

    The first game was very one sided. Pasqual was sent off for Fiorentina after half an hour and after Petrov tucked away the spot kick it was all one way. I really felt like it could have been any scoreline, I was creating chance after chance and snuffing out any attacks very early. So it was pretty gutting to concede in the 90th minute especially when Pazzini just seemed to become The Hulk for his 50 yard run.

    The second game was much closer. The first half was fairly even with only a couple of chances for each team. I got my goal early in the second half and thankfully was able to hold out. I think ASM made a late change in formation and the last 20 minutes or so were really tense as I kept having to make last ditch tackles or interceptions. I could have sealed it on the counter attack a few times though.


    Good games ASM, you were unlucky not to have the late pressure pay in the second game. Well played.

    Cheers for the games Tyler, I played really badly in both games, I couldn't string together two passes. I think it might be a case of to much GTA not enough FIFA. I must practise more!

    Good luck for the rest of the season.



  9. Evening fellow Championshipers.

    ASM FC 2 - FC Porko 0

    FC Porko 2 - ASM FC 2

    A pleasing start to the season, it was nice to be back in charge of Fiorentina after a brief spell leading Inter to a humiliating relegation last season.

    The first game started at a fast pace and Porko had a lot of the early pressure, but he failed to take his chances. I scored on the break and the 2nd went in shortly after. The game continued at the same pace in the second half and I just about held on to the clean sheet.

    The second match was a classic, end to end with tons of chances. I got two goals early in the first half and then porko came right back and it was 2-2 at half time. The 2nd half was so close, we both had excellent chances to take the 3 points, but both keepers were on top form and made some cracking saves.

    Overall, really pleased with the 4 points. Cheers for the games Porko and good luck for the rest of the season, good talking to you.



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