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  1. Can't do 8, i've got to pop out for an hour. We can play later in the week, drop me a message on www.rllmukfootballleague.co.uk
  2. Hello Deco Welcome to the league. We have a couple of games to get played, will you be about tonight?
  3. Pompey gave me a sound thrashing Cheers mate, good luck in the rest of the cup.
  4. ASM FC 3 Paddyo 1 Paddyo 0 ASM FC 1 Really pleased to get 6 points out of these two games. First match went well, and I should have really scored more, I had plenty of one on ones against the Sunderland keeper, but I wasted a lot of chances. The 2nd match was a lot tighter, with the possession flying back and forth between us. Paddyo was very unlucky not to get at least a point from the game, he hit the post twice and my keeper was on fire. Cheers for the games mate. Has anyone heard from Syntax?
  5. Excellent report Yiggy, I think you have covered everything. I was so gutted not score in either match, I had a ton of chances, but just couldn't score. I hope this isn't a indication of how this season is going to play out for me. Thanks for the games, good luck for the rest of the season.
  6. Confirmed Two cracking games, I had one foot on the coach to the final and then I chucked it all away. You were like a different team when you went down to 10 men. Cheers for the games, and good luck in the final.
  7. ASM FC 2 Rokforce 2 Rokforce 2 (4) ASM FC 2 (5) Two fantastic games last night, the team's were so close in both matches, the win really could have gone to either team. The 2nd match was a corker. I took the lead in the first half, then Rokforce came back just after the restart, both of us had plenty of chances, but neither of us could get the deciding goal. So it was on to extra time, Rokforce scored first, and I levelled it with almost the last kick of extra time. It was a shame it went to penalties, in the end it was iffy penalty that decided the game. Cheers for the games Rokforce.
  8. Good spot, I'll edit it - quick maybe no one will notice
  9. Saint 0 Vs ASM FC 0 ASM FC 0 Vs Saint 3 Really disappointed not to score in either game, I had a ton of really good chances, but my forwards were defiantly not in the scoring mood. Saint put away all the chances he had in the second match and that was really the big difference between the two teams. ASM FC 7 Vs Legendary's Lions 0 Legendary's Lions 2 vs ASM FC 3 It looked like Legendary was having a nightmare in the first came, conceded 7 goals and had 3 players sent off. The Sampdoria front two where running riot and it could have been more, I missed two open goals! Sampdoria's stock formation of playing 3 at the back meant I had a ton of attacking options. The second game was a classic. Legendary had a radical formation change and it made all the difference, I had no space to play, he got the early lead, and kept it till the start of the second half, the equaliser went in just after the break. Then is was back and forward till the last 5 minutes of the match. I scored in the 86 minute, Leg got one back on the 88 minute, and I managed to grab the winner in the 90 minute. Fantastic match, best i've played in with the new version of FIFA. Cheers for the games.
  10. Legendary's Lions 1 ASM FC 5 The Blucerchiati front two were on fire, they couldn't miss last tonight. Legendary got a late consolation goal, but it was to little to late. Cheers for the game.
  11. Confirmed - cheers for the games. Good luck for the new season.
  12. I could do 1pm, but ealier in the day would be better for me, could you do 10am?
  13. Sorry Lilywhite, I have had a mare this afternoon, got stuck in a traffic jam on the M25 - I can play anytime from now? Let me know if your still about. Allan
  14. Sorry Lilywhite, can we make it a bit later today, would 3pm be ok with you?
  15. Saturday is fine with me, what time do you want to play?
  16. Ok - let me know how you get on. If we can't get them played tonight, I will be about tomorrow night.
  17. I can't do earlier (I'm on call at work this week) but I could do later, what time will you finish the BAP games?
  18. No problem, got my games against Mike played instead. How about the same time on Thursday? Mike 0 ASM 2 ASM 1 Mike 1 Two excellent games, very close. A bit gutted about the goal I gave away in the second, really shoddy pass from Gomes (just like real life!). Cheers for the games Mike. EDIT - just seen you post Mike, was it was 1-0 in the first, I thought Bent and Pav scored?
  19. Fattakin 0 (Liverpool) ASM 2 (Spurs) ASM 2 (Fiorentina) Fattakin 3 (Villa) Two really hard fought games. In the first I went ahead via a penalty, then Dos Santos scored a real peach of goal. Should have scored more really, but everything kept hitting the woodwork. The second was a lot closer, with a lot of big tackles flying about, both teams were down to 10 men by the end of it. Fattakin scored first in the 44 minute, then I scored straight away from the kick off, but I was always playing catch up. Fattakin scored the winner in the 89 minute. Bit disapointed not to take all 6 points Cheers for the games. Lilywhite, and Mike I will be around tonight after 10, let me know if you guys can play.
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