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  1. Excellent - I will be on just after 10.
  2. Hi Lilywhite, fattakin and Mike, Is anyone up for playing tonight? I've got to work late, but I will be around from 10pm.
  3. Only just seen your post - could you do 9pm?
  4. Hi Lilywhite, I can play tonight, if your about?
  5. Confirmed - a bit disapointed not to score in either game, hit the post a few times. The change of team in the 2nd match, Tottenham to Fiorentina seemed to make all the difference. Man U ran the Spurs defense ragged in the first match. Cheers for the games.
  6. Hello - I can do tonight, could you do 7:30?
  7. Confirmed - two excellent games. Nice and close.
  8. Morning group Cer's Is any one around to get some games played this week?
  9. Cheers for the game Harbey, it was a shame about the lag, it had the makings of a good game. I changed formation in the 2nd half and it really back fired. Good luck in the rest of the cup
  10. You, Mike and Wincho09 are right, now I have had time to mull it over I'm going to give it one more season, surely it will click with me at some point. See you in the 1st division.
  11. Too true - my relegation (again) was sealed long ago. Cheers for the games mate, I think they are going to be my last in the fifa leagues. I just don't seem to have the time or inclination to practise at fifa, I can't get on with it after years with pro evo and I'm just not getting any better.
  12. Sorry LittleJoe - I got stuck at work. But I'm on now let me know if you can still play.
  13. Nice match report Gus, you got it spot on. You well deserved the 6 points, good luck for the rest of the season, and sorry about the slight technical hitch.
  14. I was played of the pitch, I couldn't keep the ball, a awful performance by me :-( Sorry about the dirty play, to be honest I was getting pretty frustrated. Did I get someone sent off? I know I gave away a penalty, but I didn't realise I went a man down. Cheers for the games, and good luck for the rest of the season - like you need it
  15. Confirmed. I was reasonably pleased with my 1st half performance and although Steely had the lions share of the play, I had a few decent chances. Then I started mucking about with my formation and it all fell apart. A well deserved win for Steely. Cheers for the games.
  16. I was rubbish, again. This is getting depressing
  17. Nice one, see you at 9pm. Weather in Italy was really good, 28C+.
  18. Hi YaWdiB. I'm in Italy at the moment, away from my xbox. I'm back on late on Monday, so I could do Tuesday night? Whens good for you?
  19. Cheers for the games Tyler, I played really badly in both games, I couldn't string together two passes. I think it might be a case of to much GTA not enough FIFA. I must practise more! Good luck for the rest of the season. ASM
  20. Hi Steely, only just seen your post. I can play tonight, but not until after 10, I'm on call. If not how about Thursday night?
  21. Evening fellow Championshipers. ASM FC 2 - FC Porko 0 FC Porko 2 - ASM FC 2 A pleasing start to the season, it was nice to be back in charge of Fiorentina after a brief spell leading Inter to a humiliating relegation last season. The first game started at a fast pace and Porko had a lot of the early pressure, but he failed to take his chances. I scored on the break and the 2nd went in shortly after. The game continued at the same pace in the second half and I just about held on to the clean sheet. The second match was a classic, end to end with tons of chances. I got two goals early in the first half and then porko came right back and it was 2-2 at half time. The 2nd half was so close, we both had excellent chances to take the 3 points, but both keepers were on top form and made some cracking saves. Overall, really pleased with the 4 points. Cheers for the games Porko and good luck for the rest of the season, good talking to you. Allan
  22. I think it was just the voice over. Luckly i've not seen that one, just in case!
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